Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

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Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

Gemma Wade BSc (Hons)

Being a mother of two, I fully understand how difficult and tiring being a parent can be. I understand how precious our children are to us and my aim is to help parents give their children (and themselves) one of the best gifts they can – the ability to sleep.

My interest in children’s sleep originated from having my first baby, who was a truly terrible sleeper. At the time I hadn’t realised there was any help available and so I just accepted that having a baby meant having no sleep! I suffered with post-natal depression.

I then went on to have a second baby – another terrible sleeper and when she turned 6 months old I sought help as I could no longer function on such little sleep.  It was affecting my relationship with my son and my husband and teaching her to sleep well truly changed my life. I soon realised this depression was purely due to lack of sleep.  At this point I had become obsessed with sleep (or lack thereof) and this obsession led me towards a new career.

Teaching your child great sleep skills does not have to be traumatic, babies and children need to feel secure, safe and happy in order to sleep well and the methods I teach are gentle and caring, whilst still giving your child room to learn.

As a mother of two, I know how awful it feels when your child is awake all night but also how wonderful it feels when they are finally sleeping through the night. As your Sleep Consultant I will assess your child’s current routine and really get to know their needs and your concerns. I will then be able to help you implement a comprehensive Personalised Sleep Plan, specifically tailored to your baby. You will learn how to help your child to become confident, independent sleepers and in turn you will feel confident, empowered, supported and well rested.

I am based in the West Midlands but work with families from the UK and all over the world. If I am not able to visit you in your home we can just as successfully work together via Skype. I also know how difficult it is to find time in the day due to lack of childcare or work commitments and therefore offer evening and weekend consultations.

I have been personally trained by Karen Bramall, the founder of Baby Sleep the Night who has a decade of experience and whose methods have been used worldwide by thousands of families to quickly and easily solve their children’s sleep problems.

I’d be delighted to offer you a FREE 15 minute consultation to discuss your child’s needs and how I can help.

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Our daughter, age 3, was having some difficulties going to sleep and staying in her own bed. Since the arrival of a new baby in the family, she had begun to wake frequently wanting to go into her daddy’s bed. Initially this wasn’t a problem, and at 4-5am daddy would take her to bed. Over time she started waking earlier and earlier until we got to the stage where she refused to go to sleep in her own bed, and would be in daddy’s bed from 9pm. After our initial FaceTime conversation with Gemma we were reassured that we would be able to get our daughter sleeping well again. The plan Gemma gave us was described in detail and she helped us understand where things had gone wrong and why strategies were going to be used. It was complicated in some respects but clearly written down step by step so we were able to follow it easily. We felt comfortable and confident with what was going to happen.

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Gemma offered us a range of strategies, some more gentle than others, but the plan was going to have to involve some crying. Before getting Gemma’s help we had tried a number of gentle strategies including sitting in the room with her, sitting outside the room and holding her hand, but none of these had worked as our stubborn little madam knew how to get what she wanted. What I liked about the plan was strategies to specifically engage our toddler so that she felt positive about bedtime and really wanted to stay in her bed all night. The first night was pretty awful, but we saw improvement night on night. She is now sleeping well and going to bed much easier and quicker, with no drama. She is well rested and is proud of herself for staying in her bed all night.

Gemma was so supportive along the way and helped guide us through the process. She facilitated us to do, what we knew we needed to do, through a step by step plan and we are so grateful for her support.

– From Sarah, Mummy to Poppy aged 3 – Hagley –

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It’s absolutely a MASSIVE thank you from both of us. Since we last spoke little Esme has done two more “all nighters” and this time both Ellie and I slept well too….wonders never cease. We never would have thought that we’d be in this position after the terrible sleep journey we had before. The other thing we’ve noticed is the massive improvement in Esme’s cognitive function since shes been sleeping well. Shes more attentive, her hand motions are more precise, she has more energy and can sit upright for a long time…just loads of improvements.

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I couldn’t recommend your course any higher and loved the way you told us things straight which meant we fully understood what was needed and why. It was a pleasure and we’ll check in every now and again to let you know how well Esme is doing.
Again a huge thank you from, our now well rested, little family xx

Best wishes

– Ken, Ellie and little Esme –

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I cannot recommend using Gemma’s programme and expertise enough. Two weeks ago my baby girl was waking up 4-6 times a night, could only feed to sleep, had no schedule in the day and both me and her were frazzled. After 48 hours of working with Gemma everything had changed! I had a plan and support to help me implement it, it was genuinely easy to do with Gemma’s support. She was there with an answer to every question, and gave me the confidence to handle any bumps along the way. My baby girl now sleeps 12 hours at night and naps for 3 hours a day. She is much happier and so am I. I am so grateful to Gemma and wholeheartedly recommend her!

– Sinead, mum to a baby girl. –

Gemma’s sleep plan was really gentle and most importantly worked on our very stubborn 2 year old! We wish we’d contacted her a year earlier. It’s truly life changing having a good sleeper and we can’t thank her enough.

If you’re debating using a sleep consultant, just go for it! You won’t look back.

– Kate & James –

We are both working parents who were surviving on 3-5 hours broken sleep taking it in turns to look after our 15 month old during the night who would wake for at least 2 hours at a time needing to be rocked back to sleep or worse still ended up in our bed.

A friend at work recommended Gemma and said it would change your life and couldn’t recommend it enough. We were at breaking point so was hopeful and had an excitement that we would hopefully get some order in our lives and sleep!

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Gemma was brilliant, she explained all the steps needed to go through and explained why it would work. She was on hand to answer any questions or address problems that had occurred that night. She was positive about the product that she offered and it didn’t fail.

Our 15 month old now has a regular nap time that will last between one hour and a half to two hours during the day which we never had and regular 11 hour sleep during the night minus any illnesses.

You need to stick to the plan or it wont work. There should be no hesitation in speaking with Gemma and getting that help. She and her product are amazing and agree it will change your life.

– Emma, Lucy and 15 month old Oliver –

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We contacted Gemma when our baby boy was 7.5 months old after coming across her page on Google after one particularly bad night. He wasn’t a terrible sleeper for a newborn but at around 3 or 4 months the sleep regression hit and he never recovered. We’d tried desperately for months to form some sort of routine but nothing was working and he was still waking through the night, sometimes hourly and never more than 3 hours. Co-sleeping and feeding him to sleep were the only ways for us to get any rest but we knew it wasn’t sustainable. Every day we were absolutely exhausted and struggling to have enough energy to get through the day.

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We got ourselves a bit confused about the right thing to do, we needed some clarity and Gemma made every step so easy for us to follow the plan. We put all our trust into Gemma’s routine and it’s the best decision we ever made. She was easy to talk to, flexible, down to earth and she’s amazing at what she does. We started to see improvements even on the first night and after two weeks he was sleeping through the night consistently.

Not only are the nights better, he’s like a different baby in the day. From being overtired and a little hyperactive, he’s now more content and rested and will actually sit and play with his toys or stay for a cuddle.

After 8 difficult months thanks to Gemma we now have our life back and even feel confident enough in his new sleeping abilities to arrange our first date night since before he was born, something that seemed a million miles away two weeks ago. She has literally changed our lives and arguably saved our relationship.

If you are struggling, please contact Gemma. You will not regret it.

– Matt and Emma parents to Marley 8 months West Midlands –

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Right from birth Olivia never slept well or napped much more than 20 minutes at a time, even when being held. I would usually have to pace around for endless amounts of time just to get her off to sleep for her to wake straight back up as soon as I stopped. From four months she was waking at least 6 times throughout the night, sometimes even after 45 minutes where she would wake up screaming & would struggle to settle whatever I did. Things became desperate & started to impact on our family life.

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When I got in touch with Gemma I wasn’t expecting Olivia to go through the night, I would have been happy with one or even two wakes, I just needed some chunks of sleep in order to survive!

Gemma was absolutely amazing & tailored a plan for a more gentle approach which was important to me. Olivia took to it so well that within a couple of days she was only waking once & by day five she just naturally dropped her feeds altogether as she wasn’t waking for them, she even had up to two hours at nap times which had never happened before!

The whole time Gemma was on the other end of the phone to guide me along the way & that additional support made all the difference if things changed or needed to be adapted, but mostly just to have that reassurance & someone to check in with you.

The greatest thing to come from it has been the change in her. She is now a completely different baby, so much happier & content. I can’t thank Gemma enough for all her help & support & I urge anyone who is struggling to reach out & not to suffer in silence, it certainly saved me!

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We contacted Gemma when our 11 month old son was struggling to sleep at night more than 3 hours, I was not breast feeding but feed him solids from 6 months and he drank formular milk from 3 months. So many people gave us different advise. I struggled with sleeping and couldn’t take it anymore. A friend suggested to contact a sleeping consultant, Gemma. I explained that I am really struggling and explained every detail. Gemma came up with a plan. I was reluctant at first only because I tried everything. The 1st night he slept 6hours straight…. now he is sleeping 11 hours at night. I finally got my life back and feel rested. I cannot believe it! I am amazed with Gemma’s work/plan. The good thing is that she was contactable with any thing I didnt understand or needed re assurance. Gemma held my hands all the way. 2 weeks later he has a routine that works and he is more calmer. I am sooo grateful Gemma. All mothers out there, do not struggle. I promise you it works! it is worth every penny!.

