Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

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Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 


When my eldest daughter was 10 months old, I navigated returning to work as a busy GP with being sleep deprived. Ahead of my days at work, my partner would take our daughter out in the car at 4am, because this became her favourite place to sleep, or he would take her downstairs to sleep on him, so I could get a few hours rest before I needed to work a 12 hour day in the surgery.

Looking back, I think I had naively assumed that because of my job and medical training, I would know how to get my baby to sleep through the night. We fell into a pattern of breastfeeding to sleep and feeding several times a night. 

Through all of medical school and my postgraduate training, I don’t think I was taught anything useful about baby and children’s sleep and so I understand how difficult it can be for parents to know where to turn for help when their child isn’t sleeping well. 

I was fortunate to be well-supported by my partner and family and they helped me through the toughest of sleep deprived nights, weeks and months. In more than 10 years of work as a GP and by starting to talk about baby and children’s sleep, I have become increasingly aware of how far-reaching the consequences of sleep deprivation are and how big a part this plays in the mental well-being of the whole family. I am passionate about the science of sleep, children’s sleep behaviour and the effects of sleep deprivation and am so pleased to have found a way of using my consultation skills, alongside this knowledge and passion to help families who are struggling.

As a Mum who has been sleep deprived, I can empathise, help and guide you through a personally designed and tailor made sleep plan, which I will ensure you are comfortable implementing in order to give the best help to your little one. As a result, you and the rest of the family will get more refreshing sleep, leaving you ready to tackle whatever the day holds –  whether it is looking after your bundle of joy, going off to work or both . . . or more! 

I offer a no-obligation 15 minute phone call to learn more about your family’s individual situation, to explain how I can help and to check we are the right fit for each other. If we go on to work together, I will support you with a combination of phone, Zoom and email consulting and together we can make sleep deprivation a distant memory. 

If you can’t immediately see a time in my calendar to suit you for a 15 minute call, then please email me and I will do my best to work with you to find a time for us to chat. Don’t delay, get in touch today if you are ready to take the first step in making that life changing transformation for your whole family.

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After a whirlwind of 11 months and with nursery and work looming on our heads, we decided to approach for some help. Sarah understood from our earlier conversation that I preferred a gentle method and created a plan based on our needs. Also, our little boy had broken sleeps due to the need of a dummy during the night.

As a first time mum, I literally struggled through the sleep training being away from my baby but also torn for all of us to start getting better sleep. The first 2-3 nights were hard for us and Sarah supported us closely so we tweak and keep going instead of giving up.

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So glad we did as our little boy continues to sleep through the night and his body is accustomed to sleep and wake times.

We also didn’t face any issues when the clocks changed in Oct. And our little boy doesn’t need a dummy anymore.

Proper sleep for everyone makes so much of a difference and it certainly has helped our little boy at nursery as well. We cannot thank Sarah enough for helping us persevere and supporting us with our concerns during the process.
Thank you so much Sarah 🥰

Parents to 11 month old boy

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The best decision I made was investing in a sleep constant.

Before I started I was just so tired and drained. All of my son’s naps were contact naps and if I did try to put him down he lasted 10mins. Every night we co slept and he would wake roughly every 45mins and would only settle with breastfeeding as well as breastfeeding for 2 hours from 7pm -9pm to even get him to sleep. I was at breaking point and thinking that I needed to stop breastfeeding as it was all getting so overwhelming.

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Then I reached out to Sarah who took time to understand our current situation, my concerns and how I was feeling. She spent 2 hours going through a detailed bespoke plan with me and we were in contact daily by sharing my sons sleep logs and updating on any issues we may have experienced and was always on hand to adjust things accordingly.

I was shocked to find out just how little sleep my son was getting in comparison to what he should have been getting and this made daily activities like a car ride so traumatic. However after completing the plan, I now understand my sons sleep queues, we now feed to wake, he is getting all the sleep he needs, he wakes up giggling and laughing and now also tolerates the car. I was so close to ending my breastfeeding journey and I was constantly worried that he was hungry and that was why he was waking, this was not the case.

