Baby Sleep the Night TM
By Karen Bramall
Creator of The Five Stroke Rule TM
Lucy Harper
Lucy Harper
‘You’re obsessed with sleep!’ – I’ve had this accusation levelled at me several times and you know what? It’s true! I love sleep! So, when I gave birth to my precious daughter 4 years ago and discovered that she did not share my love of sleep I was devastated! 6 months into her little life and she still did not see the joy of sleep. In fact, she much preferred being awake; every forty-five minutes throughout the night, with a two-hour play session around three am. Something had to change, and it did, thanks to Baby Sleep the Night.

Teaching my daughter independent sleep skills was a turning point in my journey as a mother, it restored my confidence as a mum, brought routine and calm to our days and as a family we flourished. I was able to enjoy those precious early years with clarity, rather surviving each day in a sleep deprived fog. My daughter was happy, contented and no longer constantly cranky, I couldn’t have asked for more.

The difference this made to our lives combined with my love of sleep ignited my passion for helping others who find themselves suffering the overwhelming effects of sleep deprivation. I have been personally trained by Karen Bramall the founder of Baby Sleep the Night who has helped thousands of families worldwide with her gentle and effective methods.

I am scientifically trained with 12 years of experience of working in genetics meaning I truly do understand that everyone is unique! Therefore, I will take the time to get to know you and your child, so I can develop a sleep plan that is tailored to your family. We will work closely together while you implement the plan, as I support and guide you throughout.

If you’d like to give your child and your family one of the greatest gifts you can, call me now for a free fifteen-minute consultation.

Please scroll down to view the packages I offer as well as some reviews from my happy clients.

Full consultations can be Face to face (within a 30-minute driving radius of Solihull - further distances can be accommodated – please call for details), via facetime or skype.
Phone: 0121 6082510
Email: lucy.harper@babysleepthenight.com


We wish we’d worked with Lucy sooner! She helped us with our 12 month old’s sleep patterns and we managed to sort the issues out within a week. Our baby would only feed to sleep and now goes down for both nap and bedtime with no sleep aids or fuss. Amazing! Lucy was really knowledgeable and helpful. We felt so supported during the process and knew we were in good hands. We couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Lucy and John - Parents to Camilla 12 months old

I'm so grateful to Lucy and all her help and guidance over the two weeks we worked with her. Our 1 year old was a terrible sleeper, would only be fed to sleep or rocked to sleep and never slept through the night. I would spend hours walking her in the pram or driving around to get her to have a nap and we were always on tenterhooks to know how much of an evening we would have before having to get her.

With Lucy's kind and helpful instruction, we noticed a huge difference after 3 nights, and then she was in a solid naptime/bedtime rhythm by 10 nights. We now have a much happier child who goes to sleep ON HER OWN in her own bed (I never thought this would happen) and we are much happier too as we have actually been able to eat a hot dinner and watch a film! Lucy, you have changed our lives thank you so much, I only wish we had sought out your help sooner.

Jo and Rich – Parents to Beatrix 12 months old.

I cannot recommend Lucy enough. If you can't decide if you need her help and are delaying contacting her, do it now, you won't regret it. Lucy offers a free initial 15min chat to check she can help and that you want her help. 

We are finally getting sleep after 10 months of terrible nights. Our youngest daughter, Harriet, was not a fan of night time sleep and was waking at least 2 hourly from 7-7. She needed feeding or rocking to sleep. I was co-sleeping with her in the spare room just to ensure we all got some sleep in between wakes. I was having to co-sleep earlier and earlier, sometimes from 9pm and Harriet would wake at least 2-3 times before we went to bed and so my husband and I had no evenings together. I was lucky if I had an hour childfree time in a 24hr period. After moaning yet again about lack of sleep one of my friends recommended I try a sleep consultant. Then I remembered one of my old colleagues had trained as a sleep consultant, Lucy.

I'd always been a fan of a schedule and had done sleep training with my eldest using a well-known online sleep guide. We had tried to sleep train Harriet too just before I contacted Lucy but in hindsight we hadn't been consistent. I wondered how Lucy could help given we had tried a lot of things.

It’s the support and experience Lucy provides that makes such a big difference. It makes you stick to the plan and be consistent. She is so positive and approachable and it's amazing the difference changes that seemed so small made. Sleep deprivation is already a distant memory 3 weeks later.  I'm not going to say those first couple of days were easy but that's where having Lucy really helps to reassure you (backed up by science) and she can recommend tweaking nap times etc.  The sleep training recommended by Lucy uses parent presence so you aren't just leaving your little one.

