Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

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Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

I’m a firm believer in ‘a house that sleeps is a house that smiles’!

I know what it’s like struggling to get your little one to sleep, trying all sorts of techniques, methods and products to help them settle and after all your efforts they wake up soon after.

Naps can be hit and miss, that’s if they even happen some days.

Not to mention if you are up multiple times overnight to help your child resettle. It can all amount to be one exhausting situation for everyone involved.

I can assure you it doesn’t have to be this way.

It is never too early or late to make positive changes to your sleep situation, it was the best thing I ever did and I never looked back, my only regret is I wish I did it sooner!

I personally love my sleep; I can’t function without it, so it was a shock when my daughter didn’t sleep for any length of time.

As a New-born she mainly slept on our chests, day and overnight! We took turns during the night to sit up in bed with her sleeping on our chests! We barely slept and the fatigue we experienced had an immensely negative impact on our family.

She was diagnosed with Reflux and after medication we were told sleep would ’get better’ but it never did.  By 9 months bedtime meant lying beside her until she fell asleep for hours, gently transferring her to the cot hoping she would stay asleep. If she woke mid transfer, we had to repeat the process over again meaning bedtime was always unpredictable. I read books, spoke to Doctor’s, family, friends but any advice I received didn’t help and she never ‘grew out of it’.

After struggling for 18 months I hit breaking point. I was exhausted, my relationship with my husband became strained as our evenings were spent trying to get our daughter to sleep. I desperately searched the internet and all the things I tried failed.  I decided to get help from a professional sleep expert.

With some straightforward changes my daughter slept 12 hours overnight and napped in her cot. I never thought it would work as I was sure she was unfixable, and I had a child that just didn’t sleep…how wrong I was!

She learnt to be an independent sleeper, a skill for life and it transformed my life!

I write articles for Ireland’s leading parenting magazine, Easy Parenting, as a member of their panel of experts. I love being a regular speaker at pre and post-natal courses and workshops. I aim to provide invaluable information and sleep advice to parents by hosting sleep clinics at venues, events and on my social media platforms.

I am available weekends and evenings. Please scroll down to view the packages I offer as well as some real-life family transformations from many of my past happy clients.

Consultations can be face to face (within Hertfordshire – further distances can be accommodated – please call for details). With the wizardry of modern technology our consultations can be video/phone calls so I can help families worldwide.
Please contact me for your free 15 minute consultation to find out how I can help you.

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‘Working with Maria has literally changed our lives. My baby was only sleeping for an hour and a half at a time on a bad night and three hours on a good night. She would cry out for milk or her dummy and I never had a decent night’s sleep. Since working with Maria she has guided us and supported us to make small adjustments that have worked wonders! My baby is now in her own room and only wakes once during the night.

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When she wakes she doesn’t cry or call out and re-settles herself back to sleep independently when she’s ready. She is in her bed for 12 hours and we all now feel amazing! Would highly recommend Maria if anyone else is struggling with their baby sleeping through the night or their baby not being able to fall asleep independently’

Thank you again for all your help,

She is still sleeping ‘like a baby’

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– Danny, Serina and Baby Darcey (6 months old) –

My friend told me about her experience with Maria so I decided to give her methods a try.

After a very kind, positive and non-judgemental call and forming a plan we got to work.

Within 7 days we went from my 3 year old having a bottle at bedtime, almost an hour or procrastination and then after that me lying in his bed until he went to sleep to me being out of the room, bedtime complete in about 40mins in total !!!

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Very few tears from my little one, abs only out of annoyance that he wasn’t getting his way. A month on and still going well!

Thank you so much, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend- in fact a friend is already half way through her sleep training with Maria with a 3 year old and 9 month old!

We must pass on the secret of easier bedtimes and an evening back!!

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– Josie & Harrison (3 years & 6 month old) –

Prior to Maria’s help we had a 9month old baby that took on average an hour and a half to get to sleep at night with lots of tears and woke frequently throughout the night upset.

He would only go to slept whilst feeding on the breast and putting him down into the cot would often result in him waking back up again. In addition to this he would only sleep during the day being rocked in his buggy and these naps were rather too short.

We were all shattered and we dreaded every nap and every bedtime and didn’t know what to do!

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I reached out to Maria (blubbered down the phone!) and felt very supported and listened to from the offset. By day 2 of the personalised sleep plan our baby was settling in his cot during the day and falling asleep without needing to be held and fed at night, I couldn’t believe it!

We now have a happier baby that settles easily at night in his cot by himself after his bath and story and sleeps right through the night. I cannot thank Maria enough for her support it really has been life changing for us.

I would recommend Maria to anyone who is struggling and wouldn’t hesitate to contact Maria again should we have any problems later down the line.

From now well rested parents to a happy 9 month old boy.

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Our little boy, Oliver was 9 months old when he started to have trouble sleeping. When he was 14 months old he had surgery to remove his adenoids as we had discovered the reason for his multiple night wakes was due to sleep apnoea. However, a couple of months on he was still waking multiple times and his naps were unpredictable too. It was clear he had some really bad sleep habits.

After mentioning this to a friend she recommended I contact Maria. In all honesty, I thought things would get better, so I left it a few more weeks… it got worse! I remember emailing Maria in the middle of the night, desperate for help. At the time our little boy‘s childminder had to self isolate, so my husband and I were both trying to work and cover childcare on very, very little sleep.

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We were averaging about 4 hours a night with Oliver screaming between time and us trying everything from milk, to dummy, to rocking and even sitting watching TV with him until he nodded off. This was mentally and physically exhausting and was starting to put massive strain on us as a family and as a couple. I lost count of the number of times we just sat in tears feeling helpless – like we were the worst parents to our now 16 month old. The more sleepless nights, the more we worried about our little ones development, mood swings and health too.