I look back at my time then thinking there is no way my son would be able to sleep through the night, but would you believe he does and has consistently now for the last 7 weeks. Honestly sleep deprivation is the worst and both my son and I now have the best time in his wake windows as he is so happy and I’m not needing to try and do a number of other jobs at the same time whilst being a zombie.

Thank you for everything Sarah, you have been there whenever we needed throughout the whole journey. I could not recommend Sarah enough!

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Sarah has done so much to help our family. I have an 8 month old and a nearly 3 year old and I was just so burnt out with constant wakings. My baby is breastfed and woke every 30 mins – 2 hours even at 6 months old – I thought this was the norm so just fed him back to sleep meaning he would never self settle. I tried everything and don’t think it was possible for him to sleep the night – and now, he does, and so does my little girl… we are all so much happier. Not only has it improved our day to day lives, it’s allowed me and my partner to have our time too as this was not possible before.

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We have set routines, which is perfect for us and Sarah really did make these to perfectly suit us and our children’s needs. I’m a very sensitive Mom and listening to my baby cry is an absolute no. It’s not like sleep training that you read online, it’s different – you have someone there to really support you and answer any questions/issues you face. It really did help me push through. Don’t hesitate if you’re struggling – Sarah really is your lady for this. Thank you Sarah, so so grateful x

– Mum of 8 month old and 2.5 year old –

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Sarah has complete changed our lives with in the space of 2 weeks. My little girl now goes to sleep on her own and sleeps through the night which a month ago we would of never of dreamt of !

If anyone is hesitant then please please just give Sarah a chance, my only regret is that I didn’t reach out to her sooner.

– Mum to baby girl. –

“For 9 months we had a baby who pretty much loved her sleep, but things started getting gradually worse. Fast forward 3 months and we were all really suffering, awake 6+ times a night and we had fallen into bad habits of rocking and feeding her milk to get back to sleep. And then we found out baby number 2 was on the way. We really needed help! We had Sarah recommended from a friend and jumped straight into a consultation. Immediately we felt at ease with Sarah. She took time to understand us as a family, as well as our baby. The conversation was thorough and made us feel so informed about next steps.

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For the 2 weeks Sarah supported us we felt like a fairy godmother was watching over us. Working with us to make the necessary tweaks and help us every step of the way. Fast forward a month we have a 1 year old who sleeps 12.5 hours a night and naps for 2 hours a day. All through sticking to a solid routine and listening to Sarah’s every word! We couldn’t thank you more!”

– Parents to 1 year old baby girl. –

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I approached Sarah when my daughter was 3 and a half months old to start a 121 sleep plan when she turned 4 months old. She was still waking 2-3 times a night at this point and we could never get a general bedtime or wake time for her. She would take so long to get to sleep (a lot of repeated picking up and rocking back and forth), she would also get fussy at bedtime.

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The plan completely changed all that and Layanna started only waking up once a night, she started to enjoy bedtime and would be so happy still before going down for naps. Her nap times and bedtimes got more predictable. She even started to take bigger feeds from being better rested and gained weight so quickly (as she was a little underweight before she started).

Sarah was informative and answered all of our questions so thoroughly, I really cannot thank her enough and I am so glad I started the plan with my daughter so young. I really needed to sleep better so that I could enjoy being a mother that extra bit more and now we are both so much happier. I cannot thank Sarah enough, it will be the best decision for your family!

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– Mum to 3 month baby girl. –

“We contacted Sarah about our 18month olds sleep after months of broken nights, often with him waking every 30-40 minutes, and noticing no difference with dropping night feeds. Sarah led us through a detailed sleep schedule with all the steps laid out simply so that even in our sleep deprived brain fog we could follow it.
She checked in with us daily, gave lots of encouragement and also provided us with useful reference material for different scenarios such as travel and illness.

After learning to self-settle our son’s sleep has been transformed, we have our evenings back, and are feeling the benefits of uninterrupted sleep.”