First night Harriet slept 7-7 with 1 long wake (2hrs). By night 3 she was sleeping through. We managed all this while Harriet cut two teeth! She now sleeps consistently 6.45pm-6.30am (sometimes with a brief couple min cry 5ish) and naps brilliantly.  We put Harriet straight in her cot (after a small routine) and leave room now and she self-settles (90% of time with not a single cry, if cry it's only a few seconds). She is now the easier bedtime option compared to our 2year old. 

 My only regret is not contacting Lucy sooner. I'm due back to work soon and can now function as a human being. Lucy also provided some useful info about going away and for nap transition. We went away to Wales 2 weeks after starting this plan and Harriet still slept consistently which just shows how well this works.

Fiona and Dan, Parents to Harriet age 10.5months.

It is no exaggeration to say the help and advice Lucy gave us has changed our lives in the most wonderful way! It has easily been the best investment we have made. 


Our son is almost 2 years old.  Due to having protein allergies, terrible colic and a difficult birth our sleep journey with our son was tumultuous to say the least.  Idris was feeding up to four times a night and having random wake ups lasting hours at a time.  He had no regular nap patterns and it would take us hours to get him to sleep.  My husband and I would take in turns to sleep with him at night and try to catch up with sleep in the day (when we could) which meant we were never spending time together.


I would feel so depressed when I heard friends had much younger children sleeping through the night and resigned to the fact that this would never happen for us.  I contacted Lucy when I was at my lowest and was frankly desperate.  I went into this thinking let’s try but in my heart I was sure an undisturbed night’s sleep was a pipe dream. 


I am pleased to say I was completely wrong! Lucy’s gentle approach meant we were able to give our son an easy guide to learn how to sleep.  She was always there when we needed her and never let us feel like we were not in control. Within days miraculously he was sleeping through the entire night without his multiple milk feeds and without random waking! 


I still don’t know how or why but Lucy’s techniques work.  Trust her and you’ll be writing a testimonial for her work for other parents very soon!


Saira and Das– Parents to Idris 21 months old.

Before I contacted Lucy, our 7 month old daughter would wake up hourly for a feed. She needed to be breastfed to fall back asleep and would regularly wake up as soon as she was put down. She would also completely awake between 4 and 6 in the morning and no amount of rocking would put her back to sleep. Naps were also only half an hour long and very inconsistent.

As you can imagine this led to an extremely overtired baby and completely exhausted parents. I knew something had to be done! When I contacted Lucy she was very professional, calm and understanding. She took time to get to know and understand our  little’s ones sleep needs and devised a clear sleep plan tailored to suit her. From day one, our daughter began having longer naps and fewer night awakenings. Over time the situation improved completely!  

Lucy was always there to answer any questions we had and any challenges we faced along the way.  She always did so with complete diligence. Now 2 weeks on, our baby is consistently having 2 long naps daily and sleeping up to 12 hours a night. This has led to a very calm baby and two elated and rested parents.  At the end of the 2 weeks, Lucy also gave us further advice on transitions of naps, how to deal with sleep during illnesses and taking baby out and about. We found this to be very helpful. I would highly recommend Lucy to any parents who are struggling with their baby’s sleep.”


Amandeep – Mum to Avneet 7 months

I first met Lucy at a pregnancy fitness class but then met her again (virtually) at post-natal fitness class when my daughter was about 6 months old. I had always fed my daughter to sleep. At night time, I would sit in my bedroom with the lights off feeding her until she slept. Sometimes, she would wake up when I put her into her cot meaning I would have to feed her again. The process could sometimes take hours. Whenever Aurelia woke in the night, she would only settle to sleep if she was fed. As it got closer for me to return to work and for her to move into her own room, we decided we needed to try to enable her to fall asleep on her own without being fed to sleep.


From the first call, we felt confident that Lucy would devise a plan that would work for all of us. We were worried about allowing her to cry and that leaving her alone could affect the bond between us but Lucy put our minds at ease. We were very nervous on the first day but stuck resolutely to the plan and as the days passed, she became better and better at being able to settle to sleep both at nap times and at bedtime. 3 weeks in and she now has two decent naps a day and sleeps on average 11 hours a night. My husband and I now have our evenings back and I am not spending hours each day trying to get her to sleep. We know it is early days and there may well be bumps in the road in the future but we hope that now Aurelia has learnt how to self-settle she will be better able to deal with them. I cannot recommend Lucy enough - thank you!