Maria was such a breath of fresh air. She was calming, very reassuring and gave us a clear plan of action. She responded promptly to any questions we had and tailored a step by step guide to help us teach our little one to settle, sleep and self-sooth. The thought of better sleep for our little one, better sleep for all of us seemed impossible – but, sure enough, within 10 nights our little boy was sleeping through 7pm to 7am and napping for a couple of hours too… no milk, no rocking, no dummy.

And, when Oliver returned to the childminder she was able to replicate his new routine in her setting (after two days he was asleep within 2 minutes!). I cannot begin to express the difference this has made to our family and to our little boy. He is much calmer, content and happy. I have already recommended Maria’s services to a few friends & wouldn’t hesitate to pass her details on to anyone else with a child that has sleeping difficulties.

Hand on heart, this really does work! Thank you Maria, our little boy is so well rested and we are now one very happy home.

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– Wendy, mum to Oliver (16 months old) –

I highly recommend Maria fantastic sleep Nanny and she gave me the support I needed to focus on helping my child learn how to self-soothe and get her better at sleeping through the night.

As a family it has also helped us massively as we were getting very little broken sleep and it was a miserable unhappy home. To be able to say I also got rid of a dummy and a bottle (which my child was addicted to) before she was the age of two is just amazing.

I can’t thank Maria enough for her time patience and belief in me and the support I received from her within the 10 days.

– Charlotte & Isla (22 months old) –

Thank you so much Maria! You don’t know how much this has changed our family life for the better.

I don’t know how I was functioning on the little sleep I was having over the 17 months. Bea was waking up at least four times a night and feeding on me. I was physically and mentally drained going to work and looking after Beatrice 17 months and Millie 5 years old.

We are eternally grateful to Maria and I can’t believe the difference in Beatrice now. We would highly recommend Maria and I loved how it was such a gentle approach which worked amazingly.

– The Baker family 17 months old –

Once the bedtime routine was finished Bertie relied on a parent to fall to sleep every night. He relied on Mum to feed him to sleep or Dad to lay with him to asleep.

When he woke in the night, which he did multiple times, he needed Mum to feed him back to sleep on these night wakes or Dad to lay/cuddle with him. A typical night would be he wakes once and cries for mummy, mummy goes to him, lays with him and breastfeeds until asleep again.

Wakes a second time, Mummy goes to him, breastfeeds to sleep otherwise the crying wakes his older brother.

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He would also be really wakeful and restless from 2am-5am.

Mummy would stay with him but risked reawakening him on exit causing her to get stuck and having to repeat the full process again until he drifted back off to sleep again.

The entire household is affected by Bertie’s poor sleep. His older brother in particular didn’t cope well with the stress that permeates the household as a result of us all being utterly exhausted all the time.

I helped parents introduce a new bedtime routine to help and support Bertie be independent on his journey to sleep. We introduced a kids sleep training clock and put some boundaries into bedtime with a reward system and the results are outstanding.

Bertie now goes to sleep independently at the beginning of the night, when he wakes up overnight he is able to self settle himself back to sleep. He no longer needs help from parents to go to sleep and he has learnt to self soothe. He looks forward to waking up in the mornings and running into Mummy & Daddy’s bedroom to tell them it’s wake up time.

Parents say ‘We want to thank you SO very much for all your help. Bertie is a changed boy and, although we know we’ll have some setbacks along the way, we have confidence with the plan and cannot believe how much it has changed our lives for the better.

Even though he has a stinking cold at the moment, last night he slept all night despite being bunged up and coughing. He went to bed without ANY fuss whatsoever tonight and is such a happy little boy.

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– Laura, Ross & Bertie (2 years and 8 months old) –

Maria has changed my life!!

I was so indecisive of whether to do this plan as I suffer with such bad anxiety but I just couldn’t take any more of being woken up every hour for either a dummy or rocking back to sleep! This was also coming between mine and my husband’s relationship and I just felt I was so tired and miserable all the time.

I saw results from night 1 even though that was the hardest night and every night my baby slept longer and longer.

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Once Maria had explained the plan I thought to myself how is this going to work and I couldn’t believe on the first night he went to sleep no rocking shushing or dummy and was put down wide awake!

Maria made me feel so comfortable and confident to try new things and I was sad to see my plan come to an end as I felt a close bond putting my baby’s life in her hands and getting such good results!

For anyone thinking twice about doing this plan or for people that don’t like change please put your trust in Maria and I promise you it will be the best thing you have ever done!

I thought to myself I either have 10 days of change and see results or carry on being tired and miserable and it was the best decision I had ever made!

I wish I had reached out sooner I am truly blown away!

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– Lucy & Hadleigh (6 months old) –

My 7 month old Abby was co-sleeping with me and I’d had enough given she would not nap for more than 45 minutes and it took at least 20mins to get her to sleep before I could sneak away.

I just couldn’t get anything done or have any free time. At night she would wake several times. I needed help to get her to go down in the cot independently and sleep better for the sake of the whole family, and with a house move pending it was more important than ever.

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Maria was so helpful and understanding. She quickly formulated a clear and constructive sleep plan for Abby and supported me along the way despite my apprehension to leave Abby.

She was a tough cookie to crack but we got there by the end of the support plan and she goes off to sleep in her cot independently and goes through to morning.

I’m super grateful to Maria and all her support. If you’re thinking of booking just do it…sleep is priceless!!

