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Sophie Wilkinson BSc (Hons)
Sophie Wilkinson BSc (Hons)
Hi, I’m Sophie, a Mum to two beautiful boys and a Specialist Health Practitioner for Children. After having my first (sleepless) son, a new passion arose in me…which now sees me as a fully Certified Sleep Consultant, here to help and support YOU and YOUR family.

The first of my two beautiful-sleep-fighting-warriors simply could not settle himself and also had allergies and reflux to contend with. I was unable to soothe him…what?! A mum who can’t settle their own child?!…A mum who would rock, feed, sing, carry, drive, walk, ANYTHINGGGG to get her child to sleep…Yep that was me! He desperately wanted to sleep.

It used to leave me asking questions like:

“Is it normal to have no control over my babies sleep?”

“What am I doing so wrong?”

“Why do I feel so alone?”

“Why is he fighting me to go to sleep?”

“Is this my fault?”

“Is it only me who is not enjoying being a mum?”


Then, Baby Sleep the Night changed our lives. From having no life, no routine, no sleep and not enjoying our new roles of parent and son, to having a child who slept through the night, who was happy, who was able to learn, a family that was thriving…not just surviving (barely). After three nights of doing this plan my son slept through the night. Seriously…slept all night long and continued to sleep all night long on the 4th, 5th, 6th nights and beyond!

At times, I questioned my own mental health during the sleep deprivation I experienced with my first child, and everyone wanted to offer me help with his sleep. However… (no offence to family members and friends reading this!) the only advice that ever helped was from Baby Sleep the Night who came up with a bespoke sleep plan for my son.

When the opportunity came for me to help others get the sleep they so desperately need I did not hesitate to train  as a Baby Sleep the Night Certified Consultant.
This will change your life just like it did mine and all you’ve got to do is follow the plan!

Just like everything that benefits us, this plan comes at a cost but … what price would you put on getting your child and your family the sleep you all deserve?

Because you are here reading this, you too are experiencing sleepless nights with sleepless babies and you only want the best for your child and your family. If my story sounds familiar and you’d like to turn your family into a thriving, sleep loving one then please get in touch.

I CAN help and I WANT to help by offering your child their very own sleep solution, and guiding you through implementing it.

I was once told that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations,  I wholeheartedly believe this.

Please see the packages available below so that we can start this journey, it starts with only one step..let's have a chat:-
Phone: 07775419601
Email: sophie.wilkinson@babysleepthenight.com


We have had a very difficult time on and off  since our daughter’s birth with persistent returns of sleep issues from:  getting her to sleep; numerous wake ups during the night at different times; waking up at 5 am and not being able to go back to sleep; amongst other issues. At around 17 months, she had an 8 week regression which was hell. At 19 months, we contacted Sophie because we couldn’t cope anymore. The £275 we spent is the best money we have spent this year. Our daughter now sleeps around 12 hours a night without numerous wakings, and goes down very quickly at night and her naps are great. Sophie gave us confidence in our first phone call which was free. We really liked her, her very caring style but she also listened carefully to the issues we were raising and showed she understood them. We wanted to know exactly what to do at each stage without any ambiguity. Sophie 100% provided that. We were not pushed into anything. Sophie was with us the entire way, with regular check ins. The results were staggering. Our daughter sleeps! We now sleep too!! Our daughter is visibly happier!!! We are happier too!!!! Thank you, Sophie, you were brilliant!!!!!

Alison and Fergus

I was very nervous about starting with a sleep consultant and it made me cry just to try and talk about starting.  I had a few phone calls with different sleep consultant and I chose Sophie as she was very clear, concise and seemed very understanding.  From that first phone call I felt Sophie was the right person to put my trust into and I wasn't mistaken, she caringly helped us through this tricky and emotional journey. From the get go I never felt pushed into anything I didn't want to do and everything we did was explained thoroughly. She was very attentive and was always there for us for support, I never once felt she wasn't on it and there for us. Everyone in our little family is happier. Me, my husband and my daughter we all have more energy and we all are now getting a good night sleep. Literally has changed the way we live for the better, we can't thank Sophie enough.

From Emily, Patrick and baby Camille

Sophie was recommended by a friend and blummin heck what a recommendation she was.
We were initially sceptical about using a sleep therapist, however having exhausted the list of websites and forums churned up from constant Google searches we decided to give it a shot.
By the time we got in touch with Sophie we were both absolutely exhausted and I was really struggling with my mental health. Our 8 month old would wake for milk a couple of times during the night, struggle to get back to sleep and then usually did a poo at 4am which left him wide awake for the day. We also have a 2 year old, so sleep deprivation and trying to keep two little people entertained was really taking it's toll. I can't state enough how much I love our children, but honestly, at this stage, I really wasn't enjoying being a mum.
After an initial free no obligation conversation with Sophie it was decided that we'd give it a go. We had another conversation with Sophie just before we started the sleep training process and she patiently talked us through how everything worked and what to expect as well as answering any questions we had. We decided we'd start on the Thursday night and it went so much better than expected. By the time I had a catch up call with Sophie on Friday afternoon it was like I was mother to a different baby. On Friday night our little boy slept through the night without us having to leave our bed once. Over the next few days he learned to settle himself without crying and if he woke during the night he'd get himself back to sleep. And he stopped pooing at 4am! (Halle-flipping-lujah)
I can honestly say that Sophie had enabled us to really start enjoying being parents and just as importantly, to begin to enjoy each other again. She was always on hand to answer any questions or suggest tips to help our boy sleep even better. You can tell she loves what she does and cares about each family she deals with.
So, if you're umming and ahhhing about using a sleep therapist, please just do it. Yes it costs money, but you really can't put a price on a decent night's sleep... plus you'll save money from not needing to drink umpteen cups of coffee a day!

Mary, Stephen and 8 month old Finley

We contacted Sophie when our daughter was 3 months old and her sleep was very unpredictable and daytime naps were a constant battle. We found ourselves driving around, wearing her in the carrier or pushing her in the pram to get her to sleep during the day…all whilst trying to give our 3 year old some love and attention! We were exhausted! Night time wise she was starting to show signs of being able to fall asleep independently but again this was inconsistent and she would wake in the night for a feeding/comfort. I was hesitant to contact Sophie because I thought “surely 3 months is far to young to sleep train?” How wrong I was! Sophie was absolutely amazing and made a personal and individual plan for our daughter which made us feel relaxed straight away. Due to her age Sophie kept the night feed in the plan however after 3 days of the training she was sleeping a minimum of 11 hours every night and not waking for this feed. Now I know she was waking and needing me to feed her for comfort and was struggling to self settle.It was incredible! I feel like as a family we have re-gained our life and I am a lot less anxious when taking the girls out and about because we have all had good sleep! Naps in the day have been the biggest transformation. She now has lovely long naps in her cot and wakes up with a smile on her face. Sophie is a miracle worker and we are all very grateful.

I had been following Sophie on instagram for a little while before I finally reached out to her.  

I was at breaking point with my now 9 month old, who was waking 45mins every night after putting him to bed. I’d spend hours rocking him to sleep just for him to wake every hour throughout the night.  

I have a 3 year old too and was beyond exhausted, the lack of sleep was taking it’s toll on my mental health, every day life felt hard!  


I finally took the plunge and booked a free 15min call with Sophie. She put me at ease immediately, so friendly and extremely knowledgeable she knew instantly what changes needed to be made to get him to “sleep the night”.  

I then booked a 90min consultation in with Sophie and completed a really detailed questionnaire ahead of our consultation. We chatted it through on the call and Sophie sent me a sleep plan that evening.  