Emma and Alex – Parents to Aurelia 6 months

I can’t recommend Lucy enough.  She changed our lives within a few days!

Our 11 month old had not a full nights sleep since she was born.  She would wake every 2 hours and the longest we had slept was once for 5 hours.  We were using a mobile, a bottle, a dummy and a muslin cloth to help settle her.
I was a little nervous at first as I didn’t know what to expect.  By the second night I knew we had made the right decision to work with Lucy and wished we had done it sooner!Not only have nights improved but naps are regular and so easy.  Our baby now falls asleep on her own in her cot without the bottle, dummy and mobile.  She sleeps for 12 hours at night and naps at regular times during the day!

Gemma- mum to Chloe 11 months

Life without sleep is so difficult and as returning to work was approaching, both my husband and I had decided enough was enough. We had tried various different techniques and books with our 9 month old son but with no success. I was at my wits end when I met Lucy at a class my son and I went to and she was incredible from the moment I got in touch with her.

Lucy is lovely to talk to, professional and very clear about what needed to happen in order for us to reach our goal: to have a baby that sleeps through the night. With her help not only did our son start sleeping through within a week of us starting with Lucy; he started napping longer and became less erratic with his breastfeeding schedule (a growing concern I had with me going back to work!).

Our lives have become a million times easier and we cannot thank Lucy enough. If you are having a rough time due to sleep deprivation then get in contact with Lucy because she can really, really help.


Amy, Mum to Fin, 8 months.

Having asked Lucy for help with our older son when he was about 2 and a half (and having wonderful success!), I decided not to leave things so long when our next baby came along. At around eight months I was feeding our son to sleep but it wasn’t always working and I had no back up plan for getting him to sleep. I was awake for up to two hours around 2am once or twice a week and some nights he was starting to take over an hour to get to sleep. He woke up at about 10, 12, 2 and 5 every night. We thought we would ask Lucy’s advice about whether our son should be able to sleep the night through, and if she could help.


I admit, I found it hard to believe that a major turnaround could be achieved in as little as ten days but we were keen to try, as we know first hand how draining it becomes if sleepless nights continue. 

Lucy spent a lot of time discussing the plan in detail and making sure it was right for our family. The method taken was gentle and considerate of our parenting approach. Lucy was available to us and answered all our questions promptly. We made a date to start the plan and Lucy called in person the next day to see how it went, and kept in touch over the course of the plan.


Our son totally surprised us by sleeping practically the whole night on the first night of the program and with a few tweaks to his routine, he did the whole night without a peep by the end of the programme. I am so glad we chose to work with Lucy, she is very experienced both first hand as a parent and as a sleep consultant and is prepared for any bumps in the road or questions and concerns. 


We are very happy to have our evenings back and also to have smooth and predictable nap times so that I can use this precious time to give our four year old some much needed attention and special one on one time. I am enjoying a full nights sleep and this makes for a happy mummy! Happy mummy = happy boys! Many thanks to Lucy.


Wendy – Mum to TJ -9 months

"We used Lucy before I returned to work when our son was 9 months old. Like most people, we were sceptical about whether it would work but thought we had nothing to lose.

Before starting training, our son would wake every couple of hours during the night, and needed to be either rocked or fed back to sleep. At the start of the training process, Lucy visited us for a thorough consultation and gave us a sleep plan tailored to our son. The thought of being able to put him down in the cot wide awake and leaving the room after 10 days of training seemed impossible. But it worked! Even from the first night of training, our son slept through the night. Although there were tears, Lucy's gentle method of parent presence and scheduled nap times meant that we knew he was only crying because he was frustrated we weren't putting him to sleep, rather than because he was hungry, overtired, etc.

Now we can put him down in his cot awake, he'll mumble to himself for about 5 minutes and then he'll be asleep for the whole night. All three of us are more refreshed and happier after a good night's sleep! So I'd really recommend Lucy's sleep training service - one of the best decisions we've made!”


Sarah – Mum to Sebastian, 8 months.

“Before working with Lucy, we could spend up to 3 hours a night rocking & walking our son to sleep. Sometimes we would have to resort to taking him out in the car to get him to sleep.