– Carmelia and Aaron, parents to 18 month old boy. –

We were recommended to try Sarah by friends and we have found Sarah’s help to be invaluable. We were struggling with our daughter’s sleep routine (age two) and how sleep deprivation was affecting her moods and behaviour.
Her sleep was getting worse and we felt we had tried everything and I was sceptical anything could help. We’d even been referred to a paediatrician who didn’t offer any help or advice and told us that we should “wait and see” if she’d grow out of it, that “many toddlers don’t sleep well” and that we could try melatonin in the future if things didn’t change.

We were all exhausted and I’d actually started to worry that there was something more serious at the root of why she just couldn’t sleep.

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Our daughter was refusing naps even though she was tired (I would try for an hour some days then give up) she was taking up to three hours every evening to fall asleep and then waking for three/fours hours every single night. She was also still sleeping in my bed while my husband was in the spare room and we barely got to spend any time together.

The new sleep routine and advice given to us by Sarah had instant results, my daughter slept in her cot from DAY 1!!! She has napped every day since we started and only taken about 10/15mins to fall asleep. The night wakings have also reduced drastically. By week two, we had some sleeping through the night and if my daughter did wake up she wouldn’t cry and would go back to sleep herself. Even her eating has improved massively, something else that we’ve struggled with some days even a bowl of cereal/ porridge taking an hour for my daughter to eat. And that would be an hour long battle.

We were stunned and didn’t think any of this possible. We can’t thank Sarah enough, she has changed our lives. Our little girl is so much happier after being more rested and so are we! I would definitely recommend Sarah (and have done already) to anyone who is struggling with their child’s sleep, she is very warm, supportive and non judgmental. The results speak for themselves, I only wish we had found her sooner!

– Parents to 2 year old girl. –

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“We can not thank Sarah enough for helping us through what has been a tiring year. After 14 months of no sleep, we finally after just 4/5 days there abouts of the sleep plan Sarah had gave us, Theo was sleeping through and has done ever since. Sarah listened and really heard our cries which is comforting and reassuring. We thank you for all your help”

Again, sorry it is so late and hopefully we do not need to come back to you again at any point in the future. Theo is now 23 months and still sleeps through the night, with the odd hiccup here and there but nothing that doesn’t sort itself out after a night.”

– Parents to 14 month old boy –

My 19 month old daughter had always been a good sleeper. She would sleep through most nights.

She started waking frequently in the night up to 7 times some nights, and would be very unsettled. Getting her to have a nap was also becoming a challenge and she would either sleep for 2 hours or 30 minutes. She had no consistency.

Getting her to sleep at night and for naps was taking such a long time as well.

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It would take over 30 minutes before she would finally fall asleep. This went on for months.
I couldn’t understand what had changed.
My husband and I wad exhausted and I would often end up putting her into bed with me.

She would also be awake by 5.30 each morning. We really needed some help.

I spoke with my daughters childminder about my concerns with her sleeping patterns. She suggested a sleep therapist and recommended Sarah to me.

It was so quick and easy to book a free 15 min consultation.
After that consultation my husband and I thought let’s give this ago.

After our first session with the sleep therapist, we was both excited and looking forward to starting the new sleep schedule.
Sarah provided us with a two week programme. Along with tips on how to achieve our goal.

Our daughter took to the new routine so well that by the end of the two weeks she was an independent sleeper. She was sleeping through the night and waking at 6.45. In the morning. It was amazing!!!!

Her nap time and length was changed and this made such a difference. She would go down at nap time and bed time and be fast asleep with in 10 minutes. I couldn’t believe the difference.

Sarah was available to offer support throughout and answer and questions we had.

I cannot recommend Sarah enough. I am so happy that I have an independent sleeper. Amazing outcome for us as a family, and more importantly it was not traumatic for our daughter or us.
Thank you so much Sarah. I am over the moon.
For any other parents who are having similar issues, please contact Sarah. It will be the best thing you do. It definitely was for us.

