Baby Sleep the Night TM
By Karen Bramall
Creator of The Five Stroke Rule TM
Sleep Solutions for Families
Sleep Consultant Training & Mentoring

Life-changing question for women who can’t stop dreaming about learning to be a sleep consultant, but aren’t any closer to *actually* making it happen…

If there was a way for you to become a miracle worker who helps sleep-deprived mums and children get their lives back on track

(…without worrying that you don’t know enough about sleep training, running a business, or whether you’d actually be any good at it…)

Would you finally commit to training as a child sleep consultant?

Here’s why anything short of a “HELL YES!” is costing you BIG time

When you were a new mum, you were sleep-walking through life. 

Your baby only slept for a couple of hours each night (if that), which meant you didn’t sleep either. 

Every day the exhaustion got consistently worse. You’d fall asleep in the strangest (sometimes dangerous) places, you were cranky, frustrated and completely disconnected from the person you used to be.

Before you knew it, you’d forgotten how good life could be and you were pulled into a deep pit of depression.

It seemed like no one could help. Doctors and health visitors told you it was normal over and over again, even though deep down you knew it wasn’t. Maybe they even offered you anti-depressants, but you knew you didn’t need them. What you needed…was sleep.

Just when you thought you couldn’t get through one more day like this, you discovered the solution…sleep training. And as if by some miracle, the same baby that hadn’t slept for more than 2 hours a night in months started sleeping 12 hours every single night.

That’s when EVERYTHING changed for you.

Sleep training saved your life, your sanity and your relationship.

Now you want to save other sleep-deprived families so they don’t suffer like you did.

You want to be a child sleep consultant so you can wake up every morning knowing you’re changing lives…

So you can make children happier and healthier…

So you can save people’s relationships and date nights and jobs and mental health…

So you can help mums find their way out of their sleep-deprived haze and fall back in love with motherhood…

So you can help mums realise they’re not doing anything wrong…that they’re not supposed to magically know what to do the moment they become a parent, and that there is life-changing support available for them when they need it…

But also…

You want to be a sleep consultant so you can change your own life too

You want to find your calling (beyond being Mum and Wife). 

You want to find something that’s yours. Something you’re great at, so you can build your own confidence and believe in your own abilities.

You want to build a flexible business that works around your family’s needs because you don’t want to put your kids in breakfast and after-school club every day. You don’t want to miss a minute of them growing up.

You want to make more money than ever before working less hours than ever before. 

You want to find your purpose. 

A purpose that pays. A purpose that doesn’t sideline your family’s needs. A purpose that makes the world a better place – one sleep-deprived mum and baby at a time.

But before I tell you how to make that happen, let’s talk about…

The 3 reasons you haven’t followed through on your dream of becoming a sleep consultant

The idea of being your own boss, picking your own family-friendly working hours, and making double the hourly wage you’d make in another job sounds like the dream you’ve been waiting for.

But that’s the problem. It feels like a completely unrealistic and unachievable dream. You find yourself thinking, “I can’t really do that. I can’t run my own business. I can’t find clients. I wouldn’t be any good at it.” 

My question to you is: Why wouldn’t you?

What you need:

Someone who’ll show you exactly how to build this business you want so much. Someone who’ll teach you everything you need to know from start to finish, so you can increase your confidence and get the skills you need to create your own sleep consultancy business.

You’re ready to become a pro and learn everything you need to know about the science of sleep. But you’re also worried you’ll take the training and still not know how to advise families (AKA paying clients) when they come to you for help.

With something as important as a child’s habits and routines, you want to get this right and be sure you’ll have the skills to become the knowledgeable consultant your clients expect you to be. 

What you need:


Of course you can’t imagine having the technical knowledge and experience to help families. Because right now, you don’t have it.

But once you get the right training, you’ll be a sleep expert who knows how to get a child from sleeping two hours a night to twelve hours a night. You’ll also have the coaching skills to guide parents through this process, so they feel supported by you every step of the way.

