Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

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Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

Camilla Pretorius (BA Psychology)

With a background in Psychology and Marketing , I have always wanted to help people change their lives for the better, but I wasn’t sure in what way. Then I had my son. He is the reason I am doing my life’s work.

I moved into this career because I am hugely passionate about helping others who are going through what I went through…

My little boy was born with laryngomalacia (a ‘floppy larynx’). He also had reflux and as a result was sick a lot of the time. He catnapped all day and all-night long, never sleeping for long stretches, no matter what my husband and I tried.

He woke up every hour 

Every. Single. Night… 

For a year!?

Extreme sleep deprivation and constant brain fog was savage. I was desperate for answers and I felt so alone…until I was brave enough to simply ask for help. Working with a sleep consultant TRANSFORMED all our lives. We solved his sleep issues within a week, and he has since been sleeping 12 hours a night.

He gets ill less, he is even more chirpy than before, we enjoy our time together more, and my husband and I have our quality time back in the evenings. ? We have all felt so many positive effects from just a few hard nights in the beginning.

Now, I want YOU to feel how life changing this can be and to show you how quickly you will see results.

I work closely with you to create a bespoke plan suited to your child’s needs and then teach you gentle ways to help them to fall asleep on their own (and stay asleep for longer than 45mins)! Do get in touch if you have a baby or toddler that struggles to nap peacefully or wakes a lot during the night and leaves you feeling exhausted.

The expert skills and support I can provide you with in order to get you through the important steps towards your baby or child learning independent sleep skills, have lifelong positive repercussions for you and your family.

It’s been said that “it takes a village to raise a family”…

Well, being a South African living in London, I also understand what it’s like to not have the support of close family nearby to alleviate some of the pressures of being a new Mum. I want to be that ‘village’ for parents, everywhere.

Use my story to change your story, give me a call and let’s chat.


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I am writing to let you know that we were away this weekend and Victoria was an absolute star despite being in a different environment and all the excitement of seeing her cousins and grandparents. She managed to go to sleep by herself in a different room, different cot (we did bring everything else with us: clock, sleeping bag, blanket, comforter) without ever protesting and slept all the way through as usual.

Thank you so much again for your invaluable help and support and all the great tips you have given Joe and I. Thanks to you, Victoria is a much calmer child and she is now able to go to sleep by herself and nap in her cot. We would have never gotten there on our own.

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Despite Victoria’s questionable sleeping habits, we both really appreciated the fact that we never felt judged at any point during the process. Your follow up thorough messages and calls were second to none. You were truly dedicated and caring throughout the whole process.

– Marta & Joe, parents to Victoria – 2.5 years (London) –

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Contacting Camilla has been life changing!

With her help and guidance our baby started sleeping independently and through the night. She was always available for advice and support when things went off track. The programme was tailored to us and specific to our baby’s sleep needs. It took slightly longer for our baby to sleep through the night, but Camilla was always patient and encouraging. We are so grateful for everything!

– Sarah, mama to Aris – 6 months old (London) –

We have recommended Camilla to several of our friends after the excellent support she gave us. Our 10 month old started sleeping through the night from night 2 or 3 of the programme and has slept through every night since (2 months later!). Camilla was available when things went off course a bit to give us advice when we needed it, which really took the stress out of the process.

– Helen, mama to Robyn – 10 months old (London) –

We cannot thank you enough for taking us on your sleep training journey. When we started I was quite sceptical as to whether it would work, as we have an older daughter who took forever to sleep through the night. But I am SO happy to say that it has worked an absolute treat and Sam is now sleeping until past 7am!! Can you believe it?!

You are an amazing guide, and we found your training course very easy to follow. It is hard to hear your baby cry, but knowing it is a gentle method and that a full night’s sleep is the end goal was really motivating.

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I also found it so helpful to have someone who we were accountable to, checking in with you every day and discussing any concerns or tweaks to the regime. It helped us stay on track and complete the course a lot more easily than I had imagined.

I really love your calm and confident approach. You are very caring and I felt in really safe hands. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the gift of sleep for us (and more importantly) for our baby, who will benefit endlessly from having a good night’s sleep. You are the best!