– Maggie mum to 10 month old baby Xavier London –

Our baby was almost 5 months old when we first reached out to Gemma. We were both extremely sleep deprived and knew we couldn’t carry on with the way things were. From a young age we’d had problems with Colic and found the only way to get him to sleep would be a sling, rocking, feeding or walking him until he fell asleep on us, we would then have to get him into his cot without waking him. He’d wake not long after being put down and the whole drama would start again. From around 2am he would be up every hour wanting milk or comfort.

Day time naps were all over the place and he’d often scream when going into the pram or car if he was tired. It felt like a never ending battle we found ourselves sick of talking about sleep and how tired we were. Albie was cranky and often had meltdowns if we tried to take him anywhere.

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By almost 5 months we knew we had to do something not only for us but for him. He didn’t know how to go to sleep and I remember the phone call with Gemma, I was nervous but desperate to get started. Once we had the consultation we committed 100% to the plan. The first time Albie got himself to sleep on night one was hard but we stuck with the plan from then on he has been amazing. It was almost like he just needed a chance to figure it out by himself. He decided sleep was the best thing in the world. He sleeps between 10-11 hours every night now. It’s magical!

We were amazed at how quickly he was going to sleep independently, it can take as little as 5 minutes, whereas before we’d spend 30 plus minutes trying to get him to sleep. He puts himself to sleep for all of his naps which have improved massively. The biggest improvement is that he is a happier, calmer baby. Our family and friends have noticed how much happier Albie is and in turn we are happier, as we are no longer sleep deprived and can enjoy our little boy. He now sleeps in the car and pram.

Having the guidance and advice from Gemma has literally changed our lives. We’ve now got the confidence to have family come and babysit so we can go out for a meal. We’ve also booked our first family holiday!

We would recommend Gemma to anyone who has a little one not sleeping well. It is life changing. Thank you from all of us!

– Lucy, Mum to Albie, West Midlands –

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We used Gemma when my son was 3 months old. Since he was born he never really settled anywhere other than on me, he hated the moses basket. I slept on the setee for 4 weeks with him on my chest, which was the hardest thing ever. Every time he was tired he would scream for about 20 mins, we would rock him, give him a dummy and play white noise to settle him. As soon as we put him down he would wake up and we would have to go through the same process again. It was heartbreaking to see him so upset. Every night was so different. We would try and get into a routine and it wouldn’t happen. I felt my 4 yr old daughter was losing time with us and it was starting to affect our family. The mornings were just as bad trying to do the school run was horrendous, some mornings i didn’t have time to brush my teeth. We were all over the place.

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Despite me trying so hard to get into a routine. It was affecting my mental health really bad. I was crying on the way back from the school run most days and my family was concerned. My dad would come down to hold him so i could just have a shower. I started going for a walk after the school run just so he would sleep but everytime i stopped he would wake up. My friends had used Gemma and she came highly recommended. I discussed it with my partner and told him i couldn’t carry on like this anymore. It was killing me, and i felt so guilty for my daughter even tho she was fine.

I had my 15 min chat with Gemma and straight away i felt a connection, and she understood. We booked in the consultation and my bf booked time of work so we could start it. We started on the Tuesday night after our consultation.

On the 2nd night he slept through from 7 til 7 with no bottle. I was awake all night panicking lol. We couldn’t believe it. We started with his naps to. It was the hardest but best thing we have done. We are nearly 3 weeks into our routine and things are amazing. He has 3 naps in his cot between 1 -2 hrs. He is drinking all of his bottles, he wakes up happy and refreshed smiling. He is still sleeping through of a night between 11-12 hrs even through the heatwave we have had.

The impact this has had on our family is unbelievable. We get quality time with both children now and enjoy cuddles, were as before it was always to get him to sleep. Me and my partner now have time together on an evening and can eat together and relax. My mental health is so much better. We put our son down awake and no dummy and there is no crying anymore he goes to sleep. If he does wake up he settles himself back to sleep. Gemma has been a great support through this process and has given us and our son the gift of sleep. She was on holiday and still emailing us and checking in. This has been the best thing we have ever done for our family. I can’t recommend her enough. Pls don’t struggle through. There is help xxx

– Laura mum to Frazer 3 months old, west midlands –

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From the age of 1, my daughter never slept very well and we tried everything to get her to sleep, and to get her to stay in her own bed and to not need rocking and hand holding, and we completely lost our evenings trying to get her to sleep and stay asleep. We eventually had her in our bed just so we could sleep but she didn’t sleep well enough, so became a very miserable toddler.
Gemma was recommended to me and it was the best thing we ever did, and the best money we ever spent.

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Gemma’s daily support was amazing, her encouragement and reassurance was defiantly needed. Her plan was written out in great detail so we really understood what we were doing and what we were trying to achieve, and how toddlers little intelligent brains work! Gemma made me feel relaxed and comfortable during all our calls, facetimes and messages and not once did I feel judged. We were astonished that by night 3, she slept through!! Her plan was easy to follow, for both me and my husband, it was a million times simpler than what I’d been doing for nearly a year!

A few months on now, and she’s continued to sleep 7-7, even though an illness, we still remained in routine and she stayed in her bed and slept well. My only regret is that we didn’t contact Gemma sooner as we could have saved ourselves a lot of stress and gained a lot of sleep!
Thank you so much Gemma, you are an absolute diamond!!

– Lottie Mum to 2.5 year old ruby from Brighton –

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We contacted Gemma as our 7 month old son, George was waking every hour through the night as he couldn’t self soothe. I was breastfeeding him to sleep and had to feed him each time he cried in the night to ensure we got some kind of rest. He did not have regular nap times during the day and all of this was putting a lot of strain on our family. Gemma tailored a plan for us and in a very short space of time George started sleeping through the night as well as having good quality naps at consistent times during the day.

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We can now put him down wide awake and he will get himself to sleep without any external aid within a couple of minutes; it’s incredible! Gemma is an amazing person, one of life’s special souls. She is so knowledgeable, professional and caring and has a passion for helping people in our situation. If you are struggling with any kind of baby and toddler sleep issues do not hesitate to contact Gemma. She will guide and support you through a process that will change your lives and give your baby or child “the gift of sleep”.

– Liz mum to 7 month old boy George, Evesham –

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When we first called Gemma I had got to the point that I was feeding Ty to sleep every time he woke up and I was co-sleeping with him at night, something that was causing me great anxiety. I was generally very anxious due to lack of sleep. We had tried to sleep train Ty before with the help of my mum, who sleep trained me, but we had limited success and I felt I really needed the support of someone who had more experience and expertise.

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Gemma provided us with a very comprehensive plan which was totally foolproof, we quickly realised some mistakes we were making. Her plan made it impossible for us to fall back to old bad habits. We were able to sit with Ty while we were training him. I was really nervous about starting so I told my husband he had to do night 1. When he came into the kitchen after 20 minutes and told me he was asleep I was gobsmacked. He had fallen asleep on night 1 quicker than he had been with me feeding him to sleep.

Night 2 I was even more gobsmacked when he slept through the night without a peep. Since night 2 he has slept through for 12 hours every night! He does 2x 2 hour naps a day and a 45 min one. Sometimes he cries because he is tired but calms as soon as I lay him in his bed. He even settles really easily in new places, including our camper van.

Sleep is no longer an issue for us, we just get on with our lives. I get to spend the evening with my husband and I am no longer an anxious mum, I am thoroughly enjoying motherhood and feel I can be present and engaged with Ty everyday. Gemma was really supportive and I am so glad we got it done when he was 4 months instead of wasting years of mine and my child’s life being tired.

– Rachael mum to 4 month old Ty –

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At 10 months, our daughter stopped sleeping in her own bed after we let her sleep in our bed for a few nights when she was poorly. We contacted Gemma, as we were at our wits end and were feeling like we were going to just be one of those families that don’t sleep well. Gemma worked with us from the very first first phone call and taylored the sleep plan to our family. Gemma was there for us throughout the process. She was understanding, supportive and made changes the plan to us throughout, to suit our daughter’s sleep. Our daughter now is able to put herself to sleep, sleeps through the night and wakes up happy. She is calmer and happier through the day and we are no longer tired!

– Sarah mum to Edie, 10 months old, Worcestershire –

Gemma is a miracle worker!! After over a year of our 2 year old now 3 not sleeping on her own, waking throughout the night, Gemma developed a really comprehensive, structured plan to follow and within 2 weeks we had her sleeping 7 until 7 !!! Gemma listened, supported and encouraged!! Amazing help, thank you so much!

