Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

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Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

Picture the scene – it’s 2016…it’s 8:15pm and I’m sat quietly in the rocking chair scrolling through my phone not daring to move for fear of the slightest noise disturbing my daughter’s journey to sleep.

I’ve been upstairs since 7pm and my stomach is growling with hunger, desperate to start my evening with my husband.

At 8:30pm I get up and tip-toe out of the room like a ninja. I’m exhausted and broken from another drawn out and painful bedtime.

Does this sound familiar?

As a result of my daughter’s colic and reflux I felt like I was already failing as a parent and just didn’t feel like I had the energy to start to change things, let alone believe we would be able to improve her bedtimes and sleep.

It was only when I was expecting my 2nd daughter (an IVF miracle) that I suddenly realised that things had to change and that I needed to take control.  I sought help from Karen Bramall, founder of BSTN. It was life changing.

I look back now and wish I had known how quickly we could have gained back our evenings and how we desperately needed to give our daughter those vital self-settling skills that she lacked in order to improve her wellbeing and health as well as our own.

We had spent over 3 years rocking her, sitting with her and waiting for her to go to sleep but we were too broken and sleep deprived until that point to make the changes needed or to seek help. That was the key – we made the decision that things had to change. We had reached that point.

Fast forward to today and bedtime is no longer something to fear. I feel so passionately about sleep and the skills that I was taught, that I am now leveraging nearly 20 years of business consulting experience and my BSTN methods training, provided by Karen Bramall, so that I can help others, like yourself to achieve your child’s sleep goals and to give you back quality time in your evening to re-charge by ensuring a smooth bedtime routine.

Are you ready to make the change?

I offer bespoke packages and plans, leveraging gentle techniques, through which we will work together, step by step, virtually holding your hand and coaching you through solutions to the sleep challenges big or small that you may be encountering. My consulting skill-set, helps me to analyse the details of your specific circumstances to work out your child’s needs and to guide and support you through the plan.

I am available evenings and weekends for consultations as well as during the school holidays and work remotely using Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp or Zoom. Please scroll down for more information on the packages that I currently offer and for some reviews from some delighted clients. I look forward to speaking to you soon! Emma


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My 9 week old would only sleep in carrier, and I was often found pacing the kitchen at 3 am in the carrier having spent 5 hours in it for her naps that day. Emma was brilliant and really helped me understand how I could help Charlotte sleep consistently well in the cot. We focused on getting Charlotte to self settle and making sure she was awake for the right amount of time.
After a couple of weeks Charlotte was settling for all her naps and bedtime. Her naps have got longer often 2-3 hours and she now sleeps for long stretches at night (even sleeping through a few times). This has given me some much needed rest and time with my toddler. I felt really well supported throughout and Emma was always there to give me the strength to be consistent.

– Rosanna and Charlotte 9 weeks old –

My wife and I have two boys aged 6 & 4. Our youngest hadn’t slept well since birth really, with lots of night wakings (between 1 – 4) and more recently being much more difficult to settle down at bedtime. This ultimately led to my wife selflessly sleeping on a mattress on his bedroom floor, so she could settle him and not wake myself and our oldest son. The result of this was my wife was constantly tired through prolonged sleep deprivation and our youngest son suffered through the associated poor sleep and was irritable and had questionable behaviour during the day as a result. The strain on our family was tangible and real – something had to change.

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We found Emma after being referred by a very impressed friend. After an initial telephone call and thereafter a FaceTime call we completed a questionnaire detailing the bedtime routine, nature of night wakings, household set-up etc. This enabled Emma to produce a bespoke Sleep Plan. Before commencing it, we had another telephone call and talked through the plan, we had lots of questions and lots of concerns. We were sceptical, mainly because of the time we’d been doing things – we thought it was probably too late to change things, to make any improvements. Thankfully, we were wrong.

We both accepted things had to change in terms of bedtime and night waking routine. We followed the plan as closely as we could. It was very hard in the first few days. There were uncomfortable moments, tears and anger (from our son!). We relied on Emma to provide us with advice, knowledge and emotional support, all of which she did, brilliantly. Having follow-up telephone calls and emails reassured us we were doing the right things and little tips helped us to further improve. After a few nights, things slowly started to change. The bedtime routine became easier and there were no raised voices, no getting in and out of bed multiple times. Any night wakings were quickly dealt with and he was back to sleep very quickly. We were impressed at how quickly things changed for the better. After just 2 weeks, our 4 year old has slept through the night on 4 nights, with night wakings limited and quickly resolved. We’re not there completely and he does still wake at night. But with a consistent approach, things will continue to improve. He is a much happier, more engaging little boy. We’re delighted with the overall experience and can’t thank Emma enough. We know he will become a consistently good sleeper very soon.

