Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

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Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

For 7 years in neonatal care within the NHS I am privileged enough to have worked extremely closely with mothers and fathers during some of the hardest and some of the happiest moments of their lives. I am also a qualified nursery nurse with a strong background in nursery settings, and paediatrics. I have a wealth of knowledge in reflux, infant care, safer sleeping and breast and bottle feeding. I am extremely passionate about working closely with parents and that is why I love both my roles so much.

As a working mother of one and I have experienced sleep deprivation myself, and I sympathise enormously with what you are going through. My job for the last 5 years has not just been to provide specialist medical care to babies born prematurely or unwell term babies, but to also guide and support families in creating a feeding and sleeping routine in preparation for discharge. I could not understand why I could not get my own son to sleep. I know now I couldn’t see the wood from the trees and was severely sleep deprived. I decided to get help and it was by far the best decision I ever made! It enabled me to go back to work and take care of vulnerable babies and their families, Something I never could have done having been awake all night with my own baby. For this reason I decided to dedicate my professional career to also specialising in baby and child sleep.

I understand the judgment parents can feel, and the overwhelming conflicting advice that is out there that can leave you feeling more confused then ever. I will be there every step of the way with you whilst we work together to help your little one learn to sleep. I believe in gentle but consistent routines and methods that help develop healthy independent sleeping habits. My guidance will allow you to provide love and reassurance for your little one along the way whilst teaching those all-important sleep skills.

If you are considering getting help with your child’s sleep then please don’t delay it any longer. Contact me to arrange your free 15 minute call. It will be one of the best gifts you ever give to both yourself and your child…

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My son Archie was just over 9 months old when I decided something needed to change with his sleep, I was going back to work the following next month and he was currently waking up at least twice a night for comfort feeds and would only feed to sleep for naps and bedtime with no real routine.

I was recommended Leila by a friend, at first I was a bit worried about doing a sleep plan as I was I wasn’t sure if my son would be ok doing it and I was also concerned as to whether I would be consistent enough, however upon putting my faith in Leila everything worked amazingly and I am so happy I went ahead with the sleep plan!

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Leila is a fab sleep consultant and was with me every step of the way with the guidance that I needed, she is friendly, very motivating and reassuring. Archie took to the plan really well and I stuck to everything as I should, he now soothes himself to sleep for naps and bedtime and sleeps through the night. I love that the plan was a gentle way to teach my baby how to sleep on his own. Thank you Leila!

– Claire, Mummy to Archie age 9months –

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“Working with Leila has transformed our son’s sleep habits and aided his overall well-being. Aiden’s sleep had been worsening since he was seven months old; he was only sleeping on me during naps, and insisting on sleeping on me at night when he woke from 3am onwards. Naps were short, bedtime was often drawn out and we were all exhausted. I didn’t want to start co-sleeping at such a late stage and contacted Leila, having been recommended by a friend of a friend.

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While we were open-minded about Leila’s approach, we were also nervous about what to do if the gradual retreat method led to intensive crying. Sometimes it did, at bedtime in particular. We were amazed by how quickly Aiden started to sleep better. In less than 72 hours, he had begun to nap properly in his cot twice a day and to sleep through the night.

We thought this might all be a fluke, but one month later Aiden is sleeping beautifully and his eating has improved. Our personal circumstances mean we have had to travel extensively with Aiden during this time, staying away from home on three occasions. Despite this, we have managed to keep Aiden’s sleep on track by following some simple advice from Leila. She was professional, practical and supportive during our experience. Thank you so much, Leila.”

– Laura Mummy to 10 month old –

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“We were waking up every 2 hours for our 20 month old and an hour to get him to sleep. It was affecting our work as we were getting so tired. We started the plan and after a few nights it was like we had a new baby. It’s so easy to get him to sleep; we now have our evenings back and feel refreshed every day. The little one is much happier too which a bonus is! Leila takes you through everything personally; it’s definitely worth the money and should have done it sooner rather than waiting”

– Emma, mummy to 20month old –

“Leila helped us out of a sleep deprived rut with our son 3 years ago, when he was ten months old. He has truly been an excellent sleeper since! It has been such a relief to know that we can depend consistently on a good night’s sleep for the whole family, a real comfort in the hectic life as a parent.

Skip ahead to my daughter’s arrival…just like our son, she lulled us into a false sense of sleep security for the first couple of months and then didn’t seem to emerge from the “four month” sleep regression. Our daughter depended on me to feed or cuddle her to sleep, and would then wake up for more of this multiple times a night, often only sleeping for 45 minutes.

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We knew we could depend on Leila’s expert support again and did not hesitate to contact her. Leila guided us to make tweaks to our daily routine and provided a detailed and clear sleep plan to teach our daughter how to fall asleep independently. The plan felt gentle enough for our 8 month old daughter, which was very important to us.

On both occasions, Leila’s expert advice and the individual sleep plans have been spot on. They have worked! Both children slept through the night since the first night of following the plan. My son has been sleeping through the night for three years now and my daughter has been following in her big brothers footsteps for the past month, since accessing Leila’s support.