– Kerrie, Mum to 19 month old girl. –

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‘My husband and I decided we needed help with our 6 month old daughter’s sleep as she got progressively worse from about 3 months old onwards. If she was anywhere other than on top of me (mum) she would only sleep in very short bursts and look for feeding when she woke to get back to sleep. I as the mum barely had any time day or night without a baby on top of me (feeding, sleeping or playing) which got pretty exhausting and i certainly wasn’t getting much sleep myself. I had absolutely no understanding of what on earth her sleep was doing.

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I was nervous about what baby sleep the night sleep programme might entail but I felt like Sarah listened to our concerns and created a plan accordingly. I was/am still breastfeeding and wasn’t ready to night wean (I simply didn’t believe it was possible in any case, nor did I want my baby to have to do this if she wasn’t ready), but remarkably our daughter slept through the first night we started the plan- without a feed! Sarah was very responsive throughout the process always providing advice, guidance and support promptly. We really needed Sarah’s help as I don’t think we could have done it on our own. We feel like we have got our lives and some sanity back, thank you Sarah!’

– Parents of 6 month old baby girl –

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From the day Harry was born he was always a good sleeper.

However, when he turned 2 years and 7 months his bed time became extremely difficult and he would not stay in his own bed or room, and kept coming downstairs. Harry would also wake up to 5 times a night and would take a while to settle back to sleep.

I approached Sarah to see if she could help us with her sleep plan work. The first couple of nights were a little challenging (which Sarah explained they would be) but we stuck firmly to the comprehensive plan (which was easy to follow) and the results have been absolutely outstanding!

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Harry now settles himself to sleep after we give him a goodnight kiss and he sleeps through the night until it’s time to wake up. This has resulted in Harry being so much happier throughout the day and Mommy and Daddy are getting their much needed sleep.

We would recommend Sarah to absolutely anyone who is having difficulties with their baby’s / child sleep pattern; she has literally changed our lives. We are now able to enjoy some quality, tired-free time together. Thank you so much from a very happy, rested family!

– Parents to 2 year old Harry –

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We contacted Sarah after a troublesome few months with our then 9 month old little girl.

We had a detailed online meeting with Sarah and she went through everything with us with a really personable and detailed plan specifically created for our little girl.

We were able to have a very open conversation with Sarah about anything that was listed in our plan along with having the ability to ask any questions we had there and then during the online meeting which opened up discussions between the three of us which was really helpful.

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We followed the plan the first night and our daughter seemed to respond well. Sarah was easily contactable both via WhatsApp and email for quick questions that popped up for us and she responded quickly and was able to help and assist with our queries.

By night 2 our daughter was sleeping through the night and we noticed a considerable change in her during her wake times too. It was amazing to see how with a few little adaptions here and there to our routine the positive impacts it had on our daughter and the difference it made to her sleep.

We could not recommend Sarah enough. She helped us so much when we were exhausted and felt like there was nothing else we could do! The routine was realistic and easy to follow and we were offered adaptions depending on routines we had already tried to implement. We will definitely be applying the steps of the routine when our new baby arrives.

– Liv and Bobby, parents to a 9 month old girl. –

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“My husband and I contacted Sarah when our baby was around six months old. We were struggling with his sleep in the day and night: Xan would only have contact naps on me after feeding or short naps in his cot after being rocked to sleep for about an hour and a half; he was waking very frequently in the night (between two and five times) and got up very early in the morning.

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Working with Sarah has been completely transformative – I never imagined the programme would work so well! Xan is now only waking once in the night every night (and I am confident he will soon be sleeping through). At nap times and at bedtime, I put him down in the cot and he is asleep within minutes. He naps for about an hour and half in the morning and an hour in the afternoon.

In terms of the process, the sleep programme Sarah put together was tailored to Xan and I actually found it a lot easier than I thought it would be. The approach was very gentle – for the first three nights, I was right next to him while he was falling asleep in the cot. After that, he never even noticed I wasn’t there as he was falling asleep so fast. I expected a lot of tears (both the baby and me!) but it never happened.

Sarah was so supportive; I always felt she was right there when I needed her. It’s no exaggeration to say I really feel like she’s completely changed my life – I’m getting so much more sleep and am able to enjoy my days with the baby so much more as a result. I can do things in the day during his nap times (which was impossible before) and can enjoy my evenings knowing he will sleep through until morning. I can’t recommend her any more highly.”