I was really skeptical that my baby who “had” to be rocked to sleep every night would ever be able to put him self to sleep let alone sleep the whole night.  


The techniques we used allowed me to be able to provide comfort to him and allowed him to get himself to sleep. The first night I used the techniques, it worked! He slept the whole night through and has done ever since! Despite a few blips, which Sophie tells you to expect.  


It has completely changed our lives. I am able to be a much better mum and wife now that I have good sleep every night. My little boy is also so much happier.  


I wish I hadn’t waited so long, Sophie could’ve saved me from months of rocking and restless nights.  


Sophie is an actual miracle worker! Thank you so much!” 

Leanne and 9 month old Tommy 

We contacted Sophie when our daughter was 3 months old and her sleep was very unpredictable and daytime naps were a constant battle. We found ourselves driving around, wearing her in the carrier or pushing her in the pram to get her to sleep during the day…all whilst trying to give our 3 year old some love and attention! We were exhausted! Night time wise she was starting to show signs of being able to fall asleep independently but again this was inconsistent and she would wake in the night for a feeding/comfort. I was hesitant to contact Sophie because I thought “surely 3 months is far to young to sleep train?” How wrong I was! Sophie was absolutely amazing and made a personal and individual plan for our daughter which made us feel relaxed straight away. Due to her age Sophie kept the night feed in the plan however after 3 days of the training she was sleeping a minimum of 11 hours every night and not waking for this feed. Now I know she was waking and needing me to feed her for comfort and was struggling to self settle.It was incredible! I feel like as a family we have re-gained our life and I am a lot less anxious when taking the girls out and about because we have all had good sleep! Naps in the day have been the biggest transformation. She now has lovely long naps in her cot and wakes up with a smile on her face. Sophie is a miracle worker and we are all very grateful. 
We got in touch with Sophie when our baby girl was nearly five months old. She had been a very unsettled newborn, suffering from terrible colic and had ongoing issues with reflux. She needed rocking or feeding to sleep and had never slept longer than two hours at night,. With a very lively three year old at home, my husband and I were exhausted!
I had an initial 15-minute call with Sophie during which she instantly made me feel comfortable with our decision to sleep teach. During our 90-minute consultation Sophie explained everything clearly and was super-kind and understanding when we needed to stop and start the call because our daughter wouldn’t settle.
In complete honesty, our first night on the plan was challenging and didn’t involve a lot of sleep. Sophie was there for me first thing in the morning when I needed it most and encouraged me to stick with the plan exactly as she had laid it out. When I put our daughter down for her first nap I was absolutely dreading it, but like magic, she fell asleep in less than three minutes and then slept a further two-hours in her cot!! Sleep just suddenly clicked for her and after that, things just started to get better and better. Before long she was sleeping through the night and taking the most amazing daytime naps of up to three hours!
Getting in touch with Sophie has been so worth it for us. Having her there to hold me accountable to the changes was fundamental to our success. The two weeks of one-to-one support enabled us to iron out any issues and she encouraged me to feel confident in dropping night feeds. I have to return to work when our daughter turns six months and getting solid sleep has enabled me to genuinely love every second of my remaining maternity leave. Our home is calm and happy and I’m confident that our little one is getting all the rest she needs to thrive and grow.
Gina and baby Alexandria 5 months old

My little girl is 20 months old and has always been a really bad sleeper, she would never settle herself and I started breastfeeding to sleep quite early on and then it just stuck and I couldn’t get her to sleep any other way. On a really bad night she would be up every 2 hours and I’d breastfeed her back to sleep and used to co-sleep almost every night when she’d wake and refuse to go back into her cot. I was absolutely exhausted all of the time and knew something had to give. A friend of my mine recommended Sophie, having been through the sleepless nights with her little girl. In all honesty I was a bit skeptical however, thought I’d give a sleep consultant a go. I am just so so glad I did because by the end of the plan my little girl was settling herself and was sleeping through the night in her own bed. I absolutely never thought this was possible and I just can’t thank Sophie enough, she is friendly, supportive and is always there if you have any questions or just need reassurance. If you are struggling with sleep and need some help I would highly recommend Sophie.    

Sarah and 20 month old Poppy

I had been following Sophie on instagram for a little while before I finally reached out to her. 

I was at breaking point with my now 9 month old, who was waking 45mins every night after putting him to bed. I’d spend hours rocking him to sleep just for him to wake every hour throughout the night. 

I have a 3 year old too and was beyond exhausted, the lack of sleep was taking it’s toll on my mental health, every day life felt hard! 
I finally took the plunge and booked a free 15min call with Sophie. She put me at ease immediately, so friendly and extremely knowledgeable she knew instantly what changes needed to be made to get him to “sleep the night”. 

I then booked a 90min consultation in with Sophie and completed a really detailed questionnaire ahead of our consultation. We chatted it through on the call and Sophie sent me a sleep plan that evening. 

I was really skeptical that my baby who “had” to be rocked to sleep every night would ever be able to put himself to sleep let alone sleep the whole night. 
The techniques we used allowed me to be able to provide comfort to him and allowed him to get himself to sleep. The first night I used the techniques, it worked! He slept the whole night through and has done ever since! Despite a few blips, which Sophie tells you to expect. 
It has completely changed our lives. I am able to be a much better mum and wife now that I have good sleep every night. My little boy is also so much happier. 
I wish I hadn’t waited so long, Sophie could’ve saved me from months of rocking and restless nights. 

Sophie is an actual miracle worker! Thank you so much!  

We started our journey with Sophie just over 2 weeks ago. At the point of contacting Sophie we were really at breaking point. The relentless sleepless nights, dreading the night ahead, 1-2 hourly wake ups, constant night feeds, co-sleeping from 5am because my little one thought it was party time from the early hours. Not to mention the inconsistent daytime naps, no schedule, waking after 20-30 minutes but he was so unhappy and still so tired. Everything just felt a mess and it was starting to take an affect on my mental health. I knew something had to change! 
After the initial consultation with Sophie I knew she just got it. She’s experienced everything I was feeling and could completely relate. She told me she could help but after how Thomas was behaving I’ll be honest I was sceptical. I thought there’s no way he is going to change especially so quickly as Sophie promised .... how wrong I was!!! 
I can honestly say it’s the best money we’ve spent and I’d spend it over and over again for the results we’ve experienced. Thomas now sleeps 7:30-7:30 with no wakings in the night, and we noticed a difference after night 1. I no longer feed him in the night which I’ll be honest took some getting used to as I feared he needed my milk at least once to get through but Sophie reassured me and put my mind at ease. She was completely understanding of my feelings and was always to hand if ever I needed advice or just the reassurance that I needed. 
The day naps took longer to master but they’ve also massively improved to what they were. I can guarantee he will go to sleep at 10am and he’s asleep within minutes not fighting it for hours. He can now self settle without me entering his room. And he’s just so much happier now he’s actually getting decent sleep. 
This plan has changed my life and that’s not an exaggeration! I’m someone that needs structure and routine and I feel that I understand my baby so much more. 
Me, Steve and Thomas would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for saving us. You really have been amazing!! 

Katie, Steve and nearly 6 month old Thomas

I found Sophie completely by accident and I can honestly say it was the best accident to ever happen to me.  I was a sleep deprived and exhausted mummy with a very sleep deprived 8 ½ month old little boy who was fighting sleep and ME.  The lack of sleep was really affecting Robins moods and mine, it was heartbreaking, nothing seemed to be working and I felt like a complete failure that I couldn’t get it right.  Sophie’s plan was specific to Robin and I could never have imagined he would respond as well as he did.  It was just amazing to witness the change in Robin from the very first evening.  The massive smile on his face when he wakes up from a nap is just so lovely to see.