Leila is friendly, professional and honest. I know some use books as a guide for infant sleep but I absolutely could not have done it without the reassuring and calm guidance of Leila.

I definitely didn’t foresee needing a sleep consultant at the start of my parenting journey. However, accessing Leila’s support has been one of the best parenting choices. 100% money well spent. Leila was recommended to me by a friend and I have since recommended her to others. Sleep is so crucial, life feels so much better now we are all able to get the sleep we need.”

– Hayley Mummy to 8month old –

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‘When I first contacted Leila after she was recommended to me by a friend, I was exhausted and felt helpless. It would take up to an hour to get Xxxx to sleep at nap time and bed time and I would then be up for hours in the night, every night, doing anything to get him to settle. Lots of tears were shared from both of us! I would feed him and rock him until he fell in to a deep enough sleep for me to put him down – sometimes, this would be most of the night.

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I knew Leila’s training worked as I’d seen it work first hand, but there was a part of me that thought ‘I’m not sure if this will work for us. We might be the exception!’ I’m pleased to say that I was completely proved wrong. Through this gentle sleep training approach, Xxxx now settles himself to sleep within minutes. He sleeps through every single night and if he does wake up or stir, he soothes himself back to sleep quickly. He has a good length nap in the day too.

I can’t believe how quickly Xxxx was able to learn these new sleep skills. It takes consistency, determination and hard work to start with as you implement the new routine. But the support, encouragement and reassurance given by Leila gets you through it all. I honestly could not recommend her enough! She has so much knowledge and explains everything in detail so you understand why you are doing everything you are doing.

Taking this step was one of the best decisions of my life and it has made such a huge difference to my little family. Thank you Leila!’

Honestly, thank you thank you thank you!

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Firstly, the biggest thank you to this lady!

My husband and I were battling a boobie loving little boy who hit the 4 month sleep regression and decided unless he was on me, he wasn’t going to sleep or settle. Fast forward 6 months and we were at the end of our resources. The lack of sleep was affecting so many other aspects of our lives and although we had tried some controlled crying methods, nothing was working for us and we felt so lost and exhausted.

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Then, we found Leila! My good friend recommend her to me (probably during one of my melt down help me calls)! I got in touch and straight away she was back to me organizing the initial call. The first time we spoke I just knew she would be able to help us on this journey with her confident and gentle attitude and yep…. I was right!

We started with her clear instructions and literally within 2 nights we had a baby who was sleeping 7:30-7:30. I honestly couldn’t believe what was happening – he had now learnt how to be ok on his own (even when put in his cot wide awake) and settle himself when he woke in the night. Proud as punch we were (are!).

I cannot recommend Leila enough. If you’re battling with lack of sleep with your baby, it’s honestly worth every single penny.

Just trust her and she won’t let you down!

Thank you so much again, Leila.

– Love from a very well rested family xox –

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I was recommended Leila from a friend and we don’t regret it one bit. She was brilliant from the start. She responded straight away and we we had the consultation the next day and straight into the plan. By night three, Xxxx was waking a couple of times at night but self settling after a couple of minutes. By night five, Iolo was sleeping through the night! We had a few issues with early rises but Leila worked with us to adjust nap schedule to try and resolve. It was so great to have Leila on “call”. Just having someone to support us through the process has been great. A pleasure to work with, we wish we got in touch earlier!

– Hilary Mummy to 7 month old –

Before we went to Leila our nearly 18 month daughter was waking at least every 2 hours all night every night, and had never slept well since she was born. She relied on feeding to link all her sleep cycles and the longest she had ever slept was 4 hours once or twice in her life, we were exhausted!! We never dreamt that Xxxxx would sleep as well as she does now! Leila is so understanding, kind and so supportive. If any plan was going to help Xxxxx sleep it was Leilas plan! We saw improvements from night 1 and after a week she was sleeping through the night which was a complete miracle for us! Xxxx had never self settled ever in the night and now does all through the night.

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I honestly never thought Xxxxx sleep could be improved and would recommend Leila to anyone! We took nearly a year and a half to just go for it and pay for the help we really needed and it is honestly worth every single penny. We now all finally sleep and are a much happier family!

– Rosie mummy to 18months –

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Thank you for all your support working with our family to help Xxxxs’ sleep. There have been ups and downs, but overall we’re in a much better place than we were before, and life has started to resume a little bit more towards normal (going out! exercise!).

I appreciate we weren’t the easiest family to deal with due to our schedules, so thank you for your patience and flexibility in your support.

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Xxxxs’ sleep is still going pretty well. We have the odd early rise but he now goes to sleep pretty quickly and generally sleeps until at least 6am.

– Julia Mummy to 17month old –

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We were struggling with a toddler who required to be breastfed to sleep, he could take up to an hour to fall asleep. He would wake multiple times in the night and would only be put back down by mum and with a feed…. with Leila’s help this situation has turned around completely.

He now sleeps 12 hours through the night, dad can put him down, with just a good night kiss and placing him in the cot. Our quality of life has improved massively and our Son is now getting the sleep he needs at night and has learnt the skills to put himself to sleep. He has less tantrums in the day and sleep time routine is now a joy instead of a battle.