Whilst we loved the cuddles, it was breaking us. We had no adult time, dinner was often burnt or a bowl of cereal because we had no clue how long it would take to get our son to sleep. When we did finally get him to sleep, it then led to the bed dread and anxiety of monitor watching in case he woke up and the mad race upstairs to settle him, so we didn’t have to deal with another hour of rocking. Parenthood came to us later in life and we physically ached from holding him, I longed for some “me” time and an evening of peace and no monitor anxiety (I didn’t even realise how anxious I had become until after working with Lucy).


We decided one night that something had to change for all of us, for our mental & physical well being, so we contacted Lucy. It’s one, if not the best parenting decisions we have made.


Despite some trepidation but with a great pep talk and confidence boost from Lucy we fully committed to the plan.  Our aim was to get him into the cot and settle by himself, we were only experiencing 1 wake up per night so we weren’t too bothered by that. However, by night 2 our son slept from 8pm - 6am. By night 5 he slept 7.30pm - 7.30am - he had never ever had done that!! What a wonderful upside!


By Day 5/6 he was settling and asleep at his nap times in less than 10 minutes on 1 occasion (typically when my husband put him down) he was asleep in 2 minutes! WHOSE CHILD WAS THIS?!? It took less than a week for our lives to change. I might sound like a horrible Mum but I LOATHED bedtime, my husband used to do it 95% of the time to give me a break from the day. Now we take it in turns because it’s so enjoyable. We have a splash about in the bath, into Pjs, story and a song and night-night.


Our backs don’t ache from carrying him around for hours while he fought us to stay awake. I can accomplish things while he is asleep, I don’t have “the fear” - I don’t have to mad panic and rush around in case he wakes up too soon. I can take some time for me now - well as much as a Mum gets!! We are both less anxious and we get sleep, beautiful, wonderful sleep - all 3 of us do. It’s made such a positive impact on all of us.


Lucy was with us every step of the way, guiding our way to a new way of life.


Commit to it, Trust Lucy and reclaim your sleep.

Christianne, Mum to Finnley, 7 months.


You know those adverts that promise things that you can't believe are true but then you buy the product and it actually works? It's rare, I agree, but this is totally Lucy.

I was on the absolute edge

I was in a dark and desperate place of nearly 2 years of intermittent sleep with my little girl.

She had only slept through the night a handful of times by the time Lucy and I connected and I couldn't see how this was going to change. Work was suffering and I was so incredibly sad that I literally had no life going to bed an hour after I got into work and then going to work exhausted beyond words.

I was very tearful and fragile when we first talked not daring to believe what Lucy was saying would work. I mean we had tried everything even bathing our daughter in camomile tea leaves to relax her! Lucy wasn't phased at all and knew immediately what we should do, formulated a plan and then we took the plunge and started it.

By day 3 our daughter was sleeping through the night and by day 10 and it was still happening I still didn’t believe it and I still don't 3 weeks on. We still have challenges with early morning wake ups but this is slowly getting better and overall it is a hundred times better than it was. This sleep training was also all through her having suspected chicken pox and both myself and my husband having a virus so if we can do it and it worked with those challenges then I am convinced anyone could have success.

I wish I hadn't waited so long to seek some help. My husband persuaded me for so long it would get better and lots of people had children who didn’t sleep but I am glad I finally sought some support. It has changed my life. I feel more awake than I have in 2 whole years and I feel more able to cope with everything because of it. Thankyou Lucy. No words will ever be enough!” 


Claire – Mum to Wynter aged 2 years.

“We had used Lucy previously when our daughter had just turned one and was a terrible sleeper.
Her advice and support had been fantastic and so when we started having difficulties again we didn’t hesitate in getting back in touch with Lucy. 

Isabelle had never been the best at settling at the beginning of the night but it was getting progressively worse and now either my husband or I were having to stay with her, holding her hand or talking to her until she fell asleep, sometimes this would take hours. We were also having the occasional night time waking and having an equally difficult time settling her again. We needed to do something about it; evenings are precious. 

We contacted Lucy for advice and help and once again her support got things back on track. Within a few days Isabelle was back to settling herself and we were back to having our evenings again. Lucy’s advice is brilliant, she doesn’t judge for the mistakes that you make and soon gets you back on track so that everyone gets a good night’s sleep. It really is the best money spent and I am always recommending her to others.

Thank you Lucy!”