I am eternally grateful to Sophie for all her help and support throughout this journey, she’s given us back our sleep and it’s the best feeling EVER!


I only wish I had found Sophie 2 months earlier!


Sheree, Mark & 9 month old Robin

Sophie the Sleep Angel ? 

Our 6 month old Elliot, (now 7 m.o) was waking 5/6 times per night, this included having two night feeds, taking up to an hour to settle after each & numerous ‘Dummy Runs’ until the morning. We also found we were bringing him into our bed in the early hours if he wouldn’t settle, just to get some solid sleep (which is something we really didn’t want to continue doing).

We already had a 7pm - 7am routine in place but struggled to get him through his sleep cycles in his cot for both Naps & Night time.

We were exhausted & I was struggling mentally with the tiredness. 

We got in touch with Sophie and we can honestly say it’s the best money we’ve spent. We felt like we only made some small changes but changes we never would have thought to do ourselves, and with Sophie’s plan and support, they’ve made a massive difference to both Elliot & us.

After a tough first night, Elliot slept through 7pm- 7am on night two. The naps have improved dramatically too. Sophie was on hand through text and email throughout each day, making tweaks to improve naps and night time wakes. 

Elliot has been sleeping through the night consistently & that means we are able to go to sleep without the dread of the night ahead, relax and get some much needed sleep and rest ourselves. 

Thank you Sophie the Sleep Angel. We’ve already recommended you to our friends and family and will continue to do so ❤️

Sarah & Ian x

We first contacted Sophie when our little boys sleeping was affecting our family life, we have a little girl (3) who kept getting woken up in the night, we would have to spend most of the day battling with tommy to get him to nap, night time we were starting to be up every couple of hours rocking and shhhing him! Me and my husband began arguing- sleep deprivation is truly the worst form of torture! I emailed Sophie one morning after the worst night with tommy for help, she replied very quickly and straight away made me feel reassured that it didn’t have to be like this just because we have a newborn baby! I had read and listened to all Sophie’s recommendations from other parents and both me and my husband were worried that well “tommy won’t ever sleep through or settle for sleep on his own” but I’m so glad now I contacted Sophie, my only mistake is I didn’t contact her sooner! Our little boy sleeps all night and just goes in his cot and goes off to sleep on his own! I genuinely never thought we would get to this point!
Sophie is soooo helpful, caring and became part of our family for the time we worked with her! I never felt like emailing her with questions or concerns was ever a problem, she made me feel at ease and I trusted her 100% with my baby!!
She really is superwoman!
Our little boy is now sleeping amazing and I have definitely seen massive improvement in his development and attitude now he’s getting the sleep he needs, he’s now a happy, content little boy who we are all starting to enjoy!
You really can’t put a price on sleep!
Sophie will always hold a special place in my heart and for that I will be forever grateful!
Thank you for everything Sophie!
I wish you all the best!
Sarah, Jordan, Olivia and a happy Tommy :) (3.5 months)
We’ve always had problems with our baby girl not sleeping she wouldn’t ever settle on her own, she would only sleep for max 2-3 hours  during the night and her naps were all over the place as she would just fight them all the time!
Indie was now 10 months and we were like zombies and really wanted to extend our family but needed indie to start sleeping first and someone recommend Sophie and she has helped so so much!! 
We can’t thank Sophie enough she has made all our lives so much easier and happier with more sleep and it couldn’t of happened at a better time as I have just found I’m pregnant :). Indie has now started to walk and is hitting mile stones early now she is sleeping better :). 
I would recommend her anyone who needs helped with getting their little one to sleep through the night and get into a good routine. 
Thank you again ? Charlotte, Kelvin & Indie xxx

Sophie was Fab! We had been seriously struggling with our little boy waking every couple of hours. We were at our wits end, sleep deprived and just existing. Ronnie wouldn’t sleep for naps or at night and the only way he would sleep was to go in his pushchair or car or sleep on us. We worked with Sophie on the 1-2-1 plan and with a lot of support and changes to his sleep times he was sleeping through and goes down for naps like a dream. Thank you Sophie, we have a happy little boy and sleep is epic! Xxx we have recommended Sophie to lots of people and will continue to do so xx

Kate and 5 month old Ronnie

We asked help from Sophie when our daughter was just about 9 months and she was still waking up several times per night since and was having half an hour naps during the day. During our 1-2-1 session, Sophie explained the process very thoroughly and she was very reassuring. We started the plan and then the magic happened! By the third night Maia was sleeping through without waking up at all! And in a few days we sorted out her day naps too. I honestly can’t think of any reason why it took us so long to ask Sophie’s help. She was very supportive through this process and provided feedback and answers to all of my questions. She was very professional and she actually made all of us so much happier. The best money I ever spent! Thank you so much!

Stella, Yiannis and 9 month old Maia (Greece)

At 6 months old our daughter was really struggling to sleep as were we, Evie would not nap for longer than 30 minutes and we could not put her down and it took us hours to get her to go to sleep at night, for her to wake every couple of hours. We tried everything rocking, feeding, singing you name it we were doing it and we were all exhausted. We both decided we needed to try something else, so we contacted Sophie, myself and my husband were not 100% convinced the sleep plan would work for Evie because she had never self-settled and we were not 100% convinced we would be able to do it. We both agreed to give the plan at least 3 days and if it did not work, we would try something else. We had our first call with Sophie and everything she said made sense. So, we decided to start the plan the next day. We were both anxious, we followed the routine and my husband put Evie down and within 11 minutes she was asleep without any help from us it was amazing, she slept through till 5.30am and re settled herself till 7am. We were completely amazed. We carried on and the second night she slept straight through till 6.30am. Evie’s naps have improved, and her night-time sleep has continued to improve, she naps in her cot and is finally getting the sleep she needs. We could not have done any of it without the support from Sophie, we are all getting so much more sleep and Evie is such a happier baby and it is all down to Sophie. We could not recommend Sophie highly enough. Evie has recently been struggling with teething, but it has not affected her sleep at all. We can honestly say that Sophie has helped us so much, myself and my husband have got our evenings back together while our little girl is getting the sleep she deserves.

Emma, Will and baby Evie.

I would definitely recommend. We were at our wits end with Nellie sleeping, I even broke down to the doctor where he gave her a sedative! But even that wasn't giving her a full night sleep. So I headed over the What Mummy Makes group on Facebook and someone recommended Sophie to us. My partner wasn't on board to start with but on the third night she slept from 7:30pm-7:30am. I couldn't believe it, I was even up at 6:30am wondering whether she had made a noise! So Sophie proved my partner wrong and we have been having 12 hours of sleep ever since. All thanks to her!

Naomi and 22 month old daughter Nellie
I couldn't recommend Sophie more highly. I had read a huge amount about different methods and tips for encouraging baby's sleep and found myself completely floundering until we put our trust in Sophie. It has so far been the best decision we've made for our daughter.
For a baby with reflux, it was important for us to get it right. Sophie was so knowledgeable and supportive throughout the process and it was amazing how quickly we saw results. As well as the huge improvements in her sleep, I hadn't expected such a transformation in her general wellbeing. She is a different baby! She's so much more content and happy now. Her sleep and routine has also had such a positive effect on her reflux.