– Parents to 6 month old Xan –

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We had an excellent experience working with Sarah, and the changes she helped us implement to our son’s sleeping patterns have had a very positive impact, in a remarkably short amount of time. When we came to Sarah our 6 month old was waking every 1.5/2 hours, I was feeding him every time he woke, and he was often not resettling after feeds despite us resorting to hours of rocking and co-sleeping. We were all completely exhausted and starting to lose our minds.

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From our first conversation with Sarah we felt listened to and supported. She made every effort to find out exactly what our needs were, the place we were in and where we were hoping to get to. Once we started working with her, she was with us every step of the way, and always available for the (many!) additional questions we had as we started implementing the sleep plan she had created for us. Her knowledge and experience really helped keep us calm and committed to the process, and meant that my partner and I were able to get the answers we needed, rather than flailing helplessly and wondering whether what we were doing was the right thing.

The results we’ve seen have made a dramatic improvement to our son’s bedtimes, night time sleep and naps. He now sleeps in his own room, settles himself to sleep quickly at bedtime, only feeds once a night and has started sleeping through. His naps are also longer and more consistent during the day, so I’m able to plan around them and have time to myself while he’s sleeping. As a family, we’re all much happier and better rested. I was worried that my son might be unhappy with all the changes, or that it might affect our bond with him, but actually the opposite has been true. I can’t recommend Sarah and her approach enough and feel she provides a brilliant service.

Thanks again!

– Parents to 6 month old boy. –

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“We have come to Sarah for help with our 7 months old baby boy. We both work full time and our son was still up every hour over night wanting to be fed, which for us was no longer sustainable. We worked with Sarah for two weeks and I am delighted to say that our baby sleeps in his own room now, the night wakes have significantly improved and he is a much happier and energetic boy during the day and an absolute joy to be around.

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We also get a lot more enjoyment out of spending time with him, now that we are not constantly exhausted. Sarah has listened to our needs as a family and tailored her plan to work for us. She was always available for advice and reassurance throughout the process and we could not recommend her highly enough. The experience has been life changing for us and we now feel so much more confident to deal with any sleep challenges to come.”

– Family of a 7 month old boy. –

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“After talking to Sarah on the free consultation we both felt confident going forward that this was the right thing for us. There was no pressure at all from Sarah to carry on and left the decision down to us.

The Skype call was very thorough as Sarah got to know our routine and lifestyle. After this we got our routine to learn before starting with the programme. Sarah was very flexible with when we could start which was helpful.

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From night one the routine was very easy to follow and did work. Our son could not even be in the cot with us stood next to him without screaming, he however spent the night in the cot (with a few wake ups)

As we progressed the plan worked perfectly for us and our son and within the first week he was sleeping through the night. We spoke daily to Sarah be it by email (just updating) or by phone call.
Using Sarah’s service was the best decision we have made and now our son goes to bed without crying and sleeps through the night.
Thank you Sarah. “

– Dad of nearly 16 month old boy. –

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“After nearly 18months of little sleep, we made the decision to seek help. There are a great deal of sleep consultants online, but Sarah’s first hand experience of baby sleep issues, combined with her medical background, gave us confidence to reach out.

From our first contact with Sarah, she was warm, friendly and never made us feel like bad parents. She asked questions and took time to develop a plan that was right for our family and our needs.

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Sarah was on hand when we needed to answer questions and guide us through the plan smoothly. After speaking with her and hearing what advice she had to offer, we were keen to start work and from night one, we noticed positive changes.

As a family, we are now ALL sleeping through the night, which we could have never imagined. We can’t recommend Sarah more highly”

– Becca and Ben, parents to 17 month old Henry –

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Sarah was so supportive and caring from the very first contact with her. She could not do enough to reassure us that this was the right way to move forwards with our 18 month old who just wasn’t sleeping (unless it was in our bed which meant we weren’t!).

Sarah took great trouble to get to know us and our daughter and ensure what she was suggesting would fit into our family and lifestyle. She responded to emails so promptly and even though she wasn’t physically with us through the process we felt so supported throughout.

