Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

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Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

Hey! I’m Noran. I live in East London with my two little girls and husband.

My first did not sleep for 6 months. Our nights consisted of 7-9 wakes. Our days were 20 minute cat naps, a lot of crying and no clue what to do. I thought I’d tried everything, from books to many online programmes, yet it only kept getting worse. My anxiety was through the roof, I was exhausted and felt so guilty for not enjoying those early days more. My last resort was Baby Sleep The Night and until this day kick myself for not doing it sooner.

By night 3 of the plan my daughter slept through the whole night and I couldn’t believe it. In time, it was taking her moments to settle herself to sleep, naps fell into place, the constant crying stopped, I started to feel more like myself and I felt like I got my life back. This moment was when I truly began to enjoy motherhood.

Since then, I’ve only ever wanted to help other sleep deprived parents feel the same way as I did, which is why I certified as a Baby Sleep The Night Consultant. 

By creating a bespoke and gentle plan, I’ll support and help answer all of your child’s sleep concerns every step of the way. Your little one will be sleeping through in no time and just as I did you’ll wish you’d done it sooner!

I’d love to learn more about your challenges and tell you more about how I can help you over a FREE 15 minute consultation which you can book below.  

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Before I met Noran our daughters sleep really was awful, I mean REALLY awful.

We were co sleeping in my bed and she waking every 45mins-1hr. Me and my partner wouldn’t have any evening together because it was constantly spent running up and down stairs or trying to feed or settle her.

She would wake screaming and nothing would console her apart from breastfeeding which I really wanted to stop but couldnt see a way how.

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In the daytime Daisy was very agitated and she was awful to nap. I had to rock her for 30-45mins and then sometimes she only slept for 20mins.

Then I met Noran, She was very easy to chat to and we felt we could trust her with our issues. We have a son who is disabled and whom also wakes lots due to medical reasons and Noran was very understanding and empathetic to our situation.

She was very friendly but firm with the reasons why we needed to use certain techniques. But she always reassured us that she will only go with a plan that we were comfortable with. This made me feel really relaxed.

The regular check-ins via phone and email really helped us keep us on track. Nothing was too much trouble.

Fast forward 4 weeks and life couldn’t be any more different in our household..we have our evenings back and we are all getting a great night’s sleep. Daisy is so much happier in the daytime and a dream sleeper at night. She really is the opposite of her old self.

We have managed to transition from two naps and I have weaned her off breastfeeding.

We owe so much to Noran. She will never know how much it has really meant to us as a family. I honestly believed Daisy couldn’t be trained when I started the plan and now It feels like her bad sleep habits are a distant memory!

You really have changed our lives!

Thank you so so much

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– Emily, mum of 15 month year old Daisy –

After 11 months of breastfeeding and constant night wakes I was determined to set up a call with a sleep trainer. I met Noran by coincidence and was jumping on the opportunity. I can highly recommend Noran, she put a plan together that our son was adjusting to very quickly. We also gave him the chance, to sleep in his own room right from the beginning and I was really happy that Noran’s plan was a soft transitioning, where you can stay with the baby in the room at first.

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In two weeks we could achieve Monte sleeping in his own room, transitioning from two naps into one and he’s now sleeping trough the night from 7pm to 7 am in the morning, it’s pure heaven. Thank you Noran for your amazing guidance, reliability and sensitivity.

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– Dani, mum of 11 month year old Monte –

We are so happy we found Noran and worked with her on our baby’s sleep!

Our baby boy was waking up 5/6 times per night for months and it was really taking its toll on my husband and I. We wanted to make changes but didn’t really know where to begin, but after our consultation with Noran we felt so positive and ready to start the sleep program.

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The first night was difficult as to be expected but it was so great to have Noran at the end of the phone to answer questions and give us the confidence to carry on with the program, she was so supportive and helpful and always had time for our questions and it really felt like she was there to help whenever we needed. After just a couple of days our baby was sleeping so well, it was amazing!

It has been a month since we started working with Noran and our baby now sleeps for 12 hours a night, which I still find unbelievable as he used to wake up so regularly. He has also finally started to take long naps, between 1-2hours per nap which I thought he would never be able to do!

Working with Noran has truly changed our lives for the better and I would highly recommend her to any parent looking to improve their baby’s sleep.

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– Becky, mum of 5 month year old Jude –