Let’s just say the dreaded ‘s’ word out loud. You’re afraid of being sued

You’re worried something will go terribly wrong and everyone will blame you.

What you need:

Training that doesn’t claim to replace doctors, nurses or modern medicine. 

Training that teaches you where your role ends and where a doctor’s role starts. 

Training that follows SIDS guidelines to the letter, so you can feel confident that you’re promoting safe sleeping habits.

The truth is, you only have to worry about being sued when you don’t know what you’re doing. And with my training, you’ll be taught everything you need to know to run a safe, successful sleep consultancy business (P.S.It’s that good even G.P.s have signed up to train with me!).


“I had my own business but wanted to branch out into something new with more flexible working hours to work around my children. After getting a sleep consultant for my own daughter and knowing how amazing it felt to have her sleep through, I decided I’d like to help other families with sleep training.

I was dubious about spending the money on the Baby Sleep the Night Training and I did feel like it was a risk – but I did it and I’ve never looked back. The training was amazing. Every minute was filled with informative information and I learnt so much in such a short space of time. I’ve met some great lifelong friends and Karen was a brilliant teacher. By the end, I felt so motivated and excited to start my new career.

This is such a rewarding job and when you receive testimonials from parents who have been given the gift of sleep, it makes it the best job in the world.”

Gemma Wade


“I received fantastic training from Karen and whilst I was slow building my business at first, I’m now inundated with enquiries thanks to word of mouth, an ongoing marketing effort and plenty of advice from Karen’s webinars. I’ve even done radio interviews and had people coming up to me in the street from recognising me as a sleep expert in my local area.

The most rewarding part of this new career is without a doubt being able to help people and hear about their quality of life being so vastly improved as a result of my sleep plans. 

The loveliest thing is reading your own testimonials and words of thanks from clients after helping another baby or child sleep through the whole night for the very first time. Hearing how these babies go on to have so much more energy, be happier and bring smiles and giggles into their parents’ days following a solid night’s sleep is amazing.

I feel like I’m making a difference and I’m proud to tell people about what I do. When I worked in banking, I was far from proud and felt that what I did had no soul. I am so happy to have learned this amazing skill of bringing the gift of sleep into people’s lives.”

Sally Unterberger –

The good news is…

Becoming a successful, well-paid and fully booked sleep consultant is easier than you think

If you’ve made it this far, you already know that having the right knowledge and training is a critical part of being a successful sleep consultant.

If you don’t, you could do more damage than good – even when you have the best of intentions.

With the training I’m about to introduce to you, you won’t have to worry about any of that.


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    Become a sleep expert who has the technical knowledge and skills to confidently support families through sleep deprivation using proven methods

  • null

    Know exactly how to coach parents through the sleep training process, so they trust and follow your guidance from beginning to end

  • null

    Transform lives and homes in just a matter of days, with parents going from sleepless nights to, “Did I really just sleep for 10 hours straight?”

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    Get exclusive access to the peer support group where you can share wins and share client cases. So even though you’re going it alone in your business, you’re never really alone

  • null

    Become a serious business owner with the help of business bonuses that teach you how to create a business that works for you and your family, gets you clients, and makes you money

Before I introduce you to the training that’s about to change your life…let me introduce myself.

12 years ago, I was half asleep at the wheel and almost crashed my car with all three of my children in it

Hey, I’m Karen Bramall (aka Kat) – Infant and Child Sleep Consultant, founder of Baby Sleep the Night, and trainer to sleep consultants around the world.

And yes, what I said is 100% true.

12 years ago, I was half asleep at the wheel with all three of my kids in the backseat when I almost caused a pile-up in the middle of the motorway. I will never forget the sight of cars swerving around me.

You see, I’d been awake the night before trying to (unsuccessfully) get my youngest to sleep – just like every other night before that.

But that day was different. When I got home from our almost-accident, I scoured the internet for solutions, because my sleep-deprivation had just got dangerous for my entire family.