Love Orlaith, Joe and Sam x

– Orlaith, mama to Sam – 11 months old (North London) –

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Being first-time parents, the thought of sleep brought anxiety. We knew it was going to be very important for both our baby and for us to get into some good sleeping habits. Camilla gave us all the resources needed, along with words of wisdom and encouragement. She has absolutely changed our sleep world for the better.

We were almost at breaking point and within a day, Camilla’s suggestions made an incredible difference. Along the way she responded to questions quickly and had plenty of suggestions for future. We appreciated her holistic approach and that she was really excited with our progress over our 2 weeks together. Now at 5months old, we have created some great sleeping habits & our LO is sleeping through the night and that is truly all thanks to Camilla.

We would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you!

– Pooja, mama to Tanay – 4.5 months old (Germany) –

We used Camilla to help us sleep train our little boy Toby when he was just over 6 months. The only way Toby went to sleep was to be breastfed to sleep and he was waking every 90 mins to 2 hours to be fed during the night. Toby’s naps were a bit of a struggle and they were all contact naps or in the pram.

Fast forward 2 weeks and Toby was falling asleep independently in his cot, pretty much sleeping through the night, if he woke resettling himself and doing good day naps in his cot.
Another 3 weeks on and Toby consistently sleeps 11-12 hours at night and does two good naps in his cot of at least 90 minutes each. The results really do speak for themselves – Camilla is amazing!

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The plan was completely tailored to Toby taking into account his current routine and the sleep struggles we wanted to work on. Camilla is so friendly and kind – from day 1 it felt like I was having a chat with a very knowledgeable friend.

The support Camilla provides is outstanding – the daily call support in week 1 was invaluable especially for a Mum who was convinced her baby couldn’t get through the night without breastfeeding. And the continued support in week 2 really helped us to nail the nap lengths and timings.

Camilla gave us the confidence and tools we needed to teach Toby to sleep independently and the support to make sure we stayed on track. We also liked the approach Camilla takes, which is gently whilst accepting there will be some tears.

I recommend Camilla to anyone who will listen and if you’re reading this I promise you won’t regret it!

– Victoria, mama to Toby ​– 6 months (London) –

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As many others have said, getting in touch with Camilla has been life changing!!

That’s not an exaggeration. If you have a baby that doesn’t sleep and you are at the stage where something needs to change, it feels that significant!

From the 1st phone consultation, I felt so at ease and trusted Camilla. I couldn’t wait to start!

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Following the tailor-made plan for our son Theo – 18 months, we started to see results almost immediately! I had faith! We also managed to drop the dummy…which I never thought we’d achieve AND fix the sleep. Consistency is the key. Put your trust in Camilla and she will guide you through.

Phone calls and messages allow her to make any tweaks needed so you see the best results.

3 months on and Theo sleeps through EVERY night. Even after heat waves, covid, holidays, grandparents doing bedtimes…he now sleeps! Make the call…you won’t regret it!

– Tor, mama to Theo – 18 months old (Manchester) –

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We really enjoyed working with Camilla and she has taught our 1 year old how to fall asleep on his own. It was a fairly easy process overall.

Camilla is very passionate about her work and extremely organised and committed. Our son Alex now enjoys his bedtime routine! Highly recommended.

– Jon & Ilona, parents to Alex – 1 years old (London) –

Camilla changed our lives, I call her the sleep guru!

We approached her when our little boy Matthew was 6 months old. Matt was waking 2-3 times a night to feed and for both day and night sleeps he would feed to fall asleep, only finding comfort in sleeping in my arms. As you can imagine can take a toll on any family.

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I had tried to read various books but just couldn’t find a solution that resonated with me. Contacting Camilla was the best thing we ever did. She put together a plan for us that was specific to Matthew, she was incredibly professional and made us feel at ease right from the beginning. The ongoing support throughout the process was just incredible, it was so valuable to me to have someone that I could trust to help guide me through the clear steps she had provided. We had no idea what to expect but we knew something had to change. With Camilla’s expert advice Matt was sleeping through the night on night 2. Yes you read right, sleeping through on night 2!

Matt has become an incredible sleeper day and night, all thanks to the plan Camilla tailored for us. Going away for a night was always something I was nervous about but we stuck to the routine we had been following and Matthew still slept like an angel when away!

