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By Karen Bramall
Creator of The Five Stroke Rule TM
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Gemma Wade

West Midlands, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, East Midlands

After having two children and not wanting to work full time and be away from home every day I decided I wanted a change in my career, this came along at just the right time and offered me a fantastic opportunity.

I had my own business but wanted to branch out into something new with more flexible working hours to work around my children and after receiving sleep training for my own daughter, and knowing how amazing it felt to have her sleep through I decided I would like to help others with sleep training.

It was the best money we ever spent and I could only imagine it would be the most rewarding job.

I was dubious about spending the money on the baby sleep the night training course and did feel it was a risk but I’ve never looked back. The training was amazing, every minute was filled with informative information and I learnt so much in such a short space of time. I met some great lifelong friends and Karen was a brilliant teacher.

By the end of the three days I felt so motivated and excited to start my new career.

The first few months I spent my time doing case studies and gaining my experience and as soon as I started receiving positive testimonials from parents I had helped, bookings started to come in and I now run a successful baby sleep training business alongside my other business.

Karen has been extremely supportive throughout my first year and continue to support me. In the first year we had regular one to ones and she was available for any SOS calls that I needed on difficult cases where she would answer any queries or problems I may be encountering.  We have a group support Facebook page where Karen,  and all of the other consultants can support each other which has been invaluable.  Karen has spent a huge amount of time on marketing the BSTN brand which takes a lot of the stress away from me as a consultant.

This is such a rewarding job and when you receive testimonials from parents who have been given the gift of sleep, it makes it the best job in the world.

Becky Goman

West Sussex, Hampshire, East Sussex and Surrey

When Karen approached me to see if I would be interested in training with her, I jumped at the chance.  I was at a turning point in my own very stressful career and was looking for a new challenge. The training course was fantastic.  A lot to learn but so interesting. The skills and wealth of experience Karen has shared with me are invaluable and have given me a great starting point to start my own business.

The ongoing support and additional learning have also been invaluable. Whilst there are now many consultants with Babysleepthenight, we all help each other out, bouncing ideas off each other and supporting each other with unusual or tricky cases. The skills Karen has taught me have helped me to become an experienced and confident sleep consultant.

Whilst starting your own business is not all plain sailing, I would recommend it for anyone who wants to help people as it is so rewarding.

Kelly Dawson

Hampshire, Surrey and SW London

I was a past client of Karen’s. Not only did she help with my daughter but also when my son was a newborn & then a cheeky toddler who decided getting out of bed was much more fun than sleeping!!

We had stayed in contact so when she approached me offering the chance to train with her and become a Sleep Consultant, I jumped at the chance. Karen talked confidently about her business and how it would all work. It sounded amazing but she prepared me to work hard for the next few years building my business even with Baby Sleep The Night to back me.

I was involved in the first training group alongside another 7 ladies, the venue and facilities were great. It was 3 days of intensive training – there was a lot to take in, lots of questions etc that an extra morning would of been fab in hindsight however not always feasible. To cover this Karen had scheduled further training webinars for the following 3 months which I still refer too along with our training manual.

Since qualifying 14 months ago I have been busy with 2-6 clients per month. I have found that you do need to be pro-active as with any new business and it’s been amazing but not surprising how well social media works. I can post a question along with an answer and that week have a few enquiries. It’s been great. It’s hard work and I do work at every opportunity I can – early morning, day and in the evening but it’s worth it. I have currently run 3 workshops and now venturing further afield, I have been asked to hold Adult Sleep Workshops and will be holding toddler sessions once a month at a community centre catered for local families – the opportunity is huge but you do need to make your own opportunities.

Throughout the last year Karen has always been available to offer advice and support on cases, along with our 1 to 1’s where we can chat about how my business is going, looking at other avenues and general advice.

Karen has lots of experience, knowledge and information, and always available to help when needed.

I have a business that I love, enjoy, expand my knowledge plus the most importance is that I am always here for my two children.

Thanks Karen!