We're now a well rested and happy little family!!
Emily, Andrew and Lilah

We turned to Sophie for help and advice when our 9-month-old daughter decided she didn't want to take naps in the day anymore without putting up a fight. She would cry and scream most of the time when we put her down and we were mentally and emotionally exhausted from the constant battle. We had no set nap times and would try and put her down before she became too tired but this inconsistency was not helping any of us. She would often wake at around 4-5am in the morning and being the clueless (and exhausted) first-time parents that we were, we would get up and feed her. Sophie gave us the advice, support and tools we so gladly needed to create a routine for naps and bedtime. Our daughter now sleeps without a dummy, goes down for her naps with little or no fuss and sleeps 11-12 hours at night. It was evident that she craved a routine and consistency in her day. Sophie, has been truly amazing! Always on hand if we needed some quick advice in times of desperation and was so patient, encouraging and calm. Her determination to create an easier life for us as a family was so wonderful and reassuring to see and we are eternally grateful. Thank you Sophie!

Hannah, Chris and 9 month old Ava  

At 14 months old our youngest son (and third child) had not slept more than 3 hours solidly in his cot. It had reached the point where he wouldn’t even be put down in his cot so he was sleeping on us in the evening and in our bed all night. We weren’t having any evening and we were all getting broken sleep. His naps were all over the place too and we were really struggling with sleep deprivation.  I was also missing out on doing my older children’s bedtimes and knew things had to change. Sophie came highly recommended by a friend.

From the very first introductory call she was so encouraging and supportive. Her plan was tailored to our specific situation. I was so impressed at how hard she worked to adapt the plan throughout the two weeks. The regular follow up phone calls gave us reassurance. Her instructions were always clear and concise. We followed it strictly and within three nights our son was sleeping through 7pm-7am and within 2 weeks he was having 2 hour naps in his cot as well! It is a commitment but the rewards are so worthwhile.

We are so grateful to Sophie for helping us teach this important skill of sleep to our son. It’s truly life changing and everyone in the family is so much happier for it. To anyone contemplating it, don’t hesitate!

Gabrielle and 14 month old Sebastian 
Thank you so much for your help and support. When your baby has trouble sleeping you try everything you can to fix them, or so you think. In your mind you know that there must be something or someone that can help but can’t quite put your finger on it. Sophie has helped us to find that something. She’s so friendly and caring whilst proving spot on advice and help. I never thought that we could see such great results so quickly but we have. Our baby’s little parties in the middle of the might have come to an end! We’re singing Sophie‘s praises to all of our friends and would recommend her to anyone. 
Anne and 8 month old Ernie

I recently contacted Sophie as we were having some sleep issues with our 5 month old daughter. We were having lots of night feeds, very early starts to the day, & her naps were always very short & non beneficial. As a family, we were all exhausted. 

Sophie recommended we use her 2 week 1-2-1 support package, so we got started almost instantly.
Having now finished the programme, I am absolutely blown away! We are all so refreshed, Gianna is literally a different baby, and sleeps in her own room 7pm - 6:30-7am every single night, along with 2 amazing naps a day.
Sophie was a godsend to us. Her advice, support & encouragement throughout was amazing. Not only is Sophie very experienced & knowledgeable, she was so kind & caring during the times I needed it most.  

I have shouted from the roof tops to all of my family & friends about how amazing this experience was for us, and will not hesitate to use Sophie in the coming years should we ever need some guidance again. 

Holly and 5 month Gianna
Our 10 month old little boy was bounced, shushed, patted, fed and sung to sleep. We co-slept, and held him for the majority of his naps. He would wake up every 45 minutes after one sleep cycle, and would need bouncing or feeding back to sleep. We honestly thought that our little boy falling asleep without us was impossible. We thought other babies could do it, but not ours. Until we found Sophie. He now sleeps from approx 7pm until 7am every night without waking at all. He is able to self settle, and even whilst he has been poorly he has continued sleeping well. He has a brilliant routine. Since starting to sleep through the night we have seen a huge improvement in his appetite, eating, and general development. We could not have done this without Sophie, and when I say that I don't just mean because she is a sleep consultant. I mean that she is genuinely caring and wants it to work just as much as you do. It is with her support, listening ear and shoulder to cry on that we were able to reach the end goal. If we were on the verge of giving up, it was speaking to Sophie that gave us the encouragement to continue. Thank you very much Sophie for getting us through this and it has been amazing to work with you. You have given us the best gift any parents could ask for. Sleep! We are so glad we chose you ❣️

Sadia, Naeem and 10 month old Eesa

We had feeding and weight gain issues with Eloise, which resulted in bad habits around night feeding and sleep. It got to the point that, at 8mths old, Eloise was still waking to feed up to 10 times a night. She would start in her own room but would inevitably end up in our bed, meaning no one was getting good sleep. This also meant that she really wasn't interested in the weaning process, because she was so full of milk! 

I was so tired I couldn't see a way through on my own. I had been managing on very little sleep myself and was becoming very worried about how I would cope when I returned to work. 

One of the first things people ask when they meet you with your baby is how they are sleeping. When I happened to bump into a friend and she asked, I nearly cried! Luckily she recommended Sophie, and I sent her a message the same day.

We had our first conversation a couple of days later, and within a week Sophie had written our sleep plan. She worked it around our family life (including school drop off and collections for my son). When we started a few days later, we were expecting a really hard night. Sophie had given us an idea of what to expect, from best to worst case scenario. She reassured me that, as long as we followed the plan, this would work. We gritted our teeth knowing that in the long run we were doing what was best for our baby, who, for 8mths had experienced poor sleep and constant tiredness. So we were astonished when, after 10 minutes of crying, she slept 7pm-7am!!! Within a couple of days Eloise was able to settle to sleep within a couple of minutes, and only once in the past month have we had to return to her room (and then only for a few seconds). 

Sophie was on hand for the next 2 weeks, reviewing our sleep logs and making any tweaks to her plan to further improve it. Sophie has also helped introduce daytime napping in her cot. We had never previously achieved this, and Eloise would nap on me, in the car or in her buggy.  This has given me some time back in the day, and she is getting better quality sleep during these daytime naps.

To anyone who hasn't experienced the sleeplessness that comes with having a baby, you won't understand this. To a parent who has, you will know I'm not exaggerating when I say this has been life changing. 

My husband and I now have our evenings back, we have our bed back and the whole household is sleeping soundly! 

Sophie has been wonderful, kind and caring, and I cannot thank her enough for helping our family. 

Sarah, Stuart, Thomas and Eloise xx

Sleep was always a struggle with our 3 month old son Miles, reflux making the whole thing worse. We were struggling with ridiculously early morning wake-ups, as he just wouldn’t settle from 3am onwards. Naps were usually on my shoulder or in the pram and never longer than 40 minutes. Miles was also sleeping in his Sleepyhead which I was never comfortable with and I was getting worried about how he would cope when he started nursery in a couple of months.

I did an initial consultation with Sophie and really related to her straight away. We decided to go for it, I know it’s a bit of an investment but I crossed my fingers it would pay off! 

We did a great initial consultation and I felt Sophie got a great understanding of the issues we were facing. I loved her no nonsense attitude as well as I feel I needed a kick up the bum to lose some of the habits we had formed. The plan is pretty tough going at first and you need to be dedicated, but we saw results very quickly and every follow-up call with Sophie just filled us with confidence - the personal touch was very important to me and I didn’t want a generic sleep plan so this was super useful.

Two weeks later and I can’t believe the results, we have a happy, smiley well-rested baby who sleeps often to beyond 7am (!) and a 3 year old who is getting so much more attention from his not so frazzled parents. I don’t say it lightly but Sophie has literally changed our lives for the better. If you are a procrastinator like me, stop right now and get in touch with her, you will not regret it for a second!