When I came across a Canadian sleep consultant, I hired her immediately. Within 3 days, my youngest was sleeping through the night, 7pm–7am, and our lives had been transformed. 

It wasn’t long after that I decided to train as a sleep consultant too, so I could change lives like my sleep consultant had changed mine. I wanted to shout my experience from the rooftops and tell other parents they did NOT have to suffer in silence.

12 years and 2000 families later – plus a 100% success rate with families that follow my gentle caring plans – I have a thriving sleep consultancy business (Baby Sleep the Night) and I train other women to become successful infant and child sleep consultants too.

If you’re ready to learn the fundamentals of sleep and sleep training so you can be your own boss, build your own family-friendly business, and make more money working less hours, keep reading…


Working as a sleep consultant has changed my life. It’s changed my relationship with my son, it’s allowed me to help other families and it makes me feel empowered, confident and strong. Having dealt with sleep deprivation myself, I totally understand the pressures on these families. Being a sleep consultant also allows me to work around my children and give them everything I have whilst delivering a new-found passion of mine – and I get paid for it! I love my job.”

Sophie Lucas Wilkinson


Baby Sleep the Night Foundation Training

The online course that takes you from wannabe sleep consultant and business owner…to trained and ready-to-launch (in just 18 hours)

This intense 18-hour online course teaches you the science (and magic) of sleep. By the time you’ve completed all 7 modules, you’ll be a sleep training expert who has the knowledge and skills to completely transform children’s sleeping habits.

But that isn’t enough to make you a great sleep consultant – which is why this course also teaches you how to be a great coach who empowers parents.

Because when you know how to create a strong connection with parents, how to lead with love, and how to gently coach them through the process of sleep training their little one… 

…your sleep plan will work, their child will sleep, and you will change their lives.

Want to take a sneak peek inside the
Baby Sleep the Night Foundation Training?

Module 1
The Science of Sleep

You don’t need to be a sleep scientist to be a successful consultant, but you do need to have a good understanding of how sleep works so you’re able to support parents in the best way possible.

In this first module, you’ll:

  • Learn the technical definition of sleep – including its physical and physiological characteristics, the truth about what science is able to tell us, and the truth about what hasn’t been uncovered yet

  • Understand the two primary phases of sleep and why it’s important to know how they both work

  • Discover what happens to our bodily functions when we sleep and why that’s so important for children

  • Find out the key to solving 99.9% of children’s sleep problems, so you know exactly how to help the families that hire you

Module 2
Sleep Deprivation and Sleep Debt

Now you know exactly how sleep works, it’s time to understand the dangers of not getting enough of it.

You’ll have an even better picture of what your clients are living through, and you’ll be able to explain why your training is so valuable (which will make it easier for clients to hire you).

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The often overlooked difference between sleep deprivation and sleep debt, so you can identify how to best help the families you work with

  • The neural, emotional, mental and physical effects of sleep deprivation for both adults and children, so you can be aware of the various ways your clients are being impacted

  • The cost of sleep debt and how much sleep children and adults actually need. You’ll be able to understand how sleep debt manifests in the day to day life of the families you support

  • The 8 external environmental factors that impact how children sleep, and simple ways to combat those disruptions

  • Reasons children might not be sleeping, so you can put your detective cap on and figure out how to help them overcome their sleep issues

Module 3
Sleep Cycles, Props and Sleep Onset Association Disorder (SOAD)

By this point, you’re aware of some of the barriers to sleep and the impact that sleep deprivation can have on children and parents. 

