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Emma Gahan
Emma Gahan
If I had a pound for every time someone said to me ‘Babies are not meant to sleep through the night’ I would be a very rich lady! Trust me… this does NOT have to be the case!

There is such a stigma surrounding this topic it frustrates me!!! So, I would like to say Well Done! 👍🏼

Well done for listening to your exhausted body and mind, and for biting the bullet to seek some help… I did exactly this despite worrying about what people would think (anxiety is a frustrating thing)! It completely changed our lives for the better and I CAN’T WAIT to help you acheive the same results  if you are truly ready for the transformation

All I have EVER wanted, since I was a little girl, was to be a Mum!! When it came to the time my Husband and I were ready, it didn’t quite happen as easily as we thought. We struggled to conceive. I LONGED to be a Mum, and this really affected me emotionally. A couple of years later, a little help from the Doctors and our Son arrived….

After a very long wait for our precious little baby to be in our arms, we did not want to put our little ‘cloudcheeks’ down. (They’re the softest things in the world💕)


Of course, he didn’t want us to put him down either. I also HATED hearing him cry. This is where our problems began.

Our Son would only sleep in our arms and in our bed!! For a while this was wonderful and really not a problem. I LOVE cuddles!!! However, it soon changed with him attached to me feeding, which then led to more nappy changes and so on and so on…. I was a zombie!

We tried everything to try and get him to sleep in his cot absolutely nothing worked.

He would only sleep cuddled up tight in our arms, in our bed or on my chest. Needless to say, my Husband and I were not getting any quality of sleep whatsoever.

Something had to give…. we couldn’t carry on like this.

Within 3 days of getting help he was sleeping through the night, within 5 he was also napping 3 x per day for over an hour.


(I still wasn’t, I was up checking if he was OK!!)

Life became SO much easier; we ALL became happy and full of love and energy again.

…and then our daughter came along!

I thought sleep would fall into place, I knew what I was doing this time…. I wasn’t ready for REFLUX!!!! OUCH!

She would not lay flat on her back and I was absolutely frightened to death to sleep her on her front. So, she slept on my chest. I was propped upright myself too. For 3 whole months.

A little bit of extra advice from Baby Sleep the Night about her condition was all I needed, along with the life skill I had learnt from our previous sleep plan. From 4 months she slept beautifully, in her cot, without me! Bliss! 🥰

Empowering parents like you, to make those same transformations has well and truly become my passion, and the job I LOVE.

I guarantee you that you absolutely can get over your sleep issues, no matter how long they have been going on for!

(Have you ever heard Einstein’s definition of Insanity...? Repeating the same things over and over and expecting a different outcome!)

I can guide you through your journey back to being a happy healthy, well rested family, if you’re certain about taking this step and making change!

You will have my expertise teaching you everything you need to know about sleep!

You will have my natural kindness and caring providing you with emotional support, being your cheerleader, re-assuring you and being with you every step of the way in order to achieve this!!

And you will have my love, which I bring to everything I do, and I will give you a gentle kick when you need to hear it if you go off track. I have a 100% success rate with families that follow my plans.

(even in getting triplets to sleep through the night… in the same room!!!)

SELF CARE IS SO IMPORTANT!! YOU DON’T HAVE TO SUFFER! If you think you’re ready for this let's talk! You can either call or email me now or book a call in my diary at the bottom of the page.

Much love

Emma x
Phone: 07458 303108
Email: emma.gahan@babysleepthenight.com


My partner and I had been struggling with our daughters sleep for a long time. We were sleeping separately, one doing ‘the night shift’, staying up until 10pm to cuddle her to sleep, getting up at various points throughout the night, starting the day at 5am and often clearing up sick when she got herself worked up during the night. Needless to say, we were exhausted. I contacted Emma, a little sceptical, thinking that my baby was different but even if this helped a little bit, anything would be better than where we were. I remember asking Emma, does this ever not work, not quite believing that in 10 days my life would really change however, it did. After a tough couple of nights, Bella started sleeping through the night from 7:30 until 7:30. My partner and I have a new lease of life and are able to spend some quality time together in the evening and sleep in the same bed! We are so grateful for the plan, it really does work! I would recommend the programme to anyone (and have done), trust the process and you will wonder how you ever managed those sleepless nights. A huge thanks to Emma for all the support and encouragement. 


