Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

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Baby Sleep the NightTM

By Karen Bramall – “Creator of the Five Stroke Rule” 

Amy Kitson BSc (Psychology), MEd, PGCE, NPQH


We all need it (some of us more than others!) and we certainly know about it when we’re not getting enough of it! Shift work, worries, the weather – there are a multitude of ‘sleep thieves’, but perhaps none quite so persistent as the small ones in our lives! Whether you parent big kids or tiny dots, if you want support overcoming your little one’s sleep challenges, you’re in the right place.

First and foremost, I am a mum to the most amazing little boy. He gives me energy (and drains it…), he makes me laugh and smile every day. I first became obsessed with sleep (or, more specifically, the lack of it) when I had my little boy. I made every ‘mistake’ in the book – I breastfed to sleep, I co-slept, I rocked, lunged, patted – anything and everything to get just a little bit of unbroken sleep! Through learning about sleep (and finally getting some more myself!), I became passionate about helping other children and families get the restorative sleep they need. 

I first entered the world of work as a teacher, fresh out of my PGCE with a degree in Psychology behind me. 15 years later, with the last 5 as a primary school Headteacher, I am well placed to support children and families, albeit in a slightly different way to before! Working with other families to bring about their own sleep transformations has been incredibly rewarding – I love working with others, helping and supporting them to make positive changes that will solve their sleep challenges and transform their families. 

If you would like a free, 15-minute introductory call to find out about how I can help to transform your family life, please do get in touch.

I look forward to working with you!



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Our daughter, Alice, was a great sleeper until she hit 6 months and overnight she refused to go in the cot, screaming everytime we put her in there, and if we did manage to gently place her down without her realising, she would then wake up after 10 minutes. We were rocking her for hours, using bottles to lull her to sleep, letting her sleep on us and then trying to put her down but all to no avail. We were surviving on 2 hours sleep a night. We were exhausted and completely fed up.

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Then we found Amy.

When Amy shared her plan for Alice with us, I admit that I had my doubts that it would work but to my complete astonishment, from night 1, Alice slept 7pm-7am and that has continued every night since. It was completely inconceivable to me 2 months ago that our family would have a full night’s sleep again. I’d resigned myself to the fact that Alice was just not a good sleeper. I had no idea that this did not have to be the case. Amy gave us strategies that absolutely work. She has guided us to help Alice learn how to sleep well.

I do not say this lightly but Amy has completely transformed our lives. We are well rested and so much happier as a family. Our days are productive and fun and I am enjoying my maternity leave with Alice again. We no longer dread the evenings and actually get to watch television together as couple!

I would urge anyone who is struggling like we were to get in touch with Amy. I only wish we’d known about her so much sooner.

Thank you so, so much Amy.

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– Jenny, Kieran, Stanley and Alice Davies (8months) –

Just want to take this opportunity to let you know how you have transformed our lives when with your help, knowledge and guidance. Before I got in touch with you we were at our wits end- unwillingly co-sleeping, feeding throughout the night and being unorganised in general with our day. We now have a lot more structure and I feel like I know my daughter a lot better now because I can predict when she will be sleepy and when bed time is. Lyla is a happier baby because she is sleeping through the night and we are happier parents too! Thank you for listening to our concerns and giving us knowledgable answers and reassurance every step of the way.

– Samyah and Lyla – 6 months –

Amy’s coaching has been life changing for us. We went from multiple night wakings and poor naps, to our son sleeping through the night and having consistent naps! Everyone is so much happier.

If you are considering Amy as a sleep coach, just go for it. It’s brilliant value and money very well spent.

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My son was a very poor sleeper, and I was chronically exhausted. We saw massive improvements in the first night of working with Amy. The whole family now sleeps through the night.

Chronically tired, unable to function, feeling I could not fully enjoy or support my son. 2 weeks of sleep training with Amy and the unimaginable happened, we all now sleep through the night. I feel fully present with my son and he’s so much happier. Win win!!

When Amy asked me what’s the dream, I replied a couple of wakings during the night would be amazing! By night 3 my son was sleeping through the night and napping well. Surpassed what I ever thought was possible for us. It was the best thing we have ever done for our son.

I didn’t realise how tired our son was as a result of multiple night wakings and poor napping. After sleep training with Amy, our son is a great sleeper and napper. He is so much more happier. Thank you Amy. You have improved our lives.

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– Sarah, Leigh and Jacob –

Sleep training is an important decision some parents choose to make but isn’t an easy one. After reading multiple posts with mixed reviews, my partner and I knew that we needed help. As first time parents, we wanted to make sure we gave our baby the best of it. In that process, we came in contact with Amy which was the best decision we made.