Now you’re going to learn about THE biggest barrier to sleep and how you can prevent parents from falling into some of the most common sleep mistakes.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The inner workings of the sleep cycle so you understand what a good night’s sleep looks like and how Sleep Onset Association Disorder (SOAD) develops

  • How to identify the common sleep props that disrupt sleep, so you can teach parents how these props often cause more harm than good

  • How to get rid of sleep props so children can fall asleep without them – including the props you don’t even realise are props

  • The root cause of why children wake up in the night and can’t fall back asleep. Once you know this, you’ll be able to solve all your client’s problems

  • The secret to a successful sleep journey – including ways that parents can create an optimal sleeping environment and bedtime routine they enjoy rather than dread

  • How to get a child to fall asleep independently, so their parents no longer have to sacrifice their own sleep to rock them, hold them, or suckle them every time they wake up

Module 4
The Vital Foundations

By this fourth module, you’re feeling pretty confident about your knowledge of sleep, sleep deprivation, sleep debt, sleep cycles and sleep props.

But knowing how to get a child to sleep is very different to knowing how to coach a parent so they can get their child to sleep. 

This section of the training is about how to successfully work with clients and execute your sleep consultation from start to finish.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • My step-by-step guide to structuring your 2-week consultation so you can take families from sleep-deprived to “OMG we slept through the entire night”

  • The essential formula to effective coaching so your clients trust you, your sleep strategies, and your advice

  • How to create an ideal bedroom setting physically and psychologically so the child has what they need for a restful night’s sleep

  • The secret to identifying feeding issues that may be impacting a child’s sleep, and how to help parents create better feeding habits

  • How to create a healthy sleep-feed routine so children can fall asleep independently without needing to be breastfed or bottle-fed (while also ensuring they get every ounce of vital nutrition that they need)

Module 5
Schedules and Naps

Well-rested children in the daytime become well-rested at night, which is why it’s really important to understand how and when a child should nap in the day.

In many ways, getting a child to nap is harder than getting them to sleep at night – which is why this training is so crucial.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The exact method I’ve used to create an ideal sleep plan for over 2000 families, so children get the rest they need every single day

  • How to distribute sleep over a 24-hour period and create a nap schedule that allows a child to sleep well during the daytime and at night time

  • The key to helping a child self-settle so they go down for a nap independently, without depending on their mum to hold them or pace endlessly round the block

  • How to analyse children and their naps so you can figure out whether they’re rested, tired or overtired, and how to provide the necessary support

  • The easiest way to transition a child who’s napping less or has stopped napping completely

Module 6
The Sleep Plan – Bedtime

You’re almost at the end of the course! 

Now you need to learn how to get a child to go from not sleeping to sleeping ALL night. Enter: the two most common settling methods, my own trademarked settling method, and the step-by-step sleep plan. 

By the end of this section, you’ll know how to miraculously transform a child’s sleeping habits, as well as how to coach parents through this training and transformation. 

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The key to unravelling bad sleeping habits in children, and how to coach parents so they can create new, healthy habits

  • The step-by-step, night-by-night breakdown of how to rewire a child’s sleep routine, so you can take families from sleep-deprived to having 12 hours of sleep every night

  • How to employ The 5 Stroke Rule™ – my trademarked method that massively helps parents at bedtime so they can speed up their child’s learning process but still leave room for touch and comfort

  • How to teach parents to stop reacting and start responding to their child at bedtime, so their child can uncover their own natural sleep abilities, fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer

  • The secret to getting children to sleep using my unique take on the Gradual Retreat Method, which allows parents to sleep train their child without fears or feelings of abandonment

  • The key to successfully using The Leave and Check Method, so you can give parents the flexibility to choose the method that works best for their child and for them

  • The reason I don’t teach or ascribe to The Cry it Out Method and why you shouldn’t either. Instead, I’ve found a middle ground that works for everyone

  • How to prepare and support parents in managing their emotions, so they feel strong and confident enough to follow your sleep plan through to the end

  • How to support a child with reflux issues or a strong gag reflex, so they can overcome their subconscious associations with sleep and get a good night’s rest

Module 7
Night Wakes, Feeds & The 10-Minute Rule

Now you’re a sleep expert who can confidently coach parents through the process of sleep training their children. 

The only thing left to learn is how to deal with a child waking in the night, and how to support parents through that so they can get their child back to sleep quickly and easily. 

