Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

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Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

Lizzie Edge BSc Psychology

Thank you for clicking on my profile.  Good news! You have taken the first step to solving your baby/child’s sleep issues.


I love my children! They are my world.

But WHY does my baby NOT LOVE sleep?

The two did not seem to fit together. I, like you, cannot be the best parent to my beautiful children without a good night’s sleep.

Loving my children seemed to mean giving up on sleep. That is, until I contacted Karen at Baby Sleep the Night.

I very much come from the attachment parenting viewpoint. I bed shared with all three of my daughters. I breastfed them. With my first I carried her everywhere in a sling. We just did not use a pushchair.

However, I suddenly lost the joy of breastfeeding. My second daughter would only ever go to sleep whilst being fed. And would then wake multiple times a night, requiring me to feed her back to sleep.

The PRESSURE. THE SHEER FRUSTRATION. It was affecting my bond with my baby. While I wanted to maintain my attachment parenting style I could not do this to the detriment of that bond and also be a parent to my first daughter, while my husband worked away at sea.

Getting help saved my sanity and repaired the bond with my daughter. She slept through on the second night. She was going to sleep independently and happily. I finally caught up on my sleep!

When my third daughter came along, I still bed shared with her, I still used a sling. I had however, learnt enough from Karen to avoid the mistakes I had previously made and she is a fabulous, independent sleeper!

My Psychology background gave me an understanding on the importance of sleep for babies’ developing brains as well as the physical and mental health of adults, ie parents. So when a one off email to Karen lead to the opportunity to train as a sleep consultant I jumped at the chance. I could not wait to be able to help other parents, like you, leave those sleep deprived days and night behind.

My sleep plans are tailored to each individual family’s needs, including their parenting style. I provide a bespoke package and will be there to support you every step of the way.

If you would like a free 15 minute consultation please get in touch,  and tell me about your situation and we can chat about how I can help you.



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We contacted Sarah about our 18month olds sleep after months of broken nights, often with him waking every 30-40 minutes, and noticing no difference with dropping night feeds. Sarah led us through a detailed sleep schedule with all the steps laid out simply so that even in our sleep deprived brain fog we could follow it.

She checked in with us daily, gave lots of encouragement and also provided us with useful reference material for different scenarios such as travel and illness.

After learning to self-settle our son’s sleep has been transformed, we have our evenings back, and are feeling the benefits of uninterrupted sleep.


– Carmelia and Aaron, parents to 18 month old boy –

From the day Harry was born he was always a good sleeper.

However, when he turned 2 years and 7 months his bed time became extremely difficult and he would not stay in his own bed or room, and kept coming downstairs. Harry would also wake up to 5 times a night and would take a while to settle back to sleep.

I approached Sarah to see if she could help us with her sleep plan work. The first couple of nights were a little challenging (which Sarah explained they would be) but we stuck firmly to the comprehensive plan (which was easy to follow) and the results have been absolutely outstanding!

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Harry now settles himself to sleep after we give him a goodnight kiss and he sleeps through the night until it’s time to wake up. This has resulted in Harry being so much happier throughout the day and Mommy and Daddy are getting their much needed sleep.

We would recommend Sarah to absolutely anyone who is having difficulties with their baby’s / child sleep pattern; she has literally changed our lives. We are now able to enjoy some quality, tired-free time together. Thank you so much from a very happy, rested family!

– Parents to 2 year old Harry –

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My wife and I were having trouble with getting our 8 month old son to sleep and to stay asleep through the night. We sought Liz’s services and within a matter of days our son was able to self-settle and sleep throughout the night! AMAZING!

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Previously, our son had been fed to sleep by my wife every night, and I would then transfer him into his cot. Often this transfer would not work and he would have to spend another 2-3 hours up with us, until my wife was able to feed again. This proved very hard going. He would also wake during the night, again resulting in my wife having to feed him back to sleep. If this was unsuccessful, one of us would have to go downstairs with him for a few hours! zzzzzz

Liz provided us with a simple, but very effective plan, which we stuck to, and the results were fantastic. Whilst our son did get upset in the early going, by day 10 he was going down without even a whimper. We had one night where he found it really hard to stay down (he had red cheeks and we thin he was really struggling with teeth coming through), we feared that some of the great work would be undone. However, the next day he was back to his routine and all good!

It has been simply wonderful to have our evenings back and for the pressure to get him to sleep to be lifted from my wife’s shoulders. I highly recommend Liz, who was a great support throughout the whole process, being encouraging and brilliantly explaining the science behind this method of sleep training!