This was written when Kelly was just over a year into building her sleep consultancy business. Another year on and she is doing amazingly well! Hse is hugely respected in her local community, and has a queue of 15 people waiting at the door each time she arrive to do a Q&A session, half of whom she says always want to book her!
She now has so much experience working with families under her belt that she also  helps with mentoring the new consultants at BSTN

Maria Murphy

When I made the decision to train with Karen as a Baby Sleep the Night certified sleep consultant it was the best decision I ever made.  Initially I was full of emotions ranging from nerves, anxious,  bursting with excitement but I lacked confidence because I was throwing myself in the deep end into a new career that was totally different to what I worked at all my life.  I kept thinking ‘Can I do this?’  And yes I could…

From the very moment I met Karen on the training course all of those feelings faded away.  Karen is very calming, welcoming, caring and reassuring and I could have listened to her talk about her inspiring career for days on end.  She is an amazing trainer and the course content she delivered was in a very clear, understanding and informative manner.  The course was packed with lots of information to learn as well as the webinars that followed.  Karen gave me confidence in my ability and supported me to succeed and achieve my certification.

Now that I am a fully qualified and certified Baby Sleep the Night sleep consultant it is the most fulfilling career move I’ve made.  To hear feedback from families that have sleep challenges with their children say ‘you have changed our life’ is such a ‘pinch me’ moment that just doesn’t happen in all careers……but it happens to me now!  It is my passion to help as many families as I can by giving them the knowledge they need to help their children sleep better.  It’s the most amazing and rewarding feeling that I am so lucky to receive and will never get tired of.  It also provides me with the flexibility to work when I can around my family and meet so many new lovely people.

Karen is an amazing mentor and is always on hand for help when I need it.  It’s like most things, sometimes your direction goes in twists and turns but Karen always helps me get back on track.  The support I receive is outstanding and especially all the golden nuggets of information, hints and tips Karen shares is so priceless and has helped me grow and continue to build on my career.

————-UPDATE————  12 months on from her initial training Maria became the Sleep Expert for Irelands largest online parenting magazine, she writes a regular Q&A column! Amazing!


Sally Unterberger

I have received fantastic training and mentoring from Karen during my first year as a certified Baby Sleep the Night consultant and whilst I was slow going to start building my business at first, I am definitely starting to get more clients now thanks to word of mouth, an ongoing marketing effort and plenty of advice from Karen during the initial year and beyond.  I have even had people coming up to me in the street from recognising me as a sleep expert in my local area.

The most rewarding part of this new career is without a doubt being able to help people and hear about their quality of life being so vastly improved as a result of the Baby Sleep the Night sleep plans.  The loveliest thing is reading your own testimonials from clients and words of thanks after helping another baby or child sleep through the whole night for the very first time and hearing how these babies go on to have so much more energy, be happier and bring smiles and giggles into their parents’ days following a solid night’s sleep.

I am so happy to have learned this amazing skill to bring the gift of sleep into people’s lives.

—-UPDATE—–  2 years on from her initial training, Sally is doing brilliantly. She is now so confident that she has done radio interviews & recently worked with a family with triplets and a 6 year old boy, all of whom werent sleeping, ALL at the same time! She transformed their sleep in less than 2 weeks to perfection. 2 years since qualifying and she says she is ‘unindated with enquiries’ for her services.

Leila Baker

How to sum up the last 6 months since I completed my training with Karen….AMAZING!

I never anticipated just how rewarding, challenging and educational this new role would be for me. Under Karen’s expertise and guidance I feel I have grown more and more confident each day and I have been able to navigate my way around building my new business with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully work with clients.

Karen’s knowledge of infant sleep and her experience of working with families over such a long time shows in the evidence of the outcomes when I have followed her advice and training she has given me. She really knows her stuff. I have been overwhelmed with clients since staring this business. So much so I now have a waiting list! Something I never anticipated would happen. This is my business and I work hard, give much and I now too, am starting to reap the rewards.

There is a real need for informative, science based, caring and nurturing sleep advice for parents struggling out there. With Karen’s methods, high standards and training I am so pleased that I am able to deliver this them.

All in all I would say that training to become a children’s sleep consultant was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I am so glad I found Karen and Babysleepthenight!

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