Amy – Mum to Isabelle 23 months

“We were really struggling with our baby’s sleep routine. He was waking up every hour or so throughout the night.  

We were very sceptical about using a sleep consultant, but we were pretty desperate – and Lucy was recommended by several people we know.  So we gave it a go and were stunned by the results!! 
By day 5 of the new routine, improvements started to show. By day 7, our baby was sleeping 11hrs through the night, which was such a relief.  The first 3 days were hard work, but we remained committed, and Lucy gave great support throughout.

This was a bit of a life-changing moment for us!”

Maria –  Mum to Lucas 6 months

Lucy’s advice has really changed our lives as we can now sleep without having to wake up 5 or 6 times in the night.

Even though, we were prepared to persist with the programme for as long as it took, we already saw improvements on the first night and by the second night our son had a 11 hour sleep uninterrupted. Our little boy is now falling asleep without having to be rocked or breastfed, he sleeps for 10 hours and most importantly, is a happy and rested boy when he wakes up.

As to us, we wake up rested and positive and ready to give our children our best!

Giving Lucy a call has been the best decision we ever made!

Consistency is the key and we can’t thank Lucy enough for her support and advice.

Fabiana - Mum to Thiago - 14 months


I used Lucy on my 6 month baby who needed to be held all night, fed all night and rarely slept more than 30 mins at a time. the most she had slept was 1.5 hours in 6 months.

I really thought sleep training wouldn't work but I was desperate. Within 2 nights my baby was sleeping 12 hours straight in her own room with no night feeds. She now naps 3 hours in the day too. Both she and I are transformed.

I highly recommend anyone struggling to try it. You will not regret it. Lucy has saved our relationship. It seems like a lot of money but it was the best gift I could give my baby. she is so much happier and healthier now.

Judith, Mum to Kalani aged 6 months.



Before speaking with Lucy, my little man was up constantly during the night and didn’t nap very well at all during the day. He would wake three or four times just in the first hour or so of bedtime and then throughout the night. He would always feed to sleep and didn’t know how to self settle.
My hubby doesn’t do the night shift so I was exhausted with the multiple night wakings!
Working with Lucy just changed everything. I really am so grateful to her, I have my evenings back, in fact I have my life back!!
His daytime naps are much better too. It has also meant that I have been able to have more quality time with my older daughter which has been amazing :)

It wasn’t always easy, the process takes some perseverance but it is 100% worth it. Thank you, Lucy!!

Gee, Mum to 8.5 month old boy

“Lucy came to rescue when we moved house and my 8 year old daughter struggled with her new surroundings. My daughter (who had been a good sleeper previously) had started to complain about strange noises, shadows and began waking at night.  The sleep routine was to begin reading and cuddling in bed until she fell asleep and for an easy life we allowed her to sleep with us when waking at night.  This was becoming hard in general and we were worried it was impacting on her adapting to the new house.  

My sister had used ‘Baby Sleep the Night’ for her young children and had great results so I called Lucy, who had a great profile that made us feel comfortable. After the initial call and questionnaire Lucy visited us at home, spoke to Us and our daughter about her bedtime routine and gave us some great pointers to remove the props that we inadvertently created. 

Being an older child we were concerned that our daughter would rebel as she understood more but we nervously spoke to her about the reasons behind the changes and Lucy’s gift / ‘bribe’ to sleep 3 nights was a great incentive and did the trick to entice her.  For the first few days our daughter said she ‘didn’t like the routine’, but soon she was sleeping with ease.  The big change that Lucy helped us implement was to make bed about sleeping only and reading out of bed and repeating the same pattern every single day.  

The difference in our daughter is unbelievable – her confidence and energy has changed.  She bounces out of bed in a cheery mood and is less clingy.

I cannot recommend Lucy highly enough, her advice has made us all much happier in our new home.”

Kal, Mum to 8 year old girl. Birmingham

Before contacting Lucy my daughter was a nightmare at sleeping. She would wake nearly every hour in the night, needing to be fed to sleep and was sleeping in bed with me. My husband and I had no time together as she would constantly wake up and need me to get back to sleep. Equally naps always were done by being fed to sleep, in the car or being taken for a walk. I kept thinking things would just improve but they didn’t.
When Isabelle turned one and with me returning to work I decided I needed to do something. After a recommendation from a friend to the website I searched through testimonials and that’s where I discovered Lucy. 