– Sarah, mum of 3 year old Olivia –

After 16 months of sleepless nights we had succumbed to the fact that our baby was just a terrible sleeper and hoped it was something she would grow out of. After a recommendation from a friend we decided to give Gemma and go and haven’t looked back! The progress our baby made in just a few days was unbelievable without the need for ‘crying it out’. She now consistently sleeps through the night without fail.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gemma to anyone.

– Natalie – Mum of 16 month old Isla, Worcester –

My 2-year-old daughter had been a troublesome sleeper from the moment she was born. It didn’t matter if it was night time or nap time she would cry, scream and make it almost impossible to get her to sleep. We would have to rock, sing, pat, stroke, hum and several other things just to be able to get her in her cot and leave the room, which at times took over an hour. And it never lasted long as she would be up several times throughout the night and then an eye watering early wake the next morning. At 20 months old she decided to stop napping in the house all together and would only fall asleep in the car which was really frustrating.

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Just before her 2nd birthday my husband and I had had just about enough as it was really affecting our relationship. Constantly being tired and having very different ways of getting her to sleep was causing so many issues. I came across Gemma on Instagram. I’d looked into sleep training before but being an incredibly anxious person, I just didn’t think I could cope with it.

As Gemma offered a free consultation, I didn’t think we had anything to lose so booked it. After speaking to Gemma on the phone, I saw a glimmer of hope! She made me feel like it wasn’t too late to start and that we weren’t the terrible parents we thought we were! Gemma’s continued encouragement and support made us so much stronger and kept us going. After 2 weeks, we now follow a bedtime routine that is fun and enjoyable but mainly our little girl goes to sleep on her own in her cot for bed time and nap time. We are able to say goodnight and walk out the room with her happy and sleepy which we never thought would happen! I cannot recommend Gemma enough! Thank you so much!

– Katie, mum to 2 year old girl –

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Life changing!…. we have two boys a 7-month-old and an almost 3yo…before Gemma I was basically feeding my baby every 1-2 hours all night long (breastfeeding so husband could not help even though he wanted to) and was not napping well or consistently in the day. I was also always worried about waking my older son Aaron up with the cries over night or early in the morning. We were all super exhausted including the boys. My husband and I were mentally drained and exhausted. I was not myself and I felt like I was being a terrible short fused mum, wife and person as I was essentially torture-tired!

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I reached breaking point and decided to seek help, looking at sleep help in the middle of the night I found baby sleep the night, reviewed the consultants (who all seem amazing) and decided to go with Gemma as her background resonated with me.

Gemma was fantastic! we saw results on the first night, it was a little hard for about an hour but it was not leave them to cry it out process. It was about being present but still allowing your baby to adjust to the change. Aiden has literally slept through the night since (its been almost 6 weeks since this first night). I stopped feeding him during the night that first night too and never again since. Gemma gave us a routine to follow after hearing our scenario and was so supportive. She was available throughout the 2 weeks, would reply immediately or send messages all the time. Adjustments were made along the way, support and advice when needed based on any scenario given e.g. starts waking early.

Aidens naps also fell into place – maybe took longer than the night sleep but also started sleeping good naps within a few days and now he is having his full naps … it’s like he loves sleep but never knew it!

In the couple of weeks after Gemma’s support and guidance I felt more confident in how to make adjustments and also understand his sounds (moans and cries) with regards to when to react and when to wait. It feels amazing to finally have unbroken sleep and we are all so much happier and ourselves again. Even Aaron gets more sleep now.

I cannot recommend seeking help enough. I wish I did with my first son and every opportunity I get I tell my story. It feels like we are failing if we ask for help but it is not easy and its not failing! Gemma is so lovely, understanding and supportive and I am so happy we did not break her 100% success streak! Please Please get the support, you won’t regret it and it will give you your life and mental health back.

– Lisa – mum to 6 month old Aiden from Iver –

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I found Gemma through a baby class I attend. As soon as we had the first phone call I knew it was the right decision. Gemma listened to our problems and reassured me that she’d seen it before. When going through the options for the sleep plan, Gemma clearly explained everything and helped find the options that suited us best. The phone call and sleep plan were thorough and I felt equipped for the first night. We went from spending hours rocking our son to sleep, endless bottles and dummies and at least 4 wakings a night to him sleeping from 7-7 in about two nights as well as a solid two hour nap in the day. I always felt that Gemma was on the end of the phone. She’d text daily to check how things were going and answered any questions that came up. It’s not an exaggeration to say it has completely changed my life! Bedtimes are calm, relaxed and actually enjoyable. A real routine with wake ups, naps and bedtimes makes the day so much easier to plan. More importantly my little boy is like a different child. He’s so much happier and settled. Thank you!

– Wallis, mum to 13 month old Jaxon, Droitwich –

After continuously moaning to my best friend about my children, 6 and 3 year old girls. I’ve always had to sit with my 6 year old since she moved into a “big girl “ bed and it was the normal thing to do also one small complication is she is deaf and thought she needed the reassurance of been there. My 3 year old cottoned on to this so would play me to sit in the room with until she fell asleep. This could take up to an hour by then my 6 year old was looking for me and disturbing my 3 year old. So for ease we put them in the same room which we thought would stop my 6 year old walking the night coming into our room.

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After some time and still having the odd nap, my 3 year old would play me and still be up at 10pm….. after 3 months both my husband and I were getting fed up with this… so my friend suggested Gemma.

I messaged Gemma and within 20 mins Gemma had messaged back. We arranged a telephone call and Gemma was amazing listening to everything I was struggling with getting my children to sleep. We arranged a consultation and within 24 hours Gemma had put my children’s sleep plan together.

Gemma was at the end of the phone to answer any questions I had about my sleep plan and the first night was much easier than i thought! I thought this can’t be right. I followed the plan set out and with Gemma’s encouragement and plan I now have 2 children who fall asleep on their own and sleep through the night!

Gemma is really easy to talk too, understands what your saying she’s reassuring and firm when she needs to be. Gemma is very easy to contact.
With Gemma’s help we finally have evenings back to ourselves again!

Gemma proved that routines do work … she’s proof of that.
I would recommend Gemma highly, and her services and what she offers!

Many thanks for all your help Gemma!

– Emma, mum to Esmae 3 and Grace 6, Blackpool –

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From multiple wakes overnight, cosleeping, dummy/rocking/feeding to sleep, short naps and one very tired mummy…my baby now sleeps through the night and has proper naps in the day in her own room! Thank you Gemma for helping us through this process. It wasn’t easy but having Gemma there to reassure and guide us over the two weeks made a lot of difference and we can’t believe the turnaround even in the first few days. Thank you!

– Krupa, mum to Indi, 7 months old –

My husband and I contacted Gemma out of sleep-deprived desperation! We had already tried some sleep training previously which hadn’t gone well and we hadn’t received any support from the consultant that we had gone through. In December we had to stay in hospital for a couple of nights which had a negative impact on sleep. As a result, our 9 month old’s sleep was awful. He could take an hour to go to sleep and then would often wake up within the hour. Come 11pm he wouldn’t go back in his cot and so I had to sleep sat up-right, holding and feeding him for the rest of the night. He also would not sleep in his cot and had to be held for every nap! Safe to say we were skeptical about paying for any more sleep training.

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Gemma got back to me very quickly to organise a free 15 minute phone call which we had later that evening. As soon as I began speaking to Gemma I knew we would be able to work with her as she was friendly, understanding and knowledgeable. The call ended up going over the 15 minutes but Gemma never tried to hurry it along or cut it short. I didn’t need time to think about if I wanted to continue with Gemma, I knew I did so she sent us a very thorough questionnaire so she could fully understand our situation and compile a sleep plan for us.

Having completed the questionnaire, we organised a time for a Video Consultation where we could go through the plan together and discuss anything we needed to. Again, Gemma was thorough, friendly and informative. We decided to start that night.

We followed everything Gemma said, the first night it took 40 minutes for our son to go to sleep, he woke up a few hours later so my husband went in and followed the plan. After an hour he went back to sleep and we didn’t go back in to him until 7am! We were amazed!!

It has now been 2.5 weeks and other than the first night, we have only had to go in to him once during the night and that was to give him some medicine as he was cutting a tooth.

Gemma was with us every step of the way via email, WhatsApp and phone calls, helping us to work out the ideal nap times and bedtime as well as providing heaps of encouragement and information.

We feel so thankful to Gemma. We have our evenings back and go to bed knowing with confidence that I won’t be awake within the hour to feed/comfort him. I know that I can put him in his cot twice a day and he will have a nap (albeit a short one sometimes but we’ll continue to work on naps). The whole family is happier and getting more sleep, and our boy is finally getting the restorative sleep he so badly needs!