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Leila listens to your issues and comes up with a plan to suit your issues. Her support is invaluable. She is kind, reassuring, supportive and is the voice of reason you need to hear. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Before we embarked on this I wondered did we really need to do this was it going to be worth the investment. Now I think why did we not do this a year ago! As a family we are all really happy as a result of this process. thank you Lelia you have really changed our lives for the better!

– Harriet mummy to 2yr old –

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Where do I even begin? Leila is absolutely incredible at what she does, a family friend recommended Leila to us as we were literally at breaking point. Our little boy Finley is 11 months now but was 10 months when we started the program. He wouldn’t sleep unless he was rocked which would normally take between 45 minutes to an hour some nights and sometimes that wouldn’t even work! He would only go to sleep if he had a feed beforehand. He also had a dummy which was great when he was a newborn but we soon realised that we were getting up 5/6 times a night to give him his dummy to go back to sleep again. It just seemed to us that the sleep he was getting wasn’t solid sleep like he was just in a light sleep and any small noise would wake him.

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He was unable to fall asleep on his own and couldn’t settle himself back to sleep. He was going to bed around 7pm and would wake up at 3am everyday and he would just be awake for the rest of the day, sometimes all day without even a 10 minute nap! Both my partner and I were drained, emotionally and physically and Finley just wasn’t happy, he was overtired and grumpy. When I contacted Leila I was sceptical at first as I wasn’t sure what to expect, when we had our consultation she was so kind and understanding and listened to everything I had to say and understood my worries and concerns. One of the scariest things for us was getting rid of the dummy and the feed right before Finley went to sleep. One of the most reassuring things she said to me that first night that sticks in my mind even now is that he’s not crying because he’s in pain or because he’s not tired, he’s crying because it’s different and because he’s not used to the change. Don’t get me wrong hearing your baby cry is horrible but I put all my trust and faith in Leila and it did not fail. Leila is fantastic she lays everything on the table from day 1 and doesn’t give you false hope. The first night was the hardest, we had 20 minutes of crying and 1 wake up at 3am which lasted 4 minutes and then 1 wake up at 5am and then up for the day at 7am. Finley had learnt to settle himself in that first night and by night 2 he settled himself to sleep with no dummy, no feed and no rocking/holding him. This in itself was an amazing achievement not just for Finley but for us as parents because it can be quite daunting not only changing a routine that’s been implemented since your baby was born but also because you’re desperate for it to work. Leila was available to chat throughout the whole program via text and over the phone when I needed support.

Finley now naps twice a day for an hour each nap, rarely cries and settles himself to sleep. He sleeps through the night from 7pm-7am with no wake ups! I don’t know how Leila knows exactly what your baby needs but she does and I promise you it is well worth it! We are all now getting enough sleep which means one happy Finley and well rested mum and dad who can be the best parents they can be!

I never thought that Finley would ever be able to sleep 12 hours but I was so wrong! We honestly can’t thank Leila enough for everything she’s done for us, her knowledge, her patience and her unconditionally caring nature is exactly what you need when you feel like you’re struggling to cope. If you’re thinking about using Leila to help your little one my advice would be to absolutely DO IT!

– Beth Mummy to Finley aged 9 months –

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We asked for Leila’s help as our nearly 5 months old baby couldn’t sleep for more that 45mins at a time and never without being fed to sleep. The sleep deprivation was really taking a toll on our family life, and we knew we needed professional help.

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From the first conversation with Leila, she put my worries at ease and was kind but fair with what we could expect. I laughed when she said our baby could sleep through the night within a few nights, but little did I know this would be true. Leila designed a programme of sleep for us that was clear to follow, she tailored it to our needs and was flexible when we asked for changes. I initially expressed concern with the baby not feeding throughout the night and Leila was able to adapt the programme to address my concern. As it turned out, by night 3 our daughter didn’t need food at night and on night 4 she slept for 12 hours, to our amazement.

It hasn’t been an easy journey, but I feel that Leila was able to hold our hand and support us throughout. Never did any questions go unanswered and I never felt alone – Leila felt like a part of our family and she experienced everything with us.

I am so glad we took the steps to get help and it has changed our lives for the better -this would not have been possible without Leila’s help.

– Anisa Mummy to Amelia aged 5.5 months –

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Where to begin… words cannot express how different my life looks and feels after two weeks of support from Leila. My daughter was 5.5 months old and has gone from not really sleeping in the day plus 8-9 wakeups / dummy runs per night to now sleeping through the night, without a dummy, and a fantastic nap routine during the day! If I am honest, I was feeling incredibly low, running on what felt like zero sleep and zero energy, dreading going to bed every night and feeling incredibly guilty at the fact that I wasn’t the mum I so desperately wanted to be during the day because I was so worn out.

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Leila is so kind and understanding in her approach and was always there when I needed! I felt completely empowered to make the changes my daughter and I so desperately needed. My partner was extremely sceptical but at the end of the two weeks and one sleeping baby later, even he was impressed! I couldn’t have done it without Leila’s fantastic support, and I really wish I had found her sooner!