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I cannot recommend her highly enough. This method works! Thank you Sarah.”

– Becki and Glenn, parents to 18-month old Ellie. –

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“We approached Sarah as our 7 month old was waking frequently at night, reliant on feeding to sleep, and only doing short 45 minute naps. We knew something had to change – I was spending large parts of the day and night settling her to sleep and this was eating in to precious time with our children. We were exhausted and frustrated.

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Sarah listened to our situation, and provided a clear structured plan. She was always very approachable and quick to respond to updates and queries throughout the 2 weeks.
When we started working with her, our daughter seemed far off being able to settle herself to sleep. But through working with Sarah and putting our trust in her, our daughter does much longer naps, has much better nights, and settles herself to sleep, which is amazing. This has greatly improved the quality of life of our whole family! I thoroughly recommend her services to others.”

– Mum to 7 month old Florence –

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“I can honestly say letting Sarah help/guide us through what was such a difficult time with our sons sleep has changed our life, we have gone from being awake from anything between 4-5am to a grumpy toddler to 6-6:30am to a ​much happier boy and that’s all been down to the help/support and guidance we have received from Sarah for the 2 week period. We really didn’t know what to do and now we are so glad we used her service. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who’s child is struggling with sleep to give it a go it’s definitely worth while.”

– From the parents of a 20-month old boy. –

All I can say is Thank you! Sarah has been amazing and so supportive with our journey to better sleep with my daughter. From night one our lives changed for the better for her and for me. I cannot thank you enough for that, even at night 9 when our little girl came down with a bad case of tonsillitis, Sarah gave the best advice and continued to support us through what could have been a disastrous few nights.

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Sarah is very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions and took time to check in a respond to all of my emails.

Alice has gone from taking 2.5 hours to get to sleep of an evening and waking 3/4 times a night to now, taking 10 minutes and going off on her own which I never thought would happen and to not waking at all! We also took away Alice’s dummy which I thought would be impossible but we have managed it!
Naps are still hard for us but we are managing so many more naps in the cot than we ever have!

I cannot thank Sarah enough for spending the time to explain everything from the process children go through to sleep to how to continue through Illness and for checking in everyday to not only see how Alice is but how I am and how I was feeling through the process.

I am truly grateful. Thank you so much.

Kind regards

– Megan, Mum to Alice. –

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Sarah has been amazing in supporting and guiding us through this process. It has been nothing short of life changing as a family to now be able to have a smooth bed time routine and plenty of full nights’ sleep. We can’t recommend her enough.

– Mum to a 14 month old boy. –

“We can’t thank Sarah enough, she has helped our little family so much. Gone are the evenings we used to spend constantly picking up and putting down our baby in the cot. Sarah’s plan was clear to follow, her support throughout the process was brilliant, and most of all, she really cared. The results we have seen are amazing. We will be recommending her to our family and friends.”

– From the parents of a 7-month old girl –

My Wife and I have a little boy who is now approaching 19 months old and is a fantastic little boy, however he has never slept very well at night. This has always been a struggle for myself and my wife who has had to deal with up to 5/6 wake ups per night, and on better nights maybe only 2 wake ups! In addition to this, my wife was the only one who would be able to settle our little boy in the middle of the night, if I (Dad) tried to settle him then things would escalate and he would scream and get so worked up he would be sick. If I attempted to pick up my little boy when he woken in the night, he would try and climb me and point to the door to find mommy.

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At 18 month old, we had a particularly bad night where we myself and my wife hardly had a wink of sleep due to our little boys wake up every hour, it was then my wife reached out for help and found support in Sarah Stanley.

We worked with Sarah who originally gave us a free 15mins call to discuss our challenges and the impact it was having on us as a family, this is when Sarah informed us that this was something she could help us with. After agreeing to work with sarah we then scheduled a 1hour video call where we went through our sleep challenges and our night time routine, Sarah then discussed the plan with us in detail and answering any questions along the way.