Alyson, Nick, Max and Miles, aged 3.5 months

Our 6month old baby would wake every 2hours in the night and didn’t want rocking or feeding back to sleep. I dreaded the night times and was permanently exhausted and miserable.
His sleep in the day was just as bad.He had never napped in his cot and would only sleep whilst being walked in his pram, meaning I was physically and mentally exhausted. When I contacted Sophie we were a desperate family in need of help.
Sophie listened to our current situation and then provided a clear plan to follow. I was very sceptical, believing that it would never work for my baby.
To our complete shock and delight, on night one our little one slept for 9 straight hours!
Over the past two weeks, with plenty of support from Sophie we have a happy baby who naps in the day and sleeps through at night. I will never be able to put a price on that.

Hannah and 6 month old Joseph

After over two years of poor sleep, and the arrival of our second baby, we were at our wits end and exhausted! Our 2 year old was waking frequently at night and wouldn’t sleep in her own bed so was co-sleeping with my husband while I was in the spare room with the baby! Bed times were a nightmare, with us having to sit with her for hours until she fell asleep. 
We had convinced ourselves that this was normal and there was nothing we could do, but after reading some of Sophie’s testimonials we decided to approach Sophie for some help. This wasn’t the first time we had considered a sleep consultant, but we just didn’t believe that this really worked. This was the BEST decision ever, and our 2 year old now sleeps 7pm - 7am (sometimes she is still asleep at 7.30am and we have to wake her up, which was unheard of before!!!!). She goes down to bed with no fuss at all, and even slept brilliantly when we went on holiday a week after we started the programme! Our daughter put up a good fight, but Sophie was with us every step of the way providing support and encouragement and by night three she was sleeping through! 
Sophie also helped us make some tweaks to our six month old’s routine which have improved his day and night sleep. 
My husband and I are back sharing a room, and we have even managed to have a cup of tea in bed in the morning before the kids wake up! 
We cannot recommend Sophie enough, she has transformed our family life so that we are all getting the sleep we need! THANK YOU!!

Josie & Gareth Hutchings - Clemmie (2 years) and Rory (6 months) 

I heard about Sophie whilst scrolling through the Peanut app one night hoping to find some miracle remedy to get my then 6 month old daughter to sleep, when another mum recommended Sophie as an excellent solution.
My daughter would only ever fall asleep being breastfed or carried in a sling and it was often like mission impossible to carefully lay her down in her crib without waking her when she was asleep, if she stirred and awoke I ended up having to repeat the whole process again. She would constantly wake throughout the night for comfort feeds and would only ever nap on me otherwise she wouldn’t nap at all and would just be cranky throughout the day.
As my husband is in the forces and was deployed again and having no close family around it was solely down to me and I was getting barely any sleep and felt like I wasn’t able to be the best mum I could be for her when she was awake because of being so sleep deprived. 
I contacted Sophie via email in the last hope to fix this sleep deprived mum and I can honestly say it’s the best thing I ever did! Sophie was so quick to get back to me to arrange a phone call to discuss the situation and then arranged a video call to discuss a plan she had created for my daughter which she went through and explained clearly and answered any of my questions.
She made me feel totally comfortable with the plan and if I ever had any concerns or was having any issues she was extremely quick to get back to me and always happy to arrange a call to check in and see how she could help. My daughter has gone from pretty much co-sleeping with me to now sleeping through the night until 7am in her own cot in her own room and sleeps in her cot for all her naps too!
I feel like a new me, refreshed and I now have time in the evening to myself to relax which was something I hadn’t had in so long. Sophie, I am forever grateful for all your help and support and making it such a simple process for me and can not recommend you enough to anyone who is having difficulties getting their little one to sleep.

Helena and 6 month old Olive

We fully expected to be sleep deprived parents when our baby Holly arrived, but at five and a half months with hourly to two hourly wake ups overnight we hit a crunch point and sought help. Sophie was recommended to us by a friend at work and we are so glad they did! Sophie was quick to respond and set up a video call appointment that suited us both, we then kept in touch regularly for support through Holly’s sleep training.

Sophie was so kind and understanding towards us and helped us understand Holly’s behaviour and sleep patterns much better. She was a pleasure to work with, she was clear with her instructions. Sophie was always quick to respond if we text for advice when things were not going so well in between regular follow ups. Most importantly our baby started sleeping through the night within a few days of the sleep plan - incredible! This has continued and Holly is a much happier baby as a result, we are over the moon with the results!

We would happily recommend Sophie to others and would seek her advice should we have any further sleep difficulties.”
Hannah, Nick and 5.5month old Holly

Sophie is quite simply incredible!
We contacted her when our then 6.5 month old baby girl decided she wouldn’t sleep at night without being held or nap without being rocked with the vacuum on. After a month or so of constant wake ups, not being able to put her back down and battling naps we decided to contact Sophie for some help. 
The first night we started Sophie’s sleep plan, she slept for 12 hours in her own room without us having to go in once, I couldn’t believe it.
We’re now 3 weeks in and It’s completely changed our lives. She can now be put into her cot wide awake and get herself to sleep on her own in minutes, not only at bedtime but for her naps too. The vacuum finally gets used for cleaning!! 
As well as us being happier, she’s also a happier baby now she’s getting the correct amount of quality sleep!
I can not thank Sophie enough for all the help and advice she’s given us. She covers every little detail and always makes time to answer your questions, she’s truly amazing!
When people say it’s life changing, I can confirm, it honestly is!!

Dawn, Jamie and 6.5 month old Halle 
Sophie was great from the start and gave us the confidence to start the sleep plan and make some changes that we wouldn’t have been able to do on our own. Sophie was clear and reassuring and at no point did I doubt that this wouldn’t work for us as a family. 
We had a toddler who we rocked to sleep every night, and who sometimes would wake up multiple times per night needing the same approach, as well as early starts, sometimes 5am. It was effecting us all, our little girl always seems tired and after 20 + months of no sleep we were all struggling. 
We now have a much more content little girl, who can go to sleep on her own (with a few tears) and has slept through the night since day one of the plan. Some early wakes still, but also some lie ins which then make us late, which was unheard of before! We were able to go on holiday without the fear of how poor the sleep would be and how it may affect our holiday.  
I did not realise how much sleep impacted our lives. Bath times are no longer a battle, nursery has been less emotional and day to day we are all much happier. 
I can not thank Sophie enough for empowering us to have the confidence to try something different, and giving us the reassurance to keep going when it felt too much. 

Vicki and 20 month old Neve

We'd followed several online sleep courses with Georgie but nothing had worked. Having never slept through at 11 months and waking between 2 to 4 times a night, we knew it was time for 1:1 support.

Sophie was absolutely fantastic and I just knew instantly she was the right person for our family. She completely changed Georgie's sleep routine and gave us some invaluable bedtime tips to aid the routine. From night 2 Georgie was sleeping through.

Everyone is so much happier with a full nights sleep. It has completely transformed our lives and we will be forever grateful. 

Anna and 11 month old Georgie

I was absolutely amazed that Sophie had our 5.5 month old sleeping through the night after just one day on the programme. We had previously been having 5 wake ups every night and he would only settle if I fed him.
Sophie was always at hand when I wanted to ask questions or needed advice. I would never have thought we would be in the position we are in now in only 10 days. Before I was just getting by on little bits of sleep but now I’m up before the baby, I get so much more done in the day and enjoy it so much more.

Alex and 5.5 month old Sonny

When we began this journey our little boy (10months old) was up numerous times through the night and waking usually around 4:30am, his naps in the day were erratic and he would only have naps in his pushchair in his room. He was not a happy boy throughout the day due to be overtired all the time. We were all suffering as a family. Whilst being up one night I came across Sophie on facebook. From the moment I started talking to Sophie I felt so comfortable and had a lot of faith in her ability to help us. She is so knowledgeable and a genuinely lovely and approachable person.