– Sam Mummy to 5.5-month-old –

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With the help from Leila, my husband and I were able to see results from night 1! Our 7month old son who had a bottle sleep association and used to have multi-night waking’s (around 3-4times) a night was able to resettle himself to sleep from the first night we started the programme. By night 3, he’d started to sleep through from 7:00pm to ~6:30am/7:00am, which he has continued to do.

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Our journey with Leila has been great. We found her extremely professional, and incredibly supportive. She really has transformed our lives!

Thanks so much!

– Hilary, mummy to Casper 7.5months –

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Leila is just amazing….

I contacted Leila, who was recommended by a friend after I had told her the issues, I was having with my daughters sleeping.

We had been pretty lucky early on as Matilda had taken to sleeping really well – she would settle herself to sleep and most of the time sleep through the night.

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Since turning two this all went downhill and the longer, we left it the worse it was getting. In the weeks leading up to us contacting Leila we had not had a full night sleep in what felt like forever, Matilda would not settle – bedtime could take over an hour, she would not stay in her bed, she was up several times in the night, she was sleeping on the floor, one of us would be sleeping on her bedroom floor or on the landing, she was awake as early as 4am and ready to start the day – which meant the days were very long and we were all in a foul mood which just made the days so long and I dreaded each day.

We felt we had to try something as the lack of sleep and stress was affecting us all…. I contacted Leila and literally kept refreshing my phone waiting for a reply because I was so desperate for help – to my surprise she replied so quickly and within a couple of hours we were chatting on the phone, and she told me she could defiantly help us!! After the first call I already liked her and her positive attitude and advise made me excited about bedtime – I knew it was going to be a challenge, but I was ready and so determined to make it work. Leila had advised getting rid of Matilda’s dummy completely which just filled me with dread, but I took her advice and along with our new routine and a few changes I cracked on and I literally skipped down the stairs with the biggest smile on my face when on night one Matilda was fast asleep within 15 minutes!!

The first few nights were eventful, but I could see that her advice was working and therefore we persevered…. On night two I put Matilda back to bed 44 times…. She wasn’t going to beat me!! Each night from then this went down and by the end of the first week Matilda was going to bed and sleeping through the night. We were all happier, refreshed and generally in a better place. Over the next week things just got better each day. Leila called me regularly and we spoke via text each day and it was a comfort to know she was just at the end of the phone and that she genuinely cared.

I cannot recommend Leila enough, we stuck to her plan completely even when I secretly thought she was crazy and that it wouldn’t work and was pleasantly surprised that everything she recommended worked and each day we were thriving as a family. I thanked Leila in the first week as I felt I had my Matilda back and she was again a joy to be around, and we were all so much happier and in a better place.

– Kelly, mummy to Matilda aged 2.5yrs –

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We had struggled with Arthurs sleep for over 3 months, he would wake 6 times a night, 3 of which were for feeds, and we were going slowly insane! To add to that, Arthur was only sleeping for 30 minutes maximum for daytime naps, and they were all over the place!

A friend recommended Leila, and after the first phone-call she gave us the push we needed to finally get things sorted. I have to admit I was sceptical when Leila said she could have Arthur sleeping through the night by night 3, but to our shock she was absolutely right!

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Our biggest worries were getting rid of the dummy and swaddle, and transitioning Arthur into his big boy nursery, but Leila made it a breeze for us with her encouraging words. And as for the crying, it really wasn’t half as bad as what we expected! We have gone from having a grumpy, groggy baby and coffee dependent parents to all being much more happy and rested. A baby that sleeps through 7pm-7am, and does lovely long naps so that Mummy can have a cuppa, all within the space of a few weeks.

I cannot recommend Leila enough, she is so supportive and friendly, and its clear she has a lot of experience with baby sleep so you can put your trust in her 100%. Thank you thank you thank you!

– Danielle, Mummy to Arthur aged 5 months –

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It was really great working with Leila. She was really knowledgable and supportive. Our little one had been waking up three, four sometimes five times a night and she hadn’t taken a nap in her cot since she was 8 weeks old.

Now she is sleeping twelve hours a night and taking two naps a day. She brighter and happier during the day as a result and mum and dad are finally getting some much needed rest!

– Rachael, Mummy to Mila aged 8 months –

I cannot put into words how thankful I am for Leila’s help with our son (7 months). We went from nightly wakings every 1-2 hours with an overtired boy to a structured nap routine and sleeping through within days! From the first contact with Leila it was clear she was both knowledgable and passionate about helping us sort of sons sleep issues. She provided a clear and structured routine for us and was available to answer questions and give guidance throughout.

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My son slept through from the second night which is something I never thought was possible! Now a number of weeks later my little sleep champion is sleeping all night and having two really good naps. This as a consequences has massively improved both his and our moods.

Thank you so much Leila!

– Amy, Mummy to Eli aged 7 months –

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When we were at our whits end with our 9 month old, due to lack of sleep, Leila came to our rescue by putting a sleep plan together for us, taking all of our other life commitments into consideration and supporting us through implementing our new sleep routine. Not an easy thing to go through, but with Leila’s knowledge and support (and us militantly sticking to the plan) we now have a very happy baby, who sleeps and let’s us sleep! Thank you Leila!!