Heidi & Chet, Parents to 13 month old Isabella.

100 PERCENT WORTH IT!! Hiring a sleep trainer was the greatest investment we have ever made as a family. Emma is amazing. It's like having someone hold your hand when you're horribly sleep deprived and feel like a terrible parent and just want to get some real rest. Our 11 month old son was ending up in our bed every night, nursing on/off all night. I felt like an open bar. We started the process and by day 3 he was sleeping through the night. Of course he cried a little, but it was such a gentle approach that we felt very comfortable throughout. I could not recommend Emma more. Our lives have fundamentally changed. I slept through the night for the first time a year, and I am a better parent and partner.


Natacha & Manuel, Parents to 11 month old Rafael.

With baby no 2 you may think you know it all. Our first son was happily fed and rocked to sleep, and he would sleep well for a few hours. Why should it be different with a second baby? Well, we were wrong! Our second baby would not sleep more than 20 minutes, unless mom would lay next to him. Needless to say that for the first 3 months mom had no time to play with his ‘big brother’, not to mention zero quality time with her family. So the days went by in a progressive spiral of sense of guiltiness and exhaustion. We knew there was nothing wrong with our baby per se; but we did not know how to change his patterns and empower him to fall asleep happily and autonomously – and especially without ‘crying-it-out’ like methods.

Luckily, we had followed one of Emma’s webinars during the pregnancy and had a vivid memory of her kindness and positive vibes. Contacting her was such a great decision. Not only Emma provided us with general key information on baby’s sleep patterns; she also prepared for us a clear and easy to follow roadmap and tips; as well as supported us parents in the process as a true cheerleader. This true human touch from a mum made the difference for us. After 4 nights, our son of then four months would sleep through or wake up only for a single night feeding. After 10 days, he would simply smile at us before falling asleep like an angel. His feeding rhythms also improved dramatically, so did his energy and satisfaction level as well as the overall atmosphere in the house.

We could not recommend Emma enough. Thank you, Emma! 

Daniela and Daniel – Parents to 4 month old Walter

Emma was fantastic and so reassuring! I was concerned how sleep training would go with a 10 month old who refuses the bottle and my daughter adapted brilliantly!

I went from having to give multiple night feeds to get my daughter to settle, to no night feeds and a baby that can self-settle. My partner, who previously felt redundant with helping at bed time, can now put her to bed every night and gets to have “his” time with her.

I shall definitely be using the Newborn package for baby number 2... whenever that may be 

Highly recommend best money I have spent this year!!!

Robyn & Mark – Parents to 10 month old Mila.

Cannot praise Emma enough for her kind and gentle approach to help us get a sleep routine with our 9 month old baby girl! I was so anxious & apprehensive about taking on the course, I’m not great with following instructions & I can’t bear to have any tears but was at our wit's end. We went from her sleeping on us all through the night, having only slept in her cot for a max of about 2 hours, waking every 1-2 hours for a night feed to sleeping through the night on day 1! Not to say it’s easy but if it hadn’t happened to me I wouldn’t believe it, it’s been a month now & I just put my little one to bed & she drifts off to sleep all by herself in only 2 minutes! This has changed my whole family’s life, I could never go back to the way things were! Thank you Emma, worth every Penny for our first decent sleep in almost a year!
Lucy & James, parents to 9 month old Lisa 

Emma was so wonderful! She helped us teach our 3 month old how to fall asleep independently in a quick, effective and gentle way. Within a couple of nights he was already sleeping through the night (he now wakes only once to feed), and the naps fell in place within a couple of weeks, so now does three 1.5-2h naps per day. I can’t describe how much this has changed our lives. I went from having our baby sleep on me at night, waking up almost hourly to a wonderfully happy, independent sleeper. Thanks so much, Emma! We are so grateful for all your help and attention!