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From the very beginning, Amy had a very open and honest discussion with us regarding sleep training, different methods, possible challenges and most importantly, gave us a lot of reassurance. She was very informative, punctual, quick to respond to any queries and very understanding of our circumstances. Amy always gave us options and never imposed any methods on us. She suggested ways to sleep train which suited us rather than a generalised method.
Our little one who wasn’t an independent sleeper, who needed rocking, contact napping and a pacifier for all naps and night sleep became an independent sleeper within 48 hours of us following Amy’s consultation. Amy was supportive throughout the whole process and very encouraging. She also gave us guidance on some challenges such as time changes, travel, illness etc which were very useful. We saw immediate results with our little one’s sleep where all naps and night sleep became independent. This gave us a lot of confidence in our decision to sleep train and saw significant improvement in our baby’s duration of sleep too. This process has had a positive impact on us as a family too.

This is a decision we made as parents and are very grateful to Amy for making it a success.

We will definitely recommend Amy and her services to all the parents out there who choose to help their little ones become independent sleepers and for families who love to have some good night sleep.

Best of Luck Amy!

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– Sanjeev & Resheka –

When we started working with Amy our nine month old daughter was waking at least every two hours during the night and relied on breastfeeding to sleep both day and night.

Our initial consultation with Amy was incredibly supportive, she guided us through ways to help our daughter to improve her sleep and summarised the session with an easy to follow step by step written plan.

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Within the first two days of following Amy’s plan our daughter slept 7pm-7am and she was able to sleep for naps in her cot for the first time, it was life-changing and has continued ever since.

Amy has been there coaching and supporting us every step of the way. Amy worked with us to overcome any hurdles and always found solutions which were tailored for our daughter and our real life experiences and scenarios, even adapting the plan to incorporate our eldest daughters bedtime routine.

Thank you Amy.

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– Ruth and Matilda, 9 months –

After 11 months of terrible sleep, we had made all the excuses we could think of – it was down to teething, food intolerance, needing a feed, etc etc. We were up at least 4 times every night, doing squats, rocks, laps of the room and sometimes spending 2 hours each time trying to settle our little one back into her cot. We finally sought help from Amy with my return-to-work date imminent and our only regret is not finding her sooner!

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Amy was wonderful from the first communication. Her kindness and compassion were evident and she was confident that she could help us. Not long after, we had our consultation on the plan which Amy had swiftly and thoroughly prepared and we started that same night.

Amy designed our plan to progress at a speed we were comfortable with , but the change to our sleep was immediate. That night was the first night I didn’t need to get out of bed since giving birth. Since then, every night has been a full nights sleep for us all, and we are now a happy, well rested family, all thanks to Amy!

We had excellent support from Amy throughout, she was always so kind, positive and responsive. She has equipped us with all the tools we need for good naps and sleep, not just for now but for the future too and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Thank you so much Amy for transforming our sleep , I now look forward to night time and it’s having a hugely positive impact on our days too as we have so much more energy… we can not recommend you enough!

Best wishes!

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– Zoe , Aaron & Theia, 11 months –

We reached out to Amy when our baby girl was close to turning one. She had been an amazing sleeper up until about 6 months, then it gradually got worse with 30-45 minute wake ups overnight, and very inconsistent daytime naps. We noticed how the lack of sleep was not only affecting us, but our little girl was overtired and grumpy.

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We could not believe the progress even on night 1! We were apprehensive about some of the recommendations but took all the points on board (which Amy backed up very well with encouragement, compassion, research and facts) and we committed to following the personalised plan Amy had created for us. Amy really took the time to get to know our daughter’s routine and what our goals were. We described our ‘magic wand’ scenario on our first call and I still can’t believe Amy could actually deliver it, and in such a short space of time.

Amy’s approach is very professional and friendly. She responded to questions quickly, and offered lots of encouragement along the way. We now have a daughter who sleeps from 8pm-8am with no wake ups, and we have a regular nap routine. The bonus side effects we did not anticipate is that our daughter is also now breast feeding more efficiently, eating more solid foods and her development has come on leaps and bounds.
We can’t thank Amy enough, and highly recommend her to anyone who’s thinking of working with her. Getting our daughter the sleep she needs was the best 1st birthday present ever, for her and us!

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– Clare and Daisy, 11 months –

We can’t thank Amy enough for the support she has given us with our son’s sleep! Our 14 month old son was still waking throughout the night and having bottles of milk to get back to sleep. We were all incredibly overtired and frustrated as we felt we had tried everything we felt comfortable with and we were still having sleepless nights.

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Amy was incredibly friendly and empathised with our situation immediately which made us feel at ease and as though she understood our situation. The plan Amy created for us was very thorough and easy to follow – she went through the plan in detail, ensured we were happy with every detail and explained the reasons for each element of the plan. Amy was positive and reassured us that she felt confident that she could help us to support our son with his sleep. She was very supportive and listened to everything we had to say. I am so pleased to say that our son is now sleeping through the night and can self-settle, within a few minutes, every night. Since night one, we have not had to go into his room during the night – this has been amazing and such a transformation! We are now having much more sleep and are finally feeling well-rested. Thanks again Amy, we are so grateful for your help!

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– Laura, Tom & Artie, 14 months –