– Hannah, Mummy to Evie aged 9 months –

I’m so happy we got in touch with Leila. My 22 month old son was taking a long time to fall asleep at bedtime, he was also waking up at 4am every morning, he was crying shouting and was still very tired. He was so grumpy when I got him up, it was all turning into a nightmare and not how we wanted to start our day.

Leila was understanding & supportive. Since meeting Leila that has all changed. No more crying or shouting ( at all ) no more early wake ups, he wakes up so happy to start his day.

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We can’t thank Leila enough.
I 100% recommend her!
Thank you sooooo much xx

– Chloe, Mummy to Jagger aged 22months –

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I can honestly say that using Leila and following her sleep program has been life changing! Our 18 month son had been waking up early (between 4.30am-5.30am) for 3 months and would not go back to sleep no matter what we tried. He then also started waking up for a couple of hours in the night after previously being quite a good sleeper. A friend of a friend had recommended Baby Sleep the Night to me as it had worked well for them so we thought it was worth a try.

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From our first phone call Leila was really friendly, reassuring and confident that she could help. His sleep improved immediately, we couldn’t believe it! With a few relatively small changes to our daily routine he instantly started sleeping later and if he woke up at night or early morning he was learning to re-settle himself. He now regularly sleeps through until 6.30am/7am and is much happier as a result of getting a good night sleep (as are we!). Leila was really supportive throughout the program and even helped us adapt the plan when we had a weekend away in the middle of the program which disrupted it slightly. I would highly recommend Leila to anyone who’s struggling with their child’s sleep, you won’t regret it!

– Vicky, Mummy to Finley –

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I will start by staying it works! I had my doubts about sleep training but when you’re waking every two hours to settle your baby anything is worth a try, we are so glad we tried.

Leila is so supportive and helpful and really took her time to work with us as a family, from her guidance and ability it is clear she knows what she is doing! The change in our life is immense, Leila’a techniques and dedication helped us achieve sleep in our household.

– Caroline, Mummy to Douglas aged 9 months –

We got in touch with Leila because our three month old was only napping in his pram, often for only 20 minutes, and was waking up a lot in the night. It took a long time to get him to sleep and after multiple night wakes I wasn’t able to put him down after about 4am. I was exhausted and felt terrible for my 3.5yr old that her mummy was always so tired and grumpy.

My friend had recommended Leila and I got in touch hoping my little one would be able to fall asleep more easily and nap in his cot. I was still expecting to have to feed him a few times a night and thought very early mornings were just part of having a baby.

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I can’t believe how far we’ve come! As well as having his naps in the cot, he’s happily falling asleep within minutes and sleeping 12 hours at night. This morning he didn’t wake up until nearly 8am! Leila was so supportive and helpful – she sensitively helped us navigate disruptions from vaccinations and the clocks changing. I’m so pleased we went ahead – we are all so much happier and it’s so lovely to be able to enjoy my happy little baby.

– Clare, Mummy to Toby aged 3 months –

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I have used Leila’s incredible help twice now. Once when my daughter was a newborn and then again at 10 months as we seems to of let some bad habits creep in and sleep was a struggle.

Happily after just a few tweaks here and there we are back to normal!

Leila’s advice, time and compassion has been invaluable to me.

Consistently is key and Leila helps to keep us on track

– Laura, Mummy to Nari aged 9 months –

We’re so grateful for Leila for coaching us through getting our 4 month old to sleep. We had a really tough time sleep wise with our son who’s now 3 and I didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes we made with him. With Leila’s plan and her support our little girl was sleeping through the night and napping well in her cot during the day after the 2 weeks. It’s made a huge difference to our family life, she’s happy and feeds so much better than when her routine was all over the place.

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I expected much more crying and was worried how I’d feel about that as she was so young but it was very gentle and she picked it up after the first new bedtime routine. So far less tears than before when she was always overtired.

– Becky, Mummy to Juno aged 4 months –

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Where do I start….We started off with a baby who slept through the night, and then from 6 months old he would wake numerous times a night. 17 times one night. He wanted cuddles and milk which then resulted in night nappy changes and broken sleep for us all.

At 18 months old we had enough and reached out to friends for help, and one of our friends mentioned she used a sleep specialist called Leila who helped their son.

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Anything was worth a try, although I was a little sceptical as to how someone could coach me over the phone to get my child to sleep, we were exhausted and gave it a shot.

Leila was amazing, explained everything, sympathised and shared her own experiences and was confident she could help. 2 days in and it was a miracle – our little boy was sleeping and we felt amazing after having a full night’s sleep.

It’s now a month on and we are still consistently getting great sleep.

The only regret we have is not contacting Leila sooner.

– Natalie, Mummy to Tate aged 18months –

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Otto, our 4 month old, was feeding constantly through the night – some nights, every hour – and less and less during the day. Naps were becoming increasingly hard, and even when being pushed in the pram or driven he was no longer sleeping. There was just never any down time. Otto had gone from being a really smiley baby to being pretty whiney. We kept putting it down to him being in a leap, or teething, but when we noticed bags under his eyes we realised he was knackered too.