– Oliver Case –

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When we came to Lizzie we were pretty much in Survival Mode . Sleep deprivation was beginning to take its toll emotionally and physically and I found myself saying things like Isn t it so annoying that for the most wonderful time of your life you are the most tired and you feel you can t enjoy those magical first months/years to the full?! We had fallen into a pattern (for want of a better word) of me breastfeeding our 8 month old to sleep at night then cautiously trying to transfer him to the cot until he inevitably woke again 2 or 3 times a night when we repeated that process.

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For someone with back problems, that are of course made worse through carrying tension, this often made the decision to breastfeed seem like a bit of a burden and whilst I was completely willing to do it, it was painful.

My first meeting with the lovely Lizzie over a hot chocolate was the turning point. We were ready to make a change and were excited about having help and guidance to take control. As someone whose energy levels were pretty depleted, which doesn t help emotionally and mentally, I was just so grateful for Lizzie s positivity, confidence and encouragement. She explained the science behind sleep and had no doubt we would see quick results…I couldn t wait to get started, the thought of 10 more days until a whole night’s sleep was so appealing!

But we didn t have to wait 10 nights! The first night he slept for 11 hours, waking momentarily but self-settling back to sleep! And it has carried on in that way ever since. Lizzie gave us the skills and confidence to give our baby the sleep he needs which just feels amazing! I still can t quite believe it when he goes to sleep without us in the room and then doesn t wake until 6 AM or later. It just shows how amazing babies are and it s so empowering to feel you can give your baby a great night s sleep so he has the energy he needs for a full day of fun and play! And the fact that we are all getting sleep has been so great for our whole family. It s given me the confidence to make plans to do more, knowing that I ll have more energy or that there will definitely be some down-time and that our sleep isn t dependent on me!

Having Lizzie to talk to, to answer questions and keep us going throughout the process was invaluable. As a mum I found the links between sleep and feeding and my role quite emotional and so it really helped me that the process was dealt with sensitively and at no point did I feel my baby was distressed. I could start by being in the room with him and when the time came it was apparent that he genuinely didn t need me there to fall asleep. This isn t always easy to come to terms with but it feels incredible to give your child the skills of being able to fall asleep independently!

Thank you so much Lizzie! You are amazing!

– Jemma, Mum of Cory, 8 Months Old –

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OMG, anyone contemplating using Lizzie Edge as a sleep consultant absolutely go for it!! My son, Innes had some quite good sleep skills already in terms of self-settling but was waking every night at 10, 11, 1, 4 (minimum), then every 45 mins, feeding back to sleep each time, until up at 6 for about 2 months.

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I spoke to Lizzie one night and got so much information that really helped me understand what was going on. To cut a long story short we changed our feeding and nap schedule, as well as our bedtime routine, as recommended, and the next night he went down wide awake and fell asleep. He woke at 11, 4 and 6 and shouted for a bit but got himself back to sleep each time without a feed or any proper crying!!! We got up at 7 when my toddler came in and woke us! I really couldn t believe it…I actually love Lizzie Edge right now!!!

– Innes –

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Steven and myself decided late on to have a child together as we already had 4 children between us from previous marriages. Our youngest was 8 and the oldest 16 and we both thought it d be a lovely way to join our family s together. Jaxon was born 10 months ago and to say our worlds were filled with love and joy would be an understatement. Unfortunately, somewhere along the parenting road, we ended up with a baby who s happiness during the day was being completely over shadowed by his continuous want for night time feeding and sleepless nights. Sleep deprivation isn t fun and we were at our wits end as to how we d ever get Jax to sleep all night without waking for milk or his dummy.

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I already knew Lizzie previously and when she saw how desperate we were for a night’s sleep she offered to help us. And help us she has!

Lizzie took away all our problems and came back with a plan based on her knowledge and understanding of exactly what we d been doing wrong and within 3 days we slept ALL NIGHT!

Lizzie explained clearly where we needed to make changes to Jaxon s routine and sleep issues and supported us through it with kindness, consideration and knowledge.
Within 1 week we d ditched the night feeding and the dummy completely. Lizzie set us realistic routines and nap times to suit Jaxon s needs and our working lifestyle and for the first time in nearly a year we re sleeping all night with Jaxon in bed at 7pm and not waking until 7am.
I can t thank Lizzie enough for what she s done for us all as a family and I d recommend her to anyone struggling with sleepless nights.

Thank you again Lizzie and good luck in your future of helping parents like us.