If you are reading this don’t think twice, Camilla can solve all your problems. I honestly miss our conversations and wish I had contacted Camilla earlier.

– Lauren & Adam, parents to Matt – 6 months (London) –

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Meeting Camilla was an investment into our family’s future and has turned out to be the best money we’ve ever spent! Our objectives when we started were to improve his night-time sleep, daytime naps and to get rid of his dummy/pacifier. She helped us achieve this and so much more.

Our son would only sleep in our arms, the pushchair or after breastfeeding and would wake multiple times every night. Hours were spent pounding the pavements during the day and feeding or rocking him at night, we were all exhausted and unhappy.

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Camilla is very compassionate, gentle and easy going and gave us lots of reassurance throughout a process we had been dreading, helping us develop the confidence to make our own decisions. Our baby cried a bit on the first night but mostly slept through, waking only once which was a total shock to us. He has slept through ever since, putting himself back to sleep if he does wake. Daytime naps are also amazing now, and take place in his cot. We couldn’t recommend Camilla more and would definitely contact her again in the future if we encounter any issues.

– Amelia & Tom, parents to Billy – 5 months (London) –

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I can’t recommend Camilla enough. Our 2 and a half year old had always been up and down with her sleep and was still waking 1-3 times a night.

Camilla’s approach was gentle, clear and easy to understand with her thorough and tailor-made plan for our daughter.

She was also so understanding and supportive throughout the follow-up calls and messages and was always available to help with any questions that came up.

Our daughter now sleeps through every night and has even managed two trips away from home early on in the training/aftermath and coped so well with that too. I wish I had contacted her a year ago!

– Lucy, GP & mum to Heidi – 2.5 years (London) –

Camilla is truly an angel. Our nearly five-month-old son, Rory, had never been a great sleeper, and then when the four-month regression hit it became unbearable. He was waking to feed every two hours through the night, and day naps were becoming increasingly impossible – we were rocking him to sleep in a dark room, only for him to refuse to be put down in his cot when he eventually dropped off.

The first night of training was hard, but we saw results almost immediately; on the second night Rory hardly cried, and on the third night he didn’t cry at all. Now if he wakes at night, he almost always just chats to himself and then settles himself back to sleep. The day naps have also been revolutionised; we run through the routine Camilla taught us, he settles himself down and is learning to sleep for around 90 minutes, rather than the standard 40 minute maximum we had previously been stuck with.

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Throughout the training Camilla was amazing; she was super supportive, always really responsive and contactable, and kept us accountable whenever we were having a weak moment! Camilla is so lovely and she makes the process as pain-free as possible; I seriously considered extending the programme just because I couldn’t imagine not checking in with her every day (but, given that after two weeks we had a baby who pretty much sleeps through the night and has three proper naps a day, that seemed silly!). I would recommend Camilla in a heartbeat and will definitely be back if we ever have any regressions in future (although I am hoping that doesn’t happen!

– Charlotte & Josh, parents to Rory – 4 months (London) –

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Camilla has been incredible with support and advice! Our 5-month-old baby was waking several times throughout the night, only doing short naps and couldn’t self-settle.

Camilla supported us to implement her sleep plan, communicating with us frequently, tweaking things as we went and helping us to stay on track with her caring yet confident approach. By the 2nd night our daughter was sleeping through the night and over the 2-week programme her naps gradually improved. We now feel empowered to continue with the strategies in place long term. I highly recommend Camilla to any other exhausted parents!

– Nicola & Mike, parents to Emily – 5 months (London) –

We highly recommend Camilla.
It has been life changing for us as parents as well as for the baby.

Camilla is the best – warm, patient, competent and gentle!
Our baby was a light sleeper and woke up multiple times each night, making it a nightmare for us.
The sleep program was custom designed for our baby and within the first three days he started sleeping 10-12 hours. Much happier, playful and calm during the day.

– Neelambaree & Vishal, parents to Neev – 8 months (London) –

Camilla was excellent at quickly finding the solution to my 2 year old’s sleep issues. He has gone from multiple night wakes to sleeping through the night…I can’t put into words what a difference this has made for us all!

Throughout the process Camilla’s communication has been excellent. She has been responsive to our needs and mindful of our personal circumstances.