If you’re reading this wondering if it’s worth contacting Gemma, then I would absolutely recommend her! We never thought it would work so well and so quickly!
Thank you Gemma x

– Jade and John parents to Arthur aged 9.5 months –

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Gemma was easy to talk to, listened to our challenges and took time to understand our outcomes. She developed a really simple but effective plan that has given us the principals and routine we needed. Our 3.5yr old is finally capable of falling asleep on her own and in her own bed all night. Something we didn’t think was possible and has had such a positive impact on our whole family. Thank you so much Gem xx

– Gemma – Mum to Lela, 3.5 years old –

Our daughter was a week past her first birthday, she is my second and it took me 3 years to get my son to sleep. I was a few weeks off going back to work and from Christmas and pretty broken. She woke 5 times plus a night and ‘demanded’ aka screamed until I gave her some bottle and over the night she sometimes would have 3 bottles. Lily had developed a habit of making herself sick by placing hand in mouth to get attention when she wanted to get out of cot or high chair and I was lost on how to manage it. I had done some reading when she was younger (because my son was horrific) and had attempted to train (patting back, watering down milk, trying to resettle), nothing really worked and definitely not for long. She napped at what was supposed to be ‘the right times’ according to well known baby sleep apps etc. She went to bed when she was supposed to and I was spending an hour plus getting her to actually sleep and she’d be crying within 2 hours again. While trying to fend back my older toddler and get him to bed and eat myself and then attempt some ‘me’ time…..clearly it didn’t happen. I couldn’t see what a sleep trainer could do more…but as I said before I was broken, tired, depressed and at my limit.

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I called Gemma on the Thursday, we agreed to our review/implement call on the Sunday morning. That night I was prepared for 5/10 days of awful. Night one to get her to sleep it took about 60-90 mins, not easy at points but we stuck to it. She briefly woke twice that night but we followed the advice and we didn’t have to get out of bed as she self settled….she slept to nearly 6am (it had been 5am for months)….I couldn’t believe it, Night 1! I was prepped for night 2, it had to be awful right…nope! She went to sleep within 20mins….and didn’t wake all night…that was circa 3 weeks ago and I’ve had to get out of bed once in that whole time…. so in short, the best money we’ve ever spent. It’s changed our whole family life and enabled me to start working out how I can become me again!

– Sarah, mum to 1 year old Lily, Mayo Ireland –

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When our daughter climbed out of her cot 2 nights in a row we were forced to remove the side and move to big girls bed sooner than we would have liked. This was when our wonderful sleeper went from 12-13 hours sleep a night to being a nightmare to get to go to bed as she just kept getting out and then she woke and got out of bed frequently in the night resulting in myself or my husband sleeping on her bedroom floor just so we could her some sleep. After a month of thinking it was just a phase and trying all the tricks we could think of to get her to stay in bed and failing, we decided to call Gemma. We knew Gemma could help us as Gemma’s plan helped create our amazing 12-13 hour little sleeper when she was 14 months and waking every 2 hours!

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The first plan was tough but worked fast so it was short term pain for amazing gain. Gemma warned us the bed/toddler plan was harder and took longer, so we were prepared and Gemma was with us every step of the way. Gemma was of course right, it was harder, my little girl has very strong will power and she didn’t give in easily, it did take longer, 2 weeks to get the final result we wanted but we did see improvements after a few days. Gemma was amazing, we were in touch daily and with Gemma’s support we kept to the plan and I am pleased to say we have a happy sleeping household again.

Gemma has supported us in between these two plans too, giving us tips for when the clocks change, tips on jetlag when we went on a longhaul flight for our honeymoon and tips on nap transition when our little girl dropped her final nap.

I have no hesitation recommending Gemma to anyone who is struggling with any sleep related issues with their children. Gemma is a true professional.

– Andy and Carla, mum and dad to 2.5 year old Lottie, Hagley –

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I would like to say thanks so much for all your effort supporting and helping me to implement the sleep program with our 9 month old son. He adapted so well in such a short space of time, and was able to self soothe, sleep through the night from 7am to 7pm and also have consistent naps each day at the same time!!!

I would definitely recommend your service to other parents that I know, as you were so helpful and knowledgeable to help make this all happen!

– Suu in London, mum to 9 month old Marcus –

We got help from Gemma for both our daughters. Our eldest daughter was still not sleeping through the night when she was 14 months old and with Gemma’s help and advice, she started sleeping through almost straight away. We couldn’t believe it and our only regret was that we didn’t get her help sooner. So when we were having sleep difficulties with our youngest daughter at 8 months old this year, we sought her help again.

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Our daughter’s day and night sleep were ok but it was a bit of a lottery as to how long she would sleep for and whether or not she would settle herself to sleep. She had also never slept through the night and would feed at least once every night and it could take hours to settle her back to sleep.

Within the first week of following the advice from Gemma, she no longer needed milk during the night, she could get herself back to sleep if she woke in the night and she had slept through the night a few times. We couldn’t believe it and it’s amazing how much more energy we have now we are getting proper sleep each night!

Gemma was really supportive throughout the whole process and she was so responsive whenever we had any questions. I would really recommend using Gemma for any sleep issues with little ones as her advice and support really does work!

– Jen and her 8 month old daughter, Southampton –

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I was recommended by a work colleague and the first thing she told me was it changed her life. I went then straight to the page and read other testimonials and they were all so positive and thought if it has worked for all of these mommies and daddies it could work for us.
Brody never really had problems with sleeping until we came back from Spain and was sometimes awake until 10pm and would have to be rocked and have a dummy he was also still in our room in his next to me crib and he would wake in the night wide awake at 2 or 3 am and take ages then to settle.
Since being in touch with Gemma, Brody has moved into his own room without his dummy and proved he can sleep through. It’s not been easy but it’s been totally worth it. He is a lot happier and is having a more solid sleep. I am so proud of him. Without Gemma’s help, guidance and support we would not have made this step and be in this position where we have our bedroom back and our boy is sleeping in his own room.

– Sammy, mum to Brody 11 months, Wednesbury –

After hearing about Gemma via a friend of a friend who had previously used her we decided that we would bear her in mind. Waiting was the wrong thing to do!

Fast forward to months later and we were still being woken by our (almost) 18 month old waking a various times throughout the night and not going back without us being without touching contact, the minute we let go she woke so this could take hours each night! This led me to finding Gemma’s email address and contacting her in the middle of the night!

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She responded the following day and was very friendly, approachable and understanding. We agreed to try Gemma’s plan as we had tried everything we thought possible.

We had consultations with Gemma and started the plan on a day that suited us. Gemma stayed in regular contact throughout and offered to speak to us as often as necessary………however this wasn’t needed as 3 days into the plan our daughter was sleeping through the night with no dummy and no waking for us to be there. There were a couple of nights where she woke and a couple of tweaks in the plan around timings but Gemma guided us along.

We are all so much happier and without a doubt I would recommend Gemma to anyone in a similar situation. My only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner!!

– Stacey Mum to 17 month old Arabella, Wolverhampton –

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Thanks so much it has been miraculous! Ava now sleeps through the night and I haven’t needed to feed her overnight since night 1. It has helped us all as a family as we were really struggling before. It is so nice knowing that my husband can also now settle her to sleep as previously it felt like it was all on me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to other parents!

– Amy Mum to Ava 10 months old. –

My first child didn’t sleep until he was three years old and my husband and I struggled with very limited sleep the whole time and never sought any support as we just thought it would eventually improve. When our second child Isla was two weeks old I could feel the familiar poor sleep habits starting to set in and feeling desperate at the prospect of three years bad sleep I called Gemma.
Even though Isla was so young Gemma was able to give really sensible and easy to implement guidelines to set Isla up with good sleeping habits. It gave me something to aim for and even in the middle of the night I had a plan that I could implement. Isla was sleeping through the night by the time she was 3 months old and having good naps every day. I really feel that implementing good habits early on was the reason for this. I would definitely recommend Gemma and my only regret is not getting her help for my first child.

– Annabel Mum to 3 month old Isla –

We just wanted to say thank you for helping us with our 17 month old daughter. It was nearing close to my due date and not having sleep for 17months and having her wake up all through the night and sleeping in our bed just was taking its toll on us. Our relationship was getting harder, I couldn’t focus throughout the day due to lack of sleep.

You really have worked wonders. We had a tough two nights and I didn’t think I could do it but with your help and support we are now 2 weeks in and she’s done amazing sleeping a full 12 hours through the night uninterrupted and having naps in the day. She doesn’t depend on me to get her to sleep and she doesn’t have a bottle or dummy any more which has helped wonders.

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A huge thank you for getting us through it and now I can rest knowing she has her full nights sleep and when my newborn arrives shortly I can focus on feeding her through the night and not worrying how I’m going to cope with two children waking for feeds or comfort in the night!

– Sophie, mum to Orla 17 months old –

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3 weeks ago I returned back to work from maternity leave. Juggling two young children, home life and working was a challenge in itself but doing it on broken sleep was hard! Harder than I could’ve imagined, I was mentally and physically exhausted at the end of the week. I’d been having broken sleep like this for months.