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The exact steps to take when a child wakes in the night so parents know how to respond and how not to respond

  • The no-fail sleep method that ensures as soon as their tummies are big enough to take enough nutrition in the daytime, children have 12-hour nights without waking up for a feed – whether they’re breastfed or bottle-fed

  • The 10-Minute Rule that rewires babies’ subconscious and autonomic nervous system, so they can put themselves back to sleep without relying on a parent

  • How to get parents to agree to your plan for night wakes and feeds, while also considering their individual needs and preferences. (Because if parents don’t agree, they’ll slow down the process and end up confusing their child. We *don’t* want that)

  • The other important factors around children’s health, safety and wellbeing that you must consider as a sleep consultant

PLUS these 7 Building Your Business Bonus Workshops so you can launch your business with confidence

The Mental Foundations and Saboteurs of Success

with Me (Karen Bramall)

In this 3.5-hour masterclass, I share the critical mental secrets of success so you can start working on creating the mindset you need to build the sleep consultancy business of your dreams.

You’ll find out my three personal secrets to success and the many failures I experienced when I first started out in business. With that knowledge, you’ll have the privilege of avoiding those mistakes and reaching new heights in your business better and faster than I did.

This one’s a rollercoaster. So hold on, find a notepad and get ready to soar.

Discovery Call Masterclass

with Me (Karen Bramall)

If you’re worrying about how you’ll land clients, this masterclass will put your anxiety to bed. 

You’ll learn how to connect with potential clients and soulfully sell your services. With my zero-pressure selling strategies and sales methods, you’ll ONLY book dreamboat clients who are 100% ready to work with you and learn from you.

How to Create a Successful Sleep Consultancy Business
(…even if you’ve never run a business before)

with Me (Karen Bramall)

This webinar is a goldmine because I share it ALL. 

From how I got into sleep consultancy…to the top three mistakes I made when I first started out…to the three- step framework you need to create the sleep consultancy business of your dreams. 

By the time you’re done watching, you’ll know exactly what goes into becoming a fully-booked, well-paid, world-shaking sleep consultant – even if you’ve never run a business before.

Mastering your Message to connect with Ideal Clients

with Vicky Shilling

Nearly 50% of the world’s population uses social media, so if you want to find clients…Social Media is a great place to start.Vicky Shilling is an outstanding coach helping wellness entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into reality. In this workshop, you’ll learn how easy it is to really connect with potential clients on all platforms and take them from “I’m interested” to “Sign me up!”

Birth Trauma Workshop

with Alex Heath

Some mums (or dads!) you work with may be suffering from pregnancy, birth or parenting-related trauma, and in order to support them you need to understand what they’re dealing with.

Alex is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, since 2010 she has supported parents as they have recovered from traumatic perinatal events, depression and anxiety.

She frequently provides study days and training for the NHS and other health and wellbeing organisations and speaks at events about perinatal emotional health & wellbeing.

Brave Enough to Be YOU

with The Brave Business Coach (Caroline Thompson)

This hugely uplifting workshop is all about you showing up as the REAL you in your business – from social media posts, to social media lives, to how you feel about your body image and all the skeletons in your closet that are holding you back! 

By the end of this workshop, you’ll shed your mask, you’ll own who you are, and you won’t be afraid to show up as YOU. Because you are enough.

Understanding Reflux

with Aine Homer, The Baby Reflux Lady

There’s a huge lack of knowledge in the medical industry about the painful issue of reflux in babies. Most professionals say it’s “normal”, but Aine disagrees entirely.

With a background in engineering and as a doctor of Chinese medicine, Aine put her engineering hat on when her own daughter suffered with reflux, and she made it her mission to work out its cause.

With Aine’s fresh approach, you’ll be able to confidently guide parents to finding solutions to reflux issues quickly and often without the need for medication.

PLUS – Get access to the exclusive peer support group with monthly live Q&A sessions

With 7 modules of Baby Sleep the Night Foundation Training and 7 Business Building Bonuses in your arsenal, you’ll have the knowledge, skills and understanding to be a sleep consultant that has her pick of clients.