My only regret is not reaching out sooner!

– Helen, mama to Ewan – 2 years, 2 months (London) –

I reached out to Camilla after trying everything I knew to get our (then) 8 month old to sleep through the night. I knew she was capable because she slept through from 4 months but a combination of sickness, teething, rolling, etc caused a regression.

Camilla was very helpful in making a plan that was easy to understand and follow. After a couple of nights our daughter was sleeping through the night again.

The most important thing I felt throughout the two weeks we worked together though was that Camilla was interested in our issues, listened to us and helped us to stay consistent and tweak our daughter’s sleep.

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I would definitely recommend her to anyone who’s having trouble with their child’s sleep and needs to feel supported on a personal level.

– Fernanda, mama to Lucia – 8.5 months (Zürich, Switzerland) –

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Camilla was recommended to us via Facebook when we were having problems with our 15 month old son sleeping. We were having huge trouble putting him down in his cot – lots of crying and screaming – he was taking ages to get to sleep, and the worst part was that by around 2 or 3am he was wide awake and impossible to resettle. In effect that became morning time, and he would eventually have his first nap of the day at 6am or so. We had become so tired we were doing lots of mad things like taking it in turns to watch TV with him during the night so that at least one of us could sleep! He was also grumpy and prone to crying lots in the day due to his extreme sleep deprivation.

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Camilla was brilliant. We liked her instantly as her approach was gentle but with clear set instructions on what to do with exact timings. I loved the fact we had a firm plan which had been fully explained through to us. It united my husband and I as we were both working on the same plan. Camilla was interested in our routines and what Freddie was like as a baby so that his sleep plan was specially formulated for him. We came into sleep training feeling like we had tried everything we possibly could, but Camilla’s approach worked instantly. From night one Freddie was calmer in going to sleep and we couldn’t believe how quickly the night time waking stopped whilst all the time feeling confident that we knew what to do if he did wake.

Camilla was like a personal therapist – I was able to talk to her every day about the previous night which I found most helpful. She even equipped us with top tips for what to do once the 14-day plan was over so that we never worried about regressing when Freddie became ill or if we took him away for the night. Talking to Camilla and using her plan on Freddie has been the most positive experience for us – our whole family is much happier as a result. Freddie began eating better and napping in a structured routine after we sorted out his nights. It has been amazing and if we ever had another baby again we would go straight to Camilla!

You honestly changed our lives!!

Thank you.

– Alice & Nick, parents to Freddie – 17 months (London) –

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Before working with Camilla our 6 month old son Noah, was waking anywhere from two to five times in the night. Some nights he ended up sleeping in our bed and my fiancé got sent to the spare room just so we could all get some shut eye! During the day he would only nap whilst in my arms too! I was exhausted and something needed to change!

Camilla came highly recommended from a few friends who had had excellent results with her plan. The first night and day were hard but Camilla was so encouraging and motivating that we felt completely supported. By the second full day things were already a million times better and we couldn’t believe it. He was settling himself to sleep at night and for naps within minutes with little to no crying. He slept through the night completely within a few days. I kept waking up wondering if he was ok because he was so quiet! Camilla talked to us every day either on the phone or WhatsApp or email. She was constantly answering our questions and helping us tweak timings while Noah got into his new routine.

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We had our room and our bed back and we were sleeping the entire night without interruptions – it was the best gift anyone could have given us! More than that though we could see our little boy was very happy and content! We cannot thank Camilla enough. She is so passionate about her work and more than anything she is kind and caring – she made us feel totally comfortable and we knew she understood exactly how we felt.

We highly recommend Camilla to anyone who is struggling with their child’s sleep – the routine and habits she has helped us implement are going to set us up for a long time to come.

– Melissa & Tim, parents to Noah – 6 months (London) –

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It was really a pleasure to work with Camilla to sleep train our 8 month old son. Camilla was very detailed and patient to understand our son, his overall daily schedule and our concerns.

With her help we were able to transition our son to a full night’s sleep within two days. Camilla has been very responsive to our queries and we appreciate her help in this process, especially in the current circumstances. We would highly recommend her.