Our advice to other parents ‘suffering,’ would be if you’re going to do it – make sure you both jump in with both feet. Don’t apportion blame, stay calm, talk things through with your child and each other, be positive and take comfort from the fact that you can and will achieve a better family life if you do your very best to stick to the Sleep Plan. We’re so genuinely grateful Emma, thank you!

– James and Kelli –

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We booked a meeting with Emma after 15 months of terrible sleep, and I just wish we had done it sooner – I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Our little boy woke multiple times a night and would only go back to sleep if I nursed him, but he didn’t drink much, it was only for comfort. He also had refused to go to sleep in his cot since birth, which meant that we have been reluctantly bed sharing for most part of the night as a result. I waited as long as I could but I was at the end of my patience, having gone back to work and waking every 2 hours every night was absolute torture, and I couldn’t see how to improve the situation.

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Emma listened carefully to what our problems were, made lots of great suggestions, never judged and worked with us to come up with a plan that is tailored to our circumstances. The key thing was to remain consistent, and Emma made sure we kept on track, by regular check-ins, during which we could also tweak the plan if needed, to make sure it was as gentle as possible.

Our little boy took to the changes very well and even after a few days we already saw a massive improvement. Now, he goes to sleep in his cot during nap-time and bedtime without me in the room, and has started to sleep through the night! We can not believe it! On top of this, I now also have the confidence to keep things on track in case we hit some bumps in the road in the future.

After many months of feeling lost and frustrated, now I have started to feel more like myself again! Have more energy to make the most of my day, be more present and productive. Our lives have literally changed!

We are so grateful to Emma, and not just for her sleep plan but also for her daily involvement and level of care towards how we were getting on.

– Nora –

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We really didn’t think anything would work with our daughter’s sleep but after 2 and a half years of not getting a full night’s sleep, we were willing to try anything.

After talking to Emma in the first consultation, we were still a bit reluctant to think this would work. After the first and second nights (night 2 being the worst), we decided, if anything, we had managed to get the dummy to the fairies (phew) but night 3 was the magic night. It just happened. A whole night under the covers of our own bed! We still heard her but didn’t have to get up to her. Wow! After that, it just got better and we actually felt we’d had too much sleep!

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Emma was so reassuring every time we spoke to her and gave us great tips and advice. Never putting us down when we went slightly wrong but just a lot of praise which kept us going and helped us keep on track. It’s important in this to keep to plan and with Emma helping us, it was much easier than if we had been left to fend for ourselves.

We know if we had not met Emma, we would still be sleeping on the bedroom floor for periods of time every night.

Thank you so much.

– Ross and Georgina. –

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After working with Emma for 2 weeks I can whole heartedly recommend her and the programme. She has transformed our toddler’s (2.5 yr old) sleeping habits for the better. We now have a routine which he is happy with; he goes to sleep without a fuss, and at a reasonable hour which has meant we have our evenings back!

I honestly can’t thank Emma enough for her help and support.

– Sarah and Doug (two very happy parents!) –

After a year of broken sleep and our daughter sleeping in our bed we contacted Emma to help us make the transition into her cot, I tried every book, and all the other advise from other mums and friends, nothing worked. We got in contact with Emma and we wished we did it sooner, it’s changed our lives our daughter is so much happier our family home us much happier and my husband is able to put her daughter down to sleep.

I think the key is the fact the plan is very much tailored to your child as well as your home life along with Emma’s fantastic support. If I’m totally honest I didn’t think it would work as our little girl can be challenging and as a first time mum I worried about lots of different elements to nap times and sleeping at night. All of these were things we spoke through with Emma initially and then through out the plan.

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Within days/nights the difference was unbelievable and our little girl now sleeps through the night in her own cot, as well as having a good nap in the day. She is so much more settled going to bed, and it’s allowed me to be a better mum rather than being so tired all the time from lack of sleep before.

Hand on heart it’s changed our lives! Thank you so much Emma you have been amazing, we will always treasure and be grateful for the support and the plan that allowed us to get Ruby to where she is now.

Thank you Emma!

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