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– Clare & Abby (7 months old) –

We can’t thank Maria enough for all her help and advice throughout the two weeks we were with her. She has completely changed our lives for the better and she made the whole process seem so easy with her calming voice and encouragement throughout.

Before we got in touch with Maria our daughter needed a bottle or dummy to fall asleep. The majority of the time she woke we would need us to replace the dummy to get her back to sleep which left us constantly on guard as to when she would next wake, you could never fully relax. We decided when she turned 5 months to put her in her own room and at the same time get rid of the dummy.

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Maria’s bespoke and comprehensive sleep plan was amazing, and after feeling nervous the first night she reassured us and after that night our daughter was sleeping throughout the night and self-settling without her dummy. Her naps also became soo much longer in length and she went to sleep within 5-10 minutes! It has been a dream come true for us!

I can’t recommend Maria enough to anyone who needs some support with their little ones sleep. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be to make the change.

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– Georgina & Everleigh (5 months old) –

This was the second time that we used Maria and once again we now have a solid night’s sleep.

When my 2nd son arrived, I had not had more than 4 hours solid sleep (and even that was rare) since he was born.

He usually went to bed fine, with a dummy, but woke frequently looking for the dummy or milk and wakes could be anything from 2-8 times a night.

After working with Maria on a sleep plan, by night 3 my son developed his self-settling skills, we got rid of the dummy and feeds and I could finally use that ‘I slept all night’ card!

– Gabby & Finley (6 months old) –

We have just entered our 2nd week off sleep training with Maria. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done.

My little one needed me to lie with him going to sleep all the time. He got up to play in his room multiple times a night refusing to go back to bed and ended up in my bed with nobody sleeping.

He now stays in his bed and sleeps through and now I have my evenings back!

You have completely changed my life.

Highly highly recommended

– Aimee & Tyler (2 years & 10 months old) –

For the last 4.5 months, I had been breastfeeding Zavier to sleep, which meant I sat in a dark room from 6:30pm. He would feed/suck for comfort for hours, after which I would be exhausted and fall asleep by 8:30pm, only to be woken a maximum of 2 hours later before the feeding to sleep cycle would start again.

The four month regression compounded things, with 45 minutely wake-ups. It was relentless. My husband and I could not spend time together and he moved to the loft to be able to work the next day due to the frequent night wakes. It was isolating and depressing and so we decided to reach out to Maria.

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My husband was a little sceptical that by two weeks he would be able to sleep, but I was desperate and optimistic. Night one of sleep training was like magic. After a short period of crying, he slept in his crib without a dummy for a 7 hour stretch, woke for a feed and then settled back to sleep again post feed before waking up again around 6am. It was nothing short of a miracle, we kept checking he was ok!

It’s now over two weeks later and he has amazing nights sleep. His naps have improved dramatically in the last week from a mere 20 minutes to a 2 hour stretch. We could not be happier and I finally have some time to catch up on other things and precious time with my husband.

We are so grateful for Maria’s help and it truly has been life changing for us.

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– Vita Aldo & Zavier (5 months old) –

Wow wow wow, where do I start, Maria changed our lives! I’m still in shock my baby sleeps and my husband who initially was a bit sceptical is now fully behind the process.

I come to Maria when my little girl was 4 months old, I already have a little boy who’s 3.5 years old and my husband is self-employed so works long hours and can work lots of days, my little girl was having nights where she woke every hour and my little boy started waking too.

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I was absolutely shattered and completely exhausted and didn’t know what to do. I’d heard of Maria through a friend and booked a 15 min consultation as soon as I spoke to Maria I felt instantly relieved…. someone understood and someone was going to help me, her approach sounded positive and I felt really comfortable.

We went with the tailored plan and support for 2 weeks and it changed my life, by the day 2 my daughter was self-settling and didn’t have a dummy, by day 3 she had slept through…. I was in shock.

I followed Maria’s plan to a T and we just had amazing results! It was a pleasure to work with Maria and everything she said happened! My baby girl is so much happier and well rested and we love every moment now. We still have a little way to go with our son as I think his is a phase but the tips that Maria gave us helped loads and it’s all in a positive direction. I cannot thank Maria enough for helping us and would recommend her to anyone struggling with sleep with their little ones she’s a miracle worker!

I’m sure over the next few months and years we will face changes in sleep in our little ones and I wouldn’t think twice to get back in contact with Maria for advice.

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– Holly & Margot (4 months old) –

Cannot recommend Maria enough! Not only did she improve all of our sleep, she equipped us with new skills as parents and gave us the tools we needed to create a routine that worked for our family.

We did have a bedtime routine, but it was always a bit hit and miss and we weren’t really consistent with it. After that my little one was either rocked or fed to sleep and then carefully transferred into his cot; which normally ended up with him waking up and us starting the process again. At its worst, this could take over an hour before he was properly asleep.

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He was also very reliant on his dummy; I was up at least every hour during the night putting it back in for him. I had tried going cold turkey, but it always ended in tears and no sleep for us both.

We also didn’t have much structure to our day, so naps were a bit all over the place and he rarely made it past one sleep cycle resulting in lots of short naps.

With the incredible support of Maria, he now has a consistent, structured bedtime routine in place; he goes into his cot wide awake and drifts off to sleep with no more dummy! When he wakes in the night, he also settles independently so I’m no longer up and down like a yo-yo – #winning!

We also have structure to our day now which has helped him have better longer naps but for us as parents it has given us what money can’t buy… time! I now have time in the morning to actually make and drink a hot coffee and then more ‘me-time’ in the afternoon.