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We knew we needed to flip things about and from reading and speaking to people we were putting into place some practices that were helping slightly, but because of the multitude of opinions coming our way we were second guessing ourselves all the time. When a friend recommended Leila we decided we would put all our faith in her and it was the best thing we could have done. She was so kind in the way she guided us into forming a new rhythm with Otto, and really this new rhythm happened very quickly – after the first 24 hours he was feeding in the day again and sleeping much more of the night, and now at 5 months he will maybe, though increasingly not, wake up for 10 minutes in the night, but settle himself back to sleep. Most importantly Otto’s got his smiles back, and we’re really enjoying being parents again too.

– Meg mummy to Otto aged 4months –

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Thank goodness my sister introduced me to Leila! Leila changed my life.

After two years of very little sleep, I was beginning to feel the effects of sleep deprivation and so was our daughter who was also deeply tired.

From the moment I made contact with Leila, I felt at ease and excited that our daughter’s sleep issues could soon be resolved. Leila produced a two week plan following a 90 minute telephone call and within 24 hours, things were already beginning to change for the better.

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We have just concluded our two weeks with Leila and I’m delighted to say that our daughter now settles herself at nap time and bedtime and she sleeps through the night and we have seen an incredible change in her during the day because she is no longer exhausted and over tired. Previously our daughter at just shy of two years required breast milk and several renditions of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to fall asleep, I would be up with her for a couple of hours during the night and then spend the remainder of the night on her bedroom floor.

Leila is an expert in her field, she goes above and beyond and she has the kindest of hearts. Thank you Leila – we will forever be grateful.

– Robin, Mummy to Maggy aged 2 –

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It’s hard to put into words just how much Leila and her sleep support has helped us.

We were very tired and somewhat broken when we came to Leila for help.

However, her kind and gentle approach coupled with her very detailed and easy to follow sleep plan proved to be a winner! She was there every step of the way and was always happy to tweak the plan to make sure it was just right for our family situation. The result is a little lady who enjoys going to bed and sleeps right through.

Thank you Leila! What a star!

– Beccy Mummy of a 14month old –


You have changed both my baby and my life over the last 2 weeks!! Noor now sleeps through the night and settles herself back to sleep for both naps and night-time and this is a massive win for all the family!!

The first 2 days were the hardest but you coached me through these and I was more than ready to cope with baby’s resistance to sleep. I’ve noticed a turnaround from night 3 where Noor fell asleep by herself after less than 5 minutes and slept a whole night without me bringing her in my bed half way through the night!!

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The next few days have been great too, with a bit of trial and error around nap-times but I stuck to the plan you gave me and it worked!!! Noor is so much happier now and full of energy and so am I!!

We went through the clock change and teething without massive pain neither! I now get at least 11 hours uninterrupted sleep at night every night and her naps are well structured and long enough for her to get her energy back!

Thank you so much Leila I’m forever grateful for you holding my hand and being available days and nights to help me through the sleep mission!!!

– Sophia, Mummy of a 9 month old baby girl –

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Cannot recommend Leila enough!

I’d gone 7 months praying my son would just ‘get better’ at sleeping. We’d have some fab nights of 4-5 hour stretches and then weeks and weeks of waking 1-2 hourly to feed! I was due back to work and desperately seeking help (and sleep!)

Leila was kind, patient and so so supportive, and within 2 weeks my boy was sleeping 11 hours straight AND napping in the day in his own cot!!

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His mood in the day is much less scatty and his milestones are coming on so fast now, which I’m sure has some part to do with how much good sleep he’s getting!

I never felt unable to ask her questions and I never felt unsupported the entire way through our process!

I’d highly recommend to anyone this safe, caring approach to helping both you and your child get a great and well needed nights sleep!!

– Emma Mummy to Jenson aged 8months –

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I can’t recommend Leila highly enough! The changes we were able to make in two weeks with Leila’s support has been incredible! My only regret is not doing this sooner. Our son is now sleeping in his own bed for 12 hours a night and napping during the day! AMAZING!!!! ?

– Nicola, Mummy to Cooper –

Leila, where do I begin? You have been beyond supportive. You have practically lived in our house (via text, phone, email) holding our hand every step of the way.

You’ve been honest, clear, respectful, understanding, a guide when things got tricky and the biggest support to myself and my fiancé.

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Our daughter now sleeps 11 hours straight and is so much happier in herself because she is not constantly sleep deprived.

She is coping with tasks such as shopping much easier because she isn’t naggy or over-tired. We have a much happier household, happier toddler and very happy mummy and daddy.

Thank you for being firm when you needed to be but in the kindest, friendliest way. We cannot thank you enough.

– Gemma, mummy to Poppy-Mae aged 14months –

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100% recommend Leila, her knowledge and support was great and resulted in my daughter finally (10 months old) sleeping in her own cot all night long.