Lucy was so easy to talk to and I felt completely at ease, she didn’t make me feel guilty for how I had been getting Isabelle to sleep. She reassured me and made me feel more confident, she assured me that Isabelle could and would sleep through the night. After sharing the plan with me I wasn’t sure it was going to be achievable, after the first night of the plan I still felt like it wasn’t going to work! However, by night 4 things had massively improved and by night 7 Isabelle has slept through for the FIRST time ever. Incredible. Now over a month in Isabelle has continued to sleep through the night, she puts herself to sleep at night and self-soothes should she wake. She even naps in her cot in the day, which I thought would never happen. I wish now I had done it sooner!

Fantastic, thank you so much Lucy! The support that you get throughout the process is great, the plan is simple and easy to follow and the follow up support from Lucy was brilliant; answering questions and giving tips. My husband and I finally have our evenings again and Isabelle loves sleeping! 

I cannot recommend Lucy more! Thank you. 

Amy,  Mum to Isabelle, 13 month, Lincoln.

"After previously sleeping for longer stretches, Oliver had started to wake more frequently once he'd reached 3 months. He was up at least every 2 to 3 hours during the night and rarely napping for longer than 45 minutes during the day. He was starting each day exhausted as were my husband and I. We had tried to follow recommendations in a baby sleep book and although the situation had improved slightly, we needed someone to tie everything together for us. Lucy's support was invaluable - she provided a tailored plan for Oliver that helped him develop his own sleep skills. Within only a couple of days he was waking for just one night feed and sleeping for 5 to 6 hours at a time. The length of his day time naps also increased to up to 3 hours and he quickly became much happier during his awake time. He now falls asleep on his own within minutes without any need for a dummy or for us to soothe him. The support has made a big difference to our lives - thank you Lucy."

I am happy with the results achieved with the support and orientation from Lucy. Our little baby girl, who was 17 months-old when we initiated the process, had a really hard time to sleep by herself as she was completely addicted to milk bottles, dummies and heavily cuddle dependent as part of her sleeping routine. I usually took an average of 2 hours every single night to make her sleep.

Following the instructions provided by Lucy we managed to achieve good and tangible results. The new process was initiated on a Friday and after a long and tough weekend, we finally managed to make our baby forget the dummy. My husband and I also followed strictly the new sleeping guidelines provided by Lucy and as a result the overall getting to sleep process reduced to 10 minutes on average. Such results were achieved on a 10-day window so it`s also considerably quick but it does require a lot of commitment and determination from the parents to maximize results. We really thank Lucy for her support as we see our baby growing more settled and independent while my husband and I also have more extra time for ourselves during the nights.

Thank you very much!!

Kleber and Angela

Before we started on Lucy's sleep plan our 8-month-old daughter was waking up every 45 mins to 2 hours, every single night, from birth. It made me beyond exhausted. We had tried everything we could think of to help her sleep longer but nothing we tried was working, until we started sleep therapy with Lucy.

At first I was quite apprehensive that the plan wouldn't work, I thought that Lucy was being too ambitious, but we noticed an improvement after the first night. We had a few setbacks due to illness, but now she is sleeping at least 11 hours straight through the night every night.

The plan was easy to follow and understand and Lucy was a dream to work with. She was so friendly and approachable and didn't even tell me off when I went off plan but helped us to get back on track. I would absolutely recommend Lucy to anyone struggling with sleep issues. She's actually changed our lives, I couldn't thank her enough. 

Gemma – Mom to Lowenna 8 months old.

When I first contacted Lucy regarding sleep training, my 8 month old son was waking up to 10 times a night and feeding every 2 hours during the night, feeding himself to sleep and often being brought into our bed. During the day he was napping 3 times after being rocked to sleep but only staying asleep for 30 minutes at a time and often only napping on my chest. 

I kept hoping it was the 4 month sleep regression, then that it would improve when he was on solids and then when he went into his own room but none of these improved a thing and I was exhausted! Lucy straight away reassured me that we had been doing a good job and that with some guidance and tweaks we could achieve a full nights sleep, I think I laughed at her at this point, I was very sceptical but was hoping she was right. 

The initial full consultation was extremely informative, and I felt confident and excited to put the plan into practice. The first night although taking him a while to settle was fantastic and it was the first time that I had not held my baby in over 12 hours as he did not require my assistance to get himself back to sleep and didn’t need feeding through the night and it’s improved daily since then. 