As first time parents you often feel overwhelmed with all the sleep do’s and don’ts out there but honestly reaching out to Maria was the best thing we did – the plan was simple and achievable, she made us feel comfortable in raising any concerns, was SO helpful and you can tell she generally cares about your little one and wants the best for your family’s sleep needs.

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– Kelsey & Jasper (5 months old) –

Our family is sleeping again!!

Maria has been so supportive and amazing throughout our two week programme. Honestly can’t recommend her highly enough and express how grateful we are to her.

It’s honestly the best investment we have ever made. Before, my 11 month old was relying on nursing to sleep, would resist naps, hated her cot and would wake every sleep cycle during the night and need to be fed to go back down.

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I was completely exhausted and had no idea how to change the situation! Maria gave us very clear steps and a bespoke plan and supported us through it all and it’s been completely life changing for our family.

She now takes 2 proper naps and sleeps through the night and is much happier now she is not overtired.

I can’t recommend Maria highly enough if you’re having sleep struggles.

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– Suzi & Evie (11 months old) –

We can’t thank Maria enough for giving us our sleep back and teaching our little boy how to self-settle. I was given Maria’s details from a friend who told me how great she was and she couldn’t have been more right.

Francis was waking multiple times throughout the night, needing his dummy to go back to sleep and the worst was his 5am wake ups every day. Everyone in our household was exhausted!

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I had never used a sleep trainer before and I was a bit apprehensive but Maria really listened from the beginning and was very supportive throughout the whole process. The sleep plan was very gentle and loving. After a few days, Francis had stopped waking in the night and no more dummy. Maria was able to change the sleep plan to suit him and he starting sleeping later and later. Sometimes, I can’t believe he now sleeps from 7-7 and I wake up before him!

Thank you so much Maria, you have transformed our lives and we will be forever grateful.

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– Lucy, Jonny & Francis (17 months old) –

My little boy had never been a great sleeper but at the age of one and still feeding in the night, needing motion to fall asleep and then waking up at 4am to start the day, I knew something had to change.

After an initial consultation, Maria carefully put a plan together for us. It allowed us to support him to sleep at the start of the night and support him back to sleep during the night.

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We adjusted his naps and followed her plan careful. Even with a 24 hour temperature 5 days into the plan, he was sleeping through by day 7.

It has absolutely changed our lives. Maria gave us the confidence we needed to stop feeding during the night and help him self settle.

I honestly couldn’t recommend her any more.

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– Kayleigh & George (12 months old) –

We approached Maria for help with our daughters sleeping when she was 16 weeks old. She had generally been a good sleeper until this point but started waking during the night hourly between 1.30am and 4.30am, with her wake up time moving from 6.30am to 5am or earlier. During this time she also needed to be settled back to sleep by constantly replacing her dummy and with my hand on her tummy. It quickly became that we were having less and less sleep and she needed more from us to settle. Her naps were also very irregular, sometimes sleeping for 1.5 hours, sometimes 25 minutes.

A friend recommended Maria and I can honestly say we are so glad that we took the decision to complete her one to one sleep solutions package.

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Maria was really personable and friendly but always professional. We felt supported through the whole experience as Maria was always quick to respond to queries and to pick up on small details where she could offer advice and guidance. At first I was sceptical about how successful the programme would be and as a first time Mum, I felt guilty about ‘putting my baby through a sleep regime’. It turned out I was very wrong. There was no ‘putting my baby through anything’. She adapted really quickly to the strategies that Maria set out and I realised that by doing this with her, I was equipping her with a skill for life. Within days, she was settling within 3-4 minutes of being in her cot, sleeping for 1.5 often 2 hours per nap and sleeping from 7pm to 6am (we then leave her to dose back off until 7am). By doing this, our baby also seems much happier between her nap times…full of giggles and wanting to play. It is one of the best decisions we made for our baby and us and I would highly recommend.

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– Claire & Gracie (4 months old) –

I can honestly say working with Maria @ Baby Sleep the Night has changed my life. Before talking to Maria we were so unsure of what way to turn. We had tried everything but were never consistent and would quickly change as soon as we thought it hadn’t worked.

Working with Maria gave us the confidence to follow her structured but simple guide and the results spoke for themselves. Night 1 was extremely tough but we stuck to the plan and night 2 we saw results.

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Our baby was 5 months old and waking between 6-8 times a night with 2 feeds, by night 2 he was only feeding once and by night 3 we had dropped the feed. 23 days later he sleeps through and we have already dropped the third nap!

We could never have done this without Maria and we would highly recommend her!

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– Emily & Hunter (5 months old) –

Since working with Maria my life with my partner and daughter has changed so much.

I came to Maria after seeing positive reviews on social media and the fact that we were all very much in need of help as my little girl who at the time was 21 weeks needed to be in routine and help with her short naps and bedtime, and not to mention very tired parents. I was not a fan of cry it out so I was very worried about what was needed to help our little girl.

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After speaking to Maria she reassured us both that she would work closely with us and she cared. After working with Maria for 17 days we now have a happy little girl her naps have hugely improved I now enjoy bedtime and she can now get herself to sleep all by herself.

Maria was only ever a phone call away and my questions I had she responded within the day. Not only do we have a happy house and baby but Maria has help build my confidence too, I am very grateful for the help and advice and I would not hesitate recommending Maria to any parent.

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– Joanne, Rhys & Poppy (5 months old) –

I wanted to say thank you so so much for your support over the last 2 weeks. The changes we’ve made in just a short amount of time have been amazing.

I never would of thought that Jacob would be sleeping in his own bed, without a dummy or the comfort of holding my hand to get himself to sleep, and settling himself if he woke up in the night, he has adapted to the plan so well and so quickly, I really am proud of him. I’ve also amazed myself for sticking with it too.