– Tushar & Shreya, parents to Aveer – 8 months (London) –

Before working with Camilla our 7 month old son was waking two or three times in the night. He would only nap whilst breastfeeding, which was around every two hours throughout the day for up to two hours at a time. I was exhausted and something needed to change!

Camilla came highly recommended from a friend who had had brilliant results with the plan. On the first night of the plan Sebby slept for 11 hours. After the first night he went straight to sleep after being put in his cot and would self-settle if he woke up. He now sleeps for 12 hours at night and naps twice a day in his cot for up to 2 hours per nap. His feeds are much better and he is very happy and content when awake. I also feel much more rested now I’m not being woken in the night to feed.

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Camilla was great to work with and very attentive and reassuring throughout the whole process. It was so helpful to be able to discuss our progress and talk about any concerns on the phone and through messages.

I would highly recommend Camilla to anyone who is struggling with their child’s sleep – it is setting them up with good sleep habits for life.

– Cathy, mama to Sebby – 7 months (Brighton) –

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I approached Camilla to help with my 19 month old as she was going through a sleep regression which had resulted in 2 months of very bad sleep (50% of the nights she was up crying for between 2-3 hours). This had led to us resorting to very bad sleep habits out of desperation (e.g., sleeping on the floor in her room) and left us feeling exhausted and low during the days. In two weeks, Camilla had successfully got our daughter back on track. She reviewed and changed our bedtime routine, nap length and interventions during the night. The results were immediate with our daughter sleeping through 10 of the 14 nights we worked together.

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Camilla was very attentive and reassuring throughout, offering phone calls and messages of support. Having had sleep problems with her own son, Camilla could relate to what we were going through and offer continued guidance. I also feel equipped to ‘go it alone’ from now on as she has given us tips and advice to re-read in the future. As a parent who has struggled with sleep deprivation since my daughter was born, I cannot recommend enough getting professional help when you feel you need it. Camilla has been so wonderful, and I cannot thank her enough for helping us and allowing me to be a more energetic and happy mum again.

– Camilla, mama to Elliana – 19 months (London) –

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I got in touch with Camilla just before I returned to work as my son (10 months) was going through a period of unsettle. He had begun to be inconsistent with settling for daytime naps and was waking in the night and/or early in the morning. The uncertainty of his sleep patterns were causing me to feel anxious and I wanted a clearer routine that I could ask my new nanny to follow when I returned to work. It was adding to my feelings of stress about returning to work and knew I needed some professional advice as I found that googling ‘sleep patterns’ on the internet brought up so much conflicting information and I invariably didn’t even have enough time to read it so would quickly give up!

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I began by completing a Q&A form, then had a Zoom session with Camilla and she then sent over our agreed plan of action. I loved that Camilla gave me the option to follow the method I felt would work best for us, instead of dictating one way only. The first night was testing and although my son only cried for one hour, it felt much longer at the time, but Camilla had given me such clear guidelines (a crib sheet which I did actually cling onto throughout!) and confidence in her approach that I stuck to it. I sent my husband into another room and forbid him from coming out as I knew that I couldn’t have anyone questioning whether to go in! By night two he hardly cried and by night three even less and so on.

We are now two months down the line and the habits he learnt during those two weeks have been life changing for us all. He sleeps 7-7 and naps so well in the day too. My nanny has worked with children for 20 years and has never been given such clear guidance, said it has been transformational and the easiest handover she has ever experienced. Throughout the two-week programme Camilla was in touch regularly for advice via phone/email or WhatsApp. She checked in with me and helped me to adjust timings so that we found the right amount of sleep for my son. It felt more like a supportive friend at the other end of the phone rather than a ‘consultant’ as Camilla is so friendly, non-judgemental and approachable.

It helps hugely that she has been through this programme herself and understands the challenges of sleep training. I couldn’t recommend Camilla more highly; I just only wish I had found her earlier than I did!

– Helen, mama to Teddy – 10 months (London) –

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Our testimonial is..In two words – LIFE CHANGING!

Despite our daughter only being 6 months old, ever since the 4 month regression our relationship with sleep was becoming progressively strained – by the day, Lily would only nap on us, and by night only sleep in the marital bed, waking every couple of hours, or less, for a feed. In reality we were at our wits end!

