Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

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Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

Emily Saul-Baylis

Before becoming a Mum, I honestly believed the term ‘sleeping like a baby’ and while babies can approximately sleep for 18 hours a day that was unfortunately not my reality.

Like so many other first-time parents, I diligently attended baby classes, read all the books and gratefully listened to the wise words of friends, family and medical professionals. I was optimistic and assumed I was well prepared. However, when my baby didn’t sleep as I had expected I was riddled with guilt, confusion, anger, upset as well as being totally exhausted.

At five months old, my baby was in a vicious cycle of short naps and long periods of wakefulness during the night. This pattern had an undeniable impact on our entire family and the mental wellbeing of us all. So, I took the brave step to seek help.

Within 3 nights of our sleep journey my baby was sleeping 12 hours, and napping in his cot. The transformation was phenomenal. The euphoria was life changing. Those feelings [guilt, confusion, anger, upset] instantly melted away and I had renewed optimism and passion for helping others in similar situations.

In my experience no number of books or classes can really prepared you for the reality of being a parent and the journey it entails. Every baby is different and there are no one size fits all approach. Helping babies settle into patterns of independent sleep requires time to pause, reflect, assess and understand why and how.

My approach involves working closely with you and your family to understand the best method to support you and your little ones get a peaceful and content nights sleep. Every plan is individually created, easy to follow with daily support and coaching to get you on the path to restful sleep easily and quickly.

Please see my packages. It starts with only one step…let’s have a chat and see how we can work together on your child’s sleep ♡


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Before working with Emily, we were really struggling with the chaos of daytimes, failed nap attempts and an overtired and really cranky baby.

Breast feeding to sleep was starting to fail and I was spending hours of the day walking Olive around in the pram, for 20 minute naps here and there. Cot naps were not a thing.

It was exhausting and not sustainable. Also very one sided pressure on the mother with trying to breast feed to sleep. Working with Emily has been life changing.

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Now at 7 months old, Olive is now consistently sleeping for 2 x 1.5 hours- 2 hour naps in the day in her cot and sleeping 7-7 through the night without waking. About a month after sleep training Olive went through a sleep regression and Emily went above and beyond to stay in touch and support us through that.

Now, Olive settles herself to sleep every time and if she wakes during nap or nighttime she resettles herself. Both of us can easily put her to bed now, which allows me to go out for a meal with friends while dad handles bedtime!

Most importantly, Olive is so much happier and calmer and barely ever cranky. Would recommend Emily to all of my friends.

– Parents to 7 month old Olive –

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