Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

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Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

Helen Redhead BSc Midwifery

I have worked in the NHS as a midwife for over 10 years, this has been a privilege and given me a wealth of experience with caring for neonates and families. I continue to practise as a midwife alongside my sleep consultancy business, therefore also understanding the pressures of the working mum!

Why sleep consultancy? Well, my first daughter wasn’t the best sleeper, and the sleep deprivation began to take its toll: my mental health suffered, my relationship suffered and I didn’t feel like the best mum I could be! So, I got help. Within a few days my daughter was a happier, more contented child; she cried less and slept so well I couldn’t believe it.

Everything changed. I was able to get my health back on track, my relationship improved and the prospect of returning to work didn’t feel quite so much of a challenge anymore.

When Baby 2 came along, this time I implemented everything I knew early on, and it was such a better experience. By 4 months I had a baby sleeping through the night and taking longer naps on her own. This was a game changer especially with a toddler too!

Having been where you are now, I can’t wait to work with you and share my knowledge in sleep to get you all the sleep you deserve.

If you would like to arrange a 15-minute, no-obligation call to discuss your child’s sleep issues please get in touch. I do have further weekly availability for this call if you can please contact me by email or phone call.



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Helen is a miracle worker! We had been in a routine of going to bed with our baby since he was born, but as he approached 5 months we wanted our evenings back. In addition, our baby was a habitual cat napper. Within a few days, our baby had mastered the new nighttime routine, which gave us our evenings back and had started making real progress on naps. By the end of two-week period, we have seen incredible steps taken toward our 5-month old moving 2 longer naps a day, from the 4 naps we were having to work so hard for previously. I will recommend you to anyone that asks!


– Rebecca, mum of Otto –

We came across Helen via Facebook as our little boy was 4 months and sleep was a challenge. He would not sleep during the day or night with ease, we had resorted to co-sleeping and this still hadn’t really helped. Helen was very knowledgeable and listened to what our worries were and was there to help. She gave us initial advice and wrote it down as we can be forgetful and that was perfect.

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With her help and support our little boy was sleeping through the night! Naps are still a work in progress but we are on the right path with extra advice Helen has given us.

We have learnt so much and are equipped to support our little boy as he grows and develops. So, a big thank you Helen!

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– Becky, Mum of Ezra –

Helen (but I call her sleep whisperer) is a very thorough sleep consultant. She collected all the necessary information and prepared plan for our baby. He had problem with day naps and night sleep, mostly because of our inconsistency. We took him to our bed as a soon as he whined and we were feeding him 3 times at night. After Helen’s proposal, it seemed for us like mission impossible and we thought that it will never be accomplished after first few nights. but with the time going on, our baby boy became more settled, and with the suggestions he stopped to wake up.

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Helen also took into account our emotional worries and reassured us with literature and research about sleep training, so we have never felt left out. Sleep training it’s not only about baby, but about family in general, isn’t it.

Now, Edward is happy and well-rested boy, who develops and grows very quickly and sleeps through the night as so are we.

We highly recommend sleep training with Helen, it’s really worth it.

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– Kasia, mum of Edward –

We were certain our position with our 2-yr old girls sleep would never improve. Her sleep time only arriving with breastfeeding between 8pm & 10pm, and wake ups to sleep in Mummy’s bed throughout the night again with Breastfeeding.

We never considered something as simple as moving our little girl back into a cot rather than a bed would make the biggest difference. This coupled with a very detailed plan for each set of days 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10 onwards with consultations between, meant we had up to date improvement advice regularly.

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We had issues and we made mistakes, but Helen worked with us to iron these out and before we realised it, we had a toddler who would fall asleep within 10mins of being put to bed and would self sooth throughout the night.

Most importantly Mummy and Daddy can sleep in the same bedroom for the first time in two years.

Thank you so much Helen.

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– Rich & Gemma parents of Molly –