But wouldn’t it be great if you had somewhere to ask questions? Somewhere to meet other sleep consultants? Somewhere that made you feel like you had colleagues to share wins, struggles or difficult client cases with?

With Lifetime Access to the peer support group, you’ll have exactly that. And with monthly live Q&A sessions, you’ll have direct access to me for 6 months so I can answer your questions and help you with the cases you’ve been working on.


“I was really worried about joining the Baby Sleep the Night Training and not being able to pay all my course fees. I was full of emotions ranging from nerves, anxiety, and excitement – but I lacked confidence because I was throwing myself in the deep end into a new career that was totally different to what I’d worked at all my life. I kept thinking ‘Can I do this?’ And yes I could… 

Even with Covid in the mix, my business has taken off like a rocket. I’ve paid all my course fees so any money I make is my own. I’m now the sleep expert for Ireland’s largest online parenting magazine where I write a regular Q&A column! And I’ve got so many clients that I’m fully booked AND I’ve got a waiting list too.”

Maria Murphy –


Working with Karen Bramall and the Baby Sleep the Night family is the best decision I’ve ever made. I get the best advice from the  leading sleep consultant in the country whose knowledge is bottomless.

The confidence I’ve gained from this training and the knowledge I’ve learned about children and sleep has been brilliant. It’s something that I can always use in life with my own children and that I can pass on to family and friends, as well as other families to help them get their little one sleeping so the whole family is happier. 

I’m so glad I’m making a difference to families around the world. I’m very proud to be part of the Baby Sleep the Night family.”

Amanda Wittaker –

On the other side of that purple button is a group of women who have already said yes to the Baby Sleep the Night Foundation Training

They’re already working towards their dream of becoming a sleep consultant who changes the world…one sleep-deprived mum and baby at a time

Are you ready to join them?


3 payments of


Instant access


1 payment of


Instant access


Oh and don’t forget…

Your Risk-Free Money-Back guarantee*

I’m so certain this training will give you the technical and client-facing skills you need to become a miracle worker sleep consultant, that I want to make it as easy as possible for you to confidently say “yes!”

Enter: your risk-free money-back guarantee*.

I promise if you join the Baby Sleep the Night Foundation  Training and after completing the first Module feel like…

  • It’s not going to give you the skills you need to become a sleep consultant
  • It’s not going to give you the skills you need to coach clients through the process of sleep training their children

…I’ll give you a FULL refund

Complete the first module, and assessment and if you’re not entirely happy I will refund your investment no questions asked.

All you have to do is email my team at hello@babysleepthenight.com and we’ll hit undo on your investment. 

*I’m entirely confident that you’ll love this training as much as I do, but I want you to be confident and try it  to make sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Access to the full course will be granted to you on day 6 after purchase after which this offer can no longer be claimed.


The training is worth every little cent. Now that I’ve done it – knowing what I know now – I would’ve paid double for it because it’s just so valuable. I can tell Karen is doing this work because she wants to help as many people as possible. Not everyone is as good and as honest as her. She’s a real role-model and inspiration.”

Tiziana Josi –


Since completing the Baby Sleep the Night Training, I’ve been very busy with clients.. I currently run three workshops and I’m now venturing further afield. I’ve been asked to hold adult sleep workshops and will be holding toddler sessions once a month at a community centre catered for local families. The opportunity in this industry is huge. I now have a business I love, that expands my knowledge, and that allows me to always be here for my two children.”

Kelly Dawson –

Got questions?

Here’s what other women asked before they joined the Baby Sleep the Night Foundation Training

I get it. Trying something new is never easy. Especially if you’re coming straight out of maternity leave, or being a stay-at-home mum. The idea of studying gives you hives. But the unknown possibilities are also what makes this so exciting – right?

I’ll be honest: this training isn’t easy. Because I’m here to turn you into the best sleep consultant possible so you can build a successful business and support as many families as you can. And that’s going to take some work and dedication from you.

