Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

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Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

Lizzie Edge BSc Psychology

Thank you for clicking on my profile.  Good news! You have taken the first step to solving your baby/child’s sleep issues.


I love my children! They are my world.

But WHY does my baby NOT LOVE sleep?

The two did not seem to fit together. I, like you, cannot be the best parent to my beautiful children without a good night’s sleep.

Loving my children seemed to mean giving up on sleep. That is, until I contacted Karen at Baby Sleep the Night.

I very much come from the attachment parenting viewpoint. I bed shared with all three of my daughters. I breastfed them. With my first I carried her everywhere in a sling. We just did not use a pushchair.

However, I suddenly lost the joy of breastfeeding. My second daughter would only ever go to sleep whilst being fed. And would then wake multiple times a night, requiring me to feed her back to sleep.

The PRESSURE. THE SHEER FRUSTRATION. It was affecting my bond with my baby. While I wanted to maintain my attachment parenting style I could not do this to the detriment of that bond and also be a parent to my first daughter, while my husband worked away at sea.

Getting help saved my sanity and repaired the bond with my daughter. She slept through on the second night. She was going to sleep independently and happily. I finally caught up on my sleep!

When my third daughter came along, I still bed shared with her, I still used a sling. I had however, learnt enough from Karen to avoid the mistakes I had previously made and she is a fabulous, independent sleeper!

My Psychology background gave me an understanding on the importance of sleep for babies’ developing brains as well as the physical and mental health of adults, ie parents. So when a one off email to Karen lead to the opportunity to train as a sleep consultant I jumped at the chance. I could not wait to be able to help other parents, like you, leave those sleep deprived days and night behind.

My sleep plans are tailored to each individual family’s needs, including their parenting style. I provide a bespoke package and will be there to support you every step of the way.

If you would like a free 15 minute consultation please get in touch,  and tell me about your situation and we can chat about how I can help you.



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We contacted Sarah about our 18month olds sleep after months of broken nights, often with him waking every 30-40 minutes, and noticing no difference with dropping night feeds. Sarah led us through a detailed sleep schedule with all the steps laid out simply so that even in our sleep deprived brain fog we could follow it.

She checked in with us daily, gave lots of encouragement and also provided us with useful reference material for different scenarios such as travel and illness.

After learning to self-settle our son’s sleep has been transformed, we have our evenings back, and are feeling the benefits of uninterrupted sleep.


– Carmelia and Aaron, parents to 18 month old boy –

From the day Harry was born he was always a good sleeper.

However, when he turned 2 years and 7 months his bed time became extremely difficult and he would not stay in his own bed or room, and kept coming downstairs. Harry would also wake up to 5 times a night and would take a while to settle back to sleep.

I approached Sarah to see if she could help us with her sleep plan work. The first couple of nights were a little challenging (which Sarah explained they would be) but we stuck firmly to the comprehensive plan (which was easy to follow) and the results have been absolutely outstanding!

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Harry now settles himself to sleep after we give him a goodnight kiss and he sleeps through the night until it’s time to wake up. This has resulted in Harry being so much happier throughout the day and Mommy and Daddy are getting their much needed sleep.

We would recommend Sarah to absolutely anyone who is having difficulties with their baby’s / child sleep pattern; she has literally changed our lives. We are now able to enjoy some quality, tired-free time together. Thank you so much from a very happy, rested family!

– Parents to 2 year old Harry –

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