Natalia, JP – parents to Lucas aged 4 months

We asked Emma for help with our son’s sleeping when he was 4 months old. He was an ok sleeper, but he needed lots of cuddling to be able to fall asleep and he was still waking up at night. Since he was about to start a nursery soon, we were worried he would have a problem with falling asleep there. So we contacted Emma, and in less than a week he was able to fall asleep independently and he dropped the night feeds.
We established a schedule that gave us some predictability and his 2h naps gave us a moment to breathe and take care of other things. There was some crying involved, especially at first, but it wasn’t too bad. Our son got used to the new rules very quickly to the benefit of us all. Being able to sleep the full night definitely improved the quality of our interactions and allowed us to relax more. Our son was very receptive and his path to good sleeping was relatively smooth, I would definitely recommend Emma’s help.

Aleksandra & Brendan – Parents to 4 month old Finn

We heard about Emma's program "Baby sleep the night" in a webinar but quite honestly we were sceptical about being able to successfully make our 4 and half months old daughter sleep alone through the night: it simply felt an impossible mission. We didn't realize that it was us and not her that were wrong: we weren't establishing a good routine and right sleep associations for our baby, so she would only have very short naps during the day (20-30 mins max) and could only sleep next to her mum at night in the same bed.

Luckily Emma put together a sound plan that helped us change these habits. With her support during the 2 weeks, we managed to achieve great results already in the first week. Even the second day was much better! Now our almost 6-month daughter can sleep 11 hours in a row at night in her cot, as well as have two 1.5-2 hours naps every day.

First days weren't easy. Emma was very empathetic, supportive and gave us confidence to continue with the sleeping plan. We are very happy we sought Emma's help. Honestly, even though one knows the theory about sleeping and reads tons of books, it's really difficult to put it into practice without professional help. Thank you, Emma!

 Laura and Andrea, Parents of 4.5-month-old Emma, Brussels

I was at my wits' end before I contacted Emma. Our daughter would not go to bed before 9-9.30pm and would wake up every 1-2 hrs. With hardly any sleep at all, none of us were happy!

We contacted Emma following a recommendation and right from our first phone call we felt that we were in safe hands. When we received the plan and Emma talked us through it, I admit we were a bit scared at first and weren't sure it would work but boy we were wrong! By the second night our daughter was already sleeping for longer stretches and learning to sleep on her own. Now she sleeps through the night and we often need to wake her up in the morning as she could keep on going. We also got rid of the pacifier in the process! I couldn't be happier and would recommend Emma to anyone! She's great!

Emma we are highly indebted to you and cannot stop shouting your praises with friends and family. We seem to have a sense of normality again and can actually enjoy our evenings a bit better. Thank you so much!

Jeanette and Mark, parents to 19 month old Charlotte.

Cannot thank Emma enough for her help and support with sleep training our 2 year old son! From the moment we contacted Emma she has been so kind and helpful and put together a fantastic plan for us to follow and we are now just under 2 weeks in and I cannot believe the change!

I never thought it would be possible but our son is sleeping 7.30-7am every night in his own bed with a 1 hour nap during the day! This for us is life changing as every single night around 1am he would wake up and come into bed with us and would refuse to go in his room! He also used a dummy but we got rid of that the night we started the training and he hasn’t had it since.

We have a new baby on the way so getting his sleep pattern right was so important and for me to get a good amount and quality sleep before the Newborn arrives in Nov. I highly recommend Emma just when you want to give up (as it is hard the first few nights) she is there in the morning to help and praise and give advice and then it does just click. Thank you so much!

Becky, Toby and 2 year old Joshua

We are so glad that we finally decided to use a sleep consultant for our just turned 2 year old son, and so happy we found Emma. The plan she put together so he would sleep through the night and reintroduce his nap has really been life-changing for us all, and he has learnt how to settle himself.

Finally feel human again and not constantly tired after nearly 2 years! Our son is also happier and not falling asleep on his way back from nursery or getting grumpy! He took to the plan really well and now he sleeps 12 hours at night and has an afternoon nap for 1 hour.

Previously, he was waking up once or twice a night for an hour or more and needed cuddling and rocking to sleep and sometimes a bottle, or, he was up and ready to start his day at 4:30am! Just trying to function and get on with my day was difficult with so little/broken sleep and now that has all completely changed and we are all very well rested!

This has really been the best money we've ever spent and I can't recommend Emma enough. Our son has learnt how to settle himself and we have been able to stop using dummies and bottles. Emma was always there with help and advice when we needed it too. Thank you so much!!