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I now actually get to sleep in my own bed and get a proper night sleep and that is all thanks to you.

The help, support and reassurance you have given us has been great and I can’t thank you enough.

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– Kelly & Jacob (3.5 years old) –

Before we started a sleep programme with Maria, our son would only sleep on me or my husband, and required multiple sleep props. We were unable to get any time to ourselves and his naps were often short and he would wake grumpy and still tired.

Maria was an incredible support and guided us through every step of the programme. The first few days weren’t easy, and they require hard work and consistency, but it works!

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Within just two weeks, he now naps and sleeps in his own room without any of the sleep props he used to need, and we have time and space to ourselves again.

We would highly recommend Maria!

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– Helen & Sebastian (3 months old) –

Maria Murphy from Baby Sleep the Night genuinely revolutionised our family’s sleep!

As a sleep consultant Maria was amazing, thoughtful, understanding and on hand to help when we needed support.

In less than two weeks, our ten month old went from waking multiple times a night to sleeping a full twelve hours, with good naps throughout the day too.

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The help we received was worth every penny, and we couldn’t recommend Maria highly enough. It is no understatement to say she saved two rather broken, sleep deprived parents!

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– Ches, Ed & Milo (10 months old) –

Maria made us feel totally at ease, she didn’t judge our bad sleep habits and tailored everything to meet our baby’s needs over everything.

It has been the most life changing and positive part of being in lockdown for us.

We never thought we would sleep again and within 2 nights we already saw changes.

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Our 14 month old had gone from two 30minute naps and waking every 3 hours at night to having 2 hour nap and sleeping 6:30pm- 7am.

Maria saved us from a whole world of problems and we are beyond grateful.

We cannot thank you enough Maria… you’ve changed our lives!!

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– The Brown family (14 months old) –

My son is my second child and I knew I wanted to get the sleeping right as soon as possible so I could get him down efficiently in the day (whilst trying to look after my toddler from another room!) and get some sleep in the night. Maria visited us on day 4 and went through the new born baby plan.

Maria was a pleasure to have in our home and explained things really clearly. We didn’t feel ready to start straight away but Maria supported our decision and we were well prepared by her when we did a couple of weeks later.

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Our son was soon able to self settle and by 12 weeks he was able to sleep through the whole night (until the teething kicked in!)

Maria is very personable and easy to deal with both over the phone and email. If you are looking for a sleep therapist for your baby or child I’d highly recommend her.

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– Tippy & Hanson (Newborn) –

Our 16 month old co slept as well as fed on demand all through the night every night.

On night 9 of the plan she slept through the night in her own cot. We couldn’t believe it!

Thanks to Maria since working with her things have improved massively for our family. We have all started to get a good night’s sleep and I have a bit of time to myself in the evenings.

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We can’t believe the improvement and I’d definitely recommend Maria!

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– Jo & Bethan (16 months) –

As first time parents we were initially following a routine from an expert book which clearly wasn’t working for us. No baby is the same! We were rocking, singing, patting and using the dummy to settle Georgia to sleep. We would be on edge waiting for her to wake to try to settle her for longer naps. Enough was enough and Georgia was waking earlier and earlier, so we decided to ask Maria for help as she had previously helped a family member with their little one.

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Maria was very accommodating and with Georgia being born premature, Maria knew what things we should be trying at first to help Georgia into a good sleep routine based on her “brain age”.

From night 1 Georgia was put down to bed at 7pm and waking at 7am with 1 night feed. The night feed lasting 20/30 minutes. This has continued and if she does wake in the night we do not have to go into her, she happily settles herself back to sleep until we go into her at 7am.

Day time naps were a little bit more challenging but Maria was there to support and reassure us that everything what was happening was normal and it just takes time. Don’t give up! We now have a brilliant daytime napper and overnight sleeper which makes our little girl so happy when she is awake.

We cannot thank Maria enough for all her help.

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– Jess, Ashley & Georgia (4 months) –

We want to thank Maria for all her help and support though our two week plan.

Our 18 month old had never slept through the night but within this short period we have silent nights and story time.

No question was left unanswered and we felt like we always had the help and support we needed.

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We will be returning with the next one eventually 🙂 thank you!!!! Xx

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– Ashley & Dorothy (18 months old) –

We have been very impressed with the results of working with Maria who advised and supported us through training our 18month old daughter to sleep through the night.

Since birth our daughter has struggled to sleep through the night, often waking up intervals and on some occasions for hours on end.

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Myself and my wife were exhausted on a regular basis which affected our everyday lives. We were recommended to work with Maria and the results have been amazing. Ivy now consistently sleeps through the night, often for 12 hours. We now have far more energy and Ivy seems to be a much happier baby for having a full night’s sleep.

Thank you Maria and we will definitely recommend you to others.

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– Andrew & Ivy (18 months old) –

“Maria has been a life saver!

Before we were introduced, our 5 month old was a terrible sleeper. We were rocking him to sleep for all of his naps and feeding to sleep at night time and during the night at wakings.

Our baby would typically wake every 2-3 hours during the night which meant that we were getting around 3-4 hours total of broken sleep each night.

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Maria’s support and guidance changed our lives and quickly! From night two our baby slept through the night from 7pm-7am. We now have a great little sleeper who can self soothe himself for all of his naps and night time sleep and is so much happier for it.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Maria to other parents struggling with sleep!”

