Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

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Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

Having worked for the emergency services for over a decade and working various shifts I was pretty sure I was prepared for the lack of sleep children bring. I was wrong. The sleep deprivation from having my own child was one of the toughest things I have ever experienced and I am here to tell you there is hope.

We are all born with the natural desire to sleep but external factors can get in the way of this and stop us from doing it effectively. Sleep training will help your child to learn how to eliminate the effects of these external factors and fall asleep independently and stay asleep. They will actually LOVE sleep. My own experiences have made me passionate about sleep and ensuring our healthy sleep habits are ingrained from childhood. My own son is at school now and thriving. All thanks to good sleep habits.

Imagine a life where your children go to sleep at the same time every day and they actually stay asleep all night! It doesn’t have to be a dream. It can be your reality and you can have your precious evenings back, get a full night sleep yourself and no longer walk around in a sleep deprived state. It all starts here!

If you would like me to transform your life then get in touch! I offer a free 15 minute, no obligation call to discuss your child’s sleep issues. I work remotely so no matter your location-I can help.


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