Carlota, Mother to 2 year Old Oliver

Emma has been extremely helpful in helping our 2 kids sleep soundly through the night. We can’t thank her enough for all the progress we’ve made with Nathan, age 2.5 yrs old, and Camille, 5-month-old.

We didn’t think it was possible, but with Emma’s guidance, it was achievable. We didn’t sleep train Nathan before when he was a baby because we didn’t believe in leaving your baby to cry. However, after 2.5 years of bedtime struggles and night-time waking’s, and in addition, we have a Newborn who was also waking up several times a night, we knew something had to change. We interviewed several sleep consultants, but Emma’s approach was what we were looking for - a gentle and reassuring approach. We felt very comfortable placing our trust in her and following her plan right from the start.

We saw immediate results on the first night. It was amazing! It took about less than one month to sleep train both of them. We now enjoy a peaceful and restful sleep that we both desperately need. Thank you so much! 

Evelyn & Antoine - Parents to 2.5-year-old Nathan, and 5 month-old Camille

Simply life changing!

Words cannot express how truly thankful we are for all the expert help and support Emma gave us to get our baby boy to sleep through the night.

It seems so surreal to think that our son spent his first 9 months not being able to sleep for more than a few hours at a time, to sleeping completely through the night and two good naps a day, all in just a few days of sleep training.

From the moment we spoke to Emma we felt like she was there with us guiding us every step of the way, giving us the confidence to follow her gentle bespoke step-by-step plan which she tailored to suit our family lifestyle.

We now have a happy contented baby who is just thriving now he is getting the solid sleep he so desperately needed. As a couple we also have our evenings back where we can spend precious one-to-one time with our older son and all get a good nights sleep which is invaluable.

Emma & Tom - Parents to 9-month-old Oliver

We are just about to finish our 2 weeks with Emma, and I can honestly say the experience has been life changing!!

We have gone from cuddling and rocking our toddler to sleep multiple times a night taking an hour each time, to just putting him in his cot, turning out the light and closing the door!! From night 2 he slept through 12 hours straight and hasn't woken up in the night at all since! Emma has helped us drop him down to one nap as well which he was definitely ready for!!!

We are all much happier as a family and we can't thank Emma enough for everything she has done to help us! Jackson has been a superstar and coped with the changes really well, but we needed the constant support and detailed information that Emma gave us. Emma, we couldn't have done it without you, thank you sooo much!!!

Anyone considering this, do it! You honestly don't realise how much broken sleep affects you until you don't have it anymore. It's a gentle method and it's worth every penny!


Rachael & Matt – Parents to 15-Month-old Jackson.

Emma (or should I say the baby whisperer!), thank-you so much for all your help/support/guidance. You are a wonder woman!

Our 5-month-old son has gone from waking every hour at night to sleeping through within two weeks.

From our initial call you filled me with confidence, and I felt completely reassured you would be able to help with the extreme sleep deprivation my husband and I were going through. Sleep deprivation is just the hardest thing ever.

Communication throughout the two-week period was easy and effortless. We are now functioning a lot better with a two-year-old and five-month-old :-)

Without a doubt we would recommend you to all our friends and family. 

Thanks again for saving us!!

Katie & John – Parents to 5-Month-old Rupert

Emma (or should I say the baby whisperer!)

Thank you so much for all your help/support/guidance. You are a wonder woman! Our 5 month old son has gone from waking every hour at night to sleeping through within two weeks.

From our initial call you filled me with confidence and I felt completely reassured you would be able to help with the extreme sleep deprivation my husband and I were going through. Sleep deprivation is just the hardest thing ever.

Communication throughout the two week period was easy and effortless. We are now functioning a lot better with a two year old and five month old :-)
Without a doubt we would recommend you to all our friends and family.
Thanks again for saving us!!
Katie & John x

Thank you ????????

Before sleep training we were really nervous about doing it with our twins and in the end with Emma's help she gave us a huge amount of confidence and ensured that we got to that awesome stage of having a full night sleep.

Our twins were so much happier in the day too - everyone benefited!

We cannot stress the importance of being able to talk to someone directly rather than trying to just read some kind of material to do this training.
It's the best way to answer any of those small questions you have in the back your mind and crucially allay any fears. Thanks Emma!

Kieran & Claire – parents to 8-month-old twins Ava & Isla.