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– Lucy & Leo (5 months old) –

I came to Maria Murphy when she ran a sleep clinic at the Laura trott leisure centre in Cheshunt. The timing was so perfect for us as we had a 4 month old beautiful baby who we had been holding & rocking to sleep who was sleeping in our bed which wasn’t working for us as a family.

We had ended up with these habits as we were new parents trying to learn & we struggled to hear our baby crying & didn’t know how to let himself settle & sleep on his own.

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This resulted in us taking turns holding him in his nursery (having no evening at all) using milk to get him to sleep , me sleeping with a hand on him thinking he needed help (which was quite the opposite) & him only napping in the daytime dressed in a penguin Pram suit! My husband had been relegated to the sofa & we felt we were living separate lives.

Needless to say meeting Maria was just what we needed! I was immediately drawn to Maria because she’d had a similar experience to me, was a mum & shared her positive results having been through the sleep program herself. I instantly asked if she did 1:1 consultancy & was delighted when she says yes, lived locally & came to our house. This added a real personal touch for me & her price for the package was extremely reasonable. In fact I would say it’s one of the best things I’ve ever spent money on because how can you put a price tag on your baby’s wellbeing, your marriage & your quality of life!

Our son is a beautiful boy but was often teary & irritable which I now know was just tiredness! Nobody tells you how much sleep a baby needs for their age when they’re born! Nobody explains about naps & bedtimes or the fact babies know how to self-settle if they are given the opportunity & space to do so.

Maria’s sleep training is done gently, lovingly & with clear evidence which speaks for itself. Our son was in his crib from day one & just continued to improve daily from there! Maria always had patience, time, perseverance & good tips to help us through. She went over & above to help us & had been the missing piece in the puzzle we were searching for.

I’ll be eternally grateful to Maria for coming into our lives & will definitely be using her again for tips on transitioning our son into his own room & if a second baby were to arrive.

I highly recommend Maria Murphy to you. She has changed our lives & most importantly, helped us give our son the gift of independent sleeping, being able to settle himself & being an extremely contented happy little boy now he is well rested!

Thank you Maria- we will all be forever grateful to you!! Xxx

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– Emma & Samuel (4 months old) –

I highly recommend Maria; she has been a life saver to my family.

My little one is 8 months old and never slept through the night. I had used a sleep expert before Maria and it didn’t work. I found that Maria really does cater for your baby’s needs. She makes adjustments to the sleep plan as we progressed and when it is needed.

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Her techniques were not stressful like the previous sleep expert’s plan I used and she was very calming and stress free.

I can’t thank Maria enough for being patient with me when some nights I couldn’t stick to the plan or I did it wrong!

My little one is now sleeping through the night all thanks for Maria from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much xxx

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– Nicola & Violet (8 months old) –

In no small exaggeration, Maria has literally changed our lives!

Things were just not fitting into place with child number two in terms of sleep. We had become very good at finding excuses (sleep regression, teeth, change of routine etc.) but after 9 months of interrupted sleep we needed help.

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Maria listened to our needs and designed a plan to fit around our family life. Importantly, we never felt judged but were always supported. Change can be scary but it really did feel as if Maria was there every step of the way and we were astounded at the speed of results.

The plan and guidance from you has been excellent and the transformation has been amazing, it’s almost an odd feeling now!

I would not hesitate to recommend Maria and only wished we had approached her sooner! A house that sleeps is a house that smiles.

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– Dave, Kate & Reuben (9 months old) –

“My husband and I were at our wits end. Our 13 month old son had not slept well since birth and we were used to regular night wakes – often up to 5 times a night, and having to spend 45 mins to an hour to get him back to sleep.

We both work full time and the lack of sleep was starting to affect both our home life and our ability to function at work. We were apprehensive about sleep training initially, but we really needed some help.

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Maria was so kind, gentle and patient with us and listened to all our worries, concerns and problems. Her methods were very gentle and we never left our son’s side until he was ready. Now we just put him in his cot wide awake, say “sleepy time”, walk out the door and he falls straight to sleep happily all by himself – he then stays asleep for 11 to 12 hours and we don’t need to go into him at all!

If he does occasionally wake up then he soothes himself back to sleep. It truly has changed our lives and has made us so much happier as a family. Our son is also so much happier in himself and is no longer overtired.

We would highly recommend Maria and thank her for all her help and support”

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– Fiona, Jeff & William (13 months old) –

I can’t thank Maria enough for all her help, support and knowledge. It’s been the best experience we’ve had and would highly recommend friends and other parents to seek her help.

My little girl who is 8 months old woke up multiple times at night. At each wake she would only go back to sleep with a feed or sometimes that wasn’t enough and she ended up sleeping in my bed in arms. I wasn’t getting any sleep and was exhausted as I had another young child to look after too. Not only that the awkward position I needed to be in to hold her was painful causing a physical effect on my body.

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Working with Maria has been life changing for us. I felt totally out of control and exhausted from no sleep. I know have my confidence back again and Edie now sleeps in her own bed all night long.

It’s been amazing how quickly she got into her new routine. After her new bedtime routine she goes into her cot wide awake and self-settles herself to sleep independently. If she wakes in the night she goes back to sleep all by herself. I no longer have to feed her to sleep numerous times overnight and we are both happily in our own beds!

We couldn’t have done it without Maria’s help and clear, calm nature. I felt confident in following her instructions.

Bedtime has become a joy again for us as a family.

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– Michelle & Edie (8 months old) –

I would highly recommend Maria’s support and guidance for all parents. With her calm and clear nature she has helped change our lives from sleepless nights to a very content happy baby that’s now sleeping through the night in her own cot.

I can’t thank you enough. It’s been the best thing we could ever have done and given us the confidence to continue this new routine in the future.