We had a couple of minor setbacks with my son catching a cold on night 2 and then he learnt his new skill of rolling over but getting stuck, but with Lucys reassurance we continued with the plan and still managed to make progress. Within a few days we had mastered the day naps with him happily babbling to himself before getting himself comfortable and drifting off in a few minutes without a single cry and sleeping 1.5-2 hours a time. 

During the consultations and email follow up a few minor things were tweaked in response to how we were progressing and by night 13 he had achieved a solid 11.5 hours sleep and perfect naps. It has resulted in a huge improvement for the whole family, my little boy is generally happier and well rested, my husband has more confidence with my son due to the routine and lack of dependence on being breastfed for comfort, I feel amazing for finally getting some sleep and having energy to play all day, the house is looking cleaner and as a couple we have managed to regain our evenings getting some wind-down time after babies bedtime and no child in the middle of our bed. 

I can whole heatedly say that without the one-to-one guidance and follow up with Lucy I would not have been as successful so quickly and most likely would not have seen it through and would still be foolishly hoping that sleep would improve at the next milestone whilst becoming more and more exhausted. I would highly recommend Lucy to any other exhausted parents, we cannot thank her enough x 

Laura – Mom to George 8.5 months old.

As a mum, I recognized that my son’s sleeping was not ideal. (Never mind, my own.) By 2 and a half he had still not ‘slept through’, required about an hour to ‘get off’ to sleep, and was waking regularly, requiring co-sleeping, and breastfeeding to get back to sleep. Whilst this had worked in the short term, it was clear that things were not going to change without something drastic. I was worried that the poor sleep habit would impact on his health and education in the longer term, and his behavior, so that is why I engaged Lucy’s help. In the past, the only advice offered to us by a health visitor was to leave our son to cry, which was uncomfortable for me, so I was relieved to find there was an alternative solution.

Lucy was very helpful and approachable from the start, relating easily to our worries and without judging our decisions or parenting, which was a relief. As Lucy is a mum, she knew and understood what my worries and concerns would be and did much to reassure me as the process went.

Lucy’s plan provided exactly what we needed, it was simple and easy to follow. Importantly for me, it also did not require us to leave our son to cry or shut him away with a stairgate. The plan progressed quickly, and our son responded way beyond our expectations; by the third night he was settling quickly back to sleep after waking. Lucy called us regularly and offered her support. We had one bad night when our son was ill, and Lucy immediately offered to call to offer her advice regarding back up plans and reassured us that we could get back on track, which we did.

Lucy checked in with us over email daily and offered further advice and tweaked aspects of our routine. After two weeks our son has finally ‘slept through’ for two nights, and bed time no longer involves an hour of lying on the bed ‘demonstrating how to sleep’. This hour is now better spent playing and reading, and bed time is an enjoyable process. He has learned his routine and looks forward to all aspects of it, as do we.

I would not hesitate to recommend Lucy’s help and advice to anyone with a child who has trouble sleeping. Sleep is such an important part of development. As a parent, I needed some structure, and to have confidence in what I was doing, which Lucy provided. We are very grateful to her for her valued expertise.

Wendy – Mom to Harrison 2.5 years old.


One-to-One Sleep Solutions Package
This is the most popular package, and consists of:-

  • A preliminary evaluation. This is a comprehensive questionnaire about your child’s sleep habits and routines that you’ll fill out prior to our meeting. (Having this information in advance helps us make the most of our time together).

  • A private, 90 minute consultation in the comfort of your own home, or via Skype/FaceTime or telephone, where we’ll discuss strategies, troubleshoot possible problems and learn how to address bedtime, naptime, nightwakings or any other specific issues you might be dealing with.

  • A detailed, fully customized sleep plan, that I will prepare for you after the conclusion of our meeting.

  • Four follow-up telephone calls during the first week following the consultation. These follow-up calls last about 15 minutes, and we’ll use this time to deal with any setbacks you might be having or answer any general questions.

  • One week of e-mail support. After your four follow-up telephone calls have been used, you still have an additional week of e-mail support where you can email me once daily, excluding Sundays I will always aim to reply to your queries within one working day.

The total cost for the One-to-One Sleep Solutions package for a baby or toddler in a cot is £245 by Skype/Facetime/Phone. If your child is in a bed this package is £265  due to the complexity of the plan.