When my daughter was a new born she would go 4/5 hours no problem but from 7 months old she started waking every 2/3hours and would only settle with a feed. The feed would last minutes and she would be fast asleep. For months friends kept saying try a sleep coach but I didn’t think one would work. So at 7.30am 2 weeks ago after getting about 4 hours sleep, I sent an email to Gemma and it was one of the best things I have ever done for me and my little girl.

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With the help from Gemma we have giving my little girl the gift of sleep. After a lovely chat on the phone, Gemma made me feel so relaxed and confident that I could do it. I changed our routine that night, stuck to the plan and knowing I had the support from Gemma. I did it! It wasn’t easy but worth it and she slept 11 hours straight through we needed to wake her up. I was amazed and thought it was a fluke but 2 weeks on we are still following the plan and we have had to wake her up every morning since.

She is now napping twice a day an hour each time. Before napping was a battle and I would need to feed her, to get her to sleep. The naps could then be anything from 20 minutes – 2 hours. Following the plan and the support from Gemma has really worked, I wish I had done it months ago. We are a happier house now I’m getting some sleep. I really can’t thank Gemma enough she has been amazing, she was so supportive all the way through and never made me feel like I couldn’t do it.

– Cheryl, mum to Betsy 11 months old –

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Such a positive, encouraging and supportive experience. After my little girl (14 months old) not sleeping for 10 months, and using every comfort to get her to try and settle, sleep was no existent.

I contacted Gemma not knowing what to expect or if my problem could even be helped. Gemma was so supportive and reassuring and confident with her knowledge and putting a sleep plan in place for us. She continuously supported me and reached out to me the whole way through, I always felt like she was there and nothing was to much from her. Her constant support and confidence in the plan gave me the confidence to succeed.

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My little girl now sleeps for 12 hours a night this happened from very early on in the programme, her whole routine has changed for the better and she is such a happy baby, this whole experience has seriously been life changing.

– Christena, mum to Rome 14 months –

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I’d like to say a massive thank you to Gemma from me and my family! Our baby was waking every two hours throughout the night and the only way he would settle back to sleep was when he was feeding. He also would not fall asleep for naps in the day other than if he was fed or rocked and would have to sleep on us, and his naps would only last a short time, 40 mins max.

Within two nights of Gemma’s help our baby slept through from 7pm until 7am. With no rocking or feeding to sleep. His naps are now becoming so much better as he is beginning to have a full nap in his cot and settles so easily. Gemma is so helpful, reassuring, and responds so quickly so she is there for you every step of the way.

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I now get things done in the day when my baby naps whereas before I didn’t get a minute. And my baby seems so much happier now he is well rested! We couldn’t recommend Gemma enough!!

– Vicky Mum to Billy, 4 months old –

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After years of hoping our 5 year old daughter would start sleeping on her own without needing me or her dad in her room and after it was starting to affect our relationship, we decided enough was enough and found Gemma who was recommended by a friend. We were a bit skeptical as our friends daughter was only 8 months old so we wondered if she could change our daughters sleep habits at such a late age.

Within two days our daughter was self settling without me sleeping in her bed and stroking her hair (which I’d been doing for the last few years!!) but I was able to stay in the room with her and offer comfort and support while we did the training. After a week I was able to put her to bed, kiss her goodnight and leave the room without any fuss and she now sleeps 11 hours a night with no waking or coming to find us. It’s been life changing!!

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We can honestly say using a sleep consultant has been the best money we ever spent as we now have our evenings back and have our bed back to ourselves which has been amazing! Our daughter is also much happier because she no longer has broken sleep. The difference in her behaviour as a result of getting more sleep has been the biggest benefit to all of us.

To anyone out there thinking their child will just grow out of it, I can honestly say I just wish we’d done it sooner and saved years of sleepless nights!

– Caroline, Mum of 5 year old Daisy –

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We used Gemma to sleep train our 2.5 year old daughter and our 6month old baby boy.
Our daughter did not go to sleep by herself and then woke up constantly during the night wanting us to sleep with her.

After sleep training, she now goes to sleep by herself and has a full nights sleep without needing us to comfort her.

My baby on the other hand, was not in much of a routine and always woke up during the night where we would give him a feed.

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After sleep training him he no longer wakes up during the night and we have a routine for the day. The benefits have been ten fold: both us parents and our children get a good nights sleep; as parents we have more energy for the next day ahead; our kids are not tired and agitated; and we have our evenings back.

– Mum Krina, Avani 2.5 yr old and Ayush 6 month old –

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We were experiencing lots of sleep issues with our second son who was 5 1/2 months old, I thought it would be easier with baby number 2 but turns out it wasn’t! He was being rocked, cuddled to sleep with a dummy (I became his comfort blanket and so only Mummy would do), feeding 3-4 times a night and having short naps.

After months of sleep deprivation, we couldn’t take anymore and contacted Gemma. Gemma was absolutely amazing from start to finish.

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She was so supportive, always there to help even over the Easter weekend and her advice was brilliant. The fact that she had been through it all herself and really understood was very reassuring.

By night 3 our little man was sleeping through, naps took a bit longer to crack but the improvements made within such a short time period were amazing and finally we are getting much needed sleep.

It literally has been the best money we have spent, I just wish we had contacted Gemma earlier as we could have saved ourselves a lot of sleep deprivation and stress!

– Simone mum of 6 month old Evan –

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“We were recommended to Gemma by a friend who had a similar issues as us multiple wake ups and early riser.

We were initially skeptical that we could do it as it meant an entire change to Sam’s routine. However, within 5 days we had gone from a dummy reliant, middle of night feeding, cuddling to sleep, bed sharing baby to a totally independent little boy who settled himself to sleep with no dummy, sleeps for a minimum of 10 hours with no wake ups and naps at the right times during the day.

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For us it was the best investment we made enlisting Gemma’s help. Not only is she an excellent mentor for us, a huge support during those first few days (which are hard) but she knows what she’s taking about. We have passed her number on now to other parents.

Thank you Gemma we now have a much happier household now we all get sleep”

– Mum Emma of ten month old Samuel from Claverley –

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I want to say a massive thank you to Gemma, from both of us!

Within 5 nights of following the plan, my little boy, who is 2, is now settling himself to sleep at night and having a full 12 hours uninterrupted sleep. This is life changing for me after waking up any time from 4am onwards. He is like a different baby! And I am like a new woman! My little one slept till 7.45am today, I am in shock! I joked that all I wanted for Christmas was a good nights sleep and that’s what I’ve got!

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We also did away with his dummy, which was probably the thing I was most daunted by but I can honestly say it’s been the best thing for us.
I would urge anyone who is considering using Gemma to go for it! She is helpful and supportive and has been in contact with me everyday even though we have done our plan over New Year.
I just wish we had done this sooner.

Thank you Gemma ????

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Gemma worked wonders for my 2 year old son with her sleep plan!

So you’d think when I had baby no. 2 I’d know exactly what not to do the second time round but somehow I started doing all the things I knew I shouldn’t (e.g. feeding, rocking, cuddling my daughter to sleep) in order to not wake my 2 year old! My daughter was just about to turn 1, using a dummy, being fed and rocked to sleep, waking 3-4 times a night and often refusing her afternoon naps – not ideal! Gemma set a plan which was easy to follow and amazingly from night 2 my daughter slept straight through and has done ever since!!

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She also helped transition her to just taking the one nap and so now happily sleeps for 2 hours in the afternoon.

I cannot tell you what a difference having two children that sleep through has made to both me and my husband. After 3.5 years of very badly interrupted sleep, it just feels incredible to go to bed not fearing what the night holds.

To anyone deliberating whether it’s worth spending the money on a sleep coach, I hand on heart say it’s probably the best money you will ever spend. My friend recommended Baby Sleep The Night to me and I would definitely recommend Gemma to anyone struggling to master their little one’s bedtime routine. It’s all so simple when you know how and you wonder why you waited so long to do it.

Thanks Gemma for all your help and advice with both my children. As ever I wish I’d contacted you a lot sooner as I now have two little dreamboats but better late than never! I now feel human again, have so much more patience and energy which is priceless!

– Fi & Baby E 12 months (Surrey) –

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After falling pregnant with my second child I started to feel really anxious about the sleepless nights. I couldn’t bare the thought of driving round in the car, rocking for hours and singing numerous lullaby’s yet again so I contacted Gemma.

The help she has given is invaluable!! My now five month old baby boy happily self settles both day and night…in a matter of minutes. Without singing, cuddling, driving or rocking!

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I had absolutely no idea what i’d done wrong first time round, nobody gives you any guidance on sleep when you’re sent home from hospital so it was very much a guessing game.

But this time round i had Gemma who made things really clear and it’s as if something just clicked. Everything she told me made absolute sense! It’s made my experience with a newborn a really refreshing one and i feel relieved to understand his cues and respond to them in the right manner. He’s one very content little man and i put all of this down to a correct sleep plan.