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Thank you for all your extra time and knowledge you’ve shared too. Xx

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– Michelle & Edie (8 months old) –

Our little girl was 6.5 months old; she was only sleeping for 3 hours approx. 9pm-12a at night, then waking every hour. I was at the end of my tether; I was feeling exhausted and poorly. A friend recommended ‘Baby Sleep the Night’ and my Husband and I decided we had nothing to lose and we were put in touch with Maria.

We are so glad we did. Maria was very friendly and knowledgeable and we quickly started putting into place the bespoke sleep plan she designed for us. My Husband took control the first night as I was feeling so poorly, I was sent to bed for the first time on my own!

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I was ordered to sleep for 8 hours and that Hubby would stay with baby and follow the plan. Hubby said he would bring her to me if they were struggling. The next morning, I was shocked to learn she had almost slept through the night!!

She woke once, grumbled for a short time and self-settled herself independently back to back to sleep! This was amazing; she was usually breastfed back to sleep many times throughout the night!

Since that night her night time sleep aswell as her day time naps have been great, we have had the odd blip which Maria talked us through, giving us tips and advice for when we couldn’t stick to the plan or baby was teething and unsettled.

I have to say it has been life changing! Our little girl is so much happier and rested, and so are we! Thank you Maria!

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– Teresa & Margot (7 months old) –

Before enlisting the help of Maria, I was getting up 4 or 5 times a night for my son who was 1 year old. I had fallen into bad habits by feeding him to sleep.

Sleep (or lack of it!) had taken over our lives and I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to cope with going back to work feeling exhausted.

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I couldn’t imagine anything working but a friend had recently used Maria and so I thought I’d give her a call.

We got our lives back on night 2 of the plan! If only I’d known about her sooner!

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– Davinia & Ashton, (12 months old) –

‘Our almost two year old was waking multiple times in the night and screaming for hours on end, there was no pattern to it and we were never sure if he was going to have a good night or a terrible one.

My husband and I were exhausted and grumpy – we expected this of a new-born baby but not of a toddler. His older brother had slept through (apart from illness) since about 8 months so we had no experience of this and we just kept expecting him to ‘grow out of it’.

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I contacted Maria after another miserable night and she agreed to take on our case. She came up with a 10 night plan for us – she made some changes my son needed (of which I was very sceptical about) and various other things but now he is sleeping 7pm-7am every night!

I now find joy in him again and we can have fun in the daytime instead of being tired and miserable.

If you are in doubt about employing a sleep consultant – then don’t be – it was one of the best decisions we have made since being parents.

Thanks again Maria for returning my sanity! ‘

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– Nicola & Ted, (22 months old) –

Enlisting a sleep consultant is daunting. It’s a lot of money to pay someone you’re putting a lot of trust in and an important decision to make while you’re sleep deprived.

Other people we contacted either didn’t reply, were too expensive or seemed to use the same inflexible programme rather than actually listen to what we needed and adapt accordingly.

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Maria is not like this. She was wonderful. She listened to our exact issues and tailored a programme that suited our daughter and also us. She was supportive, had answers for all our questions and was very understanding.

Our 1 year old daughter had never fallen asleep without being held, rocked or fed to sleep, and had never slept more than 3 hours straight. I never would have imagined that in less than 2 weeks, she would be sleeping 12 hours a night with 2 hour naps, all with no intervention. It has transformed our lives and we are both so grateful and can’t thank her enough.

Maria’s programme will change your sleep deprived lives for the better and we are so glad we met her. Thanks so much Maria x

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– JST (former sleep deprived parents) of a 12 month old. –

Want to extend a massive thank you to Maria for all her help and support. I reached out to Maria when my little girl was nearly 4months old, after 3 weeks of no sleep and lots of frustration. We were used to 6/7hours of uninterrupted sleep a night but all of a sudden my little one started waking every 45mins/1hour and needed comforting. I was shattered and miserable. With Maria’s help, my little one now sleeps 12hours a night and naps in her cot for 4/5 hours a day without any protest at all! My friends & family are just shocked by how good she is at sleeping.

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I was ready to give up on multiple occasions but Maria was there to give us help and support the whole way through. I now recommend Maria to everyone who asks!

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– Clara & Lauren (4 months old) –

‘Having had a baby that started sleeping through the night at 12 weeks I had a rude awakening at 16 weeks when the 4 month sleep regression hit and my son started waking anywhere between every 45 minutes to 3 hours. After 7 weeks of extremely broken sleep I felt there was no end and felt broken myself! Thank goodness for Maria who was super supportive, responsive and positive. By night 3 our son started sleeping through the night again and this is still going some 5 weeks later!

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Sleep is so important not only for the parent’s sanity but for the babies’ development and so this is such an important thing to get right. I would 100% recommend to anyone who is struggling with their baby and the nights to work with Maria and she will show you there is light at the end of that dark tunnel!’

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– Gabby & Zac, (5 months old) –

‘So after many months, if not years, we were on our knees with sleep deprivation thanks to our gorgeous two year old daughter! She had us up multiple times in the night and we used every trick in the book to get her off to sleep as quickly as possible. That involved everything from bottles to dummies and many times, sleeping on the floor holding her hand. Lack of sleep was affecting all areas of our life and the situation had become intolerable.

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So in walked Magic Maria and with her calming and soothing tones and she introduced a plan for Daisy. It involved the removal of the bottles and dummies and frankly we were terrified! However the dummy fairy arrived and the first night was so much better than expected. Yes there was some protest but we were in her room to give her our physical comfort. Night one was so much better and we did not have to go into her room once! It was somewhat of a miracle and it only improved night on night. Indeed every night since, Daisy has been sleeping through and if she wakes she resettles herself independently back to sleep.