Before Leila helped me get my daughter in to a good routine she would only ever sleep on my chest for naps AND night time which meant a lack of sleep for me but now things are so much easier! I get to spend more time with my family in the evening and also my baby seems so much more content now that she’s sleeping well. thank you Leila! Xx

– Katie, Mummy to Erin 11months old –

What can I say! After reaching breaking point and having not had a good nights sleep in a year we contacted Leila after hearing how well this plan had worked for a friend! Things had got so bad our little one wouldn’t go in her cot and was waking frequently in the night and we regularly ended up sleeping on the sofa with her just to get some sleep! We had no routine and with the hours we work and early starts and late finishes I saw no solution!

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In just two weeks with Leila’s support she is now sleeping through the night and having a 2 hour nap in the day! She falls asleep in no time at all with very little fuss!

She’s doing the same for her grandparents when we work too!

I cannot recommend Leila enough! She’s there every step of the way and is always checking how it’s going and is ready with answers to any questions and to offer support!

Best money we ever spent!!!

– Hayley, Mummy to Mia aged 14months –

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My son is nearly 2 and has never been a good night time sleeper. Daytime naps weren’t really a problem and he would sleep anywhere but it was never at a regular time or for a regular amount of time.

Night wakes were variable from 1 to 3. It would take sometimes over an hour to get him back to sleep. His sleep aid was milk. He would go to sleep drinking it and then would have 2 or 3 bottles in the night. Little did I know how much this was affecting him.

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His moods were often very grumpy due to being over-tired and he was constipated.

In swooped Leila…. and now I have a child who at 1pm lays in his cot, puts himself to sleep (no milk) and wakes at 2. Come 7pm he does the same and we don’t hear from him again until 6am.

I had to deal with a very sceptical husband and various family members but I stood strong and now everyone thinks it is brilliant.

His moods are better, he eats way more in the day and he is no longer constipated. All round this sleep training is money well spent.

Leila is so lovely and couldn’t be more helpful if she tried.

Next baby, I will not be waiting nearly 2 years!

– Jade, Mummy to Harrison aged 23months –

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We contacted Leila after hearing from a friend about the success with their baby’s sleeping. Our 7 month old, Cooper, was waking every 2 hours in the night, required feeding to sleep and would wake up at 5am everyday. Me and my husband were so sleep deprived we were like zombies.

So we enlisted the help of the wonderful Leila and got to work. She made a very hard and emotional situation, super easy and relaxed. The support offered by Leila while guiding you through the process is priceless, and above all IT WORKS!

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We have gone from 1-2 night feeds and waking every 2 hours to sleeping right through till 6am! Life changing for our family. We 100% recommend Leila services for any baby sleeping issues. I feel like a new women!

– Tori, Mummy to Cooper aged 7months –

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Thank you isn’t really enough to cover what a difference Leila has made to our family life! When we contacted her, I was exhausted. My 5.5 month old baby was awake every 30-90 minutes, all night. He was refusing to nap during the day. My husband works away frequently and I was finding solo parenting so difficult, and I realllllly hated the ‘so is he sleeping well?’ question!!

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We weren’t even sure that his sleep issues were fixable, he had never slept more than 3 hours in a row his whole life, but in our first phone conversation Leila reassured us that he was, in fact, perfectly normal and we would be able to improve his sleep. I was excited to start our two weeks, and I wasn’t wrong to be! Within days we could see a huge improvement, in both night time sleep and naps – he was no longer refusing to nap!! I suddenly found myself with time during the day, where I used to be feeding/rocking/walking/driving (you name it, we tried it!) my baby to sleep.

Leila was so helpful and approachable, she was available every day for questions and support, and she was able to help shape my baby’s schedule from 3-4 short naps a day to 2 long naps within a couple of days. I cannot begin to express how much it’s changed my life! My husband is away this week and for the first time since the baby was born I wasn’t dreading it, in fact – I actually looked forward to the evenings to watch what I wanted on tv!

The only negative is that we have now had to cancel the cleaner, because of all the free time I now have!!

Thank you Leila, and thank you babysleepthenight

– Bryony, mummy to Kit aged 5.5months –

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My son is my world and at 13 months old he would soon be joined by his little brother or sister!

When I contacted Leila our son was 11 months old and although easy to settle at night he was still being feed to sleep and his naps during the day were all over the place and short. Night times he would get up maybe twice in a good night and five or six in bad night. At these wakes he would either need to fall asleep on Mum or Dad or be fed to sleep, but this wasn’t a guarantee he would stay settled.

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Leila coached us through the techniques and was so supportive throughout, we couldn’t have done it without her. And now 2 weeks after starting with Leila our son now sleeps 12 hours at night and his naps are longer during the day. He is eating more and generally seems like a happier baby. I’m also managing to get some rest too!

The best money we have spent and wish we had done it sooner.

– Louise, mummy to Felix aged 12 months –

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We are so thankful to have found Leila. Our stubborn five year old was constantly out of bed at bedtimes, finding endless reasons why he needed to get out of bed or talk to us, and just would not settle or go to sleep. He was like a Duracell bunny that just kept on going until eventually, normally around 9.30-10pm his batteries would run out and he’d give in to sleep. This had been going on for well over a year, and he was tired, but still winning the bedtime battle every night.