– Claire & Steven with Jaxon –

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Lucas is our first son, he was born the 5/2/18 weighing 6lbs 13oz. Since birth he has woken several times a night, never sleeping through. He is a breast fed baby and since November 2018 has been sleeping in our bed, becoming obsessed with feeding and not settling in his own room. I was getting increasingly tired, irritable and disliking breast feeding. Lack of sleep and arguments about Lucas s sleep was starting to cause problems between me and my partner s relationship. I started a discussion about this on an online support group, resulting in Lizzie Edge offering us a consultation.

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We got an easy to follow, personalised sleep plan with regular one to one support over the phone.

At first we were both apprehensive, we felt that Lucas would not cope with the changes in routine. With guidance from Lizzie we were able to implement his new sleep plan. The results have been amazing. After night three Lucas slept through from 7 till 7, and every night since. We couldn t have done it without the fantastic support from Lizzie and the sleep plan she provided.

Lucas is now able to self-settle. He will occasionally wake up during the night and then without our intervention soon put himself back to sleep. My partner and I are now getting quality sleep and the strain has been lifted from our relationship. Lucas is thriving, his concentration has improved and has very quickly learnt to clap and touch his head since sleeping through the night.
We would not hesitate in recommending Lizzie, her help has been life changing for our family.

– Michelle, Mum to Lucas. 12 months old –

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Lizzie helped me with my 9 month old baby boy, Oliver. Oliver was waking multiple times per night, needing to be breastfed back to sleep, and often waking for the day at 3/4am. He was getting no more than 5 hours broken sleep a night, which worried me a great deal. I was exhausted and he was also refusing daytime naps. Lizzie was just amazing. She really took the time to understand Oliver s routines and sleep behaviour, before putting together a personalised plan for him. She spent a lot of time talking me through it.

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I wasn t keen on more traditional sleep training methods, but Lizzie reassured me that I would be with Oliver throughout the whole process. Oliver responded to the plan really well initially and he started sleeping 12 hours through the night almost straight away. As the days progressed we hit a couple of bumps in the road and Lizzie was there to support me through them and help me resolve issues that arose. He wasn t an easy case and we had to extend the plan by a few days, but after 2 weeks I was able to kiss him goodnight and put him down in his cot to settle himself to sleep. Nap times took a little longer but we got there in the end on that too. I would highly recommend Lizzie to anyone, and am so thankful to her for helping my little boy to get the sleep he needs. Kirsten Hayball 23 November 2018

– Oliver Hayball –

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Our new bundle of joy started off in the very early days being a pretty good sleeper, as far as newborns ever are. However after the first few months it was getting harder, he wouldn t sleep more than 90 minutes in one go and needed rocking to sleep for Dad, or feeding to sleep for Mum. Night after night, week after week for months with such little sleep, we were broken. We had tried everything we could think of but to no avail. It was then we heard about Lizzie from a friend who had had incredible results in less than a week. I was sceptical, how could we improve his, and our sleep so quickly? We were desperate so we had nothing to lose.

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We got in touch with Lizzie and she guided us through the process, making sure she understood what we were doing, our routine, even the layout of his room.
We then received our plan for him, this is a fully supported process, not a leave to cry out plan. Our boy was helped to show him how he can get to sleep with our help, but without the dependencies he d come to rely on.

In less than a week, we had gone from no sleep to a 11 hours straight through. We were amazed and Lizzie helped every stage of the way with calls and emails to guide us. She couldn t have been more supportive and helpful.

A few weeks later and he s a happier, better rested boy, we re better parents with more energy and patience and he s even mastered his naps, getting two 90 min naps in the day.

We can t thank Lizzie enough and wouldn t hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing help.

– Gell s –

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Working with Lizzie has been incredible from the start. She took her time to know every detail about our baby’s current routine and life so far and set a plan in place for us. Our daughter had every sleeping prop going before we had Lizzie on board, a dummy, sleepyhead mattress, swaddles, muslin cloth, lullaby machine & projector and she would only sleep in her buggy in the day! We were very suspicious of how she would sleep without a dummy as she relied on it so much to settle at night. She would normally wake every hour for us to put it back in! Day time naps we’re never guaranteed even if she was rocked to sleep and transferred and we were finding it extremely difficult.

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Within a few nights thanks to Lizzies plan we had her sleeping in her own cot with none of the above! She now naps in her cot in the day with no props and sleeps 11 hours straight at night!

Without Lizzie s amazing plan and advice we would still have all those sleeping props. Lizzie arranged the catch up appointments around our schedule which was super convenient highly recommended!

– Luna 5 Months –

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