I’d highly recommend Gemma to anyone! She’s turned what was an anxious experience into such a pleasant one. Thank you x

– Laura mum to Remy 5 months in Kidderminster –

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We came to Gemma for help with our son, Jaxson who is 3 years & 3 months. Jaxson was unable to get himself to sleep, and needed me (nobody else would do!) to lay with him on his bed until he fell to sleep.

I’d come out of his room after around 45 minutes each evening, then be back in by 10pm laying on the bed with him again until he was asleep for me to creep out. This continued every hour or 2 until 5:30am when we would be up and at the day.

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I was exhausted, Jaxson was exhausted and myself and Jaxson’s Dad hadn’t slept in the same bed for 6 months because most nights I would be so tired that I’d let Jaxson sleep in our bed and Daddy swap to Jaxson’s bed. We realised that we couldn’t keep going the way we were & to seek help. We found Gemma and it was the best thing we have ever done, she guided us step by step through our plan, and was always available to help us.

We now have a much happier Jaxson, within 1 week of completing 2 weeks of sleep therapy he potty trained himself which he was nowhere near doing when we first contacted Gemma. Broken sleep really had affected him, more than we realised. He has a much better appetite and loves his bedtime routine- amazing!

We would recommend Gemma to anyone, our only regret…..that we didn’t find her sooner.

– Gemma mum to Jaxson, 3 years old Southampton –

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We were still struggling to get our 14 month daughter to sleep through the night and whilst she would nap well, go to sleep at bedtime and self-settle, something kept her awake for a couple of hours in the night or made her wake up early. We didn’t know what else to try so we went to Gemma for help. Gemma suggested things we would never have thought of and they worked!
We made the changes Gemma suggested and after a rough first night, our daughter started sleeping through and was gradually waking later in the morning. We couldn’t believe it and still can’t two months on! I am so glad we got Gemma’s help – my only regret is we didn’t do it sooner!

– Jennifer mum to 14 month old Evaline , London –

To anyone thinking about working with Gemma, if you are not sure – my advice would be do it right away.

We were at our wits end with our almost 2 year old, who hadn’t slept through EVER, and who had massive night-time tantrums that woke the whole house up. Bedtime was a nightmare and it regularly took two hours to get him to sleep. If you’ve suffered similar issues you will know how awful it is to have your own sleep affected for that length of time, whilst trying to go to work and get everything else done that you need to do.

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Our child was so bad at sleep that I honestly didn’t think that anyone could do anything to help – eventually we went to Gemma only to be sure that we had tried everything. We were completely desperate by that stage. I wish we had got in contact earlier as we could have avoided being zombies for so long.

We were completely amazed that after a few days he was going to sleep within a few minutes of going into the cot and we went from spending almost the whole night with him to not having to go into his room at all!

I cannot stress how much this has changed our lives. We are getting more sleep ourselves, we suddenly have time to do things, and best of all, our little boy is happier, and seems to be coming on in leaps and bounds.

Gemma was professional, understanding, and provided us with a plan that worked and that suited us and our child. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is like us and who has a baby/toddler that doesn’t sleep. You don’t need to suffer like we did!

– From Ian very happy and well rested Daddy to Felix aged 2 Birmingham –

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Meeting Gemma and using the sleep plan has been life changing – this may sound dramatic but it is true!

When we first met Gemma our little girl was 13 months old and was being rocked, walked and fed to sleep, she was having a lot of milk which made daytime eating a huge challenge. On a good night our little girl would wake twice, on a bad night she woke every 2 hours.
My partner and I were beyond exhausted and with our wedding coming up we decided we needed some help. In stepped Gemma and we have never looked back!

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The plan has been a huge success for us, our little girl now sleeps 7pm to 7am with a 1.5-2 hour nap in the day and if she does wake in the night she can now get herself back off to sleep with no crying whatsoever!

Since doing the plan, not only is our little girl sleeping but she is eating better, developing so quickly and learning so much and she is so happy, she now wakes in the morning and after naps in such a lovely mood, chatting away to herself in her cot until I get there. It is amazing, it is life changing.

I won’t lie, the first 3 nights were tough but they are soon forgotten and I am so glad we found Gemma and stuck to the plan.

Gemma I can never thank you or recommend you enough xxx

– Carla and Andy, parents to Lottie 13 months from Hagley –

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After 17 months of my our little boy waking every hour and relying on just half an ounce of milk to settle I honestly thought this was just something I had to get used to.

As a result of the broken sleep my work was suffering, and so was our relationship we were both so tired and felt like we tried everything! We went desperately seeking help and were told of Gemma and we never looked back. In just 2 nights our son went from waking every hour reliant on milk to self soothing himself to sleep and sleeping for 12 hours. Bottle and dummies have gone and he is now taking a 2 hour nap.

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Our little boy is so much happier and we’re all finally getting the good night sleep we’ve been longing for. I would recommend Gemma to anyone who needs help, the support she gave from our initial consultation and throughout our sleep training programme was great!

Don’t suffer silence in silence when there’s help out there. This lovely lady has changed our life. So much so we’ve now moved onto cracking child number two now ???? xx

– Mum to Oscar 17 months , lower gornal –

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Gemma has changed our life!

When we first met Gemma our baby was being rocked and patted to sleep and with at least two milk feeds at night – not being a great eater during the day. After using Gemma’s plan this ALL stopped.

Her great plan enabled us to now have restful nights – our baby boy can self soothe himself to sleep and he sleeps 11-12 hours in one go. We had never experienced this prior to using Gemma plan.

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If you want to take control of your nights again use Gemma’s expertise. I have a happier marriage and restful nights and more importantly my child is happier and healthier for it.

It’s not easy for the first few days but trust me once your cross week one you never look back!

Gemma thank you for helping us our family it has really made a difference to the quality of our life xx

– Amber Mum to Isaac, 13 months Birmingham –

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I had to share my experience with Gemma as she’s helped me enormously.

My 10 month old boy was waking constantly through the night for feeds. There were two issues the first being the constant lack of sleep which was exhausting and rendering me useless the second was constantly picking up my son was causing me agony from a slipped disc pre pregnancy and with the added weight week on week it was worsening and unbearable.

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I had read many other methods but I needed results quickly due to a fast approaching return to work. I didn’t want to be picking up and putting down all night for fear of further damage to my back. Three nights was all it took and I now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that when I get into bed my back has a full nights recovery before the stresses of tomorrow and a full nights sleep is helping me prepare for getting back to work.

Thankyou again Gemma

– From Joanna, GP, and mummy of Jonathan 12 months, Kidderminster –

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My Husband and I were struggling to get through the night without our 1 year old Son waking up 2-3 times a night. Our Son needed to be rocked/held to sleep every time he woke up. We were all suffering from sleep deprivation which was starting to take its toll on our daily lives.

We decided to contact Gemma for help. Gemma was kind and listened to our struggles and offered a 2 week plan to try and help us to teach our Son a better way of sleeping. Initially the first two nights on the new sleep plan were tough, full of a lot of crying, but we had good advice from Gemma on how to support and comfort our Son through his sleep transition. By Night 4, our Son’s sleep pattern transformed from waking up to 3 times a night to him sleeping up to 12 hours.

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Apart from my Husband and myself getting better sleep, we have noticed a big change in our Son’s behaviour, he is now happier and more energetic. We never realised just how important good sleep habits were for children until now.
Thank you Gemma for your help and support and for listening to all of our concerns, but more importantly for helping our Son to gain independence in his sleep journey.

Kind Regards

– Karishma Mummy to Khrish age 1 Shirley –

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Since our son Archie was born in Dec’17 we had not had one full nights sleep from him, or even slept longer than 3 hours at a time. We would have to bring him in our bed, rock him or repeatedly find and pop his dummy back in to settle him. We really were at breaking point.

When our friend passed on Gemmas details, we contacted her immediately … after a brief phone call we felt confident this would be our best chance at getting Archie’s sleep sorted. When we discussed the plan with Gemma over Skype we were eager to put it into practice as soon as possible, although we were nervous parts of it were going to be tough, with Gemmas confidence in her plan and fantastic encouragement and support we really felt it would pay off.

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After just 4 minutes of crying on the first night Archie was sound asleep (without his main comfort, his dummy!) he woke only a couple of times during the night and cried for just a couples of minutes before self settling again. This was the best sleep we had all had since Archie was born and it has only improved since with him sleeping for 12 hrs unbroken nearly every night which at one point we thought would never happen.

We are so grateful for Gemma and her fantastic advice, she really has transformed our life!

Thank you

– Jannah Mum to Archie 13 months old – Knodishall, Suffolk –

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We first began our journey with Gemma when our little girl was just 3 months old, Gemma was so understanding and supportive but after suffering from postnatal depression with our first child I didn’t feel mentally ready to make the change. Gemma was so kind and told us she would be happy to help us when we were ready.