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Then along came Leila.

Throughout the whole process, right from the initial consultation telephone call, Leila has been a joy to work with – kind, non-judgmental, and reassuring. She was confident that she could get bedtime back on track and drew up a detailed plan for us to follow. We were 100% committed to following the plan, but were still sceptical, thinking ‘she really has met her match with our son’. A switched on, resourceful and tenacious little boy, he did his best to resist the new routine finding new solutions to her changes. We received regular guidance, a tweak here or there to the plan, and daily reassurance, which was wonderful – it really did keep us on track. It took our son longer than most to accept the new routine, due to his age, however after a month of consistently following Leila’s plan, he is now going to bed, staying there and going straight to sleep every night without a fuss. We still can’t quite believe it. A big thank you to Leila for all her help and patience – our son was certainly a tricky case who presented a real challenge! We’d definitely recommend her to anybody with children having sleep difficulties.

– Sam, mummy to Toby aged 5 –

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I can not recommend Leila enough, she is so supportive and always there to help throughout the plan, responding to any question or help you need along the way.

– Katie, mummy to Logan aged 3 –

We can’t recommend Leila enough!

We were apprehensive to start as our daughter is still so young, and had generally been a great sleeper until 3/4months! However Leila reassured us that we were helping our baby’s sleeping habits for life and that a good night sleep was fundamental to her development.

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The plan she set was gentle and after one initial tough bedtime (still taking less than half the usual time) our daughter is sleeping though the night! The real proof has been watching her get herself back to sleep in the middle of the night with no crying at all, even with a bad cold! We are all so well rested, she is so much happier throughout the day, and we are able to the best parents we can be! Thank you so much Leila x

– Ellis Mummy to Roux 4 months –

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Leila, Wow what can I say. Just saying thank you doesn’t seem enough!! You have been absolutely fantastic from start to finish with Jacob’s sleep journey. After 10+ weeks of him sleeping in our bed I thought we would never get him sleeping in his cot again. We had tried so many times with no success. I won’t lie the first night was tough and there was alot of tears (myself included) but it was so worth it. After the first night we had no tears at bed time and as each night went on I could see how he was learning to go to sleep by himself.

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Your support and guidance has been amazing. The way you explained things was so easy to understand and it all made complete sense. As well as sleeping through the night Jacob now also had a 2 hour nap a day in his cot which is lovely as he has never napped in his cot.

I am really confident with the new sleep routine and am so pleased and relieved with how well it has all worked out.

I would highly recommend you to anyone that is struggling with their little ones sleep. Your positivity is incredible and that played a massive part in us sticking to the plan.

Thank you so so much. What you have done for us is greatly appreciated x x

– Michelle, mummy to Jacob aged 15 months –

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I saw Leila’s advert on Facebook offering her service and I was really interested.

I was struggling with my 18 month old daughter not sleeping through the night and waking up for bottles and dummy’s all night. This was resulting in her not eating much during the day and she was just in an awful routine. I had tried everything but she just wouldn’t give up her bottle and dummy.

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From the first phone call I had with Leila she was so understanding and reassuring and told me it wasn’t my fault. The plan she made up for my daughter seemed scary but she was with me every step of the way. Any time I needed her she was there to give me advice.

When I was told we were going to take the dummy and bottle away I was very sceptical and worried. The first night my daughter cried for 45 mins but not screaming and only woke a couple of times but put herself back to sleep.

My daughter now sleeps through the night and it’s the best thing I ever decided to do both for myself and her.

I would highly recommend Leila, she made the whole thing so much easier and I have her to thank that my daughter now sleeps through the night.

Best money I ever spent and we now have a happy mummy and daddy and a happy daughter. She’s eating so much more, she’s full of energy every day and bed times are now enjoyable rather than stressful.

Thank you Leila xxxx

– Kylie, Mummy to Lola 18months –

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Ok so being mum already of a 10 year old and 14 year old falling pregnant with a third baby I though I had it covered, thought I knew what I was doing!

I was naïve as to how much my life style and living environment had changed since having my last child. In my view Meg was a “difficult baby” a “nightmare at night time” she was waking up at night and we were all struggling, especially Meg. It was not until I had a chat with Leila that I found out the night time struggle could be manged and that with a consistent plan was all that was needed.

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Leila is kind, understanding and I did not feel judged. For the first time I felt like I had control of the sleep situation. I was guided by Leila and now have the confidence to support Meg at night time. Meg is now such a happy baby and both her and her sisters get to enjoy a well rested mama.

Leila we cannot thank you enough for your help.

– Lisa, Mummy to Meg 15 months (names changed for privacy) –

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I can’t recommend Leila highly enough.

She is the most kind and patient person you could have the pleasure to work with. She explains clearly all her methods and always ensures you fully understand how and why they are going to work. Even if it gets a little bit tricky Leila is on hand to set you straight again.

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If you are having any difficulty with your baby sleeping, I would not hesitate in contacting Leila for her expertise, guidance and caring support.

– Maria, Mummy to William 17 months –

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