But by the time you’re done with these 7 modules and 7 business building bonuses, you won’t just BE a sleep expert, you’ll FEEL like a sleep expert. And you’ll be ready to start taking on clients and transforming the lives of countless families.

As a mum I know how hard it is to spend money on yourself when you feel like you should be spending money on your children.

And while that’s hard, the real problem here is that you believe this training is an expense when actually it’s an investment.

You can earn £250+ for just 4–5 hours of work as a sleep consultant. If you’re serious about doing this training, you’ll make your investment back after working with just five clients.

You keep telling yourself that now isn’t the right time…that you’ll invest later when you have a little more money. But the truth is: you’re letting your fear take over.

If you say no to this training, I want it to be because you decided not to move forward. Not because your fear decided for you.

Your happiness, your fulfilment and your future matters too. And when you’re happy, your children are happy. 

So if you feel like this course is for you, go for it! 🙂

P.S. Full transparency: you can join The Baby Sleep the Night Foundation Level Training all year round. But the price of the course will increase significantly very soon.

I’m glad you asked!

Whoever this person is, you really respect their opinion and you feel like you can’t get fully behind this Baby Sleep the Night Training if they’re not all-in with you.

While they’re operating from a place of caution and protection, you’ve already had the shift you need. 

You know this is the training for you, and even though your confidence isn’t through the roof right now – you’ve got the quiet but powerful sense that you can do this.

You’ve had your shift. It’s time for your husband/partner/mum/friend to shift with you. 

You’re more than a wife and a mum (as much as you love being those things). You’re you. And you deserve to believe in yourself, and for the people around you to believe in you too – especially when your goal is to better your own family and help thousands of other families too.

Also, do you really need their approval? Really? 

Either way, once you’re running your successful, profitable sleep consultancy business…you’ll have all the approval in the world 😉

Great question! But that is actually a complete myth. There aren’t too many sleep consultants in the world – if anything, I would say there aren’t enough.

This is a booming industry and since you’ll be running an online business that isn’t locked into any location, the entire world is your oyster.

(I’ve worked with clients in 6 out of 7 continents, all via online consultations, and it still feels like a really personal experience. In fact, it’s just like being in the same room with them.)

Once you get your first few clients and positive reviews, your business will start to snowball. Mums talk about sleep a lot, they recommend you to one another and rave about your magical sleep training abilities and it grows and grows exponentially. 

I’m not just saying that because this is my experience (even though it is). I’m saying this because it’s the experience of every single person I’ve trained. 

With 385,000 babies born per day on our planet, there are more than enough tired parents to go around 🙂

The Baby Sleep the Night Foundation  Training is made up of pre-recorded, on-demand modules that you watch in your own time, at your own pace, from the comfort of your own living room.

You can do it while the kids are at school, while the kids are at home, or during your lunch break.

The great thing about it is that it fits around your schedule. You choose when you want to work through it, and there’s no such thing as falling behind.

You’ll need to dedicate at least 18 hours to completing the compulsory training, 10 hours to completing the bonuses (they’re optional), and 1 hour a month if you want to join the monthly live Q&A sessions with me in the peer support group (which I highly recommend).

And don’t worry: you won’t be on calls with your clients at 2am in the morning coaching them through getting their child to sleep. 

Just like any other job, you’ll have set working hours and boundaries in place. The only difference is…when you’re the boss, you get to create the boundaries that work best for you.

You’ll get it! The Baby Sleep the Night Foundation Training comes with an exclusive peer support group, where you’ll be able to e-meet fellow sleep consultants. 

You’ll share wins, struggles and client cases that you need advice on, and you’ll cheer each other on as you work through the training.

You’ll also be invited to join me for a monthly live Q&A in the peer support group on Facebook, where I’ll answer any and all questions you have for me – whether they’re to do with the training, how to run a business, or how to help a specific family.

If you feel like you need even more support, you’ll get the chance to sign up for additional coaching with a dedicated mentor a few weeks into the course.