We went back to Gemma just after Christmas and she has helped us get our daughter sleeping through the night and having two good naps a day. Gemma has just been amazing and we can’t thank her enough.
he made us feel so supported and made it so easy for us. She was always happy to answer any questions we had and was just so helpful and didn’t let us feel like we were doing it alone.

We are so grateful to her.

– Annie and Joe parents to Grace age 6 months from Fordingbridge, Hampshire. –

Gemma was recommended to us by a friend, I had been in contact with another sleep therapist before speaking to Gemma and it just wasn’t working for us.

My son was 14 months old and waking every 45 minutes all through the night and barely napping in the day. My husband and I were at breaking point with exhaustion. We have a 4 year old daughter also and a family business so it was crucial we got some help. After speaking to Gemma via Skype, she sent across our plan of action. It was incredibly detailed and we instantly felt this was the right approach.

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Gemma supported us throughout the sleep training, she was always there with encouraging words of advice and gave us confidence that we could crack the sleep issue. Within 2 weeks our son was sleeping 12 hours a night, and having a 2 hour sleep in the day. We even managed to have our first night away in 18 months without the children within two weeks of starting the programme!!

I can’t recommend Gemma enough. She’s worth her weight in gold!!

Thanks so much again for your help, Logan is still sleeping through and having a good two hour nap in the day!

He’s even going down awake and babbling to himself happily until he falls asleep

Thanks again

– Emma Mummy to Logan 14 months –

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We were recommended ‘baby sleep the night’ by a friend, and are so glad that we went ahead and used Gemma for sleep training. Our 7 month old son had never napped well in the daytime, and nighttime sleeping was getting worse by the day. Eventually we were exhausted and desperate so we decided to try sleep training.

It honestly was the best decision we have made. Gemma was so friendly and helpful, with lots of knowledge to share with us, and kept in regular contact to offer support. Our son now settles himself to sleep, sleeps through the night, and has consistent naps in the day.

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I can’t thank Gemma enough and would recommend her to anyone! There really is no need to suffer with sleep deprivation as this plan genuinely works.

Thanks again Gemma

– Sophie Mum to 7 month old Reggie – Southampton –

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‘After 6 months of very little sleep I knew we had to do something about Albie’s sleep pattern. A family member told me about Gemma’s Facebook page, so I had a look.
I read all of Gemma’s testimonials and about her and I knew we needed to contact her. I was adamant I would not do ‘cry it out’ and also didn’t want my breastfeeding journey to change. We had a 15 minute consultation with Gemma, and she discussed our situation and told us a little bit about herself. She was so friendly and reassuring that we weren’t doing anything wrong. We decided to go ahead with Gemma, and a few days later had our consultation via FaceTime. Gemma discussed in detail how the plan would work and reassured us and answered any questions we had. Night 1 was difficult and there were a few tears, but we were able to reassure and comfort Albie every step of the way. By night 2 Albie was sleeping through the night, and has continued to do so since.
We cannot thank Gemma enough, sleep deprivation is like torture and now we are all getting more sleep and we couldn’t be happier as a family.

Thanks so much Gemma!’

– From Amy and Gary, Halesowen , baby Albie 6 months –

We used Gemma’s service when we had found ourselves stuck in a routing of feeding our 10 month old boy to sleep.

He refused to let anyone or anything else settle him apart from feeding from me.

We had tried other techniques ourselves and had read a lot online that gave conflicting answers and routines to solve the problem. We turned to Gemma and since then have not looked back! She was super friendly, offered to come to the house to meet us and discuss our current routine and what we wanted to achieve. She didn’t pass judgment or make us feel in the wrong which is something I think all parents struggle with.

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Gemma’s plan was perfect, the first few nights were a struggle for us but she was there for any questions we had and kept us going with support and positive feedback which we were so grateful for. Our baby boy was particularly stubborn but she kept us going and came forward with things to try to help solve new problems. Thanks to her support, guidance and perfect sleeping plan we now have a happy 1 year old who is sleeping unaided through the night. He has easily self settled through teething and illness since introducing the routine.

Nights away are also now particularly easy as the routine it is also easily passed onto to friends and grandparents which is perfect!

We would like to say a big thank you to Gemma and would recommend her help and expertise to anyone seeking assistance with their child’s sleep!

P.S We have never slept better?

– Jessica and Jonathan parents to Jacob age 12 months, Stourbridge –

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I contacted Gemma in sheer desperation as didn’t know how to juggle my week old baby as well as my 2 year old son who wouldn’t self settle.

My son (who had always been fed/rocked to sleep) would also wake in the night and need cuddling back to sleep but could often be awake anywhere between 1-4hrs which was not an option with a newborn!

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After starting the plan, by night 2, my son nodded off within 10 minutes all by himself and slept through – I couldn’t believe it! There were a few testing moments & tears which Gemma said to expect but 4 weeks later, I’m now able to say goodnight to my son at 7:00pm, turn his light off, leave the room and he goes to sleep on his own and sleeps right through to 6:00-7:00am. One month ago I honestly didn’t think it was possible!

Gemma’s plan was very clear and simple to follow and thanks to her advice and support I now have a happy 2 year old who is better behaved in the day thanks to getting more sleep. Sadly my newborn hasn’t quite perfected the art of sleep so no extra sleep for me just yet but I now know who to call if help is ever needed!

Thank you Gemma for giving me my sanity back – am now less stressed, have more energy and actually have an evening where I can sit down and eat dinner with my husband. Just wish I had done it a lot sooner!

– Fiona mum to Spencer age 2, Surrey –

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I decided to find a sleep consultant as my 3rd baby hadn’t slept for more than 3 hours at a time since birth.

From age 3 months to 6 months he had taken to waking almost every hour and we were on our knees with exhaustion as we also had a 2 year old and 4 year old. Gemma was highly recommended on a local parents networking page so we set up a 15 min consultation. From the start she was clear and confident and guaranteed she could help us. Better yet she offered face to face consultations and for me this made all the difference as most sleep consultants just do everything by email and phone.

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Gemma actually met all of us and reviewed my baby’s sleeping arrangement. She offered options for how to deal with sleep training and put together a detailed plan to deal with all eventualities. The most important thing of all was the support. Gemma was in contact with us each day. We never felt unsure about what we needed to do. Our baby slept 9 hours the first night and was weaned off the dummy, rocking and feeding. Not only that, she helped us get a handle on his feeding routine which was important as he had reflux and had never drunk more than a few ounces at a time. I can honestly say the service is life changing and wholeheartedly recommend Gemma to anyone dealing with a poor sleeper. Most importantly- my baby is happier and content.

– From Angelyn mum to Thoren 7 months. From Shirley –

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Unable to cope any longer with what had become a 7 month nightmare of sleepless nights I turned to Gemma for a solution and thank goodness I did. Gemma put me instantly at ease and I knew after our initial chat that she could help me and my solution was just around the corner. I was very adamant that I didn’t want to jeopardize breast feeding and she took this and the needs of my older children into account.

I now have a peaceful household all night long, my older children are performing better at school without disruptive nights and I have my sanity back. I wish I had known about her earlier!

– Jenny, mum to Jonty aged 7 months GP from Worcestershire. –

I couldn’t face another winter of 430am get-ups, so I consulted with Gemma who devised a comprehensive, individually tailored plan for my child. She was comprehensive in explaining the plan and offered constant support in getting us started, even including a few tweaks along the way.

I am both happy and amazed to say that we have had a few “something past 6 wake-ups!! I hope this continues, but I honestly can’t thank Gemma enough for sharing her knowledge and expertise.

Highly recommended!

– Holly, mum to Freddie 22 months, Longbridge –

I recently wrote a rather desperate email to the Baby Sleep the Night Team entitled ‘Edie the untrainable’ and within 48hrs Gemma had completely disproved my theoryabout our daughter. After an excruciating 3 months meticulously following the plan of another sleep trainer we turned to Karen & Gemma based on a few of our friends recommends. From the very first night 7pm came and went without event or the screaming/self combustion we’d become accustomed to. I’m still not 100% sure what wizardry has gone on but we are so hugely appreciative of all your wise words, the incredible unwavering support and ultimately our happy sleeping baby! We will sing your praise from the roof tops or to anyone who will listen forever more.

Thank you, thank you.

– Steven, Hannah & Edie X –

When a friend first recommended babysleepthenight, I wasn’t sure if they would be able to help as my son had just turned 3. Although he slept through the night it was getting him to sleep that was the problem. My husband or I would be spending up to an hour laying with him before he drifted off. This was not something we could continue with as a new baby was on the way. I contacted Gemma and she was very friendly and informative and went through the things she could help with and we discussed in detail our routines etc.