In comes Camilla. Calm, attentive, there with a plan. The first night Lily slept for 5 hours and by night 6 she had slept through for the first time and never looked back. A month later and she is in a great 12 hour, 7pm-7am routine (and has been for weeks), with two 2-hour naps during the day. She is more alert, in a much better mood and noticeably developing at a faster rate than before.

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What was so useful, beyond the sleep plan, was having regular calls every day for the first few days and across the two week period. Being able to send WhatsApp messages when needed was also very useful – when you want to know what time a nap time should be, when to bring bedtime forward, etc.

We cannot recommend Camilla enough. If you are struggling with sleep, then this is the answer.

– Mark & Aimee, parents to Lily – 6 months (London) –

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Camilla has quite simply changed our lives! We contacted Camilla because our 5 and a half-month-old son hated napping in his cot. All of his naps were in his buggy and were only lasting 30 minutes. This was very restrictive for me and meant he wasn’t getting the sleep he needed. He was always a good nighttime sleeper but needed help to settle which was also time-consuming and you never knew what the night would entail.

From day 1, Camilla was with us every step of the way to offer guidance, encouragement and support to keep us on track. By consistently following her programme, Ethan now naps in his own bed, he self-settles like a dream and sleeps well at night..and he has ditched the dummy!

I now have more time to spend with my other son and Ethan is happy and well rested. It was hard work but it was worth it and we couldn’t have done it without Camilla’s support. We cannot thank her enough!!

– Lorna & Gareth, parents to Ethan – 5 months (London) –

Camilla was recommended to me when our baby was almost 6 months and I was still up every 2 hours during the night having to feed her back to sleep. It was the only way I knew how and I was exhausted. She also barely managed a total of 2 hours of napping during the day and she would only sleep in the pram.

I had been apprehensive about sleep training as I thought she would eventually get there in her own time and I didn’t actually believe it would work. I laughed when Camilla told me how quickly I would see the results! I’d read so much online about how to make your baby sleep through the night that all made sense but I didn’t know how to implement any of it. Camilla sent us the plan she had made for us following our consultation and by night 4 she slept for 12 hours straight, we couldn’t believe it.

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Everything got easier each day and by the end of the 2 weeks she would go to sleep almost straight away for the night and also for day naps. The first few nights were tough and I would worry she wouldn’t be able to adapt to the new routine. There is no way we could have achieved these results without the support, reassurance and encouragement from Camilla. We were amazed at how quickly the plan worked and we are all so much happier and well rested!

– Sophie, mama to Ismay – 6 months (London) –

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At 6 months old Max was sleeping 2-3hrs at a time all night and we had no certainty around timings or length of his daytime naps. Being our second child (our first was an amazing sleeper from early on without much help!) we had an idea of what we needed to do but wanted some help in structuring a plan and some support through the process.

Max was born premature and had never been a good feeder or sleeper so we wanted some expert help and guidance. Camilla quickly reassured us and put together a comprehensive plan of action to be followed over two weeks. I was doubtful our bad sleeper / feeder would turn things around in such a short time but was incredibly surprised how quickly he fell into the new routine and by night 2 he was sleeping through until 4am and we had dropped all night time feeds.

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Things only got better from there and he is now sleeping through, doing two good naps and going down with little fuss – he has become our “amazing sleeper”!

Camilla was an incredible support – always available to talk through how we were doing and provide real time advice on what to do for that next nap. This process has been so successful for us and Max is a happier baby who sleeps and feeds better and we are happier parents who finally have our evenings back!

– Kate & Sean, parents to Max – 6 months (London) –

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We made the decision to get a sleep consultant for our son who was 2 years 8 months after 4 months of sleepless nights. Camilla was understanding and empathetic when it came to discussing our situation and gave us a plan that was easy to follow and gave us some hope!

We’ve gone from cuddling our son to sleep every night with up to 5 wake ups and an early 4.30am start to being able to say goodnight and shut the door at 7pm and sleeping through till after 6am, with either none to 1 wake ups a night after only 2 weeks of the plan.

Camilla has been there for phone calls and help throughout the whole time and has been such a positive person to have to help us. I highly recommend anyone having any sleep issues to get help from a sleep consultant, and especially Camilla! She’s the magic sleep fairy!