The bottom line is listen to Maria, follow the plan to the letter and you’ll see immediate results. And Daisy’s happy day time demeanour has not been diminished in anyway. She is still the same happy girl but without the tired and grumpy parents!

I would not hesitate to recommend Maria and would encourage you to go for it. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

Thank you Maria for your help.

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– Annabel & Darren xx Daisy, (2 years old) –

Our son was 5 months old and has reflux but although this was under control he just was not sleeping. I’m exclusively breastfeeding and night-time was so tough, he would wake every hour to feed through the night and daytime naps were so inconsistent. We also have a four year old daughter and to say our house was miserable from lack of sleep is an understatement. I tried so many things, constantly looking for an answer and nothing ever worked. Then Maria Murphy was recommended to me, I just had to take some control. She turned everything around, and even from our first conversation I knew that things were going to change, for the better!

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Even the first night was nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be and the continued support I received was so needed and appreciated. Our little boy is now 6 months and sleeping through the night for 12 hours, if he wakes he self-settles himself independently back to sleep, he takes 2 good naps during the day and the change in him and us all in unbelievable! He is weaning now and just such a happy boy!

I cannot thank Maria enough, she saved me!

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– Jodie & Marley (6 months old) –

My daughter turns 2 this week and until now she has not consistently slept through the night. Be it feeding or co sleeping she has been with me every night. Despite trying to get her to sleep on her own, things continued to get harder and I would just give in and bring her into bed with me every time she woke. I know all the bad habits we had were my doing as I told myself that nothing was better for her than knowing I’m there and her feeling secure, however, it wasn’t until talking to a colleague that I realised what she really needs is her own independence. After speaking to Maria and getting her advice I decided to tackle things properly once and for all.

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Maria’s support, kindness, understanding and reassurance gave me the strength I have been lacking to take back the control and do what is best for my daughter. All of the tips she gave were easy to action and kept me focused. Despite the first night being a challenge I was determined not to give up and I am thrilled to say that my daughter slept through the night on day 2 and today day 3 she went down like a little angel for her nap and there were minimal tears at bedtime. I never believed we would get to this point so cannot thank and recommend Maria enough.

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– Martha & Ivy (23 months old) –

I started working with Maria when my daughter was over 4 and a half years old. I actually thought I was too late that a child of this age was too old to be sleep trained, but I was wrong. From day 1 Maria put me at ease explaining that if I stuck to the plan we discussed together that Kate would sleep through the night & she did. Previous to this I was lying beside Kate in her bed hoping she wound fall asleep quickly before I did but many times this didn’t happen & I would wake up in the middle of the night still in her bed. When I moved Kate would then follow me to my own bed so neither of us were getting a good night’s sleep & that led to tiredness & crankiness on both sides. I’m delighted to say Kate is now sleeping for 11-12 hours in her own bed each night.

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If she wakes she re-settles herself back to sleep independently. She’s in better form & myself & my husband feel the benefits of having our evenings back and some time for us. We have a new bedtime routine with Kate that she absolutely loves. I would highly recommend Maria and I can’t thank her enough for what’s she’s done for our family.

Kind Regards

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– Emma & Kate (4 years 10 months old) –

“A massive thank you for all your help and guidance to sleep train Alex. I felt like I just got a baby who never slept and he’d grow out of it. I just thought it was something “we just get on with”, being constantly tired. Thank you for being so supportive and being on hand and having such patience and understanding of exactly what we were trying to achieve.

When I got in contact with Maria, Alex was 2, still waking for bottles at night, had a dummy, was held while falling asleep.

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With your amazing plan, he now sleeps in his own room, and is an independent sleeper, who no longer wakes in the night and if he does he re-settles himself independently.

It truly is the stuff you dream of. I can’t thank you enough.

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– Barbara & Alex (2 years old) –

“Our son Oscar, aged two and a half, hadn’t slept through the night since he was five months old. It could take hours for him to settle and our sleep would be disrupted every night, with him waking up to three or four times. We had a routine in place, but clearly it wasn’t working.

Maria really took the time to find out more about Oscar and his sleep patterns and habits. When she presented us with a new bedtime routine to follow, we thought it was mad – there was no way Oscar was going to cope with these changes (or us for that matter). How wrong we were – Oscar adapted so quickly and the difference was noticeable even after the first night. Bedtime has now become a really enjoyable experience for us all.

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Oscar is sleeping through the night and settling down quickly – we’ve even had the odd lay in. Most importantly, we’re all feeling so much happier and healthier as a result.

Maria has been a fantastic support throughout the whole process, guiding us every step of the way and we couldn’t have done it without her. She’s made what we thought was the impossible, possible.”

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– Hannah, Tom & Oscar (2 ½ years old) –

I have been following Maria on Instagram for a while but always thought I wouldn’t be able to do the training or that it wouldn’t work for us.

I am so glad I decided to go for it and messaged Maria to ask for help. From the first phone call Maria gave great, easy to follow advice.

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We put her plan into place and from the very first night our son’s sleep improved. He was previously waking up 3-4 times a night and we would have to feed him to sleep, plus his daytime naps were short and at irregular times. He now has two solid day time naps and sleeps 12 hours a night in his cot. It’s amazing!

I’ve been telling all my friends about Maria as she has been so lovely and helpful and clear and concise with her plan. We are so impressed we have contacted Maria again to help with our daughter’s sleep.

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– Alex & Max (6 months old) –