Amazingly from the second night of starting the plan our little boy slept through the night and has done ever since, he also now has structured naps in his cot and most importantly is a happy little boy, the difference in him is great and it is incredible how much it has helped us as a family. The only thing I wish is that we had done it sooner!

Emily, Lawrence and 10 month old Lennon

We contacted Sophie when we were at a breaking point with our son, Evan's, sleep.  He required excessive rocking to get to sleep and was waking almost every hour in the night.  His naps were also very short and most of the time we held him so he would nap for more than 1 sleep cycle.  I was sceptical about people who claimed sleep training was "life changing" but was ready to try anything if it would help.  My doubts were 100% proven wrong.  We had a great consultation with Sophie, where she took the time to get to know Evan's current sleep situation and provide us a tailored plan to help him learn to self-settle.  

On Day 2, Evan slept through the night and started doing 1.5 to 2 hour naps. My husband and I were shocked at how quickly things changed! We were all sleeping better, Evan was happier during his awake times, and my husband and I had our evenings back! Sophie was very supportive through the entire 2 week process.  The decision to contact Sophie to change our son's sleep was definitely life changing.  We would recommend Sophie to anyone who is struggling with their little one's sleep.

Sarah and 4 month old Evan.


My 21 month old son has never slept more than a couple of hours at a time so after nearly 2 years of getting up all night long every night I was in desperate need of some help.
I was concerned that sleep training wouldn't be appropriate for him as he suffers from bad eczema which is worse at night. After speaking with Sophie, she reassured me that we could adapt the program as we went if necessary to meet his needs. After two weeks of guidance and support from Sophie, my son is now sleeping through the night and his skin has really improved.
We honestly didn't expect such dramatic results and in such a short space of time, we are so grateful! Thank you x

Ellie, Matt and 21 month old Ralph.

Since she was 6 weeks old, Olivia suffered with really bad reflux, & that affected her sleeping habits (so we thought), we tried absolutely everything, it feels like a distant memory now, but Luke & I got so stuck in a rut. Sleeping in separate rooms just so one of us could get some sleep at different times.

We really did think we were doing everything we could/should do!

Olivia didn’t have a bedtime (even though we were so regimented when she was first born), & when she did go to sleep, she would be awake every 45minutes absolutely beside herself, & we tried everything to settle her. Its safe to say it was utterly draining!

I always said that if things didn’t change by the time Olivia turned 1, we would look into a ‘sleep doctor’, & so we did!!

We were recommended Sophie through a mutual friend & we had a 2 week plan to stick to, tailor made for Olivia!

Not gonna lie, the 1st night especially, & the first couple of nights were soooo hard! But.... I couldn’t be happier with our results!!

From day 2, Olivia slept 12hours at night, & even has a 2 hour nap in the day! (She very rarely napped before).

We are so strict & we still are which is why I’ve waited so long to recommend. We went away this weekend, & I wanted to see how we all dealt with the change & the impact it had on Olivia’s routine. In all honesty... it didn’t!

We’ve all had more sleep in the past few weeks, then we’ve had in 12months & Olivia has come on leaps & bounds!

It wasn’t about us, we were worried about the impact it was having on Olivia, & even though people may think it’s common sense how babies should sleep, sometimes you just need a bit of help!

I would recommend Sophie to anyone who is struggling with their children & their sleep, I can honestly say it’s worth every penny!

Bethany, Luke and Olivia 12 months old

If you are hesitating over whether you should invest in Sophie or not then STOP and just do it!  It has truly changed our family life.  She has worked wonders on our 5 month old (she was 4 and half months when we started). 
We were finding it really hard to get our daughter to nap for long periods and she was up most evenings until around 10pm and then we co-slept through the night, which I was not comfortable doing. From the moment we had our Zoom chat with Sophie we were put at ease that we had made a good decision. 
It does take dedication and perseverance from the parents but the pay-off comes quickly and it is worth it.  Our daughter did protest a for a night or two but having Sophie as a point of contact and reassurance gave us what we needed to get through it.  Sophie also corrected our errors along the way, something that a book, well meaning friend or family member can’t do.  Our baby is much happier and I can now focus on my older two children when the baby is napping as the naps are now predicable and consistent.  Our baby sleeps 7 until 7 every night, even when we went camping!  We are just gutted it took us to baby number 3 to turn to a sleep consultant, we should have done it years ago! Thank you Sophie and we definitely intend on keeping in touch”.

Vicky, Paul and Sophie 5 months

Before I contacted Sophie, I was co-sleeping with Beau. It was taking 2 hours to feed him to sleep every night. He would wake up at 4:30am and would only nap on me in the day.

Now I pop Beau in his cot at 7pm and he turns over and falls asleep. All night! And this happened within 2 days of his new sleep plan. 

He now naps in his cot which leaves me free to do the things I need to do. 

Sophie was super supportive through the whole process. All her instructions were really clear and it was great to have someone on the end of the phone. Can not recommend enough!!

Sophie and Beau 6 months

Sophie has changed our lives. Our 4.5 month baby was only sleeping on us for naps, would only fall asleep by being rocked, and would wake every 2-3 hours in the night. She was also waking up at 4am every morning - so we were too. We were exhausted. We dreaded bed times. 

After talking to Sophie and putting in place a plan, our baby slept through 6pm-6am on the first night and has done ever since. We are now able to put our baby down for naps in her cot without rocking using the routine and techniques Sophie taught us, and she sleeps for about 1.5 hours. It’s amazing! 

Most importantly our baby is getting the sleep she needs - and so are we! We have been able to sit and eat dinner together for the first time in almost 5 months. 

Sophie’s advice was really clear, and she helped us tweak little bits of the plan that we needed to along the way. We were amazed at how quickly things changed for us from Sophie’s help. 

Thank you so much Sophie!

Jodie, Luke and baby Indie (4 months)

This sleep programme was amazing. Having already had a son who had mastered the art of sleeping within the first few months of his life, I was assuming that baby number two would follow the same sleep path! Oh how I was wrong!

We spent several stressful and sleep deprived months wondering why our daughter would wake every 2 hours, would only settle in our arms and would not be placed in her cot (or come the end, would not sleep in her pram or the car either!) I was most concerned about her lack of sleep and unsettledness throughout the day, closely followed by our lack of sleep which made everything so fraught in our household.

After having a particularly terrible night I was searching Facebook and saw Sophie’s post about sleep associations. After 7 months of reading numerous sleep books, googling websites and following a generic sleep plan that I bought online, sleep still was not in sight and I needed more personal and supportive help.

After a couple of nights of the plan I felt that sleep was massively improving for our daughter. Then a very unwell household had everyone awake during the night. I was so close to admitting defeat but Sophie pushed me through this really tricky time for us all, and as I was feeling unwell and coping with everyone feeling unwell also, I thought I couldn’t keep up with the plan.

Sophie said all the right things and really supported me to not give up and continued to remind me of the end result. Sophie was not wrong, I stuck with it despite feeling very unwell myself and at the end of the 2 weeks (even with illness disrupting the plan) my daughter and my whole family were sleeping through the night, with my daughter also managing long naps in the cot in the day. Not only was she sleeping but as a family we were all happy, chilled and so glad to know that our baby was getting the much deserved sleep she needed.

Thank you Sophie MY LIFE SAVER!

When we decided to use Sophie we really were in a bad place with sleep.