Once we started the plan, my wife and I agreed that I would be the one to take the lead as this was an issue we needed to resolve, our little boy not letting dad settle him at night. I took the plan and followed it to the word, however we did have have a challenging first night but we were prepared for that due to the changes the our little boy would be having to adapt to. As the program progressed through the week, we turned a corner where our little boy let daddy attend his bedside to settle him when he woke. However as the following week approached, our little boy had a couple of nights where he woke once or twice at most, but then slipped in to a string of nights where he slept the entire night through. This was a major breakthrough for us. Since then we have had a few nights where we have had 1 wake up but more nights where he has slept through.

We have had 5 nights of regression from our little boy recently but after referring back to the plan and sticking to our routine, we have gone back in to nights with no wakes again which is fantastic.

We have so far with Sarah’s help and I cannot explain the positive impact it has on us as a family, it makes our little boy happier in the day as he does not wake up tired and not being tired parents makes the days much more enjoyable.

We cannot thank sarah enough for all her help and support, Sarah was extremely professional throughout the process and I can only wish we reached out for help earlier.

Thank you again Sarah,

– A much happier Lodge-Knowles household 🙂 –

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We honestly cannot Sarah enough for her help and support through this process – my goal when we first saw a friend share a post about Sarah becoming a sleep consultant was to get our little out of our bed and into the cot in our room – never did we think he would be sleeping in his own room and settling himself to sleep after only a few weeks. There’s definitely been some ups and downs but Sarah’s support through this time has been amazing. We still have a way to go but with all the tips and support stresses Sarah has taught we know we can overcome things. I would definitely say if you are having sleep issues with your little one and don’t know how to solve them then definitely get in touch with Sarah!

Thank you again for everything!!

– Mum to 21 month old boy. –

Me and Ryan are extremely grateful for your help and support! With Rueben (19 months old) who has never slept in his cot, we can not believe how well he has done throughout the programme despite catching a cold towards the end. He is so much happier in himself, eating 100x better and we don’t seem to have to carry him through the day because he is full of energy from a perfect night sleep.

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Your help has been incredible down to every detail in the routine we have for Rueben and I can not believe at the end of this we are able to put him in the cot and he goes to sleep independently without either of us there.

I’m still in shock! :). We love that he has a routine that actually makes him enjoy getting ready for bed and the smiles we get from him in the morning are just amazing. What once was a hectic night or rocking for hours and laying next to him to try and get him to sleep is now a as thing of the past and most of all Rueben is one happy boy! Thank you so much for your help. I didn’t believe we could do it, but we did! 🙂

– Mum to 19 month old boy –

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I cannot put into words how grateful I am for the support and guidance you have given me and my family over the past 14 days.

We were in a position where each night both myself and my partner and our 2.5 year old were only getting 2-3 hours of sleep. A 10pm bedtime and a 1am wake up… EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. It was a battle. And I lost every time.

Sleep deprivation was making life difficult and not enjoyable.

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I dreaded bedtime…. I thought I was doing everything I could to give my daughter the tools she needed to sleep well during the night. I would spend my lonely hours during the night with my daughter who wouldn’t sleep googling every possible parent sleeping tips and trying to get them to work, and feeling so deflated when they didn’t. And I say lonely, because I felt like I was the only parent who’s toddler didn’t sleep during the night – I know that isn’t true, but at the the time I did feel this way and I tried to accept I just wasn’t going to sleep for a long, long time.

Luckily, in a slightly sleepy conversation with my neighbour she mentioned you and tagged me in one of your facebook posts… and I am so SO glad she did, because you have changed my life.

You were kind and caring and took so much detail to make sure the plan for us and our daughter was perfect.

You said to us on our initial call before the plan started that towards the end of the course we will start to feel so much better… and that was so true and still is!!

I can’t stress how easy the course was and for anyone undecided about whether to do something like this – if you are having troubles with your little one during the night don’t delay it until you feel at the brink of despair like I did. I am now getting full nights sleep, and bedtime is actually a lovely, enjoyable time now.