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She then drew up a plan of action step by step and we followed this by the book. It was amazing how well my son adapted and within days he was falling to sleep minutes after he was placed in his bed. I would highly recommend Gemma to anyone having sleep issues and would not think twice about calling upon her help in the future if we have problems with our new arrival. Thanks very much Gemma

– Mum Rosie to 3 year old Edward from Portchester –

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I really cannot praise Gemma enough. I was having a nightmare with my second child sleeping through the night.
We were exhausted and just thought this was our life from now on. However after chatting with Gemma about our situation I felt like there was hope. She is so knowledgeable on this subject, we followed her advice and techniques, and within one night Albie was sleeping through, and we haven’t looked back since.
He’s now a great sleeper and goes 12hours through the night, as well as his sleeps in the day. And it’s all thanks to Gemma.

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She puts you at ease from the second you speak to her, and makes you feel like there is always a cure for whatever issue you are facing.
Would highly recommend and wouldn’t hesitate to call on her skills again if I ever need to.

– From mum Laura with son Albie who is 7 months. They live in Wollaston –

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At first I was really nervous about changing our daughters routine and doing the sleep training, however we found that from the first bit of advice Gemma gave it worked wonders! We changed her naps from two to one which helped with her to stay asleep at night. I was very apprehensive about the training as I cannot bear to hear her crying. But Gemma was really supportive and said we can take it as slow as we like, there’s no rush. So immediately I felt better and reassured we were doing something I could work with.

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Me and my husband were really pleased with the progress we made within a few weeks we’d gone from rocking her to sleep to her falling asleep in her bed. We would recommend the support of Gemma to anyone having difficulty.

– 14 month old baby Charlotte and happy mummy Laura from Bristol –

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When I contacted babysleepthenight I had been umming and ahhing for weeks about whether or not to seek help. I knew in my gut we needed help but kept hoping that the sleep problem would just sort itself out. My baby had been waking hourly overnight for several weeks, Naps were frequent but short all day. I had a constantly tired baby and I was exhausted and Im sad to say that I was not enjoying new motherhood. One day I had had enough, I was crying every other day and my family were concerned I had or was getting postnatal depression… I knew it was exhaustion. So I got help and contacted Gemma through the website.

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I am so glad I did and I really wish I had just done it all those weeks ago rather then carried on struggling. Gemma spent ages finding out our story and got to know us.

She made us a very clear and easy to follow plan. And I was adamant to stick to it. From the very first night there was considerable improvement. A few tears but the way I saw it is we were up crying so much anyway, these few seconds/minutes of tears were far less negative to my babies well being then the lack of sleep that was affecting him. Gemma’s approach was so gentle and allowed me to comfort my baby with a positive outcome for both of us… sleep! Yes he cried a bit… but ultimately the tears were hours less then when he was awake all night crying! Over the next couple of days not only did my baby sleep through the nights, he also started consolidating his naps for longer and fewer naps… was waking up happy and refreshed. Watching him learn this new invaluable skill of being able to go to sleep by himself and seeing him thrive made me beam with pride.

Gemma has been caring and considerate of our needs as a family from day one. She has provided me with consistent and informative advice daily and she has been at the end of the phone or email whatever the time of day and given reassurance when I’ve needed it most. Gemma cares and is very much on this journey with you.

I know there will be bumps along the way as my baby grows and changes, but thanks to Gemma I feel more empowered and confident to be able to help my baby find his way back to sleep again.

Thank you so much Gemma

– Leila – Mummy to Robin 3.5 months, Lancing West Sussex –

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It’s like we have a different child!

Our 5 month old had very erratic sleeping patterns, going to bed for the night anytime from 6.30-9.30pm, we then had no idea what the night would hold. He was sometimes awake within an hour or two and would be wide awake for the next 3 hours & then up repeatedly through the night only being pacified with feeds, alternatively he would sleep 11 hours straight. Day time naps were also a mess, rarely sleeping more than 45 minutes and going for up to 9hr stretches with no sleep. He also only ever wanted mum, with his dad having never put him to bed or settled him.

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Gemma took an in-depth description of his sleeping and daily habits & started formulating a plan. Just the initial conversation was helpful in giving us the confidence (he had been very ill when younger and this had knocked me back on everything) to initiate some of the approaches we had previously successfully used with his big sister, who has been a great sleeper from early on. What the plan did was highlight that we hadn’t been giving our baby clear signals that it was bedtime and that his bedroom wasn’t as conducive to sleeping as it could be. Talking with Gemma we agreed on an easy bedtime routine which he got on board with very quickly with bedtime and daytime naps- even his dad can put him to bed now. We approached his awakenings at night similarly which almost immediately stopped. He has been going to bed at 7pm and sleeping 11hours straight ever since, we even got through 2 teeth coming through. Day time naps are stress free, easy to do and a good length.

I have worked out that he must be getting now at a minimum at least 4hrs more sleep in a 24hr period than he was before. I now know what the night will be like and can plan around his daytime naps. Most importantly the miserable, chronically over tired, clingy baby is gone and I know have a very cheerful, giggly baby instead!

– From Hannah, mummy to a very happy Edgar 5 months old . Chaddesley Corbett –

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I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for sending Gemma my way. From our very first Skype call I felt completely comfortable with her and secure in her knowledge of babies in sleep. Gemma has been there every step of the way in this journey we’re on to get Isabella sleeping through the night and I’ve known I can contact her if I needed to if I was worried or had a questions.

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Gemma really has gone above and beyond in my view and I’m thrilled to say last night was the 4th consecutive night Isabella has slept through. I couldn’t have done this without her and I will always be so grateful for her unconditional help and support in something that was so important to us as a family. There were times when I felt like I wasn’t sure what I was doing and she reassured me, one night I panicked as I thought Isabella had Poo’d whilst asleep (it was wind) – I text Gemma immediately as I didn’t know what to do for fear of waking her (I knew changing her was the answer, but how not to wake her!) and I felt a bit stupid but she completely reassured me and guided me through, no judgement for being so silly – just support was give .

Thank you again and it’s my honest view that Gemma is and will continue to be a wonderful asset to Baby Sleep The Night. What a brilliant person she is!

– From Anne-Marie – Mummy to Isabella 13 months Croydon –

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When we got pregnant we promised ourselves that we would give our son or daughter whatever they needed and we would never leave him or her to cry. We read books on what to do and had a range of techniques we wanted to implement. When our daughter was born we felt love like never before and restated the promise to always give her what she needed and never let her cry. From the very beginning it was always a challenge (to say the least) to get our daughter to sleep. Sometimes she cried for hours as we rocked, sung, and shushed her. When she went to sleep, however, she would sleep pretty well. We got 3 or 4 hour stints and we thought it was only going to get better. But 4 months hit and her sleep deteriorated to the point where she was sleeping for about 30 minutes at the most. At its worst she woke every 10 minutes. We were shattered. Every time she woke, we would pick her up, soothe her, and put her back down, only to have to do it again a few minutes later.

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Despite the difficulty, we did not want to consider sleep training for a 4 month old baby. We read books and websites and the two extremes of leaving babies to cry and never letting them cry. Then there was the middle ground of picking up and putting down. We thought we had tried it all except leaving her to cry. We thought that would be cruel. We believed she just needed some reassurance, to be close to us, and that things would get better. But with no signs of improvement, and even having our daughter cry for long periods of time in our arms, we thought we had nothing to lose from trying the sleep training Gemma suggested, after we were put in touch with her through a friend.

In all honesty, we listened to the theory behind the sleep plan and what it would take to do it, and we didn’t agree with it. We concluded it was just another form of ‘cry it out’ in all but name. Gemma was more than compassionate, sharing her personal experience of her own children and we felt she really understood where we were coming from. She took our scepticism with openness and empathy and we discussed the plan in detail, made changes, and we were still unsure. We discussed it every night. We worried about doing it. But while we worried, our daughter’s sleep continued to be very poor and we continued to be shattered. We came to the conclusion that what we were doing was part of the problem and maybe Gemma was right that we were not giving her the ability to go to sleep by herself, as we were interfering too often and too soon. So we decided to give it a go – but the gentlest version of the plan we could think of. The first night was horrendous. She cried for 40 minutes despite our efforts to comfort her. We cried and questioned what we were doing. But the next night saw a significant improvement, and so did the night after that. And over the period of 10 days her sleep improved considerably.

We now put our daughter to bed and she goes to sleep with no (or very little) crying. She stays asleep for most of the night, waking only once to be breastfed. She is still only just under 6 months old, and small for a 6 month old baby so we weren’t expecting her to sleep the night without a feed until she was bigger. We get more sleep now than we have done since she was born, and this is without doubt due to Gemma’s plan, advice, and support. We are indebted to her for this. Our daughter has started to develop at a much quicker rate, improving her coordination, body movement, and social interaction. She seems happier – smiling and giggling in a way she didn’t before. We are all much more rested. Thank you, Gemma. We would not be where we are now without you, and we wholeheartedly recommend you.

– Louise & Matthew, parents to now sleeping baby Eva, 5 months from Sutton Coldfield –

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