My daughter had been waking every two hours since the four month regression and not much better before that. Honestly every day I struggled to do anything I felt so sleep deprived. I had been given sleep plans by friends but when I tried them I just didn’t have the confidence to persist with them as I was worried I was making the wrong decisions and putting her through unnecessary stress.

Sophie’s support was invaluable.

The plan was simple and easy to follow. Knowing I could text or email along the way kept us to the right path.

We INSTANTLY saw results and very quickly got more sleep. Honestly it has transformed us as parents. I now get enough rest as a mum and therefore fully invest in Bethany. This means keeping on top of my own jobs while she is asleep allowing me to be fully dedicated to play when she is awake. She is a much happier baby and we are happier parents.  

Thank you Sophie we recommend you all round!!                        

Jenny and 5 month old Bethany

I cannot recommend Sophie enough, this is the best money we have spent on our family to date.

My little girl was 10 months old when me and my husband decided that we could not continue to suffer with sleep deprivation anymore.

Jasmine is our second child and we really thought that the sleepless nights would be over by 4 months let alone 10 months (we didn’t have any sleep issues with our first)! Jasmine continued to wake more and more throughout the night and needed to be fed to sleep or rocked to sleep and this could sometimes take 45 minutes to get her back to sleep.

From the first time we contacted Sophie, she was so helpful and supportive and on the second night of Sophie’s sleep plan we had a baby who slept 7am-7pm and actually liked sleeping in her cot for naps too – yes we were taking her out for all naps or holding her whilst she napped prior to Sophies help.

I was absolutely amazed and also so grateful for all the support Sophie gave us, she literally changed our lives. I went from snapping at my 4 year old all day due to being exhausted, gaining weight, unmotivated in everything and just generally not enjoying my new baby (then the guilt that went along with that!)

If anyone is reading this who is struggling with sleep deprivation, or has a baby that is not getting enough sleep then Sophie is able to help. Thank you Sophie, I will recommend you to everyone I know. THANK YOU!

Rowena and Jasmine (now 11 months old)

Having been a relatively good sleeper, our 4 month old suddenly started waking every hour. This was a real shock to the system and my husband and I both ended up being run-ragged and with no idea how long it would last.

One night at baby swimming another mum recommended Sophie and I tucked her name away in my phone in case things got really desperate. One evening after a particularly bad night we made the decision to contact Sophie, on the understanding it may not be for us and realistically surely it can’t be that effective!? Is it witchcraft!? But how wrong we were.

It definitely wan’t easy; I think it was harder on us as parents than it was on our little boy, but we stuck with Sophie and her programme and have been amazed by the results. From waking every hour of the night to sleeping from 7pm to 7am in just two weeks. We feel like new people!


Sophie was always on hand to guide and support us, particularly as we had the added battle of allergies to contend. However now we have a very happy little five month old who loves his bed! Thank you so much!

Charlie and 4 month old Gabriel

After 17 months of sleep deprivation and no end in sight we contacted Sophie to see if she could help.

We were very sceptical as our little boy had never slept for more than 4 hours. 

Sophie was very confident she could help so we gave it a go! Within a week he was sleeping for 12 hours straight and he’s carried on, even during a recent holiday when out of routine and in the dreaded travel cot!

I just wish we’d contacted Sophie earlier.

If you’re unsure give it a go - life with sleep is so much better!!


Thank you so much for helping us!

We were at our wits ends with our daughter waking anything from 2 to 6 times a night and the only way we knew to get her back off was to give her a bottle of milk. This was pretty much ruining life for my family. My husband and I were beyond tired, not sure there’s even a word for it.

When we first spoke to you we were immediately put at ease by how open and friendly you were and how we could relate to you as you have 2 children yourself. We had our consultation and You put the plan together, I honestly felt like it wouldn’t work but I was wrong.
We’ve been so lucky in how our daughter adapted and I can say she’s now slept through the night completely without a wake up for over a week which has NEVER happened.

The plan was clear and easy to follow so we were able to stick to it as advised, when you have some outside support it just makes everything ok and you know how to handle things. Thank you for helping us.

Gemma and 17 month old Roma

I spoke to Sophie, initially with some scepticism, as our two year old had never slept a night through, was awful to get to bed and had no consistency with sleep. Sophie has helped us gain the control that our toddler had taken. Within the space of a few days we have lost his dummy and milk in bottles. We have a structure routine in place and whilst we are having ( and will probably continue to have) a few ups and downs, mostly due to illness, I absolutely feel 100% more in control. We are clawing back some evening time and not having a physical battle at silly o clock!

Thank you Sophie - for being strong when I have been struggling and helping us take back control from our strong willed toddler!
                                                                                                                                          Sara and 2 year old Seth


"After yet another night of waking every hour with my 6 month old baby girl I was tiredly scrolling through facebook and that's when I saw Sophie's post 'frequent night wakings sound familiar' - yes!
After exhausting so many different options, including other sleep programs, I bit the bullet and contacted Sophie. Sophie was really reassuring and was certain she could solve our dyer sleep situation.
Within a few days our consultation was booked and we were starting our new feed, nap & sleep programme- it was totally different to anything we'd done before and it required tolerance and perseverance... BUT all with constant support from Sophie via phone, text, email- Sophie was right there offering advice and tweaking the routine to suit OUR baby (not just sending us a generic sleep programme and leaving us to it)!
Within a matter of days I went from having the worst sleeping baby to the best.... she goes 11-12hours at night AND has two really decent naps a day.
I feel human again and now have time during the day to get things done so I can have quality time with my little bub when she is awake. Most importantly my little one is finally getting PROPER sleep, she is so much calmer and happier for it.
I place her in her cot and she knows exactly what to do, she can fully self settle within minutes and even gives me a little smile while I'm putting her in her growbag as If to say 'thanks mama- this is what I needed'.
Sleep is so important for the WHOLE family.... going to bed at night in the knowledge we aren't going to be up until the morning is life changing - I no longer get 'nighttime anxiety' and my babe no longer cries in desperation to sleep!

If you are reading this tired, desperate and at a loss with what to do- contact Sophie, have a consultation - it might just change your life!"  

Jess and 6 month old Arla

Speaking to many other parents of similar ages I had convinced myself that sleepless nights came with the role of parenting a toddler. 

It seems that no parent wants to boast about a sleeping child, those who get little sleep muddle through wrongly believing its normal!

Getting our daughter to go to bed was a challenge, as a couple, we had lost our evenings together. Unsure of how much sleep each night would bring, I became anxious the night before a day of work. Getting her up early from a night of broken sleep was filled with tantrums. 

After our first consultation with Sophie, I was optimistic that we would all be able to get a full night's sleep. I was right to be optimistic, thanks to Sophie's help we now have a happy 20-month-old who sleeps through the night. Not only is our daughter more relaxed, as parents we feel so much better and have even received compliments about how well we all look!  The money spent on getting help from Sophie was worth every penny, no other purchase has come close! We just wish we had reached out for help earlier. 

Claire and 20 month old Amelia

At 18 months old our daughter Frankie was waking a couple of times a night and awake for sometimes 3 hours at a time.

The only way to get her back to sleep was to give her a bottle or sit in her room for hours rocking her and even then we would be terrified to put her back in her cot incase she woke, we were absolutely exhausted and really felt like we couldn’t cope anymore!

A friend recommended Sophie and we thought we had nothing to lose by contacting her but even then we didn’t think anything would make our baby sleep! Sophie was so thoughtful the whole way through our plan and I always knew I could contact her at any point throughout our course and she would be right there to answer any worries I had!

She would also check up on me daily to see how we were getting on.