Ooo good question!

If you mean, “Karen, do you endorse The Cry it Out Method?” – the answer is no, I don’t. I believe that method is way too harsh on everyone involved, so I’ve found a middle ground that works for everyone.

Instead, I teach and endorse my unique take on the Gradual Retreat Method, The Leave and Check Method and my own trademarked method: The 5 Stroke Rule

I teach my sleep consultants to lead with love, free from judgement. 

That means we don’t judge parents for what they do or don’t do, and we help parents sleep train their children in a way that they feel comfortable with.

This isn’t about creating a one-size-fits-all solution. Truly effective sleep consulting means you have to get to know the child, their parents, what works and what doesn’t work for them, so you can create a personalised and individual sleep plan.

If you’re doing it right, no two sleep plans will ever be the same. And you won’t want them to be.

Yes, it absolutely is!

The majority of people who join are mums who have overcome sleep deprivation. But if that’s not you, that doesn’t matter. You’re 100% welcome to join us and I can’t wait to have you!

If you join right now, you’ll get access to:

  • 7 pre-recorded, self-paced modules of the Baby Sleep the Night Foundation Training, so you can learn how to become an effective child sleep consultant AND an effective coach that has the necessary client-facing skills to succeed
  • 6 Building Your Business Bonus Workshops so you can launch your business with confidence
  • The exclusive peer support group on Facebook, where you give and receive advice from fellow soon-to-be qualified sleep consultants for life!

You’ll be granted instant access right up to the end of module 1 and the rest will all be accessible from Day 6, just so that you can be sure you’ve made the right decision in purchasing!

Are you ready to finally say yes to changing the world…one sleep-deprived mum and baby at a time?

Join the Baby Sleep the Night Foundation Training with your risk-free, money-back guarantee*


3 payments of


Instant access


1 payment of


Instant access


“Becoming a sleep consultant has allowed me to have a happy and healthy work-life balance. It’s not often people can genuinely say “I LOVE my job” – but I absolutely can! The difference I make to so many families is life-changing and you can’t help but get a buzz of pride from working with every single client.”

Shelly Terry

Still not 100% sure? Let’s see if I can help

The Baby Sleep the Night Foundation Training is perfect for you if…

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    You’re passionate about sleep and you could talk about it all day long. You know it’s the key to changing the lives of women and children around the world, and you want everyone else to know that too

  • null

    You’ve never run a business before but you’re ready to put in the work and learn how to do this properly

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    You have some business experience but you realise sleep consultancy is something entirely different, and you’re willing to learn everything you need to know

  • null

    You’re 100% dedicated to helping families overcome sleep deprivation so mums, dads and children around the world can live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life

  • null

    You believe struggling mums shouldn’t be judged when they ask for help. You believe in leading with love, at all times

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    You’ve got 18 hours to dedicate to becoming a trained sleep consultant, so you can build a business that works perfectly around your life and your family

Join the Baby Sleep the Night Foundation Training with your risk-free, money-back guarantee*


3 payments of


Instant access


1 payment of


Instant access


“How to sum up the last 6 months since I completed my training with Karen?…AMAZING! I never anticipated just how rewarding, challenging, and educational this new role would be for me. Under Karen’s expertise and guidance I feel I have grown more and more confident each day and I have been able to navigate my way around building my new business with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully work with clients. 

Karen’s knowledge of infant sleep and her experience of working with families over such a long time shows when I follow the advice and training she has given me – and it works! She really knows her stuff. 

I have been overwhelmed with clients since starting this business. So much so that I now have a waiting list! Something I never anticipated would happen.

There is a real need for informative, science based, caring and nurturing sleep advice for parents struggling out there. With Karen’s methods, high standards and training I am so pleased that I am able to deliver them. All in all I would say that training to become a children’s sleep consultant was one of the best decisions I ever made. I am so glad I found Karen and Baby Sleep the Night!”

Leila Baker

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