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Discover the secret to creating a successful sleep consultancy business

(…even if you’ve never run a business before)

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2021/02/25 20:00:00

You’ve been dreaming about setting up your own sleep consultancy business for a while now…

But you’re plagued by doubts about whether you could actually do it.

“I don’t have the confidence to set up my own business…”

“Would I really be able to get children to sleep through the night when their own parents are struggling to..?”

“Maybe I should just stick to giving my friends little nuggets of sleep advice. Running an actual business is a totally different ballgame…”

But even with all this self-doubt, you really feel a calling to become a child sleep consultant and run a business you love.

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    A business that saves mums from sleep deprivation, and the depression, tears, frustration and brain fog that comes with it.

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    A business that fits perfectly around your family and puts you in control of your own schedule.

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    A business that pays you more, even though you’re working less.

Your inner critic is screaming at you, telling you to stop dreaming about something you could never do.

But there’s a small part of you that fights back and whispers…

“Maybe…maybe I could?”

The only reason you don’t know how to build a sleep consultancy business is because no one’s showed you how

But what if *I* showed you?

What if I told you exactly what you need to do to build your dream business, so you know the exact steps to take and the exact pitfalls to avoid?

What if I shared everything I’ve done to get to this point in my career, so you can copy it all and create the same business for yourself? (I’m 100% serious).

When you have someone showing you the ropes, building a successful business suddenly becomes a lot simpler.

You can stop doubting your every move and start focusing on growing a business that pays, that changes the lives of thousands of families, and that helps you live the life you want.


Since completing the Baby Sleep the Night Training, I’ve been busy with 2–6 clients per month. I currently run three workshops and I’m now venturing further afield. I’ve been asked to hold adult sleep workshops and will be holding toddler sessions once a month at a community centre catered for local families. The opportunity in this industry is huge. I now have a business I love, that expands my knowledge, and that allows me to always be here for my two children.”

– Kelly Dawson –

If you’re ready to skip the guesswork and get straight to the fast-track business-building secrets, join me for my free webinar

After my 1-hour webinar, How to Create a Successful Sleep Consultancy Business (…even if you’ve never run a business before), you’ll know…

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    The 3-step framework that tells you exactly how to build a successful sleep consultancy business.
    (It’s also the same framework that I used to build mine)

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    How simple it is to start your own business
    even though you have no business experience, you’re terrified of being self-employed, and you have no idea how you’ll bring in a consistent income

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    The 3 common mistakes to avoid
    so you can build a business that not only saves thousands of families from the dangers of sleep deprivation, but one that also earns you consistent money and allows you and your family to be financially secure

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    The secret to building an international sleep consultancy business
    without you ever needing to leave the comfort of your own home

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    How to balance this work around your family life
    even if you have a baby, toddler, or husband at home

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    The key to securing a 4–6 week waiting list of families that want to work with you,
    without spending a penny on advertising or marketing (just like I did)


“Becoming a sleep consultant has allowed me to have a happy and healthy work-life balance. It’s not often people can genuinely say “I LOVE my job” – but I absolutely can! The difference I make to so many families is life-changing and you can’t help but get a buzz of pride from working with every single client.”

– Shelly Terry –


“Karen’s knowledge of infant sleep and her experience of working with families over such a long time shows when I follow the advice and training she has given me – and it works! She really knows her stuff. I have been overwhelmed with clients since starting this business. So much so that I now have a waiting list! Something I never anticipated would happen.”

– Leila Baker –

Hey, I’m Karen Bramall

Founder of Baby Sleep the Night

12 years ago, I was you.

With zero business experience and nothing but a passion for sleep training, I decided to set up my own business.

I had no qualifications in this field and very little confidence that I could reach my goals.

12 years and more than 2000 families later – plus a 100% success rate with families that follow my gentle caring plans – I have a thriving sleep consultancy business (Baby Sleep the Night) and I train other women to become successful infant and child sleep consultants too.

I know what it’s like to have a dream and not go for it because you’re scared.

Scared of failing, scared of wasting your time and money, maybe even scared of success.

But you know what’s worse than that fear?

Living with a bunch of “shoulda, woulda, couldas”.

There are thousands of families in the world who need you (yes, you) as their sleep consultant. And I’m willing to share my business-building secrets with you so you can get out into the world and help them (and how to easily access everything you need to know about sleep).

All you have to do…is join my 1-hour webinar.


“It was a tough start to the year for me personally, but becoming a Sleep Consultant is the best thing I have done, hands down. So far I love it (and dare I say it, I think I’m actually really good at it too). I feel a change in me and it really is down to Karen. Baby Sleep the Night is more than just being a Sleep Consultant, the love, care and advice you receive is amazing.”

– Julia Redmond –


“I received fantastic training from Karen and whilst I was slow building my business at first, I’m now inundated with enquiries thanks to word of mouth, an ongoing marketing effort and plenty of advice from Karen’s webinars. I’ve even done radio interviews and had people coming up to me in the street from recognising me as a sleep expert in my local area.”

– Sally Unterberger –

This FREE webinar is perfect for you if…

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    You’re passionate about sleep and you could talk about it all day long.
    You know it’s the key to changing the lives of women and children around the world, and you want everyone else to know that too

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    You dream about creating your own consultancy business
    but you have no idea where to begin

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    You’re willing to dedicate 1 hour
    to figuring out whether you can make your wildest business dreams come true

If this is you, hit that button! I want to see you at my webinar How to Create a Successful Sleep Consultancy Business (…even if you’ve never run a business before).

My Promise to You

By the end of our hour together, you’ll have swapped self-doubt and low confidence with self-belief and determination.

Because you’ll finally know what it takes to build a successful sleep consultancy business, and all you have to do is join the webinar to find out what that is.


Working as a sleep consultant has changed my life. It’s changed my relationship with my son, it’s allowed me to help other families and it makes me feel empowered, confident and strong. Having dealt with sleep deprivation myself, I totally understand the pressures on these families. Being a sleep consultant also allows me to work around my children and give them everything I have whilst delivering a new-found passion of mine – and I get paid for it! I love my job.”

– Sophie Lucas Wilkinson –

Discover the secret to creating a successful sleep consultancy business

(…even if you’ve never run a business before)