With Sophie’s sleeping plan she gave us and the support from her, Frankie is now sleeping through the night 7am until 7pm. I honestly did not think it was possible, it has literally changed our lives as we are all so much happier throughout the day now we are getting solid sleep! I just wish we had done it sooner I will be forever grateful to her. 

Becky and 18 month old Frankie

Sophie, thank you so much for the in valuable help you have given us over the past few weeks.

We could not have achieved with our little girl what we have done without you.

We went from feeding her to sleep with multiple night waking’s and contact napping to settling to sleep in her cot by herself and sleeping through the night in just a few days. We truly can’t believe it!! The extra sleep and time in the evenings has made such a positive impact on our day to day lives!

Thank you to Sophie for being so supportive throughout our journey, you’ve been friendly and personable whilst remaining professional. Knowing that you have been at the end of a phone or just an email away has been extremely reassuring! Thank you so much, we will be recommending you to everyone we know!

Nicki and 14 month old Mailee


We were struggling with the challenges of getting our 5 month old to sleep without waking her toddler brother - lots of sleepless nights had by all!

We were finding it very stressful, and using lots of props to try and encourage sleep. Sophie stepped in and gave us a solid plan, step by step.

It was much easier than I expected it to be, and having the support to carry it out made a huge difference. After three nights we saw a real difference, and two weeks later we’ve had over a week of unbroken 12 hour nights sleep for both children.

Sophie is really kind and understanding, and was great at adapting our plan to fit in with our lives with daily support and help. Having everyone sleeping properly is life changing - I’d thoroughly recommend Sophie!             

 Sophia and 5 month old Ottiline


One-to-One Sleep Solutions Package
This is the most popular package, and consists of:-

  • A preliminary evaluation. This is a comprehensive questionnaire about your child’s sleep habits and routines that you’ll fill out prior to our meeting. (Having this information in advance helps us make the most of our time together).

  • A private, 90 minute consultation in the comfort of your own home, or via Skype/FaceTime or telephone, where we’ll discuss strategies, troubleshoot possible problems and learn how to address bedtime, naptime, nightwakings or any other specific issues you might be dealing with.

  • A detailed, fully customized sleep plan, that I will prepare for you after the conclusion of our meeting.

  • Four follow-up telephone calls during the first week following the consultation. These follow-up calls last about 15 minutes, and we’ll use this time to deal with any setbacks you might be having or answer any general questions.

  • One week of e-mail support. After your four follow-up telephone calls have been used, you still have an additional week of e-mail support where you can email me once daily, excluding Sundays I will always aim to reply to your queries within one working day.

The total cost for the One-to-One Sleep Solutions package for a baby in a cot is £275 by Skype/Facetime/Phone. If your toddler is in a bed this package is £305 due to the complexity of the plan.

Face to face consultations are available on request.
New-born – Get it right from the Start Package
This is a comprehensive training plan helping parents of new-borns train their little ones to have fabulous sleep skills from a very young age and can be implemented from day one! Getting an early start in establishing healthy sleep habits is a huge advantage for both babies and their parents. With this package, you will learn everything you need to teach your baby to be an independent sleeper right from the beginning. It is a fantastic gift package for new parents too and consultations can take place before or after the baby has arrived. (gift certificates available and can be posted direct to the lucky couple if required) It consists of:-

  • A private 60 minute telephone or in-home consultation. We will discuss how to establish a healthy sleep plan for your new-born, discussing sleep needs, schedules for feeding, naps and bedtime, how to help teach your baby the difference between day and night, creating the right sleeping environment, strategies to encourage sleep, when to expect your baby to be sleeping longer stretches, and common sleep issues that can be easily avoided.

  • A detailed sleep plan. If you are expecting, the gentle, caring techniques in your sleep plan will teach you how to create an independent sleeper from day one, and will give you a flexible guide to quickly bring some routine, when baby arrives, to a time of your lives which can otherwise become quite overwhelming. If you baby has already arrived, your sleep plan will be fully customized for your family.

  • One follow-up phone call. If you are following a sleep plan from the beginning then you will find your baby is naturally developing wonderful independent sleep skills, you may find you have some questions so we will schedule a telephone call within 2 weeks of the baby’s birth just in case (if you are expecting) or within 2 weeks of consultation (if you already have your baby at home). These calls typically last about 15 minutes.

  • Two follow-up e-mails I will give you my personal email address so you can email me on two occasions with any questions or concerns any time within the first 3 months of your baby’s birth or our consultation. After 3 months you can purchase another week of email support at any time should you need it .

The total cost for the New-born – Get it right from the Start Package is £100 By Skype/Facetime/Phone

Face to face consultations are available on request. 
The Refresher
It is not uncommon for babies and toddlers who have been taught to be great sleepers to ‘test the boundaries’ from time to time. This option is for parents who have met with me in the past, but are looking for a ‘refresher’. This is a popular option for past clients who have recently had a new baby – or who are expecting in the near future. It consists of:-

  • A private, 60 minute consultation, usually by phone or by Skype, during which we’ll use to discuss any particular challenges you are having with your child. Since we’ve already worked together, a full hour is usually more than enough time to cover all your questions and concerns.

  • Optional 2x follow-up emails that you can use to send me any additional questions that might come up as you get things back on track. I’ll aim to respond to your email within one day.

The total cost for the Refresher Package 60 minute consultation is £95, with 2x optional emails £115
The 30 Minute Sleep Support Session

A chance to talk to me, a sleep expert, about any of the following sleep struggles:

  • Nap transition, durations and timings

  • Early morning wakes

  • How to establish a good bedtime routine

  • How to create the ideal bedroom environment

  • Boundaries and structure around sleep

The total cost of the Sleep Support Session is £45 which includes a plan going forward.

When booking a 30 minute sleep support session, please ensure you give me information about your sleep situation so that we can make the most of our 30 minute session together, working through the solutions and plan of action.
If you wish to book online then please book 2x 15 minute time slots together, alternatively you can email me at sophie.wilkinson@babysleepthenight.com to book your session.

Ideal for babies, toddlers and children from 6 months.
The Overnight
This personal support package is for those who want me at your home within the Wiltshire area (I'm happy to travel to other areas however travel charges apply) for assistance on the night you choose to implement the program.
This consists of:

  • A preliminary evaluation This is a comprehensive questionnaire about your child’s sleep habits and routines that you’ll complete prior to our meeting. (Having this information in advance helps us make the most of our time together.)

  • 15 minute phone consultation to discuss details of the overnight support- time,requirements etc.

  • Private In-Home/Overnight Support I will join you prior to your child’s recommended bedtime and stay overnight until 7:00 am the next morning. The consultation will take place in the comfort of your home and we will begin your journey to great sleep together.

  • A detailed, fully customized sleep plan This will be prepared for you after our consultation and after the nights stay so you have your own personalized plan to help guide you through the upcoming nights.

  • Four follow-up telephone calls Four phone calls, typically lasting 15 minutes, can be scheduled for the first week following the consultation. We’ll use this time to deal with any setbacks you might be having or answer any general questions.

  • One week of e-mail support After your four follow-up telephone calls have been used, you still have an additional week of e-mail support if any questions arise. You will have my private e-mail address and I’ll respond to your emails within 1 business day

The total cost of the Overnight Package is £905. Please call for details. 
Book an appointment for a free 15 minutes consultation below, or if you would like to speak to me today please do call or email me now on 07775419601 or email sophie.wilkinson@babysleepthenight.com
Please note - Appointments are UK time zone so please convert to your local time if you are overseas. Be sure to check whether we are in GMT or BST at time of booking.
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