You have to be 100% committed to the plan, but trust the process, it does work, it does get so much better. We have the odd wake up but it is quickly resolved with no stress at all – and I accept there will be nights like this as that is completely normal. My only regret is I didn’t find Sarah sooner.

– Mum to 2yrs 7 month old. –

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Our daughter has never been a great sleeper. For 8 months straight, she was up multiple times during the night, it got to the point where just to have a few hours I started to have her in the bed with me… which I know was leading to further bad habits.

It got to desperation point, I was going through a difficult period both mentally and emotionally. I had just returned back to work and decided it could not continue like this, for my own sanity. I rarely use fb now, but when I went on out of the blue, a friend shared Sarah’s post about offering sleep coaching. Her experience called out to me… she got it.

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We arranged a call… and both myself and my husband shared what we currently do with Mia during the day and at bedtime, what our hopes were and Sarah explained to us how it would work. She’d put a plan in place that we would follow to a T and with regular catch ups, she’d help us out a long the way.

It wasn’t easy… I felt quite overwhelmed by it all as I anticipated it being a tough road ahead and just didn’t know if I had it in me. But, we decided things had to change.

We extended the plan an extra week as with teething and illness, we had a bit of a blip but I have to say… Mia is now in her own room, sleeps without a dummy at night… and we are having a better nights sleep.

I have finished this course with a much better understanding of Mia’s sleep pattern. Sarah has given us the tools to work with and I do (dare I say it) feel so much better for it.

I’ve gotta admit, there were times I thought this isn’t working, and the scepticism kicked in… but Sarah is on hand to offer positive reassurance and remind you of all the progress you’ve made, it spurs you on to persevere…. And I’m so glad we did.

Thank you Sarah. Xx

– Mum to 13 month old girl. –

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I don’t know how I can put into words how amazing this is. I wish I’d have known about it sooner. Our 15 month old was waking anything from 8/9 times per night, some nights waking at 230/3am & staying up for hours on end. We would never in a million years think we would be able to put him to bed and leave the room without sitting there until he’s asleep and then creeping out.. & now we can!

Sarah’s plan has honestly changed our lives. Our whole family is happier, the feeling of dread coming up to bedtime is no longer & overall everything is much easier.

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All I have to say is TRUST THE PROCESS. When we had our consultation & a more in depth zoom meeting with Sarah, some of the things she had said we would have to do, did make me nervous, because I just didn’t think some of the strategies would work on him, but he surprised us from the very first night. He now sleeps 12 hours per night & goes to sleep on his own, self settles & naps are much easier now we have had guidance.

If you are hesitant, please do not be. you will not regret it. Its Magic!!

– Mum to 15 month old boy. –

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Having Sarah as our sleep consultant has literally been a life changing experience. Toby was waking every 1-2 hours overnight for the dummy and very difficult to get back to sleep after 5am, was still feeding 2-3 times a night, his day time naps were erratic and often short and overal we were really struggling.

I was very reluctant to even look into a ‘sleep trainer’ as I thought it was going to be something that just got better with time but 5 months later when Toby was 8 months old we were still in the same situation. Sarah’s gentle and gradual approach has made it totally acheivable.

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I also didn’t want to get rid of the dummy as was worried how he would react and she totally supported me in this decision. Toby is now either sleeping through the night or waking once and has great day time naps. Although we have had the odd blip such as an early morning wakes I also feel that I now have the tools to deal with it and feel that I can manage and continue to follow the plan to hopefully correct any issues that arise.

It seems crazy to reflect back to where we were a few weeks ago and the difference that few changes to his routine have made! Thank you Sarah! xx

– Mum to 8 month old boy. –

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We were struggling with settling our 7 month old at bedtime for months and getting her to stay asleep (without me nursing her!)… until we stumbled across Sarah. In the two weeks Sarah worked with our family we have been guided & supported in to the best sleep plan for us, as a family and ultimately Sarah has helped us to teach our little one to go to sleep on her own. We could not reccomend Sarah enough she has changed our approach to bedtime and ultimately given us our evenings back with a strategy going forward & we can’t thank her enough!

– Mum to a 7 month old little girl. –