We are so thankful to Emma for the sleep plan she put together for us and the support in implementing it, I had a few wobbles along the way and Emma was there to reassure and keep us on track.  
Our son has gone from waking up every couple of hours and being fed to sleep to now settling himself and sleeping through the night!
We now have our evenings back to spend time with our older son and not so constantly exhausted, so much more energy and enjoying time with both boys.  

Thank you, Emma, we will be forever grateful. Thank you for giving us the confidence to follow the plan and reap the benefits. 

Helen – Mother of 11-month-old Arlo

After hearing about Emma's work through a friend, we thought we would give her a try.

Our baby boy was almost 10 months old and had never slept the whole night through. It would take over an hour to get him to sleep every night. He would then wake up crying around 4 times per night and it was a nightmare getting him back to sleep again!

We had an initial consultation with Emma and were really impressed. She took note of our usual bedtime routine and then wrote out a new bespoke bedtime routine for our boy. It was planned over 2 weeks, where Emma could make adjustments if necessary. 

On the first night it took him a while to fall asleep, but for the first time ever he slept the whole night through. We couldn't believe it! As the nights went on, he was falling asleep much faster and still continued to sleep the whole night. His daytime naps are also brilliant now too, giving us our much-needed rest. 

It has now been around 5 weeks and we now have a baby who can fall asleep within 4 or 5 minutes every night and sleep for a full 12 hours. 

We would highly recommend Emma if your child is difficult at bedtime, she has been absolutely brilliant.


James & Margorie – parents of 10-month-old Joshua.



I became mum of triplets and I already had a 5-year-old son. My husband and I had never ever used control crying to our older son and we both were very against this method. We couldn't understand how parents could leave the baby when they are crying.

When the triplets were 8 months old, I started looking for a help. I breast feed them until they all fell-asleep and I put them to bed between 7-8 pm. I was not able to spend time with my eldest Son.

Unfortunately, they woke up one another after 30 minutes. I didn't mind them waking up after 10 pm but I was so angry, tired and sad when they did it before. I wanted to spend some time with my Son, and I couldn't. I found Emma on Facebook and explained to her my feelings. I just wanted them to go to bed at 7 so from that time I could be with my Son and eat with him, bath him and read the story :).

I told Emma that I don't believe this method and I will not stand my babies cry. Emma was so nice and kind. She has so much patience. She explained everything to me and sent me some paper work I could read. Emma promised me that from 7 o'clock I would be with my son and even better triplets would sleep from 7pm to 7am.

AND YOU KNOW WHAT??? IT HAPPENED. :)))) My babies sleep from 7 pm to 7 am. Sometimes initially they woke up around 6am but they went back to sleep again. This method is amazing. It's really works. I do strongly recommend Emma to every single parent! Our children are still happy, smile a lot and are happy to see us after nap or night sleep. Emma is very helpful, and she gently gives explanations and gives you psychological support which I needed the most.

Agnieszka – Mother of 7-month-old Triplets



One-to-One Sleep Solutions Package
This is the most popular package, and consists of:-

  • A preliminary evaluation. This is a comprehensive questionnaire about your child’s sleep habits and routines that you’ll fill out prior to our meeting. (Having this information in advance helps us make the most of our time together).

  • A private, 90 minute consultation in the comfort of your own home, or via Skype/FaceTime or telephone, where we’ll discuss strategies, troubleshoot possible problems and learn how to address bedtime, naptime, nightwakings or any other specific issues you might be dealing with.

  • A detailed, fully customized sleep plan, that I will prepare for you after the conclusion of our meeting.

  • Four follow-up telephone calls during the first week following the consultation. These follow-up calls last about 15 minutes, and we’ll use this time to deal with any setbacks you might be having or answer any general questions.

  • One week of e-mail support. After your five follow-up telephone calls have been used, you still have an additional week of e-mail support where you can email me once daily, excluding Sundays I will always aim to reply to your queries within one working day.

The total cost for the One-to-One Sleep Solutions package for a baby or toddler in a cot is £245  by Skype/Facetime/Phone. If your child is in a bed this package is £265   due to the complexity of the plan. 