Face to face consultations are available within a 30 minute driving radius of Solihull (further distances can be accommodated with additional travel expenses– please call for details)
New-born – Get it right from the Start Package
This is a comprehensive training plan helping parents of new-borns train their little ones to have fabulous sleep skills from a very young age and can be implemented from day one! Getting an early start in establishing healthy sleep habits is a huge advantage for both babies and their parents. With this package, you will learn everything you need to teach your baby to be an independent sleeper right from the beginning. It is a fantastic gift package for new parents too and consultations can take place before or after the baby has arrived. (gift certificates available and can be posted direct to the lucky couple if required) It consists of:-

  • A private 60 minute telephone or in-home consultation. We will discuss how to establish a healthy sleep plan for your new-born, discussing sleep needs, schedules for feeding, naps and bedtime, how to help teach your baby the difference between day and night, creating the right sleeping environment, strategies to encourage sleep, when to expect your baby to be sleeping longer stretches, and common sleep issues that can be easily avoided.

  • A detailed sleep plan. If you are expecting, the gentle, caring techniques in your sleep plan will teach you how to create an independent sleeper from day one, and will give you a flexible guide to quickly bring some routine, when baby arrives, to a time of your lives which can otherwise become quite overwhelming. If you baby has already arrived, your sleep plan will be fully customized for your family.

  • One follow-up phone call. If you are following a sleep plan from the beginning then you will find your baby is naturally developing wonderful independent sleep skills, you may find you have some questions so we will schedule a telephone call within 2 weeks of the baby’s birth just in case (if you are expecting) or within 2 weeks of consultation (if you already have your baby at home). These calls typically last about 15 minutes.

  • Two follow-up e-mails I will give you my personal email address so you can email me on two occasions with any questions or concerns any time within the first 3 months of your baby’s birth or our consultation. After 3 months you can purchase another week of email support at any time should you need it .

The total cost for the New-born – Get it right from the Start Package is £125 By Skype/Facetime/Phone

Face to face consultations are available within a 30 minute driving radius of Solihull (further distances can be accommodated – please call for details)
The Refresher
It is not uncommon for babies and toddlers who have been taught to be great sleepers to ‘test the boundaries’ from time to time. This option is for parents who have met with me in the past, but are looking for a ‘refresher’. This is a popular option for past clients who have recently had a new baby – or who are expecting in the near future. It consists of:-

  • A private, 60 minute consultation, usually by phone or by Skype, during which we’ll use to discuss any particular challenges you are having with your child. Since we’ve already worked together, a full hour is usually more than enough time to cover all your questions and concerns.

  • Optional 2x follow-up emails that you can use to send me any additional questions that might come up as you get things back on track. I’ll aim to respond to your email within one day.

The total cost for the Refresher Package 60 minute consultation is £95, with 2x optional emails £125

If your child is in a bed this package is £115 (or £135 with 2x optional emails) due to the complexity of the plan.
The Overnight
This personal support package is for those who want me at your home within 30 minute driving radius of Solihull for assistance on the night you choose to implement the program.
This consists of:

  • A preliminary evaluation This is a comprehensive questionnaire about your child’s sleep habits and routines that you’ll complete prior to our meeting. (Having this information in advance helps us make the most of our time together.)

  • 15 minute phone consultation to discuss details of the overnight support- time,requirements etc.

  • Private In-Home/Overnight Support I will join you prior to your child’s recommended bedtime and stay overnight until 7:00 am the next morning. The consultation will take place in the comfort of your home and we will begin your journey to great sleep together.

  • A detailed, fully customized sleep plan This will be prepared for you after our consultation and after the nights stay so you have your own personalized plan to help guide you through the upcoming nights.

  • Four follow-up telephone calls Four phone calls, typically lasting 15 minutes, can be scheduled for the first week following the consultation. We’ll use this time to deal with any setbacks you might be having or answer any general questions.

  • One week of e-mail support After your four follow-up telephone calls have been used, you still have an additional week of e-mail support if any questions arise. You will have my private e-mail address and I’ll respond to your emails within 1 business day

The total cost of the Overnight Package is £995
Book an appointment for a free 15 minutes consultation below, or if you would like to speak to me today please do call or email me now on 0121 6082510 or email lucy.harper@babysleepthenight.com
Please note - Appointments are UK time zone so please convert to your local time if you are overseas. Be sure to check whether we are in GMT or BST at time of booking.
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