– Sarah & Matt, parents to Alfie – 2 years, 9 months (London) –

We were sent Camilla’s details by a friend after one of our worst nights with our son Wilfred. He was 9 months old and was waking every few hours, always up from 530/6 and napping badly – taking sometimes an hour to go down and then only ever having 30 mins and it had been this way – sometimes worse – pretty much since he was 3 months old. I was feeding to sleep and knew I needed to stop. I was really anxious about sleep training as I found it so hard hearing him cry even for a few minutes and I had tried some plans online but just got really confused and overwhelmed.

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However as soon as I spoke to Camilla I felt ready and excited to do this and change Wilfred’s sleep habits for the better. Camilla was so kind and helpful at every stage and having someone there to message and speak to each day made us really stick at it and feel 100% supported.

I won’t lie – night 1 was hard and I cried a lot! But after 40 mins he was asleep on his own and only woke a couple times that night- resettling himself – which he had never done before! By night 3 he was sleeping through the night with no wakes at all (which had NEVER happened!) By day 5 he was reliably having 1.5 – 2-hour sleeps in the morning and 1hr sleeps in the afternoon and taking between 5-15 mins to go down each time – always without our help.

I honestly couldn’t believe it could change so quickly. I had read lots of testimonials and thought -“oh that’s just the good stories they put online”- but it seriously worked and so quickly too.

Within one week I could finally go out in the evening and feel reassured that he wouldn’t wake up. My husband felt involved and could do nap times and bedtimes as well as I could. We had time to do things in the day and the predictability to be able to plan our days better. And the most important thing to me… Wilfred was noticeably calmer and happier in the day. He was always a happy baby but often very full on and lively (probably over tired) – he wouldn’t concentrate on anything for more than a few seconds and would protest so much for nappies and clothes changes. After the training he was chilled, happy but still full of personality. I actively noticed that he was learning new skills faster and as a family we were enjoying time together SO MUCH MORE.

I would highly recommend Camilla. She was so patient, supportive, knowledgeable and always there to talk things through when we needed to. I wish we had met her earlier! Thank you so much for making our journey with our gorgeous boy even better than it was before. We will always be so grateful for the time you spent helping us.

– Katie, mama to Wilfred – 10 months (London) –

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By the time Oliver turned 6months I was tired, like waking up 6 times a night kind of tired. I missed my bed (I had been sleeping in Oliver’s room to make it easier to tend to the constant wake ups) and the lack of solid sleep was taking its toll on my emotions, and I felt I had no energy for my eldest daughter. Not to mention that Oliver was pretty grumpy most days which I was sure was because he was just as exhausted. I got the go ahead from my paediatrician and clinic sister who both confirmed Oliver was healthy and didn’t have any need for night feeds and that sleeping through the night was certainly possible.

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Camilla was just the perfect person to help guide me. She listened to my struggles and we came up with some goals and a plan of how we would get there. She had a ton of knowledge about sleep and it was interesting to listen to.

Night one arrived and I was nervous but also excited to take the first step in reclaiming my nights. I followed Camilla’s instructions step by step, it was actually pretty easy and because Camilla had instilled this confidence in me, I knew that I could manage the training process and it would be a benefit to us all! Our biggest step was saying goodbye to the dummy and helping Oliver learn the skill of self-settling. Well needless to say this little guy slept from 8-5 that first night, and he has consistently slept through the nights without any wake ups- no dummy and no feeding! A massive win! We then tackled the early wake ups and we now have a 7pm-7am sleeping baby!

After 2 weeks with Camilla we have gone from a grumpy boy needing to be rocked for 30mins and waking multiple times a night with 5am wake ups, to a happy baby boy sleeping 12 hours and who can put himself to sleep for both night time and daytime sleep.

Camilla was incredible. She checked in with me constantly. She encouraged me, reminded me of the goals and celebrated with me on every step we made in the right direction. When I had a question, or a nap didn’t work out according to the plan she provided me with another option. The service was personalized and the best thing I could have done for us. If you are struggling with your baby’s sleep do yourself a favour and contact Camilla, she will save you!

– Erin, mama to Oliver – 6 months (Cape Town, South Africa) –

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