Face to face consultations are available within a 30 minute driving radius of Bournemouth (further distances can be accommodated with additional travel expenses– please call for details)
New-born – Get it right from the Start Package
This is a comprehensive training plan helping parents of new-borns train their little ones to have fabulous sleep skills from a very young age and can be implemented from day one! Getting an early start in establishing healthy sleep habits is a huge advantage for both babies and their parents. With this package, you will learn everything you need to teach your baby to be an independent sleeper right from the beginning. It is a fantastic gift package for new parents too and consultations can take place before or after the baby has arrived. (gift certificates available and can be posted direct to the lucky couple if required) It consists of:-

  • A private 60 minute telephone or in-home consultation. We will discuss how to establish a healthy sleep plan for your new-born, discussing sleep needs, schedules for feeding, naps and bedtime, how to help teach your baby the difference between day and night, creating the right sleeping environment, strategies to encourage sleep, when to expect your baby to be sleeping longer stretches, and common sleep issues that can be easily avoided.

  • A detailed sleep plan. If you are expecting, the gentle, caring techniques in your sleep plan will teach you how to create an independent sleeper from day one, and will give you a flexible guide to quickly bring some routine, when baby arrives, to a time of your lives which can otherwise become quite overwhelming. If you baby has already arrived, your sleep plan will be fully customized for your family.

  • One follow-up phone call. If you are following a sleep plan from the beginning then you will find your baby is naturally developing wonderful independent sleep skills, you may find you have some questions so we will schedule a telephone call within 2 weeks of the baby’s birth just in case (if you are expecting) or within 2 weeks of consultation (if you already have your baby at home). These calls typically last about 15 minutes.

  • Two follow-up e-mails I will give you my personal email address so you can email me on two occasions with any questions or concerns any time within the first 3 months of your baby’s birth or our consultation. After 3 months you can purchase another week of email support at any time should you need it .

The total cost for the New-born – Get it right from the Start Package is £125   By Skype/Facetime/Phone

Face to face consultations are available within a 30 minute driving radius of Bournemouth (further distances can be accommodated – please call for details)
The Refresher
It is not uncommon for babies and toddlers who have been taught to be great sleepers to ‘test the boundaries’ from time to time. This option is for parents who have met with me in the past, but are looking for a ‘refresher’. This is a popular option for past clients who have recently had a new baby – or who are expecting in the near future. It consists of:-

  • A private, 60 minute consultation, usually by phone or by Skype, during which we’ll use to discuss any particular challenges you are having with your child. Since we’ve already worked together, a full hour is usually more than enough time to cover all your questions and concerns.

  • Optional 2x follow-up emails that you can use to send me any additional questions that might come up as you get things back on track. I’ll aim to respond to your email within one day.

The total cost for the Refresher Package 60 minute consultation is £95, with 2x optional emails £125
The Overnight
This personal support package is for those who want me at your home within the Dorset and Wiltshire area (I'm happy to travel to other areas however travel charges apply) for assistance on the night you choose to implement the program.
This consists of:

  • A preliminary evaluation This is a comprehensive questionnaire about your child’s sleep habits and routines that you’ll complete prior to our meeting. (Having this information in advance helps us make the most of our time together.)

  • 15 minute phone consultation to discuss details of the overnight support- time, requirements etc.

  • Private In-Home/Overnight Support I will join you prior to your child’s recommended bedtime and stay overnight until 7:00 am the next morning. The consultation will take place in the comfort of your home and we will begin your journey to great sleep together.

  • A detailed, fully customized sleep plan This will be prepared for you after our consultation and after the nights stay so you have your own personalized plan to help guide you through the upcoming nights.

  • Four follow-up telephone calls Four phone calls, typically lasting 15 minutes, can be scheduled for the first week following the consultation. We’ll use this time to deal with any setbacks you might be having or answer any general questions.

  • One week of e-mail support After your four follow-up telephone calls have been used, you still have an additional week of e-mail support if any questions arise. You will have my private e-mail address and I’ll respond to your emails within 1 business day

The total cost of the Overnight Package is £895. Please call for details. 
Book an appointment for a free 15 minutes consultation below, or if you would like to speak to me today please do call or email me now on 07458 303108 or email emma.gahan@babysleepthenight.com
Please note - Appointments are UK time zone so please convert to your local time if you are overseas. Be sure to check whether we